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Apps for Good Competition entry

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  • What is the background situation you are addressing? Describe the context users are experiencing.Example: BuzzerBuddiez: Who? Students What? Students are studying for exams When? 7am Where? Student dorm Why? Late night cramming, student likely to oversleep
  • The very best football teams have ways of analysing their play graphically, but there is no cheap equivalent for amateur and grassroots football.What specific problem do people encounter in that situation? Use the results from your user researchExamples: BuzzerBuddiez: your alarm does not work and you are thus late for: school, work, exams, doctor etc Transit: Many parents don’t speak English and their children have to translate the feedback that a teacher provides. When the feedback is negative students mistranslate. Oyster on the Go: You don’t remember how much money you have left on your pay-as-you-go Oyster card and run out of credit when you urgently need to get on a train Cattle Manager: You need to run backwards and forwards between the office and your cows, taking notes on paper and wasting time or loosing notes
  • How can I quickly and easily improve the team?What core question are you addressing with the app? Examples: BuzzerBuddiez: how can you avoid oversleeping? Transit: how can negative teacher feedback be translated accurately? Oyster on the Go: how can you be more aware of how much credit you still have on your Oyster card? Cattle Manager: how can you keep track of injections for your cows while you are out and about looking after them?
  • To introduce the judges to your team and the product, include your final mini elevator pitch here.Example: - Buzzer Buddiez: Our team, [Buzzer Buddiez], is developing [a mobile app] to help [students] [who have studied late and are likely to oversleep because they hit snooze on their alarm clock] [to wake up on time with the help from friends and family]
  • Summarise what other solutions or alternatives you have found that already exist in the market and explain why they don’t fully solve the problem you are looking at or why your proposed solution is better.
  • Summarise what other solutions or alternatives you have found that already exist in the market and explain why they don’t fully solve the problem you are looking at or why your proposed solution is better.
  • Show here what your MVP will look like in terms of flow and if/ how you have already integrated any user feedback.
  • Show here what your MVP will look like in terms of the key wireframes of your app’score feature.
  • Show here what your MVP will look like in terms of the key wireframes of your app’score feature.
  • Show here what your MVP will look like in terms of the key wireframes of your app’score feature.
  • Show here what your MVP will look like in terms of the key wireframes of your app’score feature.
  • Summarise what you have learnt about data, content and technical feasibility. This is crucial, if your product relies heavily on any of these areas. If your product does not rely on them heavily, please explain why. This will show that your team has really understood feasibility well.
  • 9.1 Group 1

    1. 1. Football Video Analyser
    2. 2. Football Video Analyser is aimed at amateur football coaches so that they can analyse their teams’ football in order to further and better the group, both tactically and skilfully. This app is especially good as it has a very aesthetically pleasing style. For players who learn visually, this would be very useful, as well as providing the coach with evidence. The main principle of Football Video Analyser is that coaches and managers of amateur team (youth or senior) can annotate videos of their team playing to share with the rest of the team. Annotating videos of matches or training sessions has never been easier, as you can highlight team shape, player positioning, line of sight and much more, before sharing with the team or individual players!
    3. 3. At the very top end of the footballing ladder, the best teams have access to the best video analysis equipment. Most Premier League teams use expensive equipment and software that require trained professional teams to man and operate. The media also uses good graphical analysis, with the BBC, Sky, ITV and newspaper websites using video analysis for the general public.. However there is no good, cheap alternative for amateur and grassroots teams.
    4. 4. How can I improve the team in a time-effective manner without breaking the bank?
    5. 5. “Every top footballer was once a grassroots player. -Excel Sport “Developing young players is fundamental to a healthy grassroots” -Club Website This will provide amateur coaches with a cheap way to analyse their game and show the players outside of training to allow for better value for time! Grassroots football is important in maintaining the quality in future professional and national teams. This app will help improve the quality of grassroots and amateur football and therefore improve the chances of England having better players in the future! “the desire to improve and develop the game at all levels; the provision of high- quality technical support” - FIFA Principles for a successful grassroots football programme at national level That [England winning in Qatar] will be a desert mirage unless English grass-roots are properly watered. -Telegraph This app will help England because it will raise the standard of football at grassroots level.
    6. 6. This YearIs developing… Small app design company Analyser To help amateur football coaches with Improving Their teams hareable nnotated Ideo vidence Save and England Click ONCE And then leave until told to carry on clicking Carry on clicking as normal
    7. 7. Chris Smithis the manager of Woodmansterne Hyde Football Club. A young manager, he has no relations in the team, and is coaching them around his full-time job in construction. But even with a degree in sports analysis, his team sits one place above bottom of the local u14s grassroots premier league as he takes time out after a training session to speak to me. “Football analysis is something I’m really interested in,” he says. But how can he apply his wide knowledge in this area as a grassroots coach? “We’ll work on a few technical pieces, you know, corners and the like… but there is nothing else really.” I suggest an app that would allow him to capture footage of his players and then annotate it with his own analysis. “That sounds like a good idea… A really good idea!” He grows in conviction. Most amateur coaches, indeed most people, possess smart, portable devices – be that phones or tablets. This app is targeted at amateur coaches like Chris, who currently uses his phone for texting and his whiteboard for tactics, and in this way update grassroots football.
    8. 8. Coach's Eye Free Currently the only real competition for Football Video Analyser is Coach’s Eye Free. However Coach’s Eye Free has only limited analysis tools, and is a generic annotator for all sports and athletics. Football Video Analyser will be specific to football and have an extensive tool selection specifically for football.
    9. 9. After long and arduous cross-examination of the three major app stores, Hyperion XI have found that there are only three types of competing apps… [Click on the thumbnails] The Coach’s Organiser The Video Annotator The Stats Analyser
    10. 10. Next Football Coach is an app designed for coaches to plan out training sessions. It is a very useful app that has little competition, but is different to Football Video Analyser However we can still take lessons from the app, such as the toolbar on the right and adverts at the top. Back The Coach’s Organiser
    11. 11. NextBack The Video Annotator Other than Coach’s Eye Free, this sub-category offers little resistance. Sports Camera Analysis is similar but its tools and system is attacked in reviews. But Football Video Analyser can take a lesson from it with uploading.
    12. 12. NextBack The Stats Analyser These apps analyse statistics in professional games, or statistics that you manually enter. They are useful for seeing what works well and not so well on the professional stage, but not so much for grassroots. But we can still learn from these with advertising.
    13. 13. This app relies on the camera feature in apps. You can record videos through the app or use videos already on your device.
    14. 14. Through user feedback, we have decided that we want a tablet app and a phone app. We have also thought about orientation – and have decided that the app should be able to rotate and still look good. One of the core principles of this app is that is easy to use. Therefore it needs a clear interface.
    15. 15. Also, as our product uses videos heavily it is bound to take up a lot of data. So we have decided to compress the files and try not to store them on the app as much as possible. Our app will be better than competitors because of its wide range of tools. Player Tracker, Shape Finder, Distance Calculator, Speed Calculator, Spotlight, Line of View, Defensive Positioning Highlighter, Technical Tool, Skill Highlighter, Set-Piece Analyser and more! But we have worked hard to ensure that all tools are still very much a possibility, and not too difficult to make. The one thing that no other apps do well is live video analysis, as opposed to picture analysis. It is possible to analyse a video, not a picture.
    16. 16. An aspect of the app is that it is cheap, so although there may be some in-app purchases available, we like to think that most money will be made in adverts. We believe that many companies will want to advertise, especially on the final videos, as they will be sent to the players, so there will be a very specific and consistent audience. In terms of moving forward, we hope to release more apps under the series of “[Sport] Video Analyser!” such as Squash and Rugby.
    17. 17. We will sell our app with adverts in coach magazines and websites. Adverts on these websites, and also the FA’s website will be good as they specifically target our potential users only, but with a high footfall. It would also be great if we could be affiliated with big coaching or football organisations such as the FA or grassrootsfootballcoach.com Once people have the app itself, they can share their videos on Facebook, and this in itself is great advertising. Furthermore, we could set up a Facebook page for the app and pay to have it advertised. Finally it could be advertised on TV around football shows.
    18. 18. App Design Mock-up Other than the AppShed mock-ups seen previously, we also discussed our work with experts. They raised some interesting points on technical aspects, moving forward, and advertising/affiliations. But they really liked the concept of the app, as I hope you do!
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