Oliver Pritchard and Kirsten Black - Service convergence at Sunderland


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SCONUL Conference 20-21 June 2013, Dublin
Workshop - Service Convergence – Values, Culture and Change, with Oliver Pritchard, Assistant Director, Student and Learning Support and Kirsten Black, Director, Student and Learning Support, University of Sunderland.

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  • Active Conversation 5 Depts Into 1 whole deptNot going to do flip charts Just do itBut will build Jigsaw By us - 2 Ads, 1 ex D Some experience but no to scale What should we do?
  • In context of all Services restructureMainly economic driversExpectation of getting it done, “no bother”Others doing it in Uni BUTNo real awareness of organisational developmentNo real drivers for org dev on this scaleNot heaps of experienceMore on rationale
  • Early thinking Jigsaw 1: IdeasClick on jigsaw item – go to jigsaw slide, click in white space on returnThe concept of convergence varies from Uni to UniSome focus on buildings and services within BUTCBLS and focus on student experience predated thisCBLS rolled out best fit and concept of Gateway, not SLS thoEarly thinking – not physical convergence for usCreate new identity – good opp to change culturesNew Dept needed to be consistently effective, espstuexpHow to do this? Esp given lack of Uni focus on org dev
  • Org culture and values, Jigsaw 2: CatalystSconul deputies, SHU, KayConstant Qs by staffReluctance to jump in, didn’t really know what was right or would be effective. Hadn’t established principles of service ethos or rationale.What would bring staff together – given diversity of opsHow to build a foundation for futureClick on jigsaw item – go to jigsaw slide, click in white space on return
  • Jigsaw 3 - ValuesSo what ARE values – corporate vs personal etc3 youtube vids.1&3 – Dave Hitz from Netapps describing the point of values1) Whats the point – and dropped the idea but spoke about what’s important2 – Michael Kerr from humour at work - walk the talk; actions speak louder than words. Didn’t have posters3 – Emphasise magic.Click on jigsaw item – go to jigsaw slide, click in white space on return
  • How did we do it 1 – jigsaw 4: ActionsValues driven approach to OD and cultural changeSophisticated and deep approach – especially in hindsightTake thread thru process; Use to set cultural tone and lever next stepsPersonal values and limiting valuesDept reviews; management reviewsWhole system eventsApprec Enquiry – Discover, dream, design, deliverClick on jigsaw item – go to jigsaw slide, click in white space on return
  • How did we do it 2Use values to create new ways of working and start to build new identity by deliberately creating tasks to mitigate “limiting values” and historical baggage. Fjx Stuff Use baggage as set pieces to be tackled – by folks working together across the piece to pave way to achieve desired culture. Groups have long legacy.
  • Embedding 1 – jigsaw 5: EmbedComms and brieifngsStaff Dev – Sentient & Persoanl Excellencetowards leadership and responsibilityUsed values in appraisal objectives for smt staff to encourage them to enable staff to develop, grow and believe that we were seriousAnd started to in induction (working group) and started to mention in recruitmentClick on jigsaw item – go to jigsaw slide, click in white space on return
  • Staff resistance – carrying on even when things are slowBut magic does happen – sometimes small things are significant
  • Embedding 2Pick up on diff etween embed and embodyPerf then BehavioursCodify in here
  • Outcomes1: Jigsaw 5: ImpactsQ Model built on values – gave staff something tangible and became proxy in some waysITS Comms – and culture - big stridesRestructure – shape service around purpose and culture; process value-drivenPhysical – Assignments in pre history – but this more purposefulFacilities etc; Univ adopts valuesClick on jigsaw item – go to jigsaw slide, click in white space on return
  • Outcomes 2
  • Benefits Jigsaw 7Click on jigsaw item – go to jigsaw slide, click in white space on return
  • Lessons – Jigsaw 8 (last piece)No quick fixAdvocacy vsneturalvs detractorsSeeing it thru … to completion!Not all up hill, grows momentum but needs hand on tiller and constant steer. Also needs development and is on a continual growth path.Matures as we mature – and needs to be flexible enough to suit changing univ needs.Click on jigsaw item – go to jigsaw slide, click in white space on returnClick in boulder to run video - then on return click in blue square to reveal final text
  • No need to click – builds itself and replicates what we’ve built on the wall with the foam pieces.
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  • Us and SLS Shared Values
  • Oliver Pritchard and Kirsten Black - Service convergence at Sunderland

    1. 1. Service Convergence at Sunderland Change Cultur e Values Oliver Pritchard & Kirsten Black
    2. 2. ¿Puzzled?
    3. 3. From 5 DepartmentsCreate a Single Service Our Challenge
    4. 4. Convergence? Student Exp Identity Effective Best Fit How? Early thinking
    5. 5. When are you going to restructure Values as change agent Design a glue layer: staff/teams Build the organisational foundation Inspiration and Impetus
    6. 6. Why bother? What are they good for? Yucky? Getting a handle on values
    7. 7. Stepping on: values & cultural change in SLS Personal Values Workplace Values Desired Culture Shared Vision Mission Next Steps
    8. 8. Organisational values: early actions Workplace issues Cultural aspirations Getting to know others Common ways of working Working Groups
    9. 9. Starting to make it stick
    10. 10. sometimes it felt a bit like thisThen this would happen
    11. 11. Making a meaningful difference Embody Behaviours Mgt Staff Performance Appraisal Expectations
    12. 12. Outcomes & Impacts Service Culture {Re}Structure Sharing • ULS Quality Model • ITS Comms • Values as DNA • ULS/ITS/WALTS • Liberated Leadership • Spaces • Delivery modes • Values-driven practice SLS is the exemplar for cultural change at UoS
    13. 13. Outcomes & Impacts Deep cultural convergence Positive test of staff vision “The best thing we’ve done is SLS” II P Surveys
    14. 14. Benefits Shared mission & common approach Cross-working – by instinct Values-informed service delivery Values-informed service dev’ment Confidence to walk the talk
    15. 15. Learning Energy & Motivation dltbgyd! Critical mass is key Take the wins where you can You are leading on living the values Play for the long game It’s not all uphill
    16. 16. Puzzled Ideas Catalyst Values ActionsEmbed Impacts Benefits Learning
    17. 17. Dave Hitz - Are corporate values yucky? (19 Apr 2011) YouTube video, added by TEDxTalks [Online], Available at https://youtube.googleapis.com/v/MRdaHZrView?end=159 and https://youtube.googleapis.com/v/MRdaHZrView?start=873 (Accessed 16 June 2013) Value Your Workplace Values: Humor at Work (19 Oct 2009) Youtube video, added by Michael Kerr [Online], Available at www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7Wilygp6j8 (Accessed 16 J Groucho Marx, I’m against it (28 Jan 2010) Youtube video, added by mreffen1 [Online], Available at https://youtube.googleapis.com/v/xHash5takWU?start=7 (Accessed 14 June 2013) Trapped on an escalator (22 Sept 2006) Youtube video, added by Khumpty [Online], Available at https://youtube.googleapis.com/v/uVN-7h4YiAs?end=98 (Accessed 4 April 2013) The Office values – Microsoft UK Training with David Brent 1 (8 July 2007) Youtube video, added by cpdgeneral [Online], Available at https://youtube.googleapis.com/v/uVN-7h4YiAs?end=98 2 4 5 6 1&3 Video Clips
    18. 18. Oliver.pritchard@sunderland.ac.uk Kirsten.black@sunderland.ac.uk Information Sharing, Team Work Continous Improvement Customer Focus, Customer Satisfaction