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See speak v4


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See Speak, by Soltrite. Video Remote Interpreting

See Speak, by Soltrite. Video Remote Interpreting

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • This presentation is about See Speak. A Video Remote Interpreting service created by Soltrite. You provide the interpreters, we provide the technology.
  • Now before we get into describing our service, let’s take a look at the market trends in interpretive services.
  • Demand is increasing, more than 55 million (roughly one in five) U.S. residents, describe themselves as having limited English proficiency (LEP).
  • Patients are increasingly showing up without appointments. The need for on demand interpretation is growing to 50% of total volume.
  • On demand interpretation cannot be met by driving to the health care facility. In addition to the cost of gas and cost of traffic, you simply can’t get there fast enough.
  • With in person interpretation there is typically a 2-3 hour minimum to account for travel and wasted time like you see in this picture. The actual time spend interpreting is typically only 10 to 15 minutes. VRI is like telephone interpretation in that you pay for the actual time of interpretation. Because of this, the VRI cost per interpretation is frequently less, and many times substantially less than in person interpretation.
  • However, this is what you are doing in a telephone interpretation session. The interpreter and the LEP client are blind folded.
  • What does it mean to interpret for the top person versus the bottom person?
  • What does it mean to interpret like this.
  • When the person you are interpreting for looks like this?
  • So based on what I’ve talked about over the last few minutes it seems VRI clearly has a place in the market. What makes See Speak different. Let’s take a look.
  • First, let’s talk about the video technology. We are not using old 323 based traditional video conference technology from companies like Cisco, Tandberg or Polycom. Nor are we using free/open source type video from companies like Adobe. We did our homework and found Vidyo. They are the company that brought software based commercial quality HD video conferencing over the internet to the market. There is over 80 million in venture funds invested in Vidyo. Numerous industry awards. It is the best quality video in the market today that works over the internet. Vidyo is the hottest company in the Video Conference market today.
  • With Vidyo technology we deliver high definition, works over the internet and is tolerant of variability's in the internet, works from PC’s and Tablets.It is the future of video conferencing being delivered today.
  • This not photo shop’d. It is an actual screen print. Perhaps a little cheesy but you can see the point. The image takes up the whole screen. Not a small image like you see in the lower right.
  • A busy slide, let’s talk though it for a moment. In the upper left corner you have a closed corporate environment. There is plenty of bandwidth so pretty much any video technology will look good. In the lower left you see people in a home office or perhaps a separate business not on the corporate data network. The network used in this case will be the internet. In the lower right you have the explosion of data connectivity through cellular providers. With the internet and cellular data network the quality of the data signal varies. With traditional 323 video or open source type video this will lead to quality problems. Audio drop outs, video pixilation, strange video distortions, dropped calls.This is why traditional 323 based video networks are never built on the internet. This is why video calls over the internet occasionally go bad.
  • Vidyo is leading the industry in solving this problem. All video calls rout through our system and what is called a VidyoRouter. Now we can do a few things. First we monitor the endpoint. Is it a pc? a mac? A tablet? We adjust automatically. What is the CPU processing power of the end point at that moment in time? Is it overtaxed? If so, lower the resolution on the call and be sure to prioritize the audio.We also constantly monitor the network. Vidyo has sliced the video call into 3 layers. The base layer is a lower resolution with a lower number of frames per second. The additional layers add in increased resolution and increased frames per second. When bandwidth is good, there is no latency and no jitter than we deliver an HD call. When issues happen we throw away one or two layers automatically so everyone continues to have a good experience. Once the network improves we automatically put the enhanced layers back in so an HD video call reappears.
  • Now let’s talk about the user experience. A starting screen such as this is created and resides on the computers that will be used to initiate an interpretation request. There is no log in procedure required, no training. Just click the language you need.
  • Beautiful video means nothing if you can’t easily connect the right interpreter with the patient. Each interpreter logs into our routing application and they are assigned various skills. Of course one of those skills is the language or languages they speak. Another skill might be something like being a preferred interpreter for a particular client.
  • The patient can be given more choices if appropriate. They can choose Male or Female, a specific interpreter, the last interpreter they spoke with or they can enter a billing code of some type.
  • Vidyo and intelligent routing. All in a cloud is what creates..
  • See SpeakA high quality yet affordable Video Remote Interpreting service where you don’t have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in technology.
  • Transcript

    • 1. See Speak by SoltriteA VRI technology offering . You provide the interpreters, we provide the technology.
    • 2. Market Factors
    • 3. The LEP Population is Growing
    • 4. On demand need cannot be met by driving to location
    • 5. There is considerable non productive time with in person interpreting
    • 6. Telephone interpretation
    • 7. 8
    • 8. 9
    • 9. 10
    • 10. The See Speak Solution
    • 11. Leading change in thevideo conference industry
    • 12. High Definition Over the InternetFrom PC’s and tablets Amazing Quality
    • 13. Why using Vidyo technology is so important Expensive, difficult to Unpredictable provision and bandwidth, Executive Campus manage latency, jitter Desktop Building Laptop Regional Plentiful Office bandwidth LAN WAN/MPLS Retail PC/Mac Outlet Internet Limited Main Office availability andTelepresence Room Consumer inconsistent 3G/4Ggrade services bandwidth and asymmetric bandwidth Home Office Legacy Video Decision Requires Network Decision Home PC Smartphone Tablet Vidyo Inc. Proprietary, Confidential & Patent Pending Information | 3 December 2011
    • 14. Vidyo™ Optimizes Video to Any Network Adaptive Video Layering VidyoRouterEndpoints We monitor the end point. We monitor the network connection • Bandwidth • Latency • Jitter Vidyo Inc. Proprietary, Confidential & Patent Pending Information | 3 December 2011
    • 15. INTELLIGENT ROUTINGThe right translator to the right patient
    • 16. Even more choices• Male• Female• Specific interpreter• Last interpreter• Billing code
    • 18. See Speak by Soltrite