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Accelerate Brand Publishing Social Media & Content Guide 2012


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Digital Chameleon's Accelerate Brand Publishing course guide

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Accelerate Brand Publishing Social Media & Content Guide 2012

  1. 1. Accelerate Brand Publishing Module Social Media & Content Integrating & Atomising Content Apple Cores & Orange Slices What’s the difference be- Learning tween content marketing and Objectives social media marketing? Understand how content It’s easy to confuse the two, marketing and social media but if you see content market- interact and differ ing as creating the currency of social media channels, Build an integrated content then the differences – and marketing campaign using how they complement – each social media other, becomes clearer. Learn how to ‘social’ listen At the heart of content mar- to your customers to help keting is the creation of a drive content core of content – a ‘centre of gravity’ such as a website – Understand how to meas- ure success while social media provides Accelerate Content Marketing and Social the delivery mechanism for Media is one of the first courses in Australia that content to reach audienc- to bring these two disciplines together, ex- es, customers, potential cus- plaining how they can be integrated to pro- tomers and fans. duce measurable results delivered across multiple channels. Crafting a case for social content Kraft Foods is a leader in content Key Take Aways marketing because it threads this needle of fascinating content Content marketing and so- cial media marketing have through it’s many social media the same objectives, but needles. It builds on a centre of NOT the same approach gravity that supports the tone and feel of its content. Kraft further- Content is the currency of more integrates its messaging, social media listens to the response to it and measures the outcomes. Using social media to listen to your audience before a content marketing initiative will increase chances of Content marketing complements success social media well when both are deployed to do what they do best. Images are becoming an With social media, that means an increasingly valuable curren- cy... opportunity to grow audiences, leverage word of mouth and gen- Maximise your core content erate increased brand awareness. by atomising and morphing it With great content, you can pre- into different offerings sent magnetic content, cement Never stop listening relationships, build trust and hold the customer’s hand throughout Never stop engaging the buying process. Never stop measuring© Digital Chameleon or visit
  2. 2. Social Media & Social Media NoiseContentIntegrating & With so many social media platforms popping up, marketers are beset by aAtomising Content myriad of options when it comes to developing content. Understanding what format each channel requires and how to optimise it for each audience is key. That doesn’t mean you are exten- sively rewriting your core content each time, or that you are considering the formats of the different channels when While Twitter may you create that core content introduce you to (remember, content marketing is about the audience, not the delivery)… just new people, Face- giving it different angles and spin that book could well be resonate with audience expectations where you preach on each network. to the converted. An AdAge survey of fans of major Match Content With Channels brands found that 84% of a compa- ny’s Facebook fan base are already customers. And that means that Facebook fans want what loyal customers want – content that rewards them such as special offers, member-only are- as and events, the nod on new prod- ucts. Create fans-only area with special offers and content. To make the best use of social Look for new people YOU want to Make sure your media platforms, you need to follow Finally, always reply, al- staff active in the speak the various languages as- ways link. sociated with these platforms. sense that they With Twitter, above all, tweets are commenting must be quality content...people on other pages, will re-tweet on the basis of your headline if it captures the imagina- inviting friends and tion. But if it doesnt add value, ie. contacts and shar- Is tweeting for tweetings sake, ing content not just they will stop trusting you. Thats why it needs to be authentic con- about your brand tent (not just your latest sales that can be of use. offer). Will it make sense as a tweet and a re-tweet? What are other tweeters tweeting about – can you get involved? Look at new followers and decide whether you will follow them. Look for interesting content to re-tweetPage 2© Digital Chameleon or visit
  3. 3. Journey of a Story Here is a big story from the BBC about Rick Social Media & Santorum bowing out of the republican nomina- Content tion race in the US. Integrating & Atomising You can see here how what PR Newswire terms ‘atomising’ content in its white paper on how content is the currency of social media. The BBC has to decide which of those channels are appropriate for its audiences – Pinterest may not be where their target audience is, for example even though we’re shown how it could be used here. But you can see how each ele- ment of the content could potentially have a channel on a social media network and in the BBC’s centre of gravity. Going Viral Here are some ways for how your video content can go viral, though also remember a few basics - Shorter videos get passed around much quicker and regularly than longer ones. 15 second videos get shared 37% more than videos between 30 secs and one minute. As Boo knows, FB is the place for videos being shared - a video on FB is shared 218% more than on Twitter or other channels. Target women and younger readers, as they are more likely to share - this no doubt explains Boo’s success. Establishing an Image Strategy As with any strategy, an image strategy needs to start with who your audience is, where they are and how your content will help, inform or entertain them. Here are some tips on different ways you can use image content to meet different objectives.:  Use historical or archived images  Show photography of company buildings and offices - then and now  Take stills from old TVC, newspaper or magazine ads  Do a visual timeline of milestones for the company. Accumulating Brand Wealth The combination of engaging content and social media distribution can have a direct impact on cus- tomer journey – which means if you are measuring the right metrics, you can show how they align with the sales cycle. It is a continual process of accumu- lating brand wealth, which can be counted and grown. Page 3© Digital Chameleon or visit
  4. 4. Term Definition Social Media & Content Integrating & Atomising breaking your core content down in to formats suitable for different mediums e.g. Atomising Content forming a Tweet out of a the subject of a white paper Curate Select and organise information Image content strategy devising a strategy around the images associated with your brand, whether they are in existence or newly created Infographics graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge Link bait any content or feature, within a website, designed specifically to gain attention or encourage others to link to the website Long tail journalism tailoring content for long term exposure and engagement, as opposed to more immediate "big bang" impact Morphing taking core content and changing it into different offerings e.g. information from an e-book into an infographic Multi-tweeting creating different Twitter accounts for different audiences Retweet republishing someone else’s tweet although the original tweet along with author is included So/Lo/Mo Social-Local-Mobile Social media marketing efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks Tweet Post of under 140 characters on Twitter Viral An image, video, or piece of content that is circulated rapidly on the Internet to engage with a follower Page 4© Digital Chameleon or visit