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Fundraising using social media: A briefing
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Fundraising using social media: A briefing


Published on

Presentation from a briefing session I ran in Brighton on 7 December 2011 covering fundraising and social media. …

Presentation from a briefing session I ran in Brighton on 7 December 2011 covering fundraising and social media.

<My main aim is to inspire people to get on and do it - to pick up the reins and start trying to make it work.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. “By this time next week Rodders…”FUNDRAISING AND SOCIAL MEDIAMark Walker, SCIP
  • 2. This briefing• Framework• Examples• Suggestions• Inspiration
  • 3. A new fundraising challenge What we’re used toOne application @ £1,000sWhat we need to learn 100s of donations @ £10
  • 4. Why social media?Listening + understandingAmplifying + sharingConnecting + engagingCost-effective + usableGrowing + changing
  • 5. Five top tips• Start listening: Join in• Be active: 30 mins/day• Mini-campaigns: Attract attention• Joined up thinking: Integrate• Engaging stories: DNA
  • 6. Yes we can!FacebookTwitterYouTubeWebsite/Blog$$$PeopleSkillsCharisma
  • 7. PlanningIntegrationStorytellingTrainingTeamworkMeetingsBudgetPolicyLuck
  • 8. Do you have the right mix?RecipeIngredientsFlavoursSkillsFamiliar toolsExperience“Moistness”
  • 9. What to do1. Plan2. Tune in3. Be useful4. Be engaging5. Measure
  • 10. A sense of direction…Where are we nowWhere are we going?How will we getthere?
  • 11. Short term campaignsTwo to three monthsCommunity eventsTimetableFocus on actionMeasure and reflect
  • 12. Integration• Print • Twitter• Advertising • YouTube• Direct mail • Website + Blog• Press + PR • Email newsletters• Events • Flickr, SurveyMonkey,• Personal selling Slideshare, etc• Seasonal sales • SMS• Product development • Podcast• Pricing• Facebook
  • 13. TwitterUse it for • Which audiences?• Listening/learning • What content?• News • How frequently?• Sharing • Who and when?• Fundraising • Measurement - bitlyQuestions to ask
  • 14. YouTubeUse it for relevant to?• Explaining • How will you produce• Telling stories content?• Fundraising • How frequently?• Learning • Who and when? • MeasurementQuestions to ask• Which audience is it
  • 15. Your WebsiteUse it for • Up to date + accurate?• Explaining • Can we easily update it• Telling stories ourselves?• Fundraising • Who can update it/when?• News • Calls to action?• Events • Feedback mechanisms?• Opinion• Campaigning/InfluenceQuestions to ask• Who uses our site?
  • 16. FacebookUse it for • Groups vs Fan Pages• Interaction/Sharing • Frequency/Workload• Promotion • Privacy• Campaigns/Influence – Staff, volunteers, servic• Service Delivery e users• Fundraising • Measurement• News – Quantity vs quality• Events• ConsultationQuestions to ask
  • 17. Bolt-ons you may needJustGiving/MyDonate/PayPalEventBrite/AmiandoMailChimp/YMLP/DotMailerSlideshare/Flickr/SoundCloud
  • 18. Tuning In
  • 19. Tweetdeck
  • 20. Be useful
  • 21. Be active
  • 22. Be engaging
  • 23. Measure. Improve.Use a spreadsheetMeasure what you canDo it oftenLook for patternsShare and learn togetherPhoto by Darren Hester via Flickr
  • 24. SkillsHow to use Facebook/Twitter/etcHow to use your phone/camera/etcHow to edit/upload/embedHow to tell stories/be engagingWhat works/good ideas/experienceHow to learn/Who can help
  • 25. EquipmentComputer/internetMobile phoneCamera + mic + tripod
  • 26. A social media checklistWhat do we want to achieve?  Email newsletter What is our target?  YouTube Who do we want to reach?  SMS Who will help us reach them?  BlogHow will we achieve it?  Flickr What is our message?  PR What stories will we tell?  Print Which tools will we use?  Direct mail/post Where will we start?  Advertising Who is going to do what?  Other: What will we measure? Who will be involved?What is in the communications mix?
  • 27. Routine30 minute steps – Check out who’s doing what on Twitter – Research your competition – Post a blog entry – Read a book/magazine/blog – Share a useful snippet – Produce a story for your monthly newsletter – Review your plans – Measure results
  • 28. Five more top tips1. Start. NOW!2. Listen and learn3. Keep practising4. Measure what you do5. Get to know your tools Inc Facebook!! 
  • 29. Beth Kanter
  • 30. resources/
  • 31. Where next?• Beth Kanter/Howard Lake/Steve Bridger•• Facebook for Dummies•• NFP Tweetup• Colleagues, trustees, volunteers••
  • 32. Contact us SCIP Community Base Queens Road, Brighton BN1 3XG 01273 234049 @scipnews