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Fire works from ben
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Fire works from ben

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fireworks thing from ben

fireworks thing from ben

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  • 1. Fireworks By Ben & Douglas
  • 2. Parts of a firework ● ● The parts of a firework include the: fuse, tube, black powder, sand, and a second fuse. Some fireworks are made with a role of paper and a fuse.
  • 3. The chemical reaction ● ● To cause a chemical reaction compounds are mixed with black powder to make a stars. To make a color black powder burns with an element that explodes into a color.
  • 4. Colors with fireworks ● Yellow = sodium ● Orange = Calcium ● Red = Strontium ● Green = Barium ● Blue = Copper ● Purple = Strontium or Copper
  • 5. The history of fireworks ● ● ● ● ● Fireworks were invented by the Chinese about 1,000 years ago along with black powder. To make black powder the Chinese mixed together salt-peter, sulfur, and charcoal. In 1749 peter the great of Russia ordered a five hour salute using fireworks. In the 1830's Marco Polo brought fireworks to Italy In the 1940's consumer Fireworks were marketed toward children. Firework ads were very popular toys in catalogs. ( Today you have to own a license to own fireworks because the government learned that it can be dangerous) In the 1900's the Zambelli family designed a rainbow effect using aluminum.
  • 6. The different designs ● ● ● The round shell – explodes and sends colored stars in a spherical shape. Palm – a large cylinder that explodes sends stars down as a palm tree Serpentine – explodes in random bursts.
  • 7. Safety tips ● ● ● ● Wear ear protection when using with fire works. Never sit to close to the fireworks display. Never try to shoot off fireworks at home Use small amounts of powder when firing
  • 8. Bibliography ● Rain Tree Fusion Fireworks ● science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/fireworks.htm ● Modern Marvels Fireworks