Student Led Conference - Anni


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SCIS Pudong Campus Student Led Conference Keynote Presentation

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Student Led Conference - Anni

  1. 1. Student Led Conference : Anni Rytkola : April `09 Portrait Room 206
  2. 2. Itinerary
  3. 3. My Learning Styles My strongest learning style is Interpersonal This means I learn most effectively when I work and talk with others and don’t want to hurt their feelings. My other learning style is Intrapersonal this means that I learn most effectively when I work all by myself and alone and I learning when I am allowed to concentrate by myself. My lowest one is Word Smart this means that I don’t learn by reading.
  4. 4. Writing My next steps: 1. Putting more periods in my writing because What I can do now: 1. Correctly use punctuation in my writing I sometimes forget to do it which make the such as capitals,periods,speech marks and sentences too long. so on. 2. Inculuding more characters because in my 2. Write a story that includes features of a quest story I had only a few characters. quest(e.g, challenge,battle,success.) Spelling My next steps: What I can do now: 1.T remember to practice more o 1. Get most of the time good scores.
  5. 5. Reading What I can do now: My next steps: 1. Complete a book report within a 1.T write more sentences in it. o specific time limit 2.Get them all correct by writing more. 2.I can answer question correctly most of the time. Math My next steps: What I can do now: 1.T get to know all kind of hard o 1.I can tell temperature. temperature. 2.I can make a graph like a line graph. 2. Getting to know how to do a pictograph because I don’t know how to do it.
  6. 6. Science What I can do now: My next steps: 1. Understand that sound vibration travel 1. Experimenting with other materials and trough solid,liquid,air. write more. 2. Understand that sound vibration has 2. Increase my writing a lot more. high and low pitch. Social Studies My next steps: 1.Comparing it with other systems in other countries at other times in history. What I can do now: 2.Learning more parts of a castle 1.I can verbally recall the roles of the because I don’t know them all feudal system. 2.Name all the parts that make a castle, such as moat,Bailey,keep.
  7. 7. Technology (ICT) My next steps: What I can do now: 1.Making my answers more 1.Navigate a Wikispace & use detailed and answer all correctly discussion tabs to answer by writing more. questions on Wikispace. 2.Speaking more clearly.And add 2.Create a medieval prod cast more sound effect like music by using Garage band.
  8. 8. My Quarter 4 goals My Goals for Quarter 4 are: Academic: T write more in my quest story because now my stories are really short. o Social: T not fight with my sister Emmi starting April 16 and ending on the end of the o year. Personal: T read a long English book by 7 weeks starting April 22. o
  9. 9. Self Assessment (ESLRS) Am I prepared for work everyday: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I settle to work quickly: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I complete work on time: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I work well independently: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I complete homework on time: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I cooperate in group activities: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I observe school & class rules: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I seek help when I don’t understand: Always Sometimes Rarely Am I courteous and well-mannered: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I allow others to work undisturbed: Always Sometimes Rarely After School Activities (ASA’s) Quarter 3 :Basketball Activities I do outside of school: Basketball
  10. 10. Teacher Comment Anni impressed us all when she presented her Indigenous Peoples Project to the class recently, and also when she created her Medieval Podcast in Social Studies. I’m pleased to see her more active and verbal - though still often hesitates before responding to questions. Her work attitude has been consistently good all year, with peers often acknowledging how she comes into class each morning ans settles down to work quickly. A good quarter Anni, well done.