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Jumpstart Platforms Guide


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Beginners Guide for Digital Chameleon's elearning module on social media platforms.

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Jumpstart Platforms Guide

  1. 1. JumpStart Social Media Understanding Platforms Social Tribes & the Big 4 Consumer usage fuels platform explosion Everyone knows that social media Learning Objectives usage has exploded over the last few years. While most attention 1.) Investigate what is has been paid to Facebooks dra- driving the explosion of matic growth, what may be even social media platform more surprising is how even newer development social media platforms are explod- 2.) See an integrated ing at an even faster pace. In fact, approach to social plat- on a year to year basis, newer form building platforms like Twitter and Four- square are now growing even fast- 3.) Become familiar with er than Facebook! 20 niche social media platform categories Every platform is attracting it’s own 4.) Learn how to start pocket of new users. This is lead- ing to more and more time being using Facebook, Twitter, devoted to social media activities. YouTube and LinkedIn Twitter. If the recent past is any Just a few years ago Myspace was platforms. guide, there are likely to be entire- the social media darling. Today there’s been an 82% global in- ly new social media platform lead- crease year on year for time spent ers in the months and years to in social led by Facebook and come. Successful social media Key Takeaways A social media orchestra platform integration is more 1.) Different consumer You’ll get more for your efforts by about quality, less about needs are being served integrating your social platforms, quantity... by different kinds of with a consistent user experience social media platforms and mission. Your platforms should 2.) Platforms should play play as part of the orchestra— not together as an orchestra, solo acts! not solo acts! 3.) Pick the right social media platforms for your brand (quality NOT quantity!). 4.) Use Facebook for mass reach, YouTube for rich media and search, LinkedIn for B2B and Twitter for immediacy. 5.) Keep an eye on Google+!© Digital Chameleon +61 2 9997 4417 or info@digitalchameleon.net or visit www.digitalchameleon.net
  2. 2. UnderstandingPlatformsSocial Tribes & theBig 4 The “Tribes of Social Media” Social media offers consumers and marketers a wealth of choices when it comes to spending time and money. While the Big 4 compete for mass audiences, the hundreds of niche so- cial “tribe” platforms are competing for their part of the social universe. Each of these niche markets represent new markets and new revenue sources. Our module tour just scrapes the sur- face, but it gives you a snapshot of some of the more interesting and emerging platforms you may never have heard of!Page 2© Digital Chameleon +61 2 9997 4417 or info@digitalchameleon.net or visit www.digitalchameleon.net
  3. 3. Guest expert topic in this module Understanding • Social Platform Launches (Tip Gloria, Social Media Strategist) Platforms Social Tribes & the Big 4This module’sNing LearningMissions include:• Social shopping• Net usage index for news• Internet visualisation Explore the Big 4! Have you had a look at the review of the Big 4 of social media platforms?JumpStart Strategymodule includes:Social platform roles Play the Platforms game!mini-quiz In this module’s virtual reality game, you are a SocialBig 4 capabilities Media Manager work-mini-quiz ing with the HR Man- ager to firefight anStrategy Game embarrassing ava- lanche of staff socialResource Bank media disasters!Glossary Remember: all submissions are en- tered into the draw for a prize! Page 3© Digital Chameleon +61 2 9997 4417 or info@digitalchameleon.net or visit www.digitalchameleon.net
  4. 4. Term Definition Understanding Active User Platforms A social consumer interacting with a platform over a specific time frame (i.e. Monthly Ac- tive Users, Weekly Active Users). Social Tribes & the Big 4 Aggregation Aggregation is the process of gathering and remixing content from blogs and other web- sites that provide RSS feeds. The results may be displayed in an aggregator website like Bloglines or Google Reader, or directly on your desktop using software often also called a newsreader. CPMF Cost Per Thousand Followers (A twitter metric) FAR Follower Activation Rate (FAR) is a measure of a tweeter’s influence with their followers based on the percentage of people who click through. Gamification Gamification is the use of game play mechanics for non-game applications (also known as "funware"), particularly consumer-oriented web and mobile sites, in order to encourage people to adopt the applications. It also strives to encourage users to engage in desired behaviours in connection with the applications. Gamification works by making technology more engaging, and by encouraging desired behaviours, taking advantage of humans psychological predisposition to engage in gaming. The technique can encourage people to perform chores that they ordinarily consider boring, such as completing surveys, shop- ping, or reading web sites. Hashtag A hashtag is a tag used on the social network Twitter as a way to annotate a message. A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a “#”. Example: #yourhashtag. Hashtags are commonly used to show that a tweet, a Twitter message, is related to an event or confer- ence. Nudge/Poke/Wink A means of provoking a connection to get their attention. Ratio The difference between friends and followers (calculated followers/friends). Generally speaking, a higher number is better. Retweet When someone re-tweets you, they are sharing your post or what you said with their own followers or contacts. Social commerce Social commerce is the use of social network(s) in the context of e-commerce. TPS Tweet per second Virtual economy A virtual economy (or sometimes synthetic economy) is an emergent economy existing in a virtual persistent world, usually exchanging virtual goods in the context of an Internet game. Vlogging Blogging using videos and not text. Wiki A web site or social property that allows users to collaboratively add, update and edit con- tent using their own Web browser, often times free of moderation. Page 4© Digital Chameleon +61 2 9997 4417 or info@digitalchameleon.net or visit www.digitalchameleon.net