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Scotas - Oracle Open World Sao Pablo

Scotas - Oracle Open World Sao Pablo






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    Scotas - Oracle Open World Sao Pablo Scotas - Oracle Open World Sao Pablo Presentation Transcript

    • Database-resident JVMWhat, Where, How is it use and his potential
    • Agenda – Database resident JVM – Session Management – Memory Management – Security – Oracle Commitment to Java in the Database – What we heard at OOW San Francisco about 12c – Case Study ● Near Real Time Full Text Indexing ● Analytic Tool for Enterprise Server Logs www.scotas.com
    • Database resident JVM● Available since Oracle 8i● Architecture● Robustness● Class sharing● Memory Management● Scalability● Performance www.scotas.com
    • Oracle JVM versus Sun’s JDKSun’s JDK VM OracleJVM● Thread Based ● Database Session Model● Sharing across Threads ● Session Isolation● Limited Scalability ● Unlimited Scalability● Classes in file system ● Classes in database● Resolve classes with ● Resolve classes with “Classpath” “Resolver Spec”● JIT ● JIT (11g and up)● Preemptive multi-threading ● Non-Preemptive● Limited Robustness (process multi-threading failure) ● Does not crash as a whole www.scotas.com
    • Database Sessions Imposed on JavaWithin the context of asession, the clientperforms the following:1)Connects to the database and opens a session. ● Runs Java within the database. This is referred to as a call ● Continues to work within the session, performing as many calls as required ● Ends the session www.scotas.com
    • Oracle JVM Class Sharing Oracle Database Shared User Application Classes Session Session SessionVirtual JVM User User Virtual JVM Instance Statics User Statics Statics Instance System Statics … System Statics … System Statics Shared JVM System Classes www.scotas.com
    • Oracle JVM Memory Areas● Java Pool Used by the Java class loader to allocates space for bytecodes and other read-only class metadata; also Java states that are migrated from the Session space at the end of call.● Session Space Used for preserving the state of system objects, user objects, and metadata used by the Java runtime; also used for end of call migration● New Space Default memory area for allocating almost all Java objects, except large objects● Old Space Used for holding long-lived or large objects (i.e., larger than 1-K Bytes) for the duration of a call.● Run Space Used for holding system objects (e.g., classloader objects) allocated for the duration of a call.● Stack Space Used to allocate system objects used by the interpreter www.scotas.com
    • OracleJVM SecurityStrong Security combining databasesecurity mechanisms with Java securitymechanisms● User authentication● Database-schema security● Login-user and effective-user security● Class resolution security● Java 2 security www.scotas.com
    • Oracle’s Commitment to OJVM● Used by a significant percentage of database customers● Used by Oracle Components – InterMedia – Spatial – Text – XQuery (XMLDB) – WareHouse Builder – CDC (Change Data Capture) – ORE (Oracle R Enterprise – database resident) – ODM (Oracle Data Mining analytics functions)● 12c Enhancements www.scotas.com
    • Who is Using OJVM● Many among Fortune 500 companies● Some examples from “Java in the Oracle Database @ Work – Customer Case Studies”● And for sure Scotas & Cima www.scotas.com
    • Java in the Database: What For● Trigger-based Notification System using ● Implement Parsers for various File RMI Formats (txt, zip, xml, binary)● Secure Credit-Card Processing using JSSE ● Implement Image Transformation● Custom Alert applications that monitor and Format Conversion (GIF, PNG, business data JPEG, etc)● Sending emails with attachment from within the database ● Implement database-resident● Produce PDF files from Result Set Content Management System● Execute external OS commands and ● HTTP Call-Out external procedures ● JDBC Call-Out● Implement Md5 CRC● Publish Repository Content to Portal ● RMI Call-Out to SAP● Portable Logistic Applications ● Web Services Call-Out ● Messaging across Tiers ● RESTful Database Web Services ● Near Real Time Full Text Search www.scotas.com
    • According to OOW SF presentation● JDK interchangeable at any time (Perl script)● Support for latest JDK – 1.6 default – 1.7● JNDI support● Logging support● In-database Hadoop (Map-Reduce)● Security enhancements● Fast switch from SQL-OJVM calls www.scotas.com
    • Case Study Database resident JVM Client Example Scotas Near Real Time Full Text Searching www.scotas.com
    • Scotas OLS● An Embedded version of Solr Framework running inside Oracle OracleJVM● 42 new Java Classes and several new PLSQL Object Types● Two new domain index for Oracle Databases using Data Cartridge API (ODCI)● A new Store implementation for Lucene (OJVMDirectory) which replaces a traditional filesystem by Secure BLOB● Four new SQL operators scontains(), sscore(), smlt(), shighlight() and poweful text analysis functionalities● An orthogonal/up-to-date Solr solution for any programming language, especially Java, Ruby, Python, PHP and .Net, currently latest production version – 4.0.0.● Available to any Oracle product such as BI, Apex, ODM create index esl_events_sidx on esl_events(message) indextype is Lucene.SolrIndex parameters(SyncMode:Deferred;MltColumn:text;HighlightColumn:title;DefaultColumn:text;Co mmitOnSync:true;ExtraTabs:ESL.esl_causes c;WhereCondition:L$MT.event_id=c.event_id(+);ExtraCols:.....) local parallel 2; select /*+ DOMAIN_INDEX_SORT */ sscore(1),shighlight(1),message from esl_events where scontains(message,severity_s:(ERROR INFO) AND springframework,1)>0 and gen_day between 26 and 27; www.scotas.com
    • What the NRT means? www.scotas.com
    • OLS Architecture www.scotas.com
    • Oracle Integrated Information Architecture Capabilities - Scotas OLS Integration Data Acquire Organize Analyze Decide Structured Master & ETL/ELT Reference Reporting & ODS Dashboards DBMS (OLTP) ChangeDC Management, Security, Alerting Transactions Semi-structured EPM - BI Warehouse Real-Time Governance Files Applications Machine Generated Scotas Search Message- Streaming Social Media NoSQL Based CEP Engine Advanced Unstructured Analytics In-Database Text, Image, Hadoop HDFS Analytics Visual Video, Audio MapReduce Discovery Specialized Big Data High Speed RDBMS In Memory Hardware Cluster Network Cluster AnalyticsSource: Oracle Information Architecture: An Architect’s Guide to Big DataAn Oracle White Paper in Enterprise Architecture, March 2012Figure 3: Oracle Integrated Information Architecture Capabilities www.scotas.com
    • • Product comparison Bringing the best of both worlds SCOTAS Oracle Solr Lucene OLS Text Real Time   Scalability   Performance   Security   Integration   Flexible and   Powerful features www.scotas.com
    • Thank You!www.scotas.com | info@scotas.com | +1 (650) 704-7915 | 440 North Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale, CA 94085