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Charging What You're Worth
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Charging What You're Worth


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From the FBAG Pay It F

From the FBAG Pay It F

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Click to edit Master title style• Click to edit Master text styles – Second level • Third level – Fourth level Charging What You’re Worth • Ask for more money. » Fifth level • Become more valuable. • Generate more time to market. • Keep your best clients, fire the rest. • Stop hearing NO, begin hearing YES more often.
  • 2. Charge edit Master Worth!Click to What You’retitle style• “Ouch! to edit lot more than I paid the last guy! But my friends all say• Click That is a Master text styles you are worth it …” – Second the table. Price your services based on the value of the• Take COST offlevel • your company offers. solutionThird level – Fourth only• Value & Worth canlevel be determined by comparing COST to something else. » Fifth
  • 3. Positioning Master title styleClick to edit Your Product Or ServicesDo Click to edit Masteror service as a commodity.• not position your product text styles –Second level(The equivalent of shopping on eBay – Sort By Price, Cheapest First) • Third levelExamples of commodities: Gas/Oil, Precious Metals, Fruits/Vegetables – Fourth levelDo position your product as a solution that solves the biggest problems in » Fifth levelyour market.Instantly increase perceived value of your widget by relating price of yourproduct/service to the value of solving your client’s biggest
  • 4. Why Ask For More title styleClick to edit MasterMoney?• Asking to more money makes room for more profitable clients and less• Click for edit Master text styles room for the least profitable. – Second time• Creates morelevel to spend with each client. (Each •additional client/customer you take on splits your attention span Third level again and – Fourthyour work-load.) adds to level » Fifth separate bracket than your competitors.• Puts your service in alevel• If your clients are price shopping, you‘ve positioned your offer as a commodity. Yikes! Thats the kiss of death for creating more money, time, and freedom in your
  • 5. Keep Your Best Clients, styleClick to edit Master titleFire The Rest• Raisingto edit Master more room for ideal clients.• Click your prices creates text styles Spend more time focusing on increasing order size, repeat orders, and – Second level quality of service delivered per order. Spend less time negotiating prices, explaining your value, and demanding respect. • Third level• Fire The Rest – Fourth level Spend less time marketing to the wrong customers, & more time on the » Fifth level more ideal. REMEMBER: BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK
  • 6. Stop Hearing No, Begin styleClick to edit Master title Hearing Yes• Positioningedit Master Performance, Results, Value• Click to your widget on text styles Instead of Cost, Features, & Process. – Second level• Understand Needs, Wants, Desires • a SOLUTION, not a PRODUCT or SERVICE. PositionThird level• Let Go – Fourth level » Fifth level Stop wasting valuable time in the commodity market.• Focus On Value Carve your niche and become THE expert in your
  • 7. The to edit Master title styleClickNext Steps• Click to edit Master text styles – Second level • Third level – Fourth level » Fifth
  • 8. Click to edit Master title style• Click to edit Master text styles – Second level • Third level – Fourth level » Fifth levelWednesday, March 21, 2012
  • 9. Reach MeClick to edit Master title style• Click to edit Master text styles – Second level • Third level – Fourth level » Fifth