deCarta at BAPI
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deCarta at BAPI

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This is the talk I gave BAPI2011 about the trade-offs between pure platform versus platform as an extension.

This is the talk I gave BAPI2011 about the trade-offs between pure platform versus platform as an extension.

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  • Giga-om on skype eating its youngTwitterGoogle shutting down APIsYahoo shopping APISApple with FlashHave them fly in – major companies
  • This problem is as old as public APIs - The bigger issue the better you are the more people want access to your data.
  • Pretty daming of API/Platform providers in general. Is it this confusing or dire?
  • Trick for houses with consumer apps – how to plan your product – clarity over where product is going versus flexibility to evolve
  • Trick for non-consumer – how to maintain enough value in your platform to sustain your business versus moving up the stack and competing with your devs
  • Sqeaky wheel picture
  • Clear Boundaries – infinite possibilities


  • 1. OMG! HOW COULD THEY COMPETE WITH THEIR DEVELOPERS? Steven Citron-Pousty Technology Evangelist, deCarta
  • 2. SHOCK!!!
  • 3. Evil?
  • 4. VoiceofReason
  • 5. “You should expect that the platformyou’re building on top of to dosomething that’s not in your interest,”Wilson said. “If you’re going to stay ontop of that platform forever you mightwake up one day to find that the ownerof the platform is competing with youand that sucks.”
  • 6. By h.koppdelaney on flickr
  • 7. Consumer Facing Pure PlatformPower Mashups Power Branded AppsStarted as an app Started as an platformPlatform as an extension ala Mark Suster Platform as a service
  • 8. By Roland on flickr
  • 9. ConsumerBy raneko on flickr
  • 10. PlatformBy yibadau on flick
  • 11. Some examples from deCartaFull Stack with Carriers Powering Samsung bada LBS
  • 12. Moving ForwardBy bufferchuck on flickr
  • 13. Well, Ive been Cause Ive builtafraid of my life aroundchanging you
  • 14. Not your best signalBy Orin Zebest on flickr
  • 15. ClearBoundariesBy Julianmeade on flickr
  • 16. Over-communicateBy ehnmark on flickr
  • 17. Be Clear What YouBy bad9brad on flickr Expose
  • 18. Don’t be the Grape