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  • What is the background situation you are addressing? Describe the context users are experiencing.Example: BuzzerBuddiez: Who? Students What? Students are studying for exams When? 7am Where? Student dorm Why? Late night cramming, student likely to oversleep
  • What specific problem do people encounter in that situation? Use the results from your user researchExamples: BuzzerBuddiez: your alarm does not work and you are thus late for: school, work, exams, doctor etc Transit: Many parents don’t speak English and their children have to translate the feedback that a teacher provides. When the feedback is negative students mistranslate. Oyster on the Go: You don’t remember how much money you have left on your pay-as-you-go Oyster card and run out of credit when you urgently need to get on a train Cattle Manager: You need to run backwards and forwards between the office and your cows, taking notes on paper and wasting time or loosing notes
  • What core question are you addressing with the app? Examples: BuzzerBuddiez: how can you avoid oversleeping? Transit: how can negative teacher feedback be translated accurately? Oyster on the Go: how can you be more aware of how much credit you still have on your Oyster card? Cattle Manager: how can you keep track of injections for your cows while you are out and about looking after them?
  • To introduce the judges to your team and the product, include your final min elevator pitch here.Example: - Buzzer Buddiez: Our team, [Buzzer Buddiez], is developing [a mobile app] to help [students] [who have studied late and are likely to oversleep because they hit snooze on their alarm clock] [to wake up on time with the help from friends and family]
  • Summarise what other solutions or alternatives you have found that already exist in the market and explain why they don’t fully solve the problem you are looking at or why your proposed solution is better.
  • Show here what your MVP will look like in terms of flow and if/ how you have already integrated any user feedback.
  • Show here what your MVP will look like in terms of the key wireframes of your app’score feature.
  • Show here what your MVP will look like in terms of the key wireframes of your app’score feature.
  • Show here what your MVP will look like in terms of the key wireframes of your app’score feature.
  • Summarise what you have learnt about data, content and technical feasibility. This is crucial, if your product relies heavily on any of these areas. If your product does not rely on them heavily, please explain why. This will show that your team has really understood feasibility well.
  • Competition entry presentation

    1. 1. [ Placemark will be targeted at a wide age range, from about 13 onwards. Active people, bad memory. Helps to navigate back to places you have previously been. Any time. Anywhere. If you go to a place that is not a notable place on a map you can save the location, get back there and share with friends. ]
    2. 2. [Navigating to previous places that you have been that are not notable places on maps or are there for another reason e.g on a map Primartk is Primark but you may know that it sells a great brand for half price so you know it for that reason.]
    3. 3. [How can you navigate back to favourite places?]
    4. 4. [Key insight statement(s)]
    5. 5. [Mini Elevator Pitch] My team, [team name], is developing [platform] to help [target audience] [solve a problem] [with secret sauce]
    6. 6. [User profiles]
    7. 7. [Competitors or alternative solutions] [That already exist in the market]
    8. 8. [MVP user stories and feature chosen]
    9. 9. [Flow of app & user feedback integrated]
    10. 10. [Key wireframes 1/3]
    11. 11. [Key wireframes 2/3]
    12. 12. [Key wireframes 3/3]
    13. 13. [Feasibility] [Data, content, technical]
    14. 14. [Business Case & Customer pledges]
    15. 15. [Marketing Strategy]
    16. 16. App Design Mock-up [Wildcard] [Anything else you want to share?]
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