15 technology ideas to use in the classroom


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A presentation given at the ICEC conference that outlines how you can use technology in the classroom without feeling like it's another thing that you have to do.

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  • Hi - My name is Darrin Schumacher and I have been working as a teacher since 1994. I have taught in schools in Australia and Korea.
  • Computers are a tool to aid the teaching and learning within the classroom.
    I don’t have a set time each week to do computers.
    I only use a computer if I think that it adds to the task that we are doing.
    I don’t like paying for anything on the internet.
    My goal for using the computer in the classroom is to develop higher order thinking skills.
    It doesn't matter what computer platform your use, most of the skills that you learn on one are transferrable. 
    I am not overly concerned about what programs or software that I am teaching, my main objective is to make the students confident users of technology.
  • Classroom Blog - I use a classroom blog to give information about what is happening in the class. Put assignments. Record information gained from conferences.

    Student Blog - Journal, reflective tool, Answer questions
  • I asked the students to write down what they learned about geometry and used pictures to help demonstrate their understanding of the concepts covered
  • I use flickr to upload pictures for students to use in their blogs and to go into my blog.
    I sometimes use them at a start of a unit.
    I like to use sometimes to find out what students know about a subject.

  • We were doing some work on mean/averages. I shared this document with the students. As they measured each other they input their data in the spreadsheet. The students could see real life data appearing on the screen. I got the students to draw a graph using pencil and paper. I then showed them how to draw a graph using a spreadsheet.
  • We were having trouble distinguishing between the median, mode and mean. I had the students make a movie to tell the difference. In this video was a student who qualified for our ESL program.
  • Is in internet application that records what happens on the screen and also records the sounds. It is linked to twitter.

  • Gives specific websites where students can find answers to questions posed. Rather than just give a couple of sentences to answers the students can
  • Word, Spreadsheets, Presentations
    Sharing capabilities.
    Online publishing.
    Doesn’t matter what type of computer you use - macs or PC
  • Talk about email etiquette
    Proper use of email
    Quick way of getting messages to students,
    Links to google docs.

  • What makes a Christian song good. What is the purpose of a Christian video. How can a Christian song

  • Whenever I am in a meeting, I always take notes on powerpoint, keynote or Google presentation.

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