Jumpstart Strategy Guide


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Beginners Guide for Digital Chameleon's Jumpstart elearning module on social media strategy.

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Jumpstart Strategy Guide

  1. 1. JumpStart Social Media Strategy Leveraging the Social Media Effect Consumer behavior and social brands Learning Objectives Time spent in social is growing at 3 times the overall internet rate, 1.) Identify how social me- accounting for more than 10 per- dia has changed consumer cent of all internet time. Why is behaviour social media important? Because it is taking time away from our other 2.) Learn how to institute a activities. Social is now more pop- Listening Program ular than almost any other online 3.) Understand how social activity. That means that other media can be used to website visits and other media and achieve business objec- offline activity is being sacrificed tives for social time. 4.) See how brand market- In the social media universe, a ers are using social media single tweet or Facebook update as part of their marketing can be like a pebble that sets off strategy an avalanche. That’s one of the things that makes it so exciting and scary and it’s called the “Social Media Effect”. “Marketing is Building a social brand no longer about the A social media strategy requires more than just a Facebook page. It stuff you sell, but Key Takeaways is about coordinating our existing 1.) Consumers have em- brand efforts, the content we will the story you tell.” braced social media and the create to support our social brand, Seth Godin Social Media Effect is im- the social media platforms that are pacting every activity and appropriate for our strategy and the perception. tools and technology well need to know about in order to manage and 2.) Brands must start listen- fine tune our social branding efforts. ing to understand their mar- kets. 3.) Social media can be used to achieve specific, tangible business goals. 4.) Brand marketers are using social media as a pow- erful new part of their mar- keting strategies.© Digital Chameleon +61 2 9997 4417 or info@digitalchameleon.net or visit www.digitalchameleon.net
  2. 2. StrategyLeveraging theSocial Media Effect Start listening What we are going to be measuring in Where do we go to start listen- social media is what we can hear. So ing? Blogs, wikis, forums, social let’s start by listening. By listening we channels for sharing music, video, can: find your influencers and advo- photos, business networks, collab- cates, help develop new products, oration, crowdsourcing, reviews support customer service, and ratings, social bookmarks-- Conduct research, invite general feed- and now location based services-- back, grow industry share of voice and are all places where we can go to check brand sentiment. listen for talk about our brand. Business objectives As we put together our social media brand strategy, lets look at ways that it can help us achieve real busi- ness goals. After all, well want a return on investment! There are lots of things we can try to do with social media, but how realistic are these goals?Page 2© Digital Chameleon +61 2 9997 4417 or info@digitalchameleon.net or visit www.digitalchameleon.net
  3. 3. Guest expert topics in this module Strategy • Brand adoption (Tip Gloria, Social Media Strategist) Leveraging the • Perspective from a Social Community Manager Social Media Effect (Leanne Philpott, Community Manager) • Two great social media campaignsThis module’s (Tip Gloria, Social Media Strategist)Ning LearningMissions include:• Social Media Counter• TweetPysch• Social Media Value Case Study Showcase Have you reviewed the major brand case studies in the showcase?JumpStart Strategymodule includes:Consumer Behaviourmini-quizBuilding a SocialBrand mini-quizSocial Media ROI Play the Strategy game!mini-quiz In this module’s virtual reality game,Strategy Game you are the new Social MediaResource Bank Manager and you already have yourGlossary first emergency to deal with— uncovering what so- cial sites your brand is on and what it is doing on them! Remember: all submissions are en- tered into the draw for a prize! Page 3© Digital Chameleon +61 2 9997 4417 or info@digitalchameleon.net or visit www.digitalchameleon.net
  4. 4. Term Definition Strategy Authenticity Leveraging the In social media, authenticity is the word used to describe "real" people behind Social Media Effect blog posts and other social profiles that can develop an authentic voice with readers and followers. Brand Profile An authentic page or profile that allows consumers to make a connection or be- come a friend/fan of the brand. (Advertiser Profile - MySpace) (Fan Page - Face- book) Conversation Monitoring Monitoring of specific terms, brands and sentiments occurring in online conver- sation(s) across various social platforms. Downstream The elements of social media that can be managed (i.e. social media platforms, blogs, etc), as opposed to upstream, which represents stakeholder comments and perceptions that must be managed. Impact Connection of social media efforts tied back to sales data ROE Return On Engagement Share of Conversation Share of voice is the percentage of total conversation about a brand or topic Share of Voice A "share of voice" is a brands or group of brands advertising weight or buzz ex- pressed as a percentage of a defined total market or market segment in a given time period. The weight is usually defined in terms of expenditure, ratings, pag- es, poster sites, buzz etc. SMO Social Media Optimisation Social Community A community built for social interaction - either by a group of like-minded people, a brand and its loyalists/or non-loyalists, or between a brand enthusiast/detractor and community of shared interests. Social Consumers People that interact, view, engage and share in social platforms. Social Equity Refers to the level of influence or status accrued to a social consumer or brand in their respective social media platforms. Social Graph An individual social consumers depth, breadth and quality of connections. Social Network A online community of people (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) who share inter- ests and/or activities, with the purpose of connecting with one another and/or exploring the interests and activities of others. Page 4© Digital Chameleon +61 2 9997 4417 or info@digitalchameleon.net or visit www.digitalchameleon.net