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Costume Notes

  1. 1. COSTUME NOTESBy Mariam Nawab
  2. 2. COSTUME CHANGES: MAIN CHARACTERS Olivia (Amy Dunn), the main actress, undergoes four different costume changes. Reason being that there are scenes in which Olivia describes events that have occurred in her school life and so to show these events we create the flashbacks. To make the film more realistic in terms of its narrative, we show these events. And so costume change is necessary. Peter (Raman Bahra), co-actor, only has one costume, which he used to portray a stereotypical Homosexual boy.
  3. 3. OLIVIA BAKERS COSTUME: 1 As, in our film, we are depicting Olivia to be a sixth form student, we decided to go with the sixth formers uniform. The standard blazer, collared blouse, trousers and black shoes that is common. This gives it the realistic look and relates to the title of the film. This costume emphasises the sixth former look. Portrays a professional, outgoing and adolescence image. This costume runs through the entire 5 minutes of the film.
  4. 4. OLIVIA BAKERS COSTUME: 2 The next costume we decided Amy (portraying Olivia) should wear is the P.E sports costume. This change occurs when Olivia, on the bench scene, has a flashback of being hit on the head with a dodgeball. We chose this particular costume because we wanted emphasise that the events Olivia reminisces, actually occurs and so we show that they do by changing scenes to a flashback in which she wears this costume in the situation that she is in. These are the basic jogging bottoms and polo shirt which is part of the school’s P.E uniform. The converse/trainers can’t be seen in the scene as it is a very short cut to the flashback. But to add to the effect of a lower school student in P.E uniform, we had Olivia wear shoes to get the feel of a sports student. This helped better when filming because it helped make the filming easier and atmosphere, realistic.
  5. 5. OLIVIA BAKERS COSTUME: 3 The next costume change occurs in the next flashback. This is when she reminisces when she was in year 8 and had gum stuck on her skirt. Therefore, she is wearing a lower school uniform costume. And so we felt, being a younger student, to go with the look of a little girl that wears skirts. This is stereotypically what a young girl would wear, emphasising her innocence and vulnerability. We went with a lower school uniform, collared blouse, skirt, tights and black flat shoes. We did not add the blazer as we wanted a change in atmosphere, her being in a classroom working on a table by herself with her blazer off, elsewhere. Another reason why we chose this costume was to give her the comfort to feel like a year 8 student again, instead of just acting like one, helping her act better, by playing the role in real life.
  6. 6. OLIVIA BAKERS COSTUME: 4 The last of her costume changes is the last of her flashbacks when she was a year 9 student and her homosexual boyfriend breaks up with her. Yet again we decided not to go with the blazer because we wanted her to look comfortable and calm before the effect of ‘breaking up’ had passed through her. The difference in her being comfort zone is that instead of the blazer worn by students, we gave her a ‘hoody’ to add to the young look and to add to the effect of different setting and atmosphere, such as the change in weather. And so we went for the typical uniform again, collared blouse, trousers, black shoes. All throughout the film its given her the emphasis of being a school student but looking different in terms of her maturity and change in age.
  7. 7. OLIVIA’S HAIR AND MAKEUP Throughout the film, we’ve kept Olivia’s make-up to be natural. This is because stereotypically, school’s have rules about make up and to keep up with the realism of the setting and plot of the film, we made sure that Olivia abides by these rules. Olivia’s hair was also kept natural. This is, that her hair was open and a little bushy, giving her the natural look and beauty. Although her hair is bushy, it gave her a mature and sophisticated look, expected of a student in sixth form.
  8. 8. PETER’S COSTUME As he depicts a homosexual boy, who breaks up with his girlfriend, after ‘coming out of the closet’, it was finalised that he should wear something that makes him look like a stereotypical homosexual boy. This also gave him the feminine and flamboyant look which most homosexual males are considered to be. The costume; glitter blazer, tight vest top, super skinny trousers and black boots. This helped to give the audience something to foreshadow, before he mention’s he’s gay. The reason behind breaking up with Olivia.
  9. 9. PETER’S HAIR AND MAKEUP Peter’s (Raman Bahra) make up was yet again kept to minimum of nothing because he naturally had a glow on his face which emphasised him being a ‘feminine’ homosexual. His hair was spiked up with gel and wax to give him a the image of a boy who cares about the way he looks, as a homosexual boy is typically thought to be. All features he has naturally gives him the natural look of a homosexual giving us the advantage of depicting a real homosexual.
  10. 10. EXTRA’S COSTUMES. When we cut to the scene of an ‘ET glow’ girl, we give this actress the look of a typical outgoing, attractive , blonde and beautiful look. This gave the effect that she is a flirtatious, enticing and popular girl. Similar, the scene in which Olivia is in year 8 and she has gum stuck to her skirt, there are around 3 to 4 girls laughing at her. We decided to give them a look of popularity and gave Olivia the outcast feeling. All these extras wore the typical school uniform, with the blazer off, black shoes, skirts, tights and silky smooth hair. Make up was kept to a minimum but was added to some of the girls to give them a better representation of school students.