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Kaitlyn Shillinglaw

Kaitlyn Shillinglaw



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    Hurricanes Hurricanes Presentation Transcript

    • Hurricanes
      By: Kaitlyn Shillinglaw
    • Hurricanes
      For it to be a hurricane it has to be 73 miles per hour or else it is considered as a Tropical Storm
      When a hurricane is in place the wind will blow at a very high speed and we will get very high rain.
    • What It Does
      When a Hurricane is on the Northern Hemisphere it moves counterclockwise and when it is on the Southern Hemisphere it moves clockwise.
      High Winds can cause loss of property and the floods can ruin lots of houses
      A hurricane can kill lots of people by drowning them, picking them up and blowing them away
      A hurricane can last 1-12 days and sometimes more
    • How It Forms
      • The water that it starts in has to be 80◦F
      • The wind can go up to 300 km
      • The precipitation can be ether hail or rain but mostly rain!
    • How It Looks
      I think that a hurricane is shaped like a doughnut
      When a hurricane is in place it normally is about 200-600 mile long
      They are very tall I know that they can reach 40,000 to 50,000 feet tall
    • Weather Factors
      A Hurricane involves rain and hail as precipitation
      A Hurricane can have winds 74-125 miles per hour
      The most common place for a Hurricane is in the Caribbean
    • Hurricane Katrina
      Hurricane Katrina happened on august 23rd,2005 through August 30th 2005
      Hurricane Katrina started in The Bahamas then it went over to Florida as a category 1 hurricane. It got stronger as it went through the Gulf of Mexico. It then was a category 3 hurricane. It was then in South Louisiana and then moved to New Orleans.
      1863 people lost lives during Hurricane Katrina
      Hurricane Katrina took a lot of peoples houses away destroyed there belongings and took lots of family members. Hurricane Katrina will never be forgotten.