A 30 Second Argument For God


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This presentation gives a brief, but powerful argument for the existence of God.

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  • @Robin Schumacher Even IF the 4 premises are accurate and true and exhaustive it in no way leads to only one conclusion. What I find very interesting is this construct of the 4 choices and it's use of particular words. It is set up in order to come to a particular conclusion. The 4 choices are related to their being something rather than nothing. If the 4 choices are valid, logical and exhausitive than another word that represents "something" or "nothing" can be used in place of reality. So let's use God. 1-3 is impossible so the answer is 4. God is not eternal but was created by something that is eternal. Hmmmmm...interesting.
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  • Zambia12 - A straw man fallacy occurs when a false picture of an opposing argument is presented. If you think my argument against an eternal universe is wrong, then provide evidence refuting it. In my presentation I provide evidence against an eternal universe and I maintain that every drop of evidence we have today points to the fact that the universe has a beginning. And what has a beginning is not eternal.

    You say simply - 'the universe is eternal' to make your point. I'm afraid I won't let you off that easy - please prove it.
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  • Hello. Your argument is a strawman.

    Science has not disproved the concept of an eternal Universe. In fact science denies that there ever was a state of absolute 'nothing'. There has always been something.

    So the Universe is eternal. If you want to call this eternal Universe 'God' that's fine. Dualism creates a separation that is not there, but if this 'innate survival technique' gets you to the truth, then that's also fine. The truth is Love.
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  • minusfive -

    Your question is perfectly reasonable and good to ask. Once you determine that God exists, you next need to ask what kind of God exists? To find the answer see my presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/schumacr/six-steps-step-3b-three-proofs-for-god, where I answer that question as well as http://www.slideshare.net/schumacr/six-steps-step-4-can-god-be-known and http://www.slideshare.net/schumacr/six-steps-step-5-is-jesus-god.

    Regarding your last point, something that does not begin to exist does not need a cause. God did not begin to exist but is eternal, therefore He has no cause. Before you scoff at this, keep in mind you cling to an eternal universe, which you say has always been so you'll need to explain why you think an eternal universe is perfectly fine to accept but not an eternal Creator.
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  • Hmmm... I think I spoke (wrote?) too soon. I do have some questions for you:

    1) If there is a god, why not many gods then?

    2) Why did you ask me if I would now become a christian? Why not muslim? Or Jewish? Or Hindu? Or even satanic?

    3) If everything that begins to exist must have a cause, then what's god's cause? How did his existence begun? What 'caused' him?
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A 30 Second Argument For God

  1. 1. GodDoes Does God Exist? An Argument for God in 30 Seconds
  2. 2. GodDoes © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  3. 3. GodDoes Exist? “Why do we have something rather than nothing at all?” - Martin Heidegger, “The Fundamental Question of Metaphysics” Comes back to – Does God exist? © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  4. 4. GodDoes Exist?Four theoretical answers: 1. Reality is an illusion 2. Reality is/was self-created 3. Reality is self-existent (eternal) 4. Reality was created by something that is self- existent © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  5. 5. GodDoes Exist?A simple proof for God 1. Something exists 2. Nothing cannot cause something 3. Therefore, a necessary and eternal Being exists - Jonathan Edwards (who massaged it from John Locke) © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  6. 6. GodDoes Exist? Can the existence of God be argued for in 30 seconds or less? © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  7. 7. GodDoes Exist? Start the stopwatch…here we go. 1. I exist. 2. If I exist, then something must have always existed, because something doesn‟t come from nothing. 3. So we have 2 choices: An impersonal eternality (the universe) or a personal eternality (God). 4. Science has disproven the concept of an eternal universe. 5. Therefore, God exists. © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  8. 8. GodDoes Exist? 1. I exist. You must exist to express doubt that you exist. Denying your existence is a self- defeating statement. “I think, therefore I am.” - Descartes © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  9. 9. GodDoes Exist? 2. If I exist, then something must have always existed because something doesn‟t come from nothing. “Nothing is what rocks dream about.” - Aristotle, Philosopher “I never asserted so absurd a proposition as that anything might arise without a cause.” - David Hume, Skeptic/Atheist © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  10. 10. GodDoes Exist? How to think about true „nothingness‟… particles matter …everything energy motion space © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  11. 11. GodDoes Exist? True „nothingness‟… © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  12. 12. GodDoes Exist? 3. Two Options: 1. An Eternal Universe (impersonal eternality) “The Cosmos is all there will ever be” – Carl Sagan. 2. An Eternal Creator (personal eternality) “In the beginning, God…” – Genesis. © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  13. 13. GodDoes Exist? 4. Science has disproven the concept of an eternal universe. The fact is: The Universe had a beginning. • Everything that has a beginning has a cause • The universe had a beginning • Therefore, the universe had a cause “Philosophically, the notion of a beginning of the present order of Nature is repugnant…I should like to find a genuine loophole.” – Sir Arthur Eddington © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  14. 14. GodDoes Exist? 4. Science has disproven the concept of an eternal universe. Proof Point 1: The universe is running down. • Something that is running down must have started at some point • The 2nd law of thermodynamics states that the universe is running out of usable energy • If you doubt this, look in the mirror (you‟re aging and running down) • First law of thermodynamics is philosophical in nature; can‟t be empirically proven © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  15. 15. GodDoes Exist? 4. Science has disproven the concept of an eternal universe. Proof Point 2: The universe is expanding. • Confirmed through the Hubble telescope • It‟s expanding from a single point • Universe is not expanding into space, but space itself is expanding • Commonly called the “Big Bang” – nothing, then BANG – something © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  16. 16. GodDoes Exist? 4. Science has disproven the concept of an eternal universe. Proof Point 3: Radiation echo. • Discovered by Bell Labs scientists Penzias and Wilson in 1965 • Afterglow from the Big Bang; won Penzias & Wilson Nobel Prize • Death blow to any theory of the universe being in a steady state © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  17. 17. GodDoes Exist? 4. Science has disproven the concept of an eternal universe. Proof Point 4: Galaxy Seeds. • If Big Bang was true, then temperature “ripples” should exist • These ripples would enable matter to collect into galaxies • Cosmic Background Explorer – COBE – launched in 1989 to find them • Findings released in 1992 – perfect/precise ripples found to enable galaxies to form “If you‟re religious, it‟s like looking at God” - George Smoot, NASA, COBE Lead © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  18. 18. GodDoes Exist? 4. Science has disproven the concept of an eternal universe. Proof Point 5: Einstein‟s theory of relativity. • Einstein‟s pantheistic bias originally influenced his original formula • He was proven wrong by another mathematician (he actually divided by zero) • Einstein called it the worst mistake he‟d ever made • Theory demands an absolute beginning for time, space, and matter “I want to know how God created the universe” - Albert Einstein © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  19. 19. GodDoes Exist? Still…some scientists try get around this fact by saying: • Life on earth originated from a rocket sent from outer space (F.H. Crick, co-discoverer of DNA and Richard Dawkins, famed atheist) • Collapsing universes (disproven from galaxy seeds; not enough energy) • Imaginary time (Stephen Hawking)"If you study science deep enough and long enough, it will force you to believe in God." - Lord Kelvin, British Scientist“In real time, the universe has a beginning and an end at singularities that form a boundary to space-time and at which the laws of science break down.” – Stephen Hawking © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  20. 20. GodDoes Exist? Something else to consider on an impersonal eternality… Would it not be strange that an impersonal, amoral, and purposeless/meaningless universe accidentally created personal beings that are obsessed with right/wrong, meaning, and purpose? In addition, the question of unity and diversity arise. Unity may be explained by an impersonal eternality, but not diversity. An impersonal eternality means everything must come from impersonality plus time plus chance. No other factors are involved. © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  21. 21. GodDoes Exist? The Personal, Infinite, and Triune God Father God Spirit Son Is not Unity in Diversity © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  22. 22. GodDoes Exist?The atheist‟s response? “The universe is just there…” – Carl Sagan “There doesn‟t need to be a reason…” – Atheist on Christian ForumWhen the atheist makes this statement, they do so by faith alone.Out the door go all the logic, science, reason, and touch-and-feel-itevidence atheists claim are so necessary to believe in God. Now it becomes a matter of the will. © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  23. 23. GodDoes Exist?The atheist‟s response? “Evolution disproves God.” How does evolution answer the question of existence?Only two choices – matter before mind or mind before matter. “It is strange that some people claim that it is their intelligence that leads them to prefer the first to the second.” – John Lennox © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  24. 24. GodDoes Exist?OK, but…Who created God? Category mistake (e.g. Where is the bachelor‟s wife?) Irrelevant as you must go back to an eternal „something‟The evidence points away from an impersonal eternal universe and toward a powerful, intelligent, moral personal Creator © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  25. 25. GodDoes Exist? So…. • If I exist, and… • If something eternal exists (because something doesn‟t come from nothing), and… • If there are only two possible eternal entities (an eternal universe or an eternal creator), and… • If an eternal universe has been disproven (and it has), then… An eternal Creator exists. © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  26. 26. GodDoes Plain “Open your eyes, there it is!” – Romans 1:19 The Message © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  27. 27. GodDoes Exist? Yes, God exists. • He is the reason we have something instead of nothing • He is the creator of the heavens and the earth • He is the reason you can read this right now – that you exist at all © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  28. 28. GodDoes “In the beginning God created…” © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
  29. 29. GodDoes Does God Exist? Yes, He Does! © Confident Christians – www.confidentchristians.org
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