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Felicity Naughton-HIV Policy in Scotland
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Felicity Naughton-HIV Policy in Scotland

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7th September 2011 …

7th September 2011
GCL: The Prevention and Management of HIV and AIDS in Scotland and Malawi

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  • 1. HIV Policy in Scotland Felicity NaughtonNational Co-ordinator: Sexual Health and HIV Scottish Government Global Community Links
  • 2. HIV Policy in Scotland •Respect and Responsibility (2005) – Includes HIV but with a focus on sexual health more widely.• Notable – HIV testing as a routine recommended test ‘opt out’ testing Global Community Links
  • 3. Respect and Responsibility National Sexual Health Outcomes 2008 – 2011Action 2.9: An HIV Prevention Action Plan will beproduced to co-ordinate activity across Scotlandand outline performance management systems Global Community Links
  • 4. HIV Action PlanHIV Action Plan – published 2009“HIV is a major public health challenge”‘Re-focus’ on HIV in Scotland14 ActionsMulti-AgencyNeeds of persons originating from areas ofhigh prevalence, particularly African countries Global Community Links
  • 5. Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus FrameworkPublished August 2011Sexual health, HIV, hepatitis C, hepatitis BFirst time these four policy areas have beenbrought together into a single integratedstrategy.Outcomes based approach Global Community Links
  • 6. Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework IIFive high level outcomes.Four which relate directly to HIV:•Fewer newly acquired HIV infections•A reduction in health inequalities associated with HIV•People affected by HIV live longer, healthier lives•A society whereby the attitudes of individuals the public andprofessionals and the media in Scotland towards HIV are positive,non-stigmatising and supportive Global Community Links
  • 7. Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework IIIThe Framework will support multi-agency organisations tocontinue to focus on the key aims of the Action Plan:•Reducing new transmissions•Reducing undiagnosed HIV through increased testing and earlydiagnosis;•Ensuring universal access to high quality HIV treatment and care;and•Supporting those living with, and affected by, HIV in Scotland.Many of the actions within the HIV Action Plan remain integraland will be a key part of the delivery of this Framework Global Community Links