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Application of EZProxy logs, Voyager’s Patron Database, MySQL, and ColdFusion for Comparative Usage Analysis of Library Resources
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Application of EZProxy logs, Voyager’s Patron Database, MySQL, and ColdFusion for Comparative Usage Analysis of Library Resources


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Application of EZProxy logs, Voyager’s Patron Database, MySQL, and ColdFusion for Comparative Usage Analysis of Library Resources Ray Schwartz, William Paterson University of NJ, ENUG Conference, University of Bridgeport, CT Thursday, October 27, 2011
  • 2. Our University• 9000 undergraduates• 1000 graduates (mostly education majors)• 400 faculty• 800 adjuncts• 1000 staff 2
  • 3. Our Library• 19 librarians and 26 library staff• 350,000 volumes• 18,000 audiovisual items• 47,000 print and electronic periodicals• 124 general and subject specific databases• $1,100,000 Non-Salary Allocations 3
  • 4. EZProxy via LDAP authenticates access to:• Databases• Electronic journals• ILL/Doc Delivery forms
  • 5. Example of EZProxy log entry• Ip address• (Not used) -• user id theuser• date/time 1/1/2008 4:25:15 AM• Method GET• page retrieved session=sGHMbeSss121YxZa&url= cript.exe?fs.scr• Version HTTP/1.1• response code 302• no. of bytes• Referring 537 URL• User agent url= Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322) 5
  • 6. MySQL operations• EZProxy transactions would be stored in one table with patron statistical categories, but without the user ID.• User ID s would be stored in another table with counts for each service divided by academic year.• Logs are collected monthly and loaded and deleted monthly. 6
  • 7. Perl Script for loading ezproxy loguse strict; into MySQLmy%month=(Jan=>01,Feb=>02,Mar=>03,Apr=>04,May=>05,Jun=>06,Jul=>07,Aug=>08,Sep=>09,Oct=>10,Nov=>11,Dec=>12);while (<>){ my $pattern = ^(S*) (S*) (S*) (S*) . [(..)/(...)/(....):(..):(..):(..) .....]. "(S*) (S*) (S*)" . (d*) (-|d*) "([^"]*)" "([^"]*)"; if (m/$pattern/){ my ($tgt,$ref,$agt) = (esc($12),esc($16),esc($17)); my $byt = $15 eq _?NULL:$15; print "INSERT INTO ezproxylogs VALUES ($1,$2,$3,". " TIMESTAMP $7/$month{$6}/$5 $8:$9:$10,$11,$tgt,". "$13,$14,$byt,$ref,$agt);r."; }else{ print "--Skipped line $.n"; }}sub esc{ my ($p) = @_; $p =~ s///g; return $p; 7}
  • 8. Patron Statistical Categories• Voyager Patron Database allows a maximum of 10 statistical categories per patron record.• Weekly extract from SIS and HRS to load into Voyager 8
  • 9. From Students•College and Mercer Identifier•Class Level (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate)•Total Hours Registered for Current Semester•Major•2nd Major•Degree•CA-Collection Agency•SOILS•Student Entrance Level (New Non-Traditional Freshman, NewFirst Time Transfer, etc.)•Department
  • 10. From Faculty / Staff / Adjuncts•College•Full or Part-Time•Status (Faculty, Adjunct, Staff, Professional Staff, Tenured,Tenure-Track)•Division•Departments
  • 11. Extracting patron statistical categories back outof Voyager and building them into MySQLdatabase.Once completed, user ids are deleted.
  • 12. Internal WPUNet IPv4 addressing scheme IP Network 149.151.Block Description IP Block Start Range IP Block End RangeAdmin (Services) 2.1 129.254Labs (Users) 130.1 162.254Admin (Users) 163.1 233.254Resnet (Users) 234.1 250.254Video 251.1 251.253
  • 13. IP Address Location = 149.151.VlanID.*Admin VLANs Labs VLANs Vlan ID Vlan Name Vlan ID Vlan Name 2 Servers 3 Lab Servers 4 Admin 9 Imaging 5 Science 160 Lib Labs 6 Test Servers 174 STU VPN 7 NAS 175 Ben Shahn Lab 101 Energy Management 178 Hobart Lab 102 Diebold 179 SCI Lab 104 Xerox 187 CS Lab 150 Media Services 192 Atrium 161 Dorms Offices 209 Labs 162 RBI 212 Resnet Labs 163 Police 214 Raub Labs 164 Maintenance 228 VR Labs 14
  • 14. References•Coombs, Karen A. (2005). Lessons learned from analyzinglibrary database usage data. Library Hi Tech, 23:4, 598.• Diana, Birkin James. dashboard_beta.• Metridoc.• Morton-Owens, Emily (2011) Trends at a glance. LITA 2011.
  • 15. Questions? Ray Schwartz, Systems Specialist LibrarianCheng Library, William Paterson University, Wayne, New Jersey, USA schwartzr2 @ 25