The Semantic Web and Drupal 7 - Loja 2013
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The Semantic Web and Drupal 7 - Loja 2013



Presentation given at Drupal Summit Latino 2013 in Loja, Ecuador, covering the topic of the Semantic Web and Drupal 7.

Presentation given at Drupal Summit Latino 2013 in Loja, Ecuador, covering the topic of the Semantic Web and Drupal 7.



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The Semantic Web and Drupal 7 - Loja 2013 The Semantic Web and Drupal 7 - Loja 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • The Semantic Web and Drupal 7Stéphane CorlosquetDrupal Summit Latino – Loja, EcuadorMarch, 2013
  • About the speaker● Stéphane “scor” Corlosquet ● 7 years with Drupal ● Software engineer at Acquia ● Drupal 7 RDF core maintainer ● Drupal Security Team member ● Co-authored the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 ● Contrib modules: RDF Extensions, SPARQL,, WebID ● Member of the RDFa WG at W3C
  • The Semantic Web
  • The Web today
  • Many information silosImage credits:
  • Many isolated and disparate communitiesImage credits:
  • Growing amount of information● Blogs, News, Comments● Social platforms: Facebook, Google plus● Everyday more and more content is published● Desktop, laptops, tablets, smartphones...● Sensor data for weather, traffic, healthcare● Billions of public pages● Deep web?
  • What do machines see?
  • Challenge:How can machines help ussearch all this information?
  • Vision of the Semantic Web● Transition to the Giant Global Graph ● WWW = content+links ● GGG = WWW+relationships+descriptions● Universal medium for data, information and knowledge exchange
  • Evolution of the Web
  • The One Machine● All devices connected ● Personal computers ● Data servers ● Cell phones ● PDAs ● RFID tags
  • Key● Agree on Standards● Open Data
  • Rich Snippets
  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • Bing
  • Why Structured Data in HTML● Helps machines extract relevant data from HTML● Can make use of this data in new ways: –enhanced search results – Knowledge graph● Search engines only index HTML
  • Structured Data in HTML● HTML attributes● Syntaxes – Microformats (@class, @rel) – RDFa (@property, @typeof, @resource…) – Microdata (@itemscope, @itemtype, @itemprop, …)
  • Structured Data in HTML● Evolution and cross-syntax influence
  •● Describe the type of your content (Person, Event, Recipe, Product, Book, Movie, etc.) – 416 types and counting● Each type has a set of properties – Common properties: name, description, image, url – Specific properties depending on the type (see type page on – 544 properties and counting
  • Credits: Dan Brickley - link.
  • How does apply to Drupal?● Content types
  • How does apply to Drupal?● From content types to RDF
  • module for Drupal● Map your content types and fields to the terms
  • Content types and Fields
  • Content types and Fields
  • Content types and Fields
  • Example: Event
  • Rich Snippet testing tool●
  • Examples● Events – “force11 events”: – DrupalCon Munich: – University of Waterloo:● Person – DGD7 – Jacine Luisi: – Stéphane Corlosquet:
  • Drupal, rNews and RDFaOpen Publish● Free Drupal distribution for building News sites● rNews support in RDFa● Download
  • Useful modules● – UI for mapping content types and fields to – Documentation on – Screencast + examples● – Implements the latest RDFa 1.1 (Drupal core is 1.0) – HTML5 and RDFa – Under development● – Standalone module – HTML5 Microdata
  • module Play time!
  • Beyond SEO:How is RDF architected in Drupal 7
  • History of RDF in Drupal● rdf.php (2000, Dries)● FOAF, vCard (2004, walkah)● Relationship (2005, dman)● Semantic Search (2006, hendler)● RDF (2007, Arto)● OpenCalais (febbraro, 2008)● RDF CCK (2008, scor)
  • Architecture● User driven data model● Content type => RDF class● Field => RDF property● Node => RDF resource
  • Content types and Fields
  • Content types and Fields
  • Node
  • Drupal 7 and RDF● The RDF mapping API allows any vocabulary● Default mappings on blogs, forums, comments, etc. using FOAF, SIOC, DC, SKOS● Drupal 7 core outputs these mappings in RDFa● Mappings can be changed to include other vocabularies like
  • Drupal 7 default RDF mappings
  • Drupal 7 core RDF limitations● No out of the box● No UI for managing the RDF mappings● Only core fields are supported (text, file, image) – No support for contrib fields: addressfield, fivestar● No native support for Views or Panels – Display suite 2.0 is OK● Some contrib modules can help● Drupal 8 to fix these many of these issues
  • Drupal 7 and RDF● Contributed module for more features ● RDF Extensions ● Serialization formats: RDF/XML, Turtle, N-Triples ● Mapping UI ● SPARQL ● Expose Drupal RDF data in a SPARQL Endpoint ● SPARQL Views ● Display remote RDF data in Drupal using SPARQL ● JSON-LD ● Expose Drupal RDF data as JSON-LD (CORS-enabled) ● Features and packaging ● Build distributions / deployment workflow
  • SPARQL Endpoint● Indexing
  • SPARQL Endpoint● Public endpoint available at /sparql●,rnews.sparql
  • RDFa 1.1● Published as W3C Recommendation● RDFa Lite● RDFa 1.1 Full● Leaner markup●
  • RDFa 1.1● Works with HTML5● No dependency on XHTML● HTML5 doctype● Popular themes have been updated (Omega, Zen, Adaptive Themes)
  • DemosrNews by International PressTelecommunications Council (IPTC) – Open Publish PREFIX rnews: <> SELECT * WHERE { ?s a rnews:Article; rnews:name ?title. }
  • JSON-LD in Drupal● Client side as well as server side friendly● Browser Scripting: – Native javascript format – RDFa API in the DOM● Data can be fetched from anywhere: – Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) enabled● Client can mash data●
  • Demos● Occupy Directory – – JSON-LD:● Federated General Assembly – Drupal distribution for occupy movement –
  • Domeo + Drupal● Data mash up from independent, but related sources
  • Domeo + Drupal● Data mash up from independent, but related sources
  • Thanks!● Stéphane Corlosquet: – @scorlosquet –