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  • Student Led Conference - Rebecca

    1. 1. Student Led Conference : Rebecca Muhlheim : April `09 Portrait Room 206
    2. 2. Itinerary Science Social studies
    3. 3. My Learning Styles My strongest learning styles are: Kinaesthetic or body smart and intrapersonal or self smart. kinaesthetic means I learn most effectively when getting up and moving around. I can tell this is acurate because it said that people like this are sporty and active.Intrapersonal means I work best when I am alone instead of with others and this is acurate too because I usually get more done when I work alone. My weakest learning style is visual,spatail,or picture smart.
    4. 4. Writing My next steps: What I can do now: 1.Use multiple conjunctions in a sentence 1.Use conjunctions to link sentences to and vary them. make complex sentences. 2.Keep my writing on track because 2.write a significant amount in my quest sometimes I write down information that story. is not really relevant. Spelling My next steps: What I can do now: 1.Getting at least 9 out of 10 every time by practicing every day. 1.Get high results a lot of the time.
    5. 5. Reading My next steps: What I can do now: 1.Using more detail and by putting the 1.Get most of my answers right in my question in my answer. novel study questions. 2.Writing more detail and finding ways 2.Get mostly high scores on my book for mine to be more creative. reports. Math 3. My next steps: 1. Getting the exact mesurment because What I can do now: sometimes I had to redo them because 1.Measure angles with a protractor they were a few millimeters left. correctly and get close to the actual 2.Get at least an increase of 25%(5 degrees. points) in every post test unless I got 2.My pre and post tests show something like 19 out of 20. improvement.
    6. 6. Science My next steps: What I can do now: 1.Experiment using different materials 1.Understand that sound vibrations like wood, metal and plastic to see if they have high and low pitches. have different pitch. 2.Change the lengths of the sticks of 2. Using the vibrations and pitches to instruments like the kalimba and make songs I know. understand that it changes the speed of the vibration. Social Studies My next steps: 1.Remember exactly what everyone gets What I can do now: and does and compare the feudal system 1.I can verbally recall the roles of the with other systems in other places at feudal system and understand their other times. jobs. 2.Showing more ,comparing more types 2.I can identify advantages an and balancing it out so one does not disadvantages of different types of have heaps. castles.
    7. 7. Technology (ICT) My next steps: 1.Talking more clearly, using more sound What I can do now: effects, and making it seem like there are 1.Create a podcast with GarageBand two or three people by using more using sound affects, music and my voices. voice. 2.Editing slides with transitions to 2.Create a keynote presentation enchance how they appear o the screen. including new slides, graphics and textboxes.
    8. 8. My Quarter 4 goals My Goals for Quarter 4 are: Academic: My specific academic goal is to get a creativity award for my humorous book quilt by making it have real fabric and lifesize and starting it early. Social:My specific social goal is to invite Sidney and Delany over more often by finishing my homework by 4:30 on monday,tuesday and thursday. Personal:My specific personal goal is to get more allowance by emptying the dish washer on weekends and walking Jumble on the weekdays.
    9. 9. Self Assessment (ESLRS) Am I prepared for work everyday: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I settle to work quickly: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I complete work on time: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I work well independently: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I complete homework on time: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I cooperate in group activities: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I observe school & class rules: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I seek help when I don’t understand: Always Sometimes Rarely Am I courteous and well-mannered: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I allow others to work undisturbed: Always Sometimes Rarely After School Activities (ASA’s) Quarter 1: Hockey Quarter 2:volleyball Quarter 3:rock climbing Quarter 4:soccer Activities I do outside of school: soccer,basketball,softball,swimming, and mandarin.