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Tools Up For Sale10 16 08

  1. 1. Gregorian's Chants “ Love Hurts” Use mouse to advance slides Animal Tracks
  2. 2. Ho-hum A hummingbird perches on a barbed-wire fence along a pasture near Elkton, Ore.
  3. 3. That'll do, pig Jeff Cormaney, of Webster City, Iowa, gives Freight Train, his 1,259-pound Yorkshire boar, a drink of water after it won the big boar contest at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa.
  4. 4. Watching and waiting A group of gorillas in the Republic of Congo watch a Sitatunga walk by.
  5. 5. Doing the backstroke Commander Sedov, a 6-year-old polar bear, leapt into his favorite pool for the first time in over one month when it re-opened after maintenance work.
  6. 6. Center of attention Antares, a Siberian tiger cub, makes his public debut during a presentation to the media at the Berlin Zoo, Germany.
  7. 7. Reunited, and it feels so good Bernann McKinney holds one of five cloned pit bull puppies during her first meeting with them at the Seoul National University Hospital for Animals in Seoul, South Korea.
  8. 8. When pigs fly The All-Alaskan Racing Pigs hurdle an obstacle during the pig races at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, Calif.
  9. 9. Food fight Fish fight for food dispersed over the water from an automatic feeding machine in a pond outside the Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium in Tianjin, China.
  10. 10. Keeping in step Zuri, a 12-day-old African elephant calf, plays with Willie Theison, elephant manager at the Pittsburgh Zoo.
  11. 11. Family outing A dog with its newborn puppy sits in a bicycle basket in a street of Beijing.
  12. 12. Lawn ornament A red deer lies on the lawn in front of a house in Katzhutte, Germany.
  13. 13. A fighting chance A young matador-in-training tries not to let a bull get the best of him at a bullfighting competition in Gimeaux, France.
  14. 14. Moving day Green sea turtles Righty and Lefty are placed in containers at the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Fla., in preparation for a trip to a Connecticut aquarium.
  15. 15. Worth a lick U.S. Sergeant Marcus Mayward is licked by a dog trained to sniff for explosives inside a military vehicle during security operations in Iraq's Diyala province.
  16. 16. The good life Famous racehorses Brew, front, and Doriemus, rear, roll in the dirt at an equine retirement home in Melbourne, Australia.
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