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delonte hough

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    Hurricanes Hurricanes Presentation Transcript

    • Hurricanes By: Delonte Hough
    • What is a hurricane?
      • A hurricane is a low pressure tropical storm. A hurricane is also an intense, rotating oceanic weather system. Hurricanes can have very strong winds up to 60mph.Hurricanes can also have alot of rain. H few days Hurricanes can last from a few days or a few hours. Hurricanes can also hit one town to a nother. Hurricanes are also very hurmful.
    • How is a hurricane formed
      • Hurricanes begin as tropical storms over the warm moist waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The birth of a hurricane requires at least three conditions. First, the ocean waters must be warm enough at the surface to put enough heat and moisture into the overlying atmosphere.
    • How is a hurricane formed
      • Second, atmospheric moisture from sea water evaporation must combine with that heat and energy to form the powerful engine needed to make a hurricane. Third, a wind pattern must be near the ocean surface to spirals air inward. Hurricanes can also start as a category 1 storm and change to a category 5 storm.
    • Famous hurricane
      • The 1989Hurricane Hugo was a category 5 with wind speeds of 140 miles per hour, the storm lasted from September 10,1989 to September 25,1989 .Hurricane Hugo hit Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico before hitting South Carolina. Hurricane Hugo also damage many homes cars and lifes. Hugo also inqurd many people.Hurricane Hugo was one of the worst hurricanes to hit the east coast.
    • Damage cause by a hurricane
      • Hurricanes can cause alot of damage like damage cars and homes. They can kill many people and animals.They can also destory crops and in some cases they can causes very bad flooding. They can also take weeks to month to clean up the damage from a hurricanes.