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The most recent Schuco catalogue.

The most recent Schuco catalogue.

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  • 1. About SchucoEstablished in 1957 we have a great heritage supplying high quality medical productsthroughout the medical industry, with a specialist interest and passion for skin. We regularlyinteract with GPs, dermatologists and plastic surgeons all over the UK and Europe to stayahead of the market and to evaluate the latest technological advances, our productspecialists develop their expertise as part of this interaction.We offer our customers the unique opportunity to gain hands on experience of all of ourlatest products and advances in technology by meeting with our dedicated team on both aone-to-one basis and at the various industry events we support throughout the year.Schuco supports and participates in major industry events & workshops, including: • British Association of Dermatology (BAD) • Dermatology Continuing Professional Development Society (DCPDS) • European Academy of Dermatology & Venereology (EADV) • The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists • Primary Care Dermatology Society • Primary Care 2011 Our product specialists attend other key overseas meetings, such as the American & European Associations of Dermatology. www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 3
  • 2. Primary Care Dealer Training So what makes us Developing the British Skin Foundation different? We pride ourselves not just in supply but in Developing patient pathways support. We have a passionate and highly Schuco for dermatology for the DoH knowledgeable team who are always prepared to assist you in the selection and are usage of any of our products. We are involved also the sole UK importer and service centre for key products such as DermLite with: Skin Cancer UK Platform, representing the APPGS Dermatoscopes and Conmed Hyfrecators. Above all we aim to offer you the chance to experience tomorrow’s skin technology with Schuco today! NICE Guidelines for Skin Cancer Supporting the Karen Clifford SKCIN Cancer Charity British Dermatological Nursing Group (BDNG 4
  • 3. contentsIntroduction 3 - 10 6) Surgical 71 - 90 About Schuco 3-4 Surgical Instruments & accessories 71 - 75 Contents 5 Biopsy punches & curettes 72 - 73 What’s new? 6-7 Wound Closure 74, 76, 77 Early Detection of Skin Cancer 8 - 10 Additional accessories 87 - 90 Tourinquet machines 80 - 811) Skin Imaging: 11 - 36 Tourinquet cuffs 82 - 87 MoleMate & Siascopes 11-14 Dermatoscopes 15-23 7) Cryosurgery 91 - 96 Dermatoscope accessories 24-25 What is cryosurgery? 91 How to attach your dermatoscope Liquid Nitrogen devices 92 - 94 to your camera 18-19 Nitrous oxide devices/CryoSuccess 95 Education & training 28 - 29 croSuccess & accessories 96 FotoFinder 30-35 UV Woods Examination Lamps 36 8) Vasectomy 97 - 100 Overview 972) Your Surgical Needs 37 - 42 No Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) 98 - 100 Your surgical needs explained 37 - 41 Electrosurgery testimonials 42 9) Aesthetics/Cosmetics/Lasers 101 - 108 VeinLite 101 - 1023) Electrosurgery & Radiosurgery 43 - 52 Body Imaging 103 - 105 Coa-Comp M 43 Lasers 106 - 108 Hyfrecator 44 - 48 Schuco 120 49 - 50 10) Lighting 109 - 111 Radiosurg - Radiofrequency 51 Magnifying 109 Cautery 52 Examination 110 Minor surgery 1114) Electrosurgery Consumables 53 - 64 Single use electrodes 53 - 56 Index 112 Sterilisable electrodes 57 - 62 Bipolar forceps 63 Order Form 113 Electrosurgery accessories 63 - 64 6 Terms & Conditions 1145) Smoke Evacuation 65 - 70 Dangers of smoke plume 65 Brand Guide 115 Smoke evacuators & accessories 66 - 69 Smoke & Electrosurgery unit bundle deals 70www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 5
  • 4. The first iPhone connected Dermatoscope! The world market leaders in digital skin imaging, FotoFinder, are proud to introduce this exclusive device which combines digital dermoscopy with mobility and communication technology. The handyscope converts your iPhone into a digital dermatoscope for mobile skin examinations. Take Hand ysco pe polarized mole pictures, save them in a password protected app and in just one click email them across the globe!what’s MoleMate™: A unique Insight! Using Siascopy the MoleMate is specifically designed with and for general practitioners and skinnew? specialists. By assisting and accelerating the diagnostic process, MoleMate enables the medical professional to quickly scan and make a decision to refer Mole Mate a patient, excise a lesion or immediately assure them that their lesion is not suspicious. MoleView™: Superior Skin Cancer Management This specialist Siascopy product is designed for the dermatologist, plastic surgeon or skin cancer expert. MoleView assists in the rapid and accurate diagnosis of pigmented lesions and provides a powerful system for the long term management of patients within a screening clinic. Mol eView6
  • 5. Coa-Comp M:Automatic Bipolar Electro-CoagulatorThe Coa-Comp M is lightweight, cost-effective,and ideal for any surgical environmentdemanding precise bipolar coagulation.The Coa-Comp M allows problem freecoagulation, bipolar cutting, no tissuedamage and will not create disturbanceto surrounding electronic equipmentsuch as TV monitoring orpacemakers. Coa- Comp MSchuco Cryospray:SuperiorCryosurgeryThe Schuco Cryospray -350ml, offers the ultimateliquid nitrogen spraytechnology, with maximumease of use, cost effectivenessand safety. The 350ml canisterholds the appropriate amount ofliquid nitrogen for the average Schu ycryosurgery clinic. Plus, the new brass co C ryospracollar feature does not degrade duringthe product’s lifetime as other plasticcollar designs do. www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 7
  • 6. Early detection of skin Schuco are the market leaders in the early detection of skin cancer. We provide an extensive range of skin imaging products including both hand held and automated dermoscopy systems as well as Siascopy systems, to aid medical professionals in examination of patients lesions. Both techniques are completely non invasive, accurate and can avoid unnecessary removal of skin lesions. Research has shown that detecting and removing skin cancers early produces the best long term survival rates of any cancer. Skin cross section Dermoscopy (also known as Dermatoscopy or epiluminescence microscopy) is the examination of skin lesions using a dermatoscope. A dermatoscope uses the provision of light and magnification to the skin and the removal of reflection, refraction and diffraction of the light from the surface of the skin. This means diagnostic features can be clearly viewed and a greater diagnostic accuracy achieved. Detection and early diagnosis of skin cancer remains the primary application of the technique, but a role for dermoscopy is now emerging in general dermatology. The use of dermoscopy now applies to the diagnosis of a number of skin conditions including infections and inflammatory disorders. There are some signs to look for when diagnosing whether a lesion is a melanoma or not. A common dermoscopy rule is the ABCD rule which considers these 4 main factors: A = ASYMMETRY When half the mole does not match the other half8
  • 7. cancer Siascopy Siascopy is spectrophotometric intracutaneous analysis. Siascopy understands the way light interacts with the skin, the way it scatters or bounces and the amount absorbed by cells and other structures along with different changes in wavelength or colour. By understanding these interactions and by comparing the light sent into skin with the light sent back out, Siascopy is able to determine the different components of the skin. Siascopy is therefore able to measure the amount of haemoglobin, melanin and collagen in the stratum corneum, epidermis and dermis to a depth of 2mm and is able to identify whether melanin is present in the epidermis or dermis. The information collated is known as SIAscans. (These 4 images were taken with a Dermatoscope) B = BORDER C = COLOUR D = DIAMETER When the borders of the mole are When the colour of the mole If the diameter is larger than irregular/ragged varies throughout a pencil’s eraser = 6mm www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 9
  • 8. Skin cancer facts • Rates of skin cancer are rising faster than any other cancer • The incident rate of malignant melanoma has risen by over 43% in the last 10 years • Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK • There are over 125,000 new cases of skin cancer in the UK each year • Over 2,600 deaths a year are attributed to skin cancer • 7 people die each day in the UK from the disease Schuco are proud to support Skcin - The Karen Clifford Skin Cancer Charity. Raising awareness of skin cancer, promoting prevention, early detection and campaigning for educational change! Visit www.skcin.org10
  • 9. Siascopy Schuco are proud to re-introduce to the market MoleMate™ and MoleView™ - handheld skin-imaging devices powered by Siascopy, a non-invasive, rapid, and painless screening technology that uniquely allows an insight up to 2mm beneath the surface of a patient’s skin without the need for biopsy. MoleMate and MoleView comprise a handheld scanner and computer software that scans and visualises haemoglobin, melanin, dermal melanin and collagen (SIAscans) up to 2mm under the skin, as well as providing a high quality dermatoscopic view. Siascopy provides medical professionals with a wealth of previously unavailable information to assist them in making an instant clinical decision about a lesion during a patient consultation. Optical model of the skin haemoglobin melanin high quality dermatoscopic view collagen dermal melanin Epidermis melanin blood Papillary dermis collagen Reticular dermis By interpreting the combination of wavelengths that are received back by the SIAscope, Siascopy is then able to produce SIAscans; these are generated by referring to inbuilt proprietary mathematical models of skin optics within the software. MoleMate and MoleView are then able to present the user with the generated SIAscans for interpretation and positively aid diagnosis. Examples of SIAscans High quality Melanin Dermal melanin Haemoglobin Collagendermatoscopic view view view view viewwww.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 11
  • 10. MoleMate™ DE-SY-MM20 Specifically designed with and for general practitioners and skin specialists. By assisting and accelerating the diagnostic process, MoleMate™ enables the medical professional to quickly scan and make a decision to refer a patient, excise a lesion or immediately assure them that their lesion is not suspicious. • High resolution dermatoscopic view with up to 40x magnification • Better diagnostic accuracy in comparison with the “Seven Point Check-list” that is the current Gold Standard in Primary Care (p=0.02)1 • The only digital skin imaging technology to display haemoglobin, melanin, dermal melanin and collagen (SIAscans) • Scans within seconds, displaying high resolution SIAscan images, that allow you to rapidly evaluate lesions • Intuitive and easy to use software • Includes the MoleMate clinically proven scoring system developed in conjunction with GP practices & Cambridge University Teaching Hospital • Share SIAscans with the patient on the spot, reassuring the patient and increasing their confidence during and after the consultation • Incorporate patient details, notes and lesion location together with SIAscans into PDF reports, which can be used for referral or for the patient to take home • Includes mannequin option so lesions can be In the located and recorded for future reference sales package: • Gives substantially higher sensitivity than alternative methods. Clinically proven to increase the number of true 1 x SIAscope handheld scanner, positive referrals whilst reducing MoleMate software, annual practice referral costs and patient £2999 subscription software key, distress Ex. VAT. clinical reference guide, user • Requires little training, is very easy to install and integrates documentation & training seamlessly into the medical practice applicationMinimum PC specification*:2.0Ghz Pentium 4 processor, orequivalent, Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 operatingsystems, 1024MB RAM, 32MBGraphics memory (DirectX 9compatible), 60Gb hard disc,1024x768 min screen resolution,2 x USB connections, 32bit & 64bitprocessor.* PC not part of sales package.Not Mac compatible. MoleMate screen images 1 Summary from paper published in BMC Dermatology 2010 Sep 25;10:9 by investigators at the School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care at the University of Western Australia; Addenbroke’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust; the Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery; Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; and the General Practice and Primary Care Research Unit in the Institute of Public Health at Cambridge University” 12
  • 11. MoleView™ DE-SY-MV Fully featured, specialist Siascopy product, designed for the dermatologist, plastic surgeon or skin cancer expert. MoleView assists in the rapid and accurate diagnosis and recording of pigmented lesions and provides a powerful tool for the long term management of patients within your screening clinic • High quality dermatoscopic view with up to 40x magnification • Only digital skin imaging technology to display haemoglobin, melanin, dermal melanin and collagen (SIAscans) • Powered by Siascopy providing you with a wealth of previously unavailable information to assist in making an instant clinical decision about a lesion during a patient consultation • Compare dermatoscopic and Siascopic views in parallel or overlay to detect sub surface changes over time • 3D tools give you a unique insight into the features of a lesion and can help with education when in consultation with the patient • Record a snapshot of a lesion for future reference and use comparison tools; zoom, rotate and measure to detect and monitor change over time • Clinically proven technology that can improve diagnostic accuracy*, adding an extra layer of certainty and providing an objective view to any diagnosis that is made • A choice of scoring systems built in, allowing you to evaluate the scan and get an indication as to its status, including BCC View scoring system developed in conjunction with Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital & Cambridge University Hospitals, Cambridge, UK • Includes a patient database, built on the industry standard Microsoft SQL Server2005; this provides a secure, high performance and scalable £8000 database for your records as they grow In the Ex. VAT. • Export scans in standard image formats or include them in a PDF report for referral sales package: or reference, archive scans and patient information 1 x SIAscope handheld scanner, Minimum PC specification*: • Network capability for multiple users MoleView software, 2.0Ghz Pentium 4 processor, accessing one database annual subscription software key, or equivalent, Windows XP/ • On-site installation and training, Vista/Windows 7 operating clinical reference guide & systems, 1024MB RAM, 32MB comprehensive customer support user documentation Graphics memory (DirectX 9 compatible), 60Gb hard disc, 1024x768 min screen resolution, * HJ Schulze, S Klaas,pigmentedfor in-vivo superior to diagnosis of a typical Siascopy skin lesion 2 x USB connections, 32bit processor. dermoscopy. Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (Poster), October 2003 * PC not part of sales package. Not Mac compatible. Compare SIAscans for change Powerful 3D tools BCC scoring systemwww.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 13
  • 12. SIAMETRICS Powered by Siascopy, SIAMETRICS allows cosmetic formulators and active ingredient manufacturers to accurately measure and quantify the concentration of melanin, haemoglobin and collagen in living human skin. SIAMETRICS is a powerful skin imaging and measurement system which enables: • In-vivo measurement of the concentrations of melanin, haemoglobin and collagen recording change over time. • Accurate measurement of the melanin chromophore. This eliminates the problem of overlap caused by other skin chromophores found in less sophisticated systems. • Captures images and concentrations of all three chromophores in 10 seconds, quantifiying your research rapidly and accurately. • Export captured images as JPEGs or other image files. This allows interrogation of SIAscans by sophisticated image analysis software. • Intuitive software makes SIAMETRICS simple and quick to use. • A live view is provided to ensure repeatable positioning on the skin between iterations. MoleMate SIMSYS MoleView MoleView+ Siametrics Siascope Siascan displays Clinical Report Zoom, pan, rotate Save & compare Clinical camera Clinical Image Mole mapping TARGET USER GP DERM DERM DERM Cosmetic Company SIMSYS is a skin imaging management system that will Coming soon combine all the features of MoleView and MoleView+ SIMSYS SIMSYS is scheduled to be released in 2011.14
  • 13. dermoscopy There are two main types of dermatoscope, oil immersion/fluid view (non-polarised) and dry non-fluid view (cross-polarised). In cross-polarisation, light from the LED’s pass through a ring polariser (shown as red in diagram) and illuminates the skin. The skin absorbs part of the light, whereas the reflected light is then cross-polarised before returning to the viewers eye. By filtering out the surface reflection, a dermatoscope allows you to see the deeper structures of skin lesions - for the early detection of skin cancer. Oil immersion dermatoscopes have a longer history of use in dermatology and provide a clear bright image. However, the inconvenience of applying an oil or interface fluid (alcohol or ultrasound gel) makes their use more time consuming when multiple lesions are being examined. There is also the potential for cross contamination as they involve contact with the patient. Cross-polarised light dermatoscopes are becoming increasingly popular, as advances in technology mean they are now of comparable quality in terms of brightness and multiple lesions can be examined quickly without the need for interface fluid application. However, some hybrid dermatoscopes now have an extendable faceplate for use with fluid if required, which can improve image quality and give you the best of both worlds, combining cross-polarised and non-polarised oil immersion features. Ultimately the choice of dermatoscope will come down to personal preference, type of use and likely population of patients to be examined. How to choose the right dermatoscope We stock a full range of dermatoscopes including DermLite, Heine and the iPhone connected dermatoscope, handyscope. It is important to choose the right one to suit your needs. We are happy to give you advice should you need; the table on the next page should also help in your selection.High risk Basal Cell Carcinoma High risk Melanoma Low risk Naevus Low risk Seborrheic Keratosis www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 15
  • 14. MODEL FIELD OF VIEW DERMOSCOPY ATTACH TO BATTERY MAGNIFICATION METHOD CAMERA LEDs NEW USER DermLite Basic 15mm Permanent cross Disposable DE- L-100 10x mag. polarised (CP) view lithium 2CR5 8 active LEDs INFREQUENT USER DermLite Carbon 15mm CP & linear Disposable DE-L-CA 10x mag. polarisation lithium 2CR5 8 x CP LEDs to see deep 8 x linear LEDs structures & skin surface FREQUENT USER DermLite II Pro 25mm Switch between Rechargeable DE-L-135 10x mag. CP & linear lithium ion 32 active LEDs polarisation with fluid & fluid only view FREQUENT USER Dermlite II Pro HR 25mm Permanent CP Rechargeable DE-L-145 10x mag. lithium ion 32 active LED’s ADVANCED DermLite DL3 25mm, 10x mag Switch between Rechargeable PRACTITIONER DE-L-DL3 21 cross-polarised CP & oil immersion lithium ion 7 non-polarised, white hi-powered LEDs ADVANCED DermLite Hybrid 25mm Switch between Rechargeable PRACTITIONER DE-L-HY 10x mag. CP & oil immersion lithium ion 2 sets of 16 LEDs FLUID VIEW Dermlite II Fluid 25mm Fluid only Rechargeable DE-L-147 10x mag. lithium ion 2 sets of 16 LEDs FLUID VIEW Heine Delta 20 23mm Fluid only Rechargeable H-K-256-10-118/ 10x mag. lithium ion H-K-256-20-420 6 LEDs SLR only DIGITAL IMAGING DermLite Foto 25mm Permanent CP Rechargeable DE-L-110 8x mag. lithium ion 24 active LEDs DIGITAL IMAGING handyscope up to 20x mag. CP Rechargeable FotoFinder 6 LEDs NB. ALL DERMLITE DERMATOSCOPES COME WITH A 5-YEAR WARRANTY FOR ADDITIONAL PEACE OF MIND16
  • 15. DermLite Basic DE-L-100DermLite Basic is the original choice for oil-free dermoscopy. By incorporating8 bright-white LEDs, 10x magnification and advanced cross-polarisation theDermLite Basic aids the early detection of melanoma by enhancing visualisationof pigmented skin lesions. The DermLite Basic is a great product for thosestarting in dermoscopy. • 10x optical zoom • 15mm lens view • 8 LEDs giving a bright white natural illumination £349 • Advanced glare free cross-polarised view, Ex. VAT. gives clear and deep perspective into pigmented lesions • No skin contact required In the • Compact & portable design • Long-life lithium battery, with up sales package: to 1200 examinations 1 x DermLite Basic & Lithium battery To protect your DermLite Basic why not also order a carry case and spare battery DE-L-100-C DermLite carry case, see accessories section on pages 24 & 25. DermLite Carbon DE-L-CA DermLite Carbon provides instant toggle control over lesion visualisation from the superficial structures to the deeper pigmentation, by separately activating two groups of light-emitting diodes (LED), each with distinct polarisation: The first group of eight LEDs produces cross-polarised light, ideal for visualising deep structures, whereas the second set of eight LEDs is linearly polarised, giving you a clear rendition of the skin surface. • 10x optical zoom • 15mm lens view • Instant toggle control to focus on superficial In the structures or deeper pigmentation within a lesion sales package: • £479 16 LEDs arranged in two groups of 8 giving distinct polarisation, separately activated to 1 x DermLite Carbon, Ex. VAT. give a superficial or deeper viewing level Lithium battery & belt pouchwww.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 17
  • 16. £795 DermLite II PRO HR DE-L-145 Ex. VAT. DermLite II PRO HR is the brightest pocket dermatoscope in the DL2 range with permanent cross-polarisation. At the push of a button, you can activate 16 or 32 LEDs. DermLite II PRO HR redefines the best in portable skin imaging: the most light in any polarised dermatoscope, the largest lens in its class, button-activated light intensity adjustment, rechargeable battery and connectable to compatible digital cameras. The DermLite II PRO HR’s permanent cross-polarisation and high light output result in images of stunning contrast, excellent detail rendition and increased depth of focus. To steady the device against the skin, a retractable spacer with a removable glass faceplate and 10mm scale is ready for use as soon as you In the are. The DermLite II PRO HR is the professional’s choice sales package: for ultra-bright skin examination and digital skin 1 x DermLite II Pro HR, documentation. leather belt case, rechargeable lithium • 10x optical zoom battery & mains • Large 25mm lens view charger with superior lighting • Push a button to activate 16 or 32 LEDs to control the amount of light required • Connectable to compatible cameras to record what you see • Optional oil immersion with retractable faceplate • Rechargeable battery camera compatibilities In order to attach your dermlite to a digital camera, the digital camera must conform to the following specifications: • Lens diameter less than 33mm • Lens extends no further than 25mm from the camera body • Distance from tripod mount thread to front of camera no greater than 28mm You will then require a universal lens adaptor (see page 22) which comes complete with a 28-28mm stepping ring. See diagram opposite on how to attach your DermLite. For all SLR enquiries please email sales@schuco.co.uk18
  • 17. £879 DermLite hybrid DE-L-HY Ex. VAT. DermLite II hybrid is the first Dermatoscope that combines non-polarised illumination for immersion fluid dermoscopy with dry, cross-polarised dermoscopy, with or without skin contact. Palm-sized, this versatile device offers high light output, large 25mm lens and camera adapt- ability. As well as an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery. DermLite II hybrid combines the unique advantages of polarised and immersion fluid dermoscopy. In polarised mode, it’s quick and easy to see deeper pigmentation and vascularity without the need for immersion fluids thanks to its 24 LEDs powered by a potent lithium- ion battery. Or when imaging dry, overly scaly lesions push a single button to activate 8 non-polarised LED’s for traditional immersion fluid dermoscopy. Either way the choice of whether to make skin contact is yours, thanks to the innovative retractable faceplate spacer that lets you work the way you prefer. • 10x optical zoom • Large 25mm lens view • Cross polarised and non-polarised views, with optional fluid immersion In the • Compact palm sized device sales package: • 32 LEDs giving high light output, switch between 24 LEDs for non-fluid cross polarised view and 8 for traditional immersion fluid dermoscopy 1 x DermLite hybrid, • Contact and non-contact skin imaging to suit your needs with leather belt case, retractable spacer and removable faceplate with scale rechargeable lithium • Connectable to compatible cameras to record what you see battery & mains • Rechargeable battery charger Adapter is attached to the camera using the tripod screw bush on the base of the camera. The lens also has slight side to side movement to align with the camera lens. 1) Power up your camera (a) so that the lens extends. Do not use your camera zoom. 2) Place the adaptor (b) around the cameras lens with the flat base under your camera. 3) Secure the adaptor (b) by screwing it to the tripod mount on your camera. c 4) Attach a 28-28mm stepping ring (c) to the inner circle of the adaptor. a 28-28mm stepping 5) Attach your DermLite (d) via the threadcamera b ring d around the viewing area to the DermLite 28-28mm stepping ring (c). adaptor Your camera is now connected. www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 19
  • 18. DermLite II Pro DE-L-135 DermLite II Pro offers cross-polarised imaging and surface polarisation in one device. By simply depressing a single button, DermLite II Pro lets you toggle between a group of 16 linearly polarised LEDs for surface visualisation of superficial structures and a second group of 16 LEDs for viewing deeper pigmentation using glare-free, cross-polarised light. DermLite II Pro is connectable to compatible cameras enabling you to record what you see. A retractable spacer comes standard with a removable glass faceplate and 10mm scale. • 10x optical zoom • Large 25mm lens view • 32 LEDs giving high light output In the • Optional oil immersion epiluminescence sales package: with retractable faceplate • Button activated dual polarisation 1 x DermLite II Pro, • Connectable to compatible cameras to leather belt case, £770 record what you see rechargeable lithium • Rechargeable battery battery & mains Ex. VAT. charger DermLite II Fluid DE-L-147 DermLite II Fluid is the first DermLite dedicated to traditional immersion fluid dermoscopy. Setting new benchmarks in this established category, this powerful scope offers the most light of any comparable device, the largest lens, button-activated light intensity adjustment, as well as an integrated, rechargeable lithium-ion battery - all in a palm sized package. DermLite II Fluid can be connected to compatible digital cameras, activate 32 LEDs for maximum illumination and high shutter speeds, and quickly focus via a special focal mechanism designed exclusively for this device. A removable, autoclavable glass faceplate with 10mm scale comes standard. • 10x optical zoom • Large 25mm lens view • Push a button to activate 16 or 32 LEDs to In the control the amount of light required sales package: • Compact and portable 1 x DermLite II Fluid, • Connectable to compatible cameras to record leather belt case, £795 • what you see Rechargeable battery rechargeable lithium Ex. VAT. battery & mains charger20
  • 19. DermLite DL3 DE-L-DL3 The DL3 has been developed to be the tool of choice for the world’s £950 leading dermatologists. Precision-engineered and crafted from solid aluminium, it is the first handheld DermLite to integrate a 25mm Ex. VAT. four-element lens, which offers greatly reduced optical distortion and a sharper image across the field of view, cross-polarised & non-polarised lighting, low-battery indicator, charging base, and a fully enclosed, removable aluminium faceplate spacer. The DL3 has twenty-one high-powered LEDs which produce approximately 30% more illumination in cross-polarised mode than in any of the In the DermLite DL2 range. The seven non-polarised LEDs for immersion fluid sales package: dermoscopy create a brighter image than the equivalent mode in a 1 x DermLite DL3, DermLite II hybrid. For optimum ease of use, one button does it all: charging base, eyepiece, A quick tap instantly toggles between polarisation modes, and a leather belt case, longer push turns the unit on or off. Capture your images by & lanyard connecting your DL3 to compatible digital cameras.• 10x optical zoom • Fully enclosed aluminum faceplate spacer and focusing• 25mm four-element lens, offering greatly reduced mechanism, easily adjusted with precision dial. optical distortion and a sharper image Available focal range in excess of +/-4mm (in comparison with the Dermlite II at +/-1mm)• Ergonomic handle design and single button operation• Low battery indicator, letting you know when it is time • Stylish and durable, crafted in solid aluminum to recharge your DermLite DermLite Lumio DE-L-LU Lumio is the ideal device for general skin examinations where an in-depth, glare-free image of the skin is essential. With a 75mm lens offering 2x magnifications and with the power of 40 bright-white LEDs and cross polarisation the Lumio is a great tool for a variety of dermatological examinations including, varicose veins, pigmented skin lesions, hair follicles and many more. Lumio is powered by 4 AA batteries that allow a minimum of 250 examinations at 30 seconds each. • 2x magnification • Large 75mm lens • 40 bright-white LEDs • Permanent cross-polarisation, £459 giving glare free view Ex. VAT. In the sales package: 1 x DermLite Lumio, complete with 4 x AA batteries and protective neoprene pouchwww.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 21
  • 20. DermLite FOTO DE-L-110 With DermLite FOTO you can capture a high quality, glare-free image with the most convenient and versatile portable dermoscopy system anywhere. Documenting lesions is as simple as point and shoot. By incorporating a state-of-the-art cross-polarisation system, 24 bright-white light emitting diodes for natural illumination, and a high quality four-element compound lens, the DermLite FOTO creates an imaging system capable of capturing skin lesion images with superb clarity and detail. Combine it with your digital camera, video camcorder or commercially available SLR camera and you’ve got everything you need to record high-definition images - at an affordable cost. Best of all, DermLite FOTO is entirely portable. It comes with its own long lasting lithium-ion PowerPack850 for hours of unlimited digital dermoscopy - anywhere you want. It’s the smart choice for remote clinics and teleconferencing applications, as a clinical tool for monitoring skin lesions with high risk for melanoma, or for simply documenting a lesion prior to excision. • 8x optical zoom • 25mm lens view • 24 white LED light ring arrangement • Convenient capture of high quality, glare free images in conjunction with a digital camera, video camcorder or SLR (NB. Camera not included) • Cross-polarisation filter technology • 30mm four element compound lens system for low image distortion £899 Ex. VAT. In the sales package: 1 x DermLite Foto, 24 LED light head, power pack 850Li-ion charger, flash foot adapter, protective lens cap, charging cable and power cord, mains charger & quick start guide22
  • 21. DermLite packagesShoot & Print DermoscopyDE-L-145-P supplied with DermLite II Pro HRDE-L-147-P supplied with DermLite FluidA complete starter set that provides everything you need to capture and storeyour clinical & dermoscopic images. Simply choose between either theDermLite HR or Fluid and we add the camera, additional memory, lens adaptersto attach the DermLite to the camera, digital printer and a copy ofDermoscopy the Essentials. • Complete starter set, dermatoscope, camera and printer • Capture and store your clinical and dermatoscopic images • Choose between the DermLite HR or DermLite fluid • Includes a free copy of Dermoscopy the Essentials (see page 28) • Save £150 against RRP In the sales package: with HR or Fluid 1 x DermLite (HR or Fluid), Sony W270 camera*, 4GB camera £1170 memory, Canon Selphy printer Ex. VAT.PictBridge enabled*, starter pack ofpaper and ink cartridges, universal camera adapter, step down rings * We reserve the right to substitute models of camera and printer and ‘Dermoscopy the for an equaluivalent product. Essentials’ bookwww.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 23
  • 22. DermLite accessories Universal Camera Adaptor SCH-MLA-1 • Suitable for many compact cameras where: • Lens diameter less than 33mm • Lens extends no further than 25mm £42 • Distance from tripod mount thread to Ex. VAT. front of camera no greater than 28mm • Complete with 28-28mm stepping ring Various Step down rings available We stock a variety of step down rings which screw directly into camera lens housing, enabling the camera to hold a DermLite dermatoscope. Contact us for more information and we will help you find the right rings for your camera. DermLite Connection Kit for iPhone 4 Finally, you can use the functional power and optical beauty of the DermLite you already know & own to take digital images with your iPhone. The sturdy polycarbonate case holds your iPhone 4, whilst the 28mm adapter ring connects to the viewing area of your DermLite II or DL3, the connection even allows you to rotate your DermLite as desired, with stops every 15 degrees. Conveniently, the DermLite iPhone 4 case leaves all iPhone jacks and buttons accessible and is no bulkier than most consumer-grade cases. Add its superior scratch and impact protection to the list of reasons why you can keep it attached to your iPhone all the time, even when you are not doing dermoscopy. Snapshot £45 • sturdy iPhone 4 case made from high-impact Ex. VAT. polycarbonate • precision-machined aluminium 28mm adapter ring • compatible with any DermLite II or DL3 • snap connection for easy switching between dermoscopic and clinical24
  • 23. Dermoscopy Equipment Case DE-L-117 • Safely transport all your dermatascope equipment in a case to suit your requirements from £70 Ex. VAT.Cameras We have a range of digital cameras available for purchase that can be used with DermLite products compatible with cameras. As our camera stock and offers are always changing it is best to look at our website for the most current models and pricing. Don’t forget, we can also advise on how you can connect your own personal camera to any DermLite product, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Visit www.schuco.co.uk for step-by-step guidance. DermLite Carry Case DE-L-100-C Leather belt pouch for use with DermLite Basic or Platinum (included in sales package of DermLite £36.50 Carbon) Ex. VAT. Spare Battery DE-L-10-B Spare battery for Dermlite Basic or Dermlite Carbon. £9.50 Ex. VAT.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 25
  • 24. Heine products Heine Delta 20 2.5V H-K-256-10-118£655 Designed for fluid dermoscopy, the DELTA 20 with 6 LED full-illumination or 3 LED lateral illumination, combined with high-resolution precision optics usingEx. VAT. achromatic lenses is the result of dedicated research and product development by the HEINE team of engineers. The illumination of the 6 LED’s is projected through precision cylindrical light guides, producing a more homogeneous light source making structure changes of pigmented lesions clearly visible. The Heine Delta 20 is connectable to Digital SLR cameras. • 22mm diameter field of view • Precision focusing mechanism with a range of +/- 6 diopters • Contact plate always in contact with the skin • Can be used with or without oil • 6 LED’s projected through precision cylindrical light In the guides give a more homogeneous light sales package: • 2.5V battery handle • Flexible solution, a multi-tool within your surgery can 1 x Heine Delta 20 2.5V, be used with adaption for ENT work spare bulb, contact plate 23mm diameter, dermatoscopy oil, dermatoscopy compendium, batteries and hard case Heine Delta 20 3.5V H-K-256-20-420 The DELTA 20 3.5V has the same specifications as the Heine Delta 2.5V but with a 3.5V rechargeable handle. • 3.5V battery handle £899 Ex. VAT. In the sales package: 1 x Heine Delta 20 2.5V, spare bulb, contact plate 23mm diameter ,dermatoscopy oil, dermatoscopy compendium, rechargeable battery & charger and hard case26
  • 25. Heine accessories SLR Adaptor for Heine Canon, Nikon or Olympus • Photo adaptor for a SLR camera with optics, no need for any lens as itconnects to the body of your camera £270 Canon H-K-00.34.185 Ex. VAT. Nikon H-K-00.34.186 Olympus H-K-00.34.187 Heine Delta 20 Head H-K-08.34.201 • Instrument head only, as spare part £558 Ex. VAT. Heine Replacement Cord H-K-00.99.231 • Enables the use of the Heine Delta head separately from the battery unit £33.10 Ex. VAT. Dermatoscope Oil H-K-00.34.005 • Pack of 6 x 10ml immersion oil £28 Ex. VAT. Heine Delta 20 8mm contact plate H-K-00.34.205 each 23mm contact plate H-K-00.34.204 £78.71 Ex. VAT. Heine Delta 20 H-K-00.34.203 contact plate no scale £55 Ex. VAT.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 27
  • 26. education & training Dermoscopy is a skill that has to be learned and practiced, training manuals offer the opportunity for continuous education at a time and location convenient to you. £48Ex. VAT. Dermoscopy - The Essentials DE-L-B-100 • Clearly and concisely explains the principal elements of dermoscopy • Learn how to interpret results using checklists, algorithms and self-assessment tests • Contains over 375 colour dermoscopic images with clinical interpretations Interactive Atlas of Dermoscopy DE-L-B-120 • Basic to advanced dermoscopic education on interactive CD • Over 2000 images of pigmented skin lesions • Self assessment tests, evaluate your ability to recognise dermoscopic criteria and diagnose pigmented lesions • Continue your education with links to advanced online services £249 Ex. VAT.28
  • 27. 29
  • 28. mobile dermoscopy FotoFinder handyscope iPhone 3GS DE-L-HS3 iPhone 4 DE-L-HS4 Dermoscopy: The handyscope is a revolution in the world of dermoscopy, allowing you to convert your iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 into a digital dermatoscope to take polarised mole pictures where ever and whenever you want! Thus handyscope lifts handheld dermoscopy to a new quality level. The first of its kind in the world! • Take brilliant polarised mole pictures of up to 20x magnification • Save pictures and patient information in the password protected iPhone application • Open up a new era of teledermatology and benefit from all the iPhone’s connectivity features, with just a tap, you can securely e-mail your images worldwide for a second opinion! • Truly mobile, you don’t need a computer in every room to save the photo of an interesting case with handyscope in your pocket • Handyscope takes brilliant mole pictures in megapixel quality and enhances communication by showing the result to the patient handyscope for Iphone 3GS or 4 £695 Ex. VAT.30
  • 29. FotoFinder products FotoFinder dermoscope is the leading system for digital dermoscopy and fluorescence diagnosis. The imaging system takes skin cancer diagnosis to the highest level! It supports the user in the early detection of malignant melanoma as well as in the diagnosis of non-melanoma skin cancer (eg basal cell carcinoma or actinic keratosis). FotoFinder will increase your diagnostic accuracy and will avoid unnecessary surgery. The table on page 34 shows what each system includes: portable FotoFinder Portable DE-D-100 FotoFinder portable is a small, elegant and mobile imaging solution, installed on a high-quality notebook and stored in a hand luggage suitcase. Weighing only 9 kg £13,905 the portable is currently the lightest FotoFinder system and is perfectly suited for Ex. VAT. mobile clinicians. The system is equipped with a future-proof SQL database and combines design and portability with all the FotoFinder benefits! • Same technology as FotoFinder classic in portable format • Contained in a single carry case for ease of use between sites • Includes a Dell laptop to run the FotoFinder software In the sales package: FotoFinder dermoscope notebook system with medicam 500, D-scope II plus, SQL Price includes installation database with 1 user license, and half day staff training external hard disk, separating transformer, docking station, mouse & suitcasewww.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 31
  • 30. classic FotoFinder Classic System DE-D-CS FotoFinder Classic is the only imaging system which covers five dimensions of skin cancer prevention, helping you to detect both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer: • Long-term observation of naevi through video documentation. • Time saving skin cancer screening with the digital dermoscope. • Analysis of melanocytic naevi with the Mole Analyser. • Detection of non-melanoma skin cancers using fluorescence diagnosis. This system is available as Silver with a medicam 500 camera or Gold with a medicam 800HD (high definition) camera - Silver please specify model on order. £13,905 Ex. VAT. Gold £15,500 In the Ex. VAT. sales package: FotoFinder dermoscope software, medicam, D-scope II plus, SQL database with 1 user license, glass and chrome cart, medical server, frame grabber, external hard disk, network insulation, separating Price includes transformer, LCD screen, installation and printer, mouse half-day staff & keyboard training32
  • 31. total body mapping FotoFinder Bodystudio Complete DE-D-DBS The Bodystudio Complete offers total body mapping, which is rapidly gaining importance as a tool for managing high risk melanoma patients in compliance with NICE guidelines. It provides the easiest, most reliable means of accurately comparing and tracking subtle changes to lesions over the entire patient life. The mobile and height adjustable FotoFinder tower that this system offers is truly versatile, satisfying the highest demands of standardised image capture for busy clinics. For whole body photos the digital camera can be easily positioned along the backside of the tower tripod to achieve consistent clinical images every time. For lesions that need closer attention, switch to a microscopic view by simply removing the medicam camera from the tripod. • Manage high risk melanoma patients in accordance with NICE guidelines • Rapid screening, can be performed in less than 10 minutes • Can be operated by a nurse in a screening clinic situation • Has been designed with modular options to enable the system to be used for aesthetic applications • Includes mole analyser, body scan pro • Download a free copy of the FotoFinder Bodystudio business case in our ‘making a business case’ section at www.schuco.co.uk £23,500 Ex. VAT. In the sales package: Fotofinder dermoscope HD tower station with medicam 800HD, D scope II plus, SQL database with 1 user license, tower station, medical server, framegrabber, external hard disk, network installation, separating transformer, 22” LCD screen, printer, mouse, keyboard & install kit Price includes installation and half-day staff training www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 33
  • 32. Body Studio Feature Portable Classic Silver Classic Gold Complete Medicam 500 Medicam 800HD D-Scope Lens SQL database with 1 user license Separating Transformer External Hard disk Case for System Laptop Glass & Chrome Cart Tower PC/Server FotoFinder Database (Software) Dermoscope Dynamic (Software) optional optional optional Bodystudio Complete (Software) extra extra extra optional optional optional Mole Analyser (Software) extra extra extra optional optional optional Body Scan Pro (Software) extra extra extra 1/2 day training34
  • 33. additional software add-ons Mole Analyser DE-D-MA For analysis of melanocytic naevi • Compare images for quick assessment • Gain an immediate second opinion £1545 Ex. VAT. Bodyscan pro DE-D-BS Tracks change • Automatically identifies new or changed lesions • Speeds up identification of at risk lesions, saving time in clinic • Perfect for patients with multiple naevi £1751 Ex. VAT. Fluorescence Diagnosis DE-D-FD • For non-melanoma skin cancer detection • A proven method for detection, localisation and therapy control of actinic keratoses and basal cell carcinomas when visualised during photodynamic therapy (PDT) or surgery • Extension of the lesion can be clearly seen even if barely visible in the clinical image £1800 Ex. VAT.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 35
  • 34. UV Woods Examination Lamps UV Wood’s Examination Lamp L-DL220 Portable, hand held magnification light for diagnosing disease and injuries to the skin. With Wood’s lamps for detecting focus fluorescence or assessing pigment changes. Wood’s light should be used whenever unambiguous clinical diagnosis between a melanoma / melanocyte hyperplasia and a haematoma is not possible. Specification : 8” focal length. 2” x 4” optical viewing area. Includes an optical quality ground glass 4-diopter (2x) magnification lens. Applications include diagnosis of : Dermatomycosis, erythrasma, acne, pigment changes, chronic photopathy, neurofibromatosis, Bouneville-Pringle’s disease. • Unit includes two white 4-watt fluorescent and two 4-watt ultraviolet lamps “woods” 365nm wavelength bulbs. • Separate switch to turn on each bulb type - either to white or ultraviolet • Ten year warranty (excluding bulbs) £396.55 Ex. VAT. UV Wood’s FL101 Lamp L-DL500 FL 101 is a symmetric lamp especially suitable for work benches and other large work surfaces where plenty of light is needed. With its flexible arm and head you can easily adjust the lamp for your personal needs. FL 101 is supplied with HF ballast as standard. The parallel motion feature of the spring balanced arm ensures that the shade remains horizontal to the work surface irrispective of the number of times the arm is moved. Pack size: 1 • Arm length: 700mm or 1050mm • Shade width: 35cm • Supplied with table bracket £660 Ex. VAT.36
  • 35. your surgical needs explained Electrosurgery Electrosurgery is the application of a high-frequency electric current to biological tissue as a means to cut, coagulate, desiccate or fulgurate. Electrosurgery is commonly used in dermatological, gynecological, cardiac, plastic, ENT, maxillofacial, orthopaedic, urological, neuro and general surgical procedures. Electrosurgical devices have many benefits including the ability to cut precisely with limited tissue drag and blood loss. Such devices can also be used to help prevent blood loss during surgery. What is Fulguration? Fulguration occurs when an electrode is held just above the skin and a shower of sparks is transferred to the skins surface. This causes carbonisation or charring and the charred tissue acts as an insulator preventing deeper tissue damage. Although this method looks dramatic the tissue destruction is more superficial than that of desiccation or coagulation. What is Desiccation? Desiccation is achieved by placing an electrode in good electrical contact with the skin so that no sparks are generated. This achieves a deeper level of tissue Desiccation Fulguration damage but not as deep as coagulation. What is coagulation? There are two types of coagulation: Monopolar and bipolar. Monopolar haemostatis is achieved via a single electrode that is in contact with the tissue. During the process high power is applied to the tissue for a limited period of time causing it to sear without sticking. Bipolar coagulation occurs when two electrodes are brought to the tissue with bipolar forceps. The flow of current between the tips of the forceps precisely coagulates the intervening tissue sealing blood vessels.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 37
  • 36. Radiofrequency surgery Radiofrequency surgery (also known as radiowave surgery) is the cutting of tissue using a high frequency radiowave, delivering low temperatures through radiofrequency micro-fibre electrodes. The radiowaves are generated by a radiosurgery unit which consists of an electrodes, ground plate and transformer. Radiofrequency surgery involves the passage of radiowaves (frequency 1.5 to 4.5 MHz) into the skin to perform a removal or shaping of a lesion. The commonest frequency used is 4 MHz Advantages of radiosurgery include: rapid healing, minimal bleeding, aesthetically pleasing scars or no scars. What is the difference between electrosurgery and radiofrequency surgery? In radiofrequency surgery the tissue serves as the resistance instead of the electrode. This means there is no heating of the radiofrequency micro-fibre electrode, instead, the intracellular tissue water provides the resistance and vaporises without the heat and damage seen in electrosurgery. This tissue vaporisation also results in significant haemostasis (stopping of the flow of blood) without actually burning the tissue. In addition, there is no danger of shocking or burning the patient. This effectively means less damage, less post-operative pain, faster healing, less blood loss and better healing.38
  • 37. Device Coa-Comp M Hyfrecator Schuco 120 RadioSurg 2200 TPUse Coagulation Fulgeration Dessication Cold cut Dessication Cut Cut & blend Coagulation Cut & Blend Hard & soft coagulation Hard & soft coagulationMethod Bi-Polar only Bi-Polar Bi-Polar Bi-Polar Mono-Polar Mono-Polar Mono-PolarTreatment All Epidermis Dermis HypodermisArea Uper-dermis Upper-hypodermis Facia Soft tissue Deeper stillUnique Intelligent automatic Number 1 choice Replaces & improves on A cold cutting precisionFeatures coagulation for electrosurgery scalpel performance, with tool for cosmetic & skin by GPs and the 120 there is surgeons who demand Dermatologists little drag! only the best results for worldwide their patients. Greatly reduces scarring.Suitability Ideal for use with all GP’s, Podiatry, Minor/major ops, Major ops, Plastics, surgical procedures Vasectomy, Non-facial, Vasectomy, Theatres, ENT Minor Ops PodiatryPower 2-36 Watts 35 Watts in the 120 Watts in the 100 Watts in the Kilohertz range Kilohertz range Megahertz rangePatient Not required Reccommended & Required RequiredPlate supplied with the unitSmoke Highly Highly Highly HighlyEvacuator Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 39
  • 38. which of our electrosurgery systems Hyfrecator:hot The Hyfrecator is perfect for minor electrosurgery procedures, including use in Dermatology, Vasectomy and Podiatry. The clinician has the option to perform: • Fulguration • Desiccation • Coagulation The Hyfrecator is ideal for use in vasectomy to seal the vas and in podiatry for the treatment of veruccas, corns and ingrowing toe-nails. Schuco 120: The Schuco 120 is more powerful than the Hyfrecator. This unit can do everything theheat generated during use Hyfrecator can but also adds the option to cut, allowing clinicians to cut soft tissue without the need for a scalpel. The user can also use the machine to cut and coagulate simultaneously (BLEND) creating haemostasis as well as offering coagulation to deal with superficial and deep penetrative tissue abnormalities. Coa-Comp M: The Coa-Comp M is an intelligent low powered automatic bipolar coagulator. This unit is ready to use the moment it is plugged in making it perfect for rapid reaction coagulation in theatres, A & E and minor ops environments. Bipolar coagulation starts when the blood vessel is grasped between the forceps and ceases automatically when coagulation is achieved. RadioSurg 2200 TP The RadioSurg 2200 TP uses a radiofrequency wavelength and is designed for procedures requiring precision cutting with minimal heating preventing tissue necrosis. The RadioSurg enables clinicians to change blend and coagulation modes as required to achieve haemostasis in even the most vascular, deep, extensive incision areas without causing carbonisation or necrosis.cold The RadioSurg is an efficient and effective radio frequency system that provides unrivalled performance and cosmetic results.40
  • 39. best suit your clinical requirements hot heat generated during use cold www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 41
  • 40. Testimonial for Coa-Comp M Bipolar Diathermy Declarations of Interest? You bet! The Coa-Comp M bipolar diathermy unit is streets ahead of the competition - and has been for 20 years! You’ve not heard of it? Well obviously you haven’t worked in Cardiff - because we have six Coa-Comp machines, but I understand - it’s a funny name (the manufacturer is Swedish) and until now the machine was rarely promoted in the UK! It is time you tried one of these wonderful machines! They ‘fly by wire’ and automatically sense the need to coagulate tissue between the bipolar forceps and stop the current when coagulation is complete. No foot pedal required. I’ve tried all the other machines (Medical Physicists in Cardiff test all diathermy machines in the UK for the Department of Health) and nothing else comes close. Dr Motley, University of Wales, Cardiff Testimonial for the Hyfrecator The Hyfrecator is more versatile and can be used to treat more conditions than any type of electrocautery or cryotherapy equipment. It delivers rapid, precise destruction of all types of cutaneous malformation, including telangiectasia and unwanted hair growth. It can provide controlled tissue coagulation and precise surgical haemostasis using bipolar coagulation. Small lesions can be treated without anaesthesia. Enjoy using your new electrosurgical companion. Most Hyfrecator owners are enthusiastic about their machine and will readily swap advice on treatments with you.” Extracts from “A simple guide to the Hyfrecator” by Dr Motley, University of Wales, Cardiff Testimonial for the Schuco 120 “If there is one piece of equipment that I would not be without in my podiatry clinic, it would be the Schuco 120, it’s such a versatile piece of kit and a genuine pleasure to use” Martin Harvey PGS BSc(Hons), MInstChP Podiatrist Prescriber with interest in minor surgery Testimonial for the Radiosurg 2200 TP “To be reunited with a RadioSurg 2200 TP was like renewing a valuable friendship. I had purchased and used the RadioSurg in 2007 and completely converted all my dermatological surgery to this method of operating, leaving the scalpels alone for 18 months. However, making the change to become an independent dermatologist meant that I left this behind for a while. As soon as the business was established I knew that the first investment was going to be a RadioSurg 2200 TP and finally it was delivered & was set up on 2nd July 2009. It is no exaggeration to say that theatre staff gasp with amazement when they see it work.” Dr James Britton, Consultant Dermatologist, Spire Hospital, Hull42
  • 41. Coa-Comp M SCH-COA-1 The Coa-Comp M is a lightweight, cost effective automatic electrocoagulator making it ideal for any surgical environment demanding precise bipolar coagulation. Recommended for haemostasis in: • General Surgery • Orthopaedic In the • Dermatology sales package: • Vascular • Thyroid 1 x Coa-Comp M electro • ENT coagulator, bipolar • Plastic forceps not included • Paediatric - see below to order • Thoracic • Neurosurgery The Coa-Comp M is small, lightweight and portable making it perfect for use where it needs to be moved quickly and efficiently between several operating rooms. It takes less than 5 seconds from when the unit is plugged in, to be ready for use, ideal for rapid reaction to unexpected bleeding. Bipolar coagulation starts when the blood vessel is grasped between the forceps and ceases automatically when coagulation is achieved. The Coa-Comp M emits a tone to the user, to indicate that coagulation has been halted, preventing charring of the tissue and damage to the forceps. This is achieved by the advanced computerised monitoring system continuously analysing variations in tissue impedance during coagulation. The £2500 generator stops producing bipolar energy when specific impedance parameters are met. As a result, the Coa-Comp M stops coagulation before the tissue is over-coagulated, therefore Ex. VAT. enhancing the non-stick characteristics of bipolar instruments. Coagulation is achieved between 0.2 - 5 seconds depending on power setting , vessel size and forcep size. When set Specifications: on automatic mode, the generator is activated only when in contact with tissue, allowing the generator to be used without a footswitch. Size: 155 x 200 x100mm (WxDxH) excl. handle. Handle With a pair of bipolar scissors connected to the Coa-Comp, the automatic operation is 50mm long. Weight: 2.6 kg can be used for haemostasis right between the cutting edges. CE-marked (CE0470) Coa-Comp M is built to meet IEC 60601-1 & IEC 60601-2-2accessories £178Bipolar Forceps re-usable BH/7-809-1 Ex. VAT. Re-usable Bipolar Forceps 4.5” with separate cableBipolar Forceps single use SCH-ES-100 £379 Ex. VAT. Single Use Bipolar Forceps & Cable (pack of 20)www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 43
  • 42. Hyfrecator 2000 BH-7-900 Electrodessication, fulguration and coagulation. 0-35 Watts mono-polar & bipolar. When it comes to your patient’s care . . . accept nothing short of excellence! For over 70 years the Hyfrecator has been the clinicians number 1 choice in electrosurgery and with over ten thousand units sold in the UK alone, the Hyfrecator has the best reputation for durability and reliability, making it hard for any clinician to be parted from their machine. The Hyfrecator allows precise destruction of all types of cutaneous lesions (both superficial and deep) and controls surgical bleeding simply, quickly and effectively. The Hyfrecator is widely used for outpatient procedures that range from epilation to vasectomy. Other applications include: - Vasectomy, Podiatry, Maxillofacial, Plastic Surgery, GU Medicine, Gynaecology, Veterinary. Pack includes: • Complete all-in-one ready-to-use low power diathermy machine that allows a wide range of procedures to be performed. • Handpiece power control, saving procedure time • 3 separate power settings (low power, hi power and bipolar) • The patient plate helps reduce the possibilities of shock/trauma caused by inadvertent contact between patient and surrounding area or persons. £1070 The patient plate also enables the surgeon to reduce the power settings Ex. VAT. without reducing tissue reaction. includes patient plate worth In terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, there is little to compare with £123 the Hyfrecator 2000, the latest and best model in the long line of Hyfrecators. The Hyfrecator is commonly used by Dermatologists & GPs in conjunction with curettage for the destruction of small well-defined skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma. Also for the treatment of : benign moles, common viral warts, seborrheic warts, skin tags, solar keratoses, spider naevi, telangiectasias, venereal warts, etc. In the The Hyfrecator 2000 can be easily combined with a smoke evacuation unit please see page 70. sales package: 1 x Hyfrecator complete with patient plate, reusable hand switching pencil, starter box of non-sterile electrolase tips (blunt & sharp), wall mount kit, operators manual and training CD.44
  • 43. Hyfrecator 2000 FS BH-7-900-FS The Hyfrecator FS model includes a footswitch to enable use of bi-polar forceps and for delicate procedures as the operator can now control the on/off power from the £1268 foot pedal rather than the handpiece. Ex. VAT. Each Hyfrecator FS is now supplied with 2 x FREE single use bi-polar forceps Specification as BH-7-900 plus FS KIT which comprises:- • 1x BH/7-900-4 Footswitch • 1x BH/7-800-6 Universal Handle & Cord In the sales package: 1 x Hyfrecator complete with patient plate, reusable hand switching pencil, starter box of non-sterile electrolase tips Each Hyfrecator FS (blunt & sharp), wall mount now supplied with kit, operators manual, 2 x FREE single training CD & FS Kit use bi-polar forceps Hyfrecator 2000 FSB BH-7-900-FSB The Hyfrecator FSB model includes a footswitch to enable use of bi-polar forceps and for delicate procedures as the operator can now control the on/off power from the foot pedal rather than the handpiece. The FSB also includes a sterilisable Bi-polar cable and forceps. Specification as BH-7-900 plus an FS-B KIT which comprises: • 1x BH/7-900-4 Footswitch • 1x BH/7-800-6 Universal Handle & Cord • 1 x BH/7-809-1 Bipolar forceps with cable In the sales package: 1 x Hyfrecator complete with patient plate, reusable hand switching pencil, starter box of non-sterile electrolase tips (blunt & sharp), wall mount kit, operators manual, training £1446 CD & FS-B Kit Ex. VAT.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 45
  • 44. Footswitch Conversion Kit BH/FS-KIT for Model 2000 Hyfrecator Upgrade kit enables conversion of standard Hyfrecator to allow more delicate procedures to be performed. The £198 power is controlled by the footswitch rather than by pressing buttons on a hand switching pencil. Ex. VAT. Comprises: 1x BH/7-900-4 Footswitch, 1x BH/7-800-6 Universal Handle & Cord • Essential accessory for treatments such as vasectomy, ophthalmology, epilation etc. Bipolar Conversion Kit BH/FS-B-KIT for Model 2000 Hyfrecator Upgrade kit to provide Hyfrecator users with bipolar forceps and footswitch. A universal handle is also included to allow for delicate procedures. £376 Comprises: 1 each of: Ex. VAT. BH/7-900-4 Footswitch, BH/7-800-6 Universal Handle & Cord, BH/7-809-1 Bipolar Forceps & Cable • Allows a diverse range of surgical procedures to be performed • Ensures you maximise the functionality of your Hyfrecator Footswitch for Model 2000 Hyfrecator BH/7-900-4 For delicate procedures - power is controlled by foot rather than by pressing buttons on a hand switching pencil. The footswitch is used with either a universal handle or with bipolar forceps. • All Hyfrecator footswitches have a 3m cord length which £99 allows the footswitch to be used close to the patient Ex. VAT. Universal Wall Mounting Kit BH-7-786-20 Used to affix the Hyfrecator to the wall or to a mobile stand. Supplied with every Hyfrecator. • Fits all models of Hyfrecator £23.50 Ex. VAT.46
  • 45. Dispersive Patient Plate BH/7-900-7 Provides a safe and effective way of improving the flow of electrical current through the tissue between the electrode and the Hyfrecator. • The patient plate helps reduce the possibilities of shock/trauma caused by inadvertent contact between patient and surrounding area or persons. • The patient plate will standardise the weight of the patient meaning that no matter what their body mass may be the settings to treat the same procedures for different sized patients remain the same, enhancing safety, ease of use and standardising the treatment protocols. • The patient plate’s most important feature is its ability to enable the surgeon to reduce the power settings without reducing tissue reaction. This in turn reduces excessive heating of the tissue, reduces necrosis £123 and carbonisation of surrounding tissue, enhances tissue regeneration Ex. VAT. and faster healing, reducing scarring and post surgery care. supplied complete with cable Replacement Cable BH/7-900-72 Replacement Cable for Dispersive Patient Plate £67.50 Ex. VAT. Mobile Pedestal Stand for Hyfrecator BH-7-900-1 This accessory allows the Hyfrecator to be used in multiple locations. • Saves desktop space • Height adjustable • Angles display of Hyfrecator for operator convenience £249 Ex. VAT. A Hyfrecator is not supplied with the stand.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 47
  • 46. Reusable Switching Pencil BH/7-900-5 For Hyfrecator Model 2000. Handle with 3 grey buttons for up/down & power control. Users can remotely select the power setting whilst operating. • Saves user time £159 • Autoclavable • Complete with 2.4m (8ft) cable. Ex. VAT. Universal Handle & Cable BH/7-900-6 Reusable pencil (handle) with 2.4m (8 foot) cable. Used in conjunction with a footswitch (not included). • Ideal for delicate procedures as the power is foot controlled thus allowing the hand £99 to remain still Ex. VAT. • Fits all Hyfrecator models • Autoclavable Annual Hyfrecator Service, R/HYF-INSP Calibration & Safety Test To provide compliance with Medical Device Guidelines and to ensure that your unit continues to provide you with the accuracy and reliability that you expect. It is essential that your Hyfrecator undergoes an annual service and safety test to the manufacturer’s guidelines and standards, using approved spares and calibration equipment. Upon satisfactory completion each Hyfrecator is returned with a test and calibration certificate. Each returned unit undergoes the following: • UK collection & return £158 Ex. VAT. • Visual inspection • Electrical safety test • Equipment test covering; delivered output, hand piece, (patient plate, footswitch and bi-polar cable) if included48
  • 47. Schuco 120 LD-S-10100-20 The Schuco 120 is an electrosurgical unit for minimally invasive surgical procedures. This unit will give you the flexibility of cut, coagulation as well as a combined cut and coagulation setting. CUT MODE - Produce a pure cut, where the tissue is dissected similar to, but better than that of a scalpel, without downward pressure, tissue dragging or snagging of the blade. Pure cut will not degrade the tissue so any histopathological £1645 samples taken will be easily read. Ex. VAT. BLEND MODE - Combine the pure cut mode and coagulation mode into one setting. This allows the surgeon to operate in a haemostatic field so his surgery site vision is not obscured. The light searing of the peripheral tissues in the blend mode prevents bleeding without being detrimental to any histopathological samples taken and reduces blood loss in all cases. FORCED COAGULATION MODE - Creates superficial resistance in the tissues resulting in superficial coagulation, where the tissues are destroyed by hyperevaporation and heating. This gives the practitioner the ability to remove surface structures without damaging deeper or peripheral tissues and to In the cauterise large surface areas quickly sales package: when required Cable and disposable plate, SOFT COAGULATION - assorted electrodes 5cm - pack Coagulation penetrates deeper to of 10, user manual, footswitch, remove for example wart viruses power lead 2m, reusable handle with finger switches, steel and will seal bleeding vessels without neutral electrode carbonisation. size 120 x 160mm BIPOLAR MODE - The Schuco 120 has bi-polar capabilities (with adaptor) enabling the surgeon to cauterise vessels during bigger procedures and for small items such as skin tags and wart removal. The Schuco 120 can be easily combined with a smoke evacuation unit please see page 70.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 49
  • 48. Acu-Evac Mounting Bracket for Schuco 120 SCH-ACU-120 Purposely designed bracket enables you to mount your Schuco 120 on to an Acu-Evac smoke extraction system. • Clinical grade stainless steel • Easy to clean • Safe & secure £170 Ex. VAT. Bipolar Adaptor LD-00498.04 The bipolar adaptor enables the Schuco 120 to be used with bipolar forceps. • Non-sterile • Reusable £60 Ex. VAT. Adult Unipolar Ground Pads LD-F7905W/6.3 Pack size: 50 Single use patient ground pad with 3m cable and 6.3mm diameter plug. 144cm2 active surface area. For use with £340 all Schuco 120 and Surtron units. Ex. VAT. Single Use Switching Handle LD-F4797/WB without blade Pack size: 50 Single use switching handle with integral 3m cable electrode. For use with Schuco 120. £150 Ex. VAT.50
  • 49. RadioSurg 2200 TP MH-RS220N16-TP A precision tool for cosmetic & skin surgeons who demand only the best results for their patients. RadioSurg offers “cold cutting” and coagulation of soft tissue through radio waves operating in the megahertz range plus coagulation and bipolar operation with pulsed function for maximum controllability. RadioSurg 2200 TP offers fabulous value for money in a compact unit that can be easily combined with a smoke evacuation unit. Functions include: - Cut only, for precision surgery plus removal of biopsy samples for analysis - Cut and coagulation, to prevent bleeding as you work - Coagulation with or without “timed” pulsed coagulation function - Bipolar function with or without “timed” pulse delivery • Replaces a scalpel • No skin drag operation • Switch function by a simple button operation • Frequency 2.2Mhz • Advised setting - cutting output 100 watts maximum • Advised setting - coagulation output 90 watt maximum £6695 • Fantastic aesthetic results with minimal/no scarring Ex. VAT. In the sales package: RadioSurg 2200 TP, footswitch, cut handle,coag handle, bipolar cable &forcep, re-useable electrode starter set, manual, patient platewww.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 51
  • 50. cautery Elemental Cautery Mains Unit (240v) DE-09-156PGR High quality mains cautery unit of compact design and with variable In the output control up to 20 ampere. With pistol grip control sales package: 5 platinum-iridium tips which Also available with standard grip are non-oxidising and code: DE-09-156STD non-corroding and include Coagulation Ball, Ring Cutter, Straight Cutter, Loop £819 and Cold-point. Ex. VAT. Elemental Cautery - Rechargable model DE-09-610GS Cautery system with rechargeable power supply (with NiMH £519 rechargeable battery). Ex. VAT. • Small “foot print” on desk • Ergonomic design for easy cleaning • Slim balanced handle with exact-touch control for accuracy • 3 year warranty Warecrest Rechargable Cautery C200 WR-C200 This compact, modern cautery unit is ideal for any GP looking for a simple, cost effective solution to In the everyday minor op procedures carried out in sales package: general practice. The success and popularity of the C200 is reflected in the constant demand A handle. 230v mains charger, we receive for the product. You can rest assured rechargeable battery, that your purchasing decision is backed up by comprehensive user manual, the thousands of surgeons who use the C200 everyday in their surgeries. protective cover and fitted mains plug. An extensive £325 range of burners are Ex. VAT. Burners available in 47mm or 120mm lengths. also available Change-A-Tip™ Reusable Cautery Set ZX-ADEL1 Change-A-Tip™ is the next advance in battery operated cauteries where reusability and sterile tips are a must; unit generates a temperature of 2200 degrees F. Change-A-tip™ deluxe high-temp cautery kit (includes one high-temperature handle, two H101 non-sterile tips, two H103 non-sterile tips, two “AA” alkaline batteries and a foam-lined case) - 1/box £90 • This product is excellent for GPs, emergency rooms, and clinic procedures. Ex. VAT.52
  • 51. single use electrodes Electrolase Tips - non-sterile Pack size: 100 BH/7-100-12 - Sharp (Light Grey) BH/7-101-12 - Blunt (Dark Grey) • For procedures requiring pin-point precision use a SHARP tipFor use with £59 • For general broad based coagulation, use a BLUNT tipHyfrecator Ex. VAT. • The angled tip provides improved field of vision enhancing surgical& Schuco 120 technique Electrolase Tips - sterile Pack size: 50 BH/7-100-8 - Sharp (Light Grey) Sterile BH/7-101-8 - Blunt (Dark Grey) Sterile • For procedures requiring pin-point precision, use a SHARP tipFor use with • For general broad based coagulation, use a BLUNT tip £59 • The angled tip provides improved field of vision enhancing surgicalHyfrecator Ex. VAT.& Schuco 120 technique • Individually sterile wrapped Flat Blade Electrode Pack size: 40 BH/138101 This sterile packed single use long blade electrode can be used with all main electrosurgery units. Its 19mm (70mm overall length) allows for the dissection of deep incisions & £45 dissection of subcutaneous fats.For use with Ex. VAT.Hyfrecator • Reach of electrode allows for deeper surgical procedures& Schuco 120 • Single use • Individually sterile wrapped Vasectomy Needle Electrode Pack size: 40 BH/138102 The single use vasectomy needle is 19mm (70mm overall length) and can be used for coagulating bleeding vessels cut when dissecting or separating the scrotal dermal £109 layers and for bisecting the vas deferens. Ex. VAT. The needle is also used to sear the ends of the vas sealing, the open ends. This can be achieved by moving the needleFor use with Hyfrecator over the end of the open vas or by inserting the needle into& Schuco 120 the vas tube and withdrawing it as it is activated, shrinking the tissues and sealing the open end. • Ideal for vasectomy • Small enough to fit inside the vas to help seal the vas more securely • Single use • Individually sterile wrappedwww.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 53
  • 52. single use electrodes Ball Electrode Pack size: 40 BH/138103 This sterile Ball electrode has a 4.76mm shaft allowing it to fit several different types of electrosurgery systems. The ball has a 5mm diameter which allows the user to cauterise tissue superficially and at depth or des- £109 iccate tissue using fulguration. Superficial cautery of small and large areas Ex. VAT. can be achieved by using either a light touch technique gently brushing the surface or “spotting” the surface for more precise application. Deeper coagulation can be achieved by applying more pressure on the ball / tissue For use with Hyfrecator interface. This in turn creates greater resistance in the tissues and & Schuco 120 subsequently develops more heat so that the effect penetrates deeper. The ball electrode can also be used to cauterise vessels cut during dissection. This is done by applying the ball above the vessel opening and pressing down, the resulting pressure will staunch some of the flow and the subsequent activation of the electrode will coagulate the remaining seepage and seal the area. (The use of a patient plate during this type of procedure will prevent brittle seals and carbonisation) The ball electrode is also well designed to act as the jumping point in non contact techniques of the spark during fulguration between the electrode and the tissue creating a spray coagulation and desiccation effect. • Single use • Individually sterile wrapped Fine Wire Electrode Pack size: 36 SCH-ES-H4 The fine wire electrode is a high quality single use cutting wire for surgical incisions requiring precision. They are single use and individually sterile packed on a tear strip for ease of use. The fine wire electrode is designed for precision cut electro- £59 surgery and epilation. It is suitable for use with any handpiece Ex. VAT. with a shaft diameter of 4.76mm, including the Hyfrecator, Schuco 120, all Surtron models and the RadioSurg 2200 (with For use with Hyfrecator a single use handpiece). & Schuco 120 The fine wire used in conjunction with recommended setting on the electrosurgery units can help reduce tissue damage, enhance healing and greatly reduce scarring. • Precision incision • Precision cutting with no drag • One piece stainless steel construction • Single use • Easy to dispense and store54
  • 53. Electrosurgical Loop Electrodes Pack size: 24 • LD-F4620 Sterile Round Loop Electrode 10 x 3mm • LD-F4621 Sterile Round Loop Electrode 10 x 5mm £299 Ex. VAT. • LD-F4622 Sterile Round Loop Electrode 10 x 7mm • LD-F4623 Sterile Round Loop Electrode 10 x 10mm • LD-F4624 Sterile Round Loop Electrode 15 x 10mm • LD-F4625 Sterile Round Loop Electrode 20 x 10mm • LD-F4630 Sterile Square Loop Electrode 10 x 4mm • LD-F4631 Sterile Square Loop Electrode 10 x 8mm • LD-F4632 Sterile Square Loop Electrode 10 x 10mm For use with Schuco 120 Single use electrosurgical loop electrodes 150mm - sterilised by ETO Loop electrodes are generally used for taking biopsies (e.g. colposcopy samples, palate biopsies etc), removing unwanted superficial dermal abnormalities (e.g. warts, verrucas, skin tags etc) or shaving away abnormal structures a layer at a time e.g. rhinophyma. While at the same time as cutting and coagulating the tissue, they reduce bleeding, thus enhancing healing times and scarring. The looped electrodes are particularly good at sculpting the tissues to reduce them back to pre growth states or resection of abnormal tissues completely. These long length electrodes are particularly useful in deeper cavity surgery where a haemostatic field is required e.g. ENT, Gynaecology etc • Can remove tissues in deep cavity procedures easily with a haemostatic field during the surgery; decreasing blood loss and tissue necrosis and post surgery enhancing healing, tissue regeneration and reducing scarring. Electrodes Pack size: 25 MH-EL-B2D MH-EL-C3D Round loop electrode £89.06 Diamond loop electrode £79.95 Ex. VAT. Ex. VAT. 9.53mm round loop MH-EL-E3D £89.95 MH-EL-B1D £89.06 Scalpel electrode 25.4mm needle Ex. VAT. Round loop electrode Ex. VAT. 6.35mm round loop MH-EL-E4D £89.95 Ex. VAT. Scalpel electrode 12.7mm needle All of the above available versions are for use with the RadioSurg 2200 TP.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 55
  • 54. single use electrodes Sterile Electrosurgical Electrodes Pack size: 24 Available versions - all for use with the Hyfrecator & Schuco 120: LD-F4044 - BALL 70mm £138 Used for cautery, coagulation, and desiccation of tissue. Ex. VAT. LD-F4046 - BLADE 70mm Used for cutting skin at high settings, but is particularly good for the resection and dissection of subcutaneous fats and £138 tissue in open surgery Ex. VAT. LD-F4046S - BLADE with blade protected up to 6mm from the tip 70mm Particularly useful for the resection and dissection of £138 subcutaneous fats and tissue in open surgery, where the Ex. VAT. insulated body is needed to permit accuracy with no bleeding of current into the surrounding tissues via the long shaft LD-F4048 - NEEDLE 70 mm Used for cutting skin at high settings, but is particularly good for the resection and dissection of tissues and subcutaneous £140 Ex. VAT. fats and tissue in open surgery LD-F4048S - NEEDLE w/needle protected up to 6mm from the tip 70mm Used for cutting skin at high settings, but is particularly good £150 for the resection and dissection of tissues and subcutaneous Ex. VAT. fats and tissue in deep cavity surgery where the insulating sheath is necessary to protect delicate tissues LD-F4049 - BALL 70mm - diameter 2mm £150 Used for cautery, coagulation, and desiccation of tissue Ex. VAT. LD-F4050 - LONG BLADE 150mm Particularly useful for the resection and dissection of subcutaneous fats and tissue in deep surgery, where the insulated body is needed to permit accuracy with no bleeding £187 Ex. VAT. of current into the surrounding tissues via the longer shaft LD-F4050S - LONG BLADE 150mm w/blade protected 6mm from tip Particularly useful for the resection and dissection of subcutaneous fats and tissue in deep surgery, where the £187 insulated body is needed to aid accuracy with no bleeding Ex. VAT. of current into the surrounding tissues via the longer shaft LD-F4052 - LONG NEEDLE 150mm Used for cutting skin at high settings, but is particularly good for the resection and dissection of tissues and subcutaneous fats and tissue in surgery requiring a longer reach e.g. ENT, £187 Gynaecology) Ex. VAT. LD-F4067 - LONG BALL 150mm Used for cautery, coagulation, and desiccation of tissue for procedures in deep cavities where the insulating cover is £187 Ex. VAT. required to protect surrounding tissues The above electrodes are recommended as single use electrosurgical electrodes for switching pencils. Each item is sterilised by ETO.56
  • 55. sterilisable electrodes Electrode Set - reusable - Set of 7 Pack size: 1 MH-ELBU0300 £216 Set consists of 7 individual cut and coagulation electrodes: Ex. VAT. • Multi purpose tip no.41 - 0.2mm • Round loop no. 43 - 0.25mm • Round loop no. 44 - 0.25mm • Diamond tip no. 45 - 0.25mm • Triangle no.46 - 0.25mm • Thick needle no 47 - 1.5mm • Ball electrode no. 48 - 2.0mm • Individual shapes may also be purchased separately in packs of 2. For use with the RadioSurg 2200 TP Set of 7 Reuseable electrodes for use with electrosurgery machines such as RadioSurg 2000 & others with a 1.6mm diameter handle shaft. Diamond Tip Electrode - reusable Pack size: 1 • MH-ELDIAM53 - 5mm diameter • MH-ELDIAM45 - 7mm diameter £72 Ex. VAT.For use with the RadioSurg 2200 TP Choice of 2 Re-useable diamond tip electrodes for use with electrosurgery machines such as RadioSurg 2000 TP & others with a 1.6mm diameter handle shaft. Triangle Tip Electrode - reusable Pack size: 1 • MH-ELTRIA46 - 7mm diameter • MH-ELTRIA26 - 10mm diameter £72 Ex. VAT.For use with the RadioSurg 2200 TP Choice of 2 Reuseable triangle tip electrodes for use with electrosurgery machines such as RadioSurg 2000 TP & others with a 1.6mm diameter handle shaft. Loop Electrode - reusable Pack size: 1 • MH-ELROUN44 - 7mm diameter • MH-ELROUN24 - 11mm diameter £72 Ex. VAT.For use with the RadioSurg 2200 TP • MH-ELROUN43 - 13mm diameter Choice of 3 Re-useable loop electrodes for use with electrosurgery machines such as RadioSurg 2000 & others with a 1.6mm diameter handle shaft. Rigid Needle Electrode - reusable Pack size: 1 • MH-EELNAD37 - 0.5mm diameter • MH-EELNAD37 - 0.7mm diameter £78 Ex. VAT. • MH-EELNAD39 - 1.0mm diameterFor use with the RadioSurg 2200 TP • MH-ELNEED47 - 1.5mm diameter thick needle electrode Choice of 4 Re-useable rigid needle electrodes for use with electrosurgery machines such as Ra- dioSurg 2000 TP & others with a 1.6mm diameter handle shaft.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 57
  • 56. sterilisable electrodes Coated Needle Electrode - reusable Pack size: 2 MH-ELHNOC36 Coated needle electrode for submucosal UPP & coagulation £44 of lingual tonsils. Blue shaft with a sharp rigid needle. Ex. VAT. Needle length 18mm, 12mm isolated. Also suitable for the preparation of fatty tissue For use with the RadioSurg 2200 TP ENT Electrodes - reusable Pack size: 2 • ELHNON32 - Fine wire electrode, length 100mm £89 • ELHNOS35 - Loop electrode, 9mm diameter, Ex. VAT. For use with the RadioSurg 2200 TP length 128mm • ELHNOK34 Ball electrode, 2.3mm diameter, length 100mm Extra long ENT electrodes with flexible shaft. Choice of fine wire, Loop & ball tip designs Concha Electrodes - reusable Pack size: 2 MH-ELCONC42 Blue Shaft, adjustable wire, diameter 0.2mm. Spare wire. £58 Ex. VAT. For use with the RadioSurg 2200 TP Uvula & Soft Palate Electrodes - reusable Pack size: 2 MH-ELHUPP50 For the treatment of chronic snoring. Yellow Shaft, teflon £100 coated for the safe & gentle removal of the uvula & soft Ex. VAT. For use with the RadioSurg 2200 TP palate Coagulation Ball Electrodes - reusable Pack size: 2 • MH-ELBALL48 - 2.0mm diameter • MH-ELBALL49 - 3.0mm diameter £72 Ex. VAT. For use with the RadioSurg 2200 TP • MH-ELBALL51 - 5.0mm diameter Choice of 3 Re-useable Ball electrodes for use with electrosurgery machines such as RadioSurg 2000 & others with a 1.6mm diameter handle shaft. Insulated Fine Wire Electrodes - reusable Pack size: 2 • MH-ELEPIL54 - 0.1mm diameter, white shaft: • MH-ELEPIL55 - 0.2mm diameter, white shaft £83 Ex. VAT. • MH-ELEPIL56 - 0.25mm diameter, white shaft For use with the RadioSurg 2200 TP The wire is insulated almost to the tip of the electrode which prevents changes of the epidermis.58
  • 57. Sclerotherapy Electrodes - reusable MH-RS-Sclero Pack size: 2 • MH-ELSKLE09 yellow shaft 0.1mm wire £72 • MH-ELSKLE10 red shaft 0.2mm wire Ex. VAT.For use with RadioSurg 2200 TP • MH-ELSKLE11 white shaft 0.25mm wire A range of fine wire electrodes for the treatment of sclerotherapy, telangiectasia, spider nevi and capillary ectasia using radio frequency surgery with a 1.6mm diameter shaft. Varicose Vein Isolated Electrode Set - reusable Pack size: 2 MH-ELVARSET • Electrode no.57 with coated, pointed needle diameter 0.3mm. £96 Ex. VAT. Coating 10mm, total length of needle 14mm. Length 78mmFor use with RadioSurg 2200 TP • Electrode no.58 with coated pointed needle diameter of needle 0.35mm. Coating 14mm, total length of needle 18mm. Length 82mm The electrodes have a solid, teflon-coated steel core and an uncoated, slanted steel tip Rigid Needle Electrodes Set - reusable Pack size: 2 MH-MEDNADEL • Rigid needle no.37 0.5mm diameter £113 Ex. VAT. • Rigid needle no.38 0.7mm diameter • Rigid needle no.39 1.0mm diameter Inflexible, very sharp needle electrodes for quick and precise work, e.g. preparation of fatty tissue.For use with RadioSurg 2200 TP Plate Electrodes for the re-surfacing of skin - reusable Pack size: 1 • MH-ELPLAT60 - 8 x 10mm. Small straight plate • MH-ELPLAT59 - 8 x 10mm. Small 45 degree angled £53 • MH-ELPLAT62 - 10 x 15mm. Large straight Ex. VAT. • MH-ELPLAT61 - 10 x 15mm. Large 45 degree angledFor use with RadioSurg 2200 TP Choice of 4 plate electrodes for skin re-surfacing. Suitable for use with the RadioSurg 2200 TP Blade Electrode - reusable Pack size: 1 • MH-ELBLAT05 - Short 19mm blade, overall length 65mm £53 Ex. VAT.For use with RadioSurg 2200 TP • MH-ELBLAT10 - Long 19mm blade, overall length 115mm Blade Electrodes for cutting and coagulationwww.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 59
  • 58. sterilisable electrodes Fine Wire Electrode - reusable Pack size: 2 MH-EELBG041 • Total length 80mm £102 Ex. VAT. • Wire 0.2mm • Comes with spare wire For use with RadioSurg 2200 TP Fine wire electrodes for concha treatment with adjustable wire for depth control 30 degree Angled Needle Electrode - reusable Pack size: 1 BH/7-221-A £28 1.9mm used for pinpoint procedures. Ex. VAT. For use with the Hyfrecator 6.4mm overall length. & Schuco 120 Needle Electrode - reusable Pack size: 5 BH/138004 15.9mm Reusable needle electrode. £115 Ex. VAT. For use with the Hyfrecator & Schuco 120 Fine Needle Electrode - reusable Pack size: 6 BH/138005 Reusable 25.4mm fine needle electrode for For use with the Hyfrecator pinpoint coagulation. £82 & Schuco 120 Ex. VAT. Ball Electrode - reusable Pack size: 10 BH/138108 4.76mm reusable ball electrode for broad coagulation. £230 For use with the Hyfrecator Ex. VAT. & Schuco 120 Electrode Starte Kit - reusable Pack size: 1 BH/700 Comprises one each of : £165 Ex. VAT. BH/705A, BH/711B, BH/714, BH/138004 and BH/138018 • Excellent selection of electrode styles • Permits a wide variety of procedures • Reusable electrodes are all autoclavable For use with the Hyfrecator & Schuco 12060
  • 59. 75 Degree Angled Dental/Vasectomy Needle - reusable Pack size: 1 BH/705A • Ideal for both dental and vasectomy procedures £48 Ex. VAT. • Also suitable for other delicate applicationsFor use with the Hyfrecator& Schuco 120 Reusable dental needle - 12.7mm fine-wire electrode (70mm overall). Vasectomy/Short Desiccation Needle - reusable Pack size: 1 BH/7-221-S £49 10mm needle electrode on a short shaft. Ex. VAT.For use with the Hyfrecator 50mm overall length& Schuco 120 45 Degree General Purpose Electrode - reusable Pack size: 1 BH/711-B £27 Ex. VAT.For use with the Hyfrecator Reusable general purpose electrode - 22mm& Schuco 120 76mm overall. Long Desiccation Needle - reusable Pack size: 1 BH/716 • Straight needle design £49 Ex. VAT. • Also used for vasectomy (with shorter handles onFor use with the Hyfrecator& Schuco 120 older Hyfrecator models) Reusable 10mm long desiccation electrode on long shaft. 127mm overall length. Needle Electrode - reusable Pack size: 1 BH/7-221-L £33For use with the Hyfrecator 16mm for desiccation and coagulation. Ex. VAT.& Schuco 120 127mm overall length. 30 Degree Angled Ball Electrode - reusable Pack size: 1 BH/7-222-A • Used for controlled coagulation £33 Ex. VAT.For use with the Hyfrecator 2.6mm diameter. 53mm overall length.& Schuco 120www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 61
  • 60. sterilisable electrodes Long Ball Electrode - reusable Pack size: 1 BH/7-222-L • Used for broad coagulation £33 Ex. VAT. For use with the Hyfrecator 5.6mm diameter on long shaft. 130mm overall length. & Schuco 120 Long Ball Electrode - reusable Pack size: 1 BH/727 £48 2.6mm diameter ball electrode on flexible, Ex. VAT. 45 degree angled shaft. 180mm overall. For use with the Hyfrecator & Schuco 120 Loop Electrode - reusable Pack size: 1 BH/7-231-1A • For cutting biopsies £33 Ex. VAT. For use with the Schuco 120 10mm diameter right angled. 50mm overall length. Loop Electrode - reusable Pack size: 1 BH/7-223-A • For cutting biopsies £33 Ex. VAT. For use with the Schuco 120 6.35mm diameter right angled. c overall length. 5cm Electrodes - reusable Pack size: 5 • LD-500500.L1 Fine flexible wire Ø 0.2 mm - straight, 1cm tip length • LD-500500.L2 Fine flexible wire Ø 0.2 mm - 45 degree, 1cm tip length • LD-500500.L3 4mm round loop - straight • LD-500500.L4 8 mm round loop - straight • LD-500500.L5 Small Hook - angled, 1cm tip length • LD-500500.L6 Rigid wire Ø 0.8 mm - 45 degree, £69 1 cm tip length each • LD-500600.L7 Oval loop - straight Ex. VAT. • LD-500500.L8 Noose oval loop Ø 8 mm - straight • LD-500500.L9 6 mm ball electrode - straight • LD-500500.L10 6 mm ball electrode - 45 degree For use with the Schuco 120 6.35mm diameter right angled. Recommended overall length. Tip Cleaner Pack size: 40 BH/138029 Single use electrosurgical tip cleaner. Removes tissue which £39 Ex. VAT. may have adhered to the electrode or bi-polar forcep62
  • 61. bipolar Standard Bipolar Forcep with Cable - single use Pack size: 20 SCH-ES-100 • Excellent value for money • Single use • Sterile High quality single use bipolar forceps with integral cable, 110mm in length with 0.5mm tip with a 3m cable. Our focus on quality and performance £379 means that each bi-polar forcep is as good as a re-useable. Ex. VAT. For use with the Hyfrecator & Schuco 120 Bipolar Forcep with Cable - reusable Pack size: 1 BH/7-809-1 • Ideal for coagulation • Provides excellent control of bleeding vessels £178 • Other sizes available upon request Ex. VAT. 11cm (4.5”) forceps (overall length) with insulated micro tips. Supplied complete with cable. Requires use of a footswitch. Pack Comprises: 1 x BH/7-809-F and 1 x BH/7-809-C For use with the Hyfrecator & Schuco 120 Standard Bipolar Forcep with Cable - reusable Pack size: 1 BH/7-809-F • Ideal for coagulation • Provides excellent control of bleeding vessels • Other sizes available upon request £119 Spare forceps (11cm / 4.5” overall length) with insulated micro tips. Ex. VAT. Requires cable and the use of a footswitch. Purchasing several sets of spare forceps allows the practitioner to operate on a list of several patients andFor use with the Hyfrecator, Schuco then send all the forceps away in one batch for sterilisation.120, Coa-Comp Bipolar Cable - reusable Pack size: 1 BH/7-809-C • Spare cables are recommended as the originals will £59 require replacing after repeated autoclaving Ex. VAT. Replacement cable for use with bipolar forceps. For use with the Hyfrecator & Schuco 120www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 63
  • 62. extra consumables Sheaths for handle - non sterile Pack size: 100 BH/7-796-18 • For use with all Hyfrecator handles (which are also known as pencils) £19 For use with the Hyfrecator Ex. VAT. & Schuco 120 • Extends the life of the handle • Highly recommended for infection control Clear plastic 20cm. Protects the Hyfrecator handle from external contamination during procedures Sheaths for handle and cord - sterile Pack size: 25 BH/7-796-19 £75 • Ensures sterile field preserved Ex. VAT. • Extends the life of the handle • For use with all Hyfrecator handles (which are also known as pencils) For use with the Hyfrecator & Schuco 120 • Highly recommended for infection control • Individually sterile wrapped 91cm (36”). Protects the Hyfrecator handle and cable from external contamination during procedures Fast Facts Minor Surgery Pack size: 1 By Christopher J Price (Senior Lecturer, University of Wales) and Rodney Sinclair (Senor Lecturer, University of Melbourne). A5 booklet containing 95 pages covering: operative set-up & equipment; local anaesthesia; surgery & the skin; treatment planning; avoiding complications; suturing techniques & removal; surgical procedures; examining your practice. FAST FACTS - MINOR SURGERY explains current best practice and provides useful tips for the surgeon or physician working in the primary care setting. It will allow busy clinicians to ensure their surgical skills & techniques are in line with today’s standard practice and to update their knowledge. £15 • An indispensible guide to clinical practice Ex. VAT. • Fully illustrated Hyfrecator Training CD Pack size: 1 BH/CD-8166 CD containing 3 videos : 1. In service training 2. Common Dermatological Procedures 3. Electrosurgery • Essential training tool for clinicians new to the Hyfrecator or as a refresher £29 Ex. VAT.64
  • 63. Dangers of surgical smoke plume Fact Surgical smoke is an unwanted part of every electrosurgery and laser procedure. Not only is the lingering odour unpleasant but the repeated exposure to the smoke poses potential danger to both perioperative staff and patients. If you have noticed this smell, hazardous chemicals will have entered your body! You are at risk!! What’s in surgical smoke plume? Smoke plume is well known to contain carcinogens, mutagens, irritants and fine dusts. Smoke plumes may also contain bio-aerosols, cancer cells, blood fragments and bacteria spores. They also contain carbon monoxide, polyaromatic hydrocarbons and various toxic gases. Potential risks Potential risks include pulmonary irritation and inflammation, coughing, headaches, nausea, hepatitis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, carcinoma, emphysema, and HIV. Hepatitis B has been demonstrated in laser plume. It remains intact in the blood aerosol. HIV viable virus and DNA have been demonstrated in blood aerosol and has been present in smoke evacuation hoses. Solution Traditional surgical masks are virtually ineffective. This is due to the tiny micron size of the particulate in the surgical smoke. Face masks filter particles of approximately 5 micrometres, particles in smoke aerosol are much smaller than this, in fact as small as 0.07 micrometres. Therefore, a smoke evacuation system with a submicron filtration capability is the ideal solution to filter such minute particles and to protect you, your staff and your patient.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 65
  • 64. invest in the safety of your staff Acu-Evac IE II Surgical Smoke Evacuator BH-500 Complete System Advanced, patented, high efficiency filtration system for eliminating surgical smoke plume which may contain hazardous bio-aerosols, live and dead cellular matter (including blood fragments & viruses). Ideal for GP practices, outpatient departments and all minor operations. • Eliminates unpleasant odours associated with electrosurgery or cautery • Powerful, portable, easily stored • Boom arm allows single operator use, with both hands free to perform skin surgery “We now have two of the Acu-Evac. We are absolutely delighted with them and they In the £1995 do their job superbly well. We have sales package: never had any problems with them. To Ex. VAT. One of each:- think what I have been breathing in BH-500 machine, BH-510 for the last thirty years!” Main Filter, BH-511 TX Nozzle, Andrew P Warin MB FRCP - Royal BH-512 tubing, BH-520 Devon and Exeter Healthcare NHS Trust Footswitch, BH-522 Mobile stand, BH-524 Boom arm NB. Hyfrecator is not supplied with the Acu-Evac Main Filter for Acu-Evac BH5-10 Pack size:1 A charcoal/odour filter and an ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) filter - rated at 99.99997% efficiency on particles 0.01 micron and 0.12 micro. Each filter has been tested and certified to be free of leaks at time of shipment. Filter life: 16 Hours. • Gases and vapours are absorbed by activated charcoal. £109 The sealed unit retains contaminated particles Ex. VAT. • Easily & safely removed for replacement and disposal Extended Life Main Filter for Acu-Evac BH-510-L Pack size:1 A charcoal/odour filter and an ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) filter - rated at 99.99997% efficiency on particles 0.01 micron and 0.12 micron. Each filter has been tested and certified to be free of leaks at time of shipment. Filter life: 32 Hours. • Gases and vapours are absorbed by activated charcoal £199 within a sealed unit which retains contaminated particles Ex. VAT. • Easily & safely removed for replacement and disposal66
  • 65. and patients TX Nozzle for Acu-Evac BH-511 Pack size: 25 Single use preliminary filter fitted to the directional end of the tubing and placed nearest the point of surgical contact. Intended for short procedures up to 15 minutes in duration. • Single use to reduce possible cross-contamination • Directional control means convenience for the operator • Captures 30% more surgical smoke plume due to £99 patented “trumpet” design Ex. VAT. Tubing for Acu-Evac BH-512 Pack size: 1 Evacuation tubing that connects the vacuum element with the £23 TX nozzle. 1.8m long x 33mm diameter. Ex. VAT. • Flexible and light weight • Transparent for easy inspection Footswitch for Acu-Evac BH-520 Pack size: 1 Pneumatic footswitch provides ON/OFF control. • Convenient hands free control allows machine to be activated to £120 coincide with surgery taking place Ex. VAT. Sterile Field for Acu-Evac BH-515 Pack size: 10 Complete set contains: - TX Nozzle, preliminary filter, 1.8m hose preassembled and sealed in inner and outer sterile peel apart pouches. • Offers efficiency and convenience in the operating theatre £165 Ex. VAT. www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 67
  • 66. ViroVac Surgical Smoke Evacuation System Combining simplicity and ultra-quiet operation in a compact package, the ViroVac Surgical Smoke Evacuation System exceeds expectations for value and efficacy. ViroVac is designed to be simple to use, flexible in its options for tubing and accessories, and sets new precedents for quiet operation. Providing effective surgical smoke evacuation that encompasses 4 layers of filtration and up to 35 hours of filter life, the ViroVac will deliver the performance necessary to effectively manage surgical smoke plume encompassed with unsurpassed value. Operate with a footpedal, control panel, or optional Remote Switch Activator. ViroVac Unit - 230VAC BF-V V220 Features: • Compact design allows for easy placement on a shelf or counter and accommodates stack-ability • Quiet, yet powerful operation will assist in providing a safe operating environment without disruption • 35 hour maximum filter life delivers unsurpassed value and reduces per procedure costs • 3-port filter design puts the power of hose and accessory options in your hand and ports are covered for additional safety • Simplicity reduces training needs and enhances utilisation NEW For further information please visit www.schuco.co.uk £1650 Ex. VAT. 230VAC ± 10% 50Hz/60Hz Dimensions: 15.2cm H x 27.9cm W x 39.4 cm D Weight: 10lbs/4.5kgs68
  • 67. ViroVac Filter BF-VV035 ViroVac filters provide a number of unique features that enhance safety and value. With hidden male ports, tubing connections are simple and secure. When the port is not in use, convenient magnetic flaps close to prevent accidental contact between the clinician and the port. With a filter life that extends up to 35 hours, the ViroVac filter reduces cost per procedure while providing 4 layers of £188 Ex. VAT. safe and effective filtration. Filtration layers include a gross particulate filter, ULPA grade media, activated carbon (odour adsorption), and post filter. • Up to 35 hours of filter life lowering the cost per procedure • 4 layers of proven filtration protection - gross particulate, ULPA media, activated carbon, and post filter • Hidden ports reduce the risk to caregivers of cross contamination • Multi-port filters eliminate the need for adapters when using competitive supplies Remote Switch Activator BF-RSA1002 Pack size: 1 Sound activated, this works with any electrosurgical £225 unit (ESU) to automatically turn smoke evacuator Ex. VAT. on/off with ESU operation. • With 305cm cord Remote Switch Activator Gasket BF-RSAGSK01 Pack size: 25 £38 Sound activated, this works with electrosurgical unit (ESU) to Ex. VAT. automatically turn smoke evacuator on/off with ESU operation. PenAdapt Smoke Plume Extraction BF-PA2010Pack size: 1PenAdapt is a unique tool that is specially designed to attach to almostany electrosurgical pencil. This tool gives the user the freedom to workwithout having to worry about properly positioning and holding smokeevacuation tubing.PenAdapt with 10mm x 1220mm tube connecting toa 22mm x 1830mm tube. Sterile packaged. £130Electrosurgical pencil not included. Ex. VAT.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 69
  • 68. bundle deals Add an electrosurgical system to an Acu-Evac with our exclusive bundle deals Hyfrecator Bundle Deal SCH-HYF-P1 Save 10% off list price with this deal! £3147 Ex. VAT. Kit includes: • Hyfrecator FS • Acu-Evac System • BH/7-796-19 - Disposable sterile sheaths • BH/7-100-8 - Sharp Sterile Electrolase Tips • BH/7-101-8 - Blunt Sterile Electrolase tips • BH/138103 - Ball Electrode Schuco 120 Bundle Deal SCH-120W-P1 Save 10% off list price with this deal! £3959 Ex. VAT. Kit includes: • Schuco 120 • Acu-Evac system & mounting bracket • SCH-ES-100 - Bipolar forceps • LD-F7905W/6.3 - Adult unipolar ground pads • SCH-ES-H4 - Fine Wire electrode • LD-F4797/WB - Single use switching handle without blade70
  • 69. skin surgery / minor ops Schuco Surgical Skin Marking Pens Z-SS-665 Pack size: 50 Provides sharp, distinct markings that remain visible for several days but can be readily removed with soap and water, ethyl alcohol or acetone. • Bullet point tip design allows thin or broad line marking • Measuring scale printed on pen £32 • Non-toxic gentian violet ink Ex. VAT. • Individually sterile wrapped Pre-Surgical Markers - Non Sterile Z-SS-1451-100-1 Pack size: 100 Viscot precision surgical skin markers are designed to allow the surgeon to conveniently demarcate selected sites, prior to or during surgical procedures with scrub-resistant, non-toxic, highly visible, gentian violet-coloured solution. Viscot’s mini fine surgical skin markers feature a brilliant £57.50 blue colour for demarcation of all patient skin colour types Ex. VAT. including darker skinned patients. Acu Punch Eliptical Pack size: 25 Unique elliptical design allows quick easily made elliptical incisions that close neatly with one or more sutures. Large hollow handle allows easy removal of excised tissue. Order Codes • DE-APE325 - Elliptical Biopsy Punch (3mm x 7.5mm) £93 • DE-APE425 - Elliptical Biopsy Punch (4mm x 8mm) Ex. VAT. • DE-APE625 - Elliptical Biopsy Punch (6mm x 12mm) • Individually wrapped • Sterile & Single use Also available in • Sharp stainless steel blade boxes of 50 - £142.00www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 71
  • 70. biopsy punches Stiefel Biopsy Punches Pack size: 10 Stiefel disposable biopsy punches allow for a rapid and simple method of acquiring a tissue specimen for The diagnosis and for the removal of small lesions. clinicians choice Order Codes: • BC-BI-0500 2mm Supplied individually sterile packed £29.40 • BC-BI-1000 3mm in boxes of 10 Ex. VAT. • BC-BI-1500 4mm For volume pricing, please enquire • BC-BI-1600 5mm • BC-BI-2000 6mm • BC-BI-3000 8mm • Every Stiefel punch is individually examined by hand before packing and sterilisation to ensure total quality. • The super sharp blade and great consistency makes Stiefel the UK market leader by design and performance. Miltex Biopsy Punches Pack size: 50 Each punch is sterile & individually wrapped with a 5 year shelf life. £60 Ex. VAT. Order codes: • SCH-33-31AA 1.0mm • SCH-33-33 3.5mm • SCH-33-31A 1.5mm • SCH-33-34 4.0mm • SCH-33-31 2.0mm • SCH-33-35 5.0mm • SCH-33-31 2.5mm • SCH-33-36 6.0mm • SCH-33-32 3.0mm • SCH-33-37 8.0mm Miltex Plunger Biopsy Punches Pack size 25 Miltex biopsy punches with micro plunger enable small biopsy samples to be removed easily and safely. The razor sharp cutting edge removes the sample without tearing and the plunger quickly and cleanly removes the sample without damage. Supplied individually sterile packed. For volume pricing, please enquire. Order codes: £50 • SCH-33-31AA-P 1.0mm • SCH-33-32-P 3.0mm Ex. VAT. • SCH-33-31A-P 1.5mm • SCH-33-34-P 4.0mm • SCH-33-31-P 2.0mm72
  • 71. curettes Stiefel Ring Curettes Pack size: 10 Curettage is a quick and simple procedure for the removal of small, firm superficial epidermal lesions. The Order Codes clinicians • BC-CT-4000 4mm choice • BC-CT-7000 7mm • The famed Stiefel manufacturing and Total Quality Management system delivers the sharpest ring curette available. • With individual checks before packing and sterilisation, the £35.50 Stiefel ring curette delivers consistency from the first to the last. Ex. VAT. • 3 year shelf life Supplied individually sterile wrapped. For volume pricing please enquire. Miltex Ring Curettes Pack size: 50 Manufactured to the highest specification with seamless, stainless steel, semi-sharp cutting edge featuring a unique symmetrically ground bevelled edge, plus textured handle for improved grip and control • SCH-33-52 2mm • SCH-33-55 5mm £70 • SCH-33-53 3mm • SCH-33-57 7mm Ex. VAT. • SCH-33-54 4mm Supplied individually sterile wrapped Miltex Ear Curettes Pack size: 50 Enjoy the convenience of single use ear curettes with the feel and performance of a stainless steel instrument. Individually wrapped non-sterile. Colour coded in six different tip configurations Order Codes • SCH-19-320 Ring tip, Pink • SCH-19-321 Loop tip, White • SCH-19-322 Spoon tip, Grey £30 • SCH-19-323 Large spoon tip, Peach Ex. VAT.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 73
  • 72. DermaBlade DE-PDB/50 Pack size: 50 Performing a shave biopsy usually meant sacrificing safety, efficiency or effectiveness. The DermaBlade was designed specifically for shave biopsies, with a unique look and feel that will make your job easier than ever. DermaBlade’s flexible design can be used to remove surface protuberances, as well as deep lesions, while reducing ragged skin edges. Special sure-grip side teeth facilitate £63 a three-digit grip to provide stability, control and direction, prevent Ex. VAT. slipping and make DermaBlade easier to pick up. • Individually sterile wrapped Miltex BiopBlade SCH-33-100 Pack size: 100 Sterile, single use biopsy blade ideal for skin cauterisation and shave biopsy. Used in dermatology, podiatry and plastic surgery • Unique design protects the user’s fingers from accidental slippage £59 • With its flexible design BiopBlade can be curved Ex. VAT. and positioned easily for most procedures. • Individually sterile wrapped Single Dose EPIGLU Skin Adhesive ZX-EP-EPISDP10 Pack size: 10 All of the benefits of EPIGLU in a single patient use format. Supplied in an easy peel aluminium foil pack containing a single 0.3ml dose of ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate skin adhesive that is faster to use and more convenient than sutures! EPIGLU can be stored in the fridge or freezer to extend shelf life up to 3 years and can be used straight from the freezer. • Faster & more convenient than sutures • Pain-free • Single patient use • Easy to apply • Holds wound edges even under tension e.g. around joint areas • The first layer polymerizes within seconds then multiple layers close and protect the wound from infection • Results in almost no keloid scarring • Patients can resume daily personal hygiene £56.40 (washing / showering) Ex. VAT. • No anaesthetic required For further information on EPIGLU please email sales@schuco.co.uk74
  • 73. 32G Needle DE-ANP-325 Pack size: 100 High quality, economical plastic hub hypodermic needles. Fits both luer slip and luer lock syringes. Tri-beveled tip. £54 Ex. VAT. • Single use • Sterile individually wrapped For botox, dental and other precise applications. Miltex Dermatology Instruments Miltex was originally founded as E. Miltenberg, Inc., in New York City in 1890 and for more than 50 years, Miltex has established itself as the largest and most respected supplier of hand-held surgical instruments in the world - manufacturing in Germany to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. Now incorporating the famous Padgett brand. The Miltex range is imported exclusively into the UK & Ireland by Schuco International (London) Ltd who offer the same high standards of quality and service that Miltex deliver in the USA.The instruments shown below represent just a small array of those available from Schuco and are anexample of our continuing commitment to meet and exceed the demands of our customers. For thelatest in state-of-the-art design, you can depend on Schuco-Miltex to deliver only the finest products. • ML-5-304 TC Tungsten Carbide Iris Scissors 4.5” Straight £71 ML-5-304 • ML-5-304 Iris Scissors 4.5” Straight £23 • ML-5-306 TC Tungsten Carbide Scissors 4.5” Curved £75 • ML-5-306 Iris Scissors 4.5” Curved £25 • ML-6-120 Adson Tissue Forces 4.75” (1x2) £18 ML-5-306 • ML-6-123 Adson Tissue & Suture Forceps 4.75” £40 • ML-6-123 XL Adson Suture 4.75” £25 • ML-7-26 Hartman Mosquito 3.5 Curved £27 ML-6-120 • ML-8-8 Halsey Needle Holder 5” Smooth £42 • ML-21-627 Ruskin Bone Forceps 5.5” Angled £212 • ML-21-626 Ruskin Bone Forceps 5.5” Straight £98 • ML-19-854 Ruskin Rongeur 7.25” £234 • ML-18-1472 Stevens Scissors £42 ML-7-26 • ML-8-6 Webster Needle Holder 5” Smooth £38 • ML-18-837 McPhersson Micro Tissue Forceps Straight £127 • ML-18-866 Bishop-Harmon forceps 3-3/8” £52 ML-8-8 • ML-18-836 Bonn Micro Suture Forceps 3-3/4” £144 • ML-8-6 TC Webster Needle Holder 5” Smooth £73 • ML-21-89 Gillies (converse) Skin Hook 7” small £30 All prices exclude VAT To request a free Miltex catalogue please email sales@schuco.co.ukwww.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 75
  • 74. Sutures Schuco offer an extensive range of surgical sutures including absorbable, non-absorbable and micro- surgical, all manufactured by Angiotech in the USA. To see the complete range on offer and to learn more about Angiotech sutures please visit www.angioedupro.com or request a copy of our dedicated sutures catalogue.NYLON BLACK MONO NEEDLE SUTURE NEEDLE CURVATURE 7-0 6-0 5-0 4-0 LENGTH LENGTHDermaGlide 11mm 18”/45cm 3/8 Circle S-AD-3117 S-AD-3116DermaGlide 11mm 8”/20cm 3/8 Circle S-AD-697S Perfect for small biopsy suturing!DermaGlide 13mm 18”/45cm 3/8 Circle S-AD-3136 S-AD-3135 S-AD-3134 Precision 13mm 18”/45cm 3/8 Circle S-1285BReverse CuttingDermaGlide 19mm 18”/45cm 3/8 Circle S-AD-3195 S-AD-3194M.E.T. Point 4mm 18”/45cm 3/8 Circle Perfect for vasectomy ZX-AA-2507 reversals!POLYGLYCOLIC ACID, UN-DYED BRAIDED NEEDLE NEEDLE SUTURE CURVATURE ADVANTAGES 5-0 4-0 LENGTH LENGTH Precision 13mm 18”/45cm 3/8 Circle In vivo strength retention: S-4938Reverse Cutting 8% at 7 days 0% at 14 days Essentially complete between 49 -63 days Popular in surgical procedures such as MOHS SurgeryReverse Cutting 19mm 18”/45cm 3/8 Circle In vivo strength retention: S-422B 48% at 7 days 0% at 14 days Essentially complete between 49 -63 days76
  • 75. DermaGlideDermaGlide is a marked departure in the design and manufacture of sutures for dermatology,cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery. The sharp, non-glare needle and closelymatched diameter suture were designed specifically to minimize trauma, suture line bleedingand resulting scarring. Made of speciality stainless steel wire, the DermaGlide needle isprecisely tempered for hardness and tensile strength so it holds its fine edge pass after pass andglides exactly as guided by your hand. The DermaGlide tip is a long taper, precision-faceted |diamond shape. Its four ultra sharp edges are formed using a grindless, proprietary process. DermaGlideis designed to penetrate highly elastic dermal tissue without tenting, drag, or unwanted cutting ofthe periphery.• Requiring slightly more pressure to penetrate the skin, it causes less damage and less bleeding giving better aesthetic results.• Premium grade stainless steel moulded into an innovative quad-sided diamond geometry provides unsurpassed incision and healing characteristics.• The DermaGlide needles non-glare finish makes it easier to see exactly where it is placed in the tissue. DermaGlides Consistent Traditional needle Sharpness “tenting” M.E.T. Point M.E.T.™ Microsurgical needles utilize Infinite Edge™ technology, a proprietary process that ensures incision products are consistently sharp and dimensionally true. All Sharpoint™ microsuture needle are made of specialty stainless-steel wire that has been tempered to a precision balance of hardness and tensile strength. Angiotech’s unique in-house manufacturing processes ensure each needle fall with exceptionally tight production tolerances. The end result: a needle that holds a fine edge and is resistant to bending as you apply the necessary pressure. Consistently Sharp Needles For Your Most Delicate Procedures • Wide range of curvatures: 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” circle. • M.E.T.™ needles are available in diameters of 70, 100 and 140 microns. • Traditional taper point needles available in diameters if 50, 70, 100 and 140 microns. • Reduces force required for initial penetration. • Reduces tissue tenting for more precise needle placement. • Eases penetration of calcified tissue...pass after pass. Jagged hole created M.E.T. needle creates a by traditional needle cleaner incisionwww.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 77
  • 76. Polymedical DERMOJET Injector JI-150 DermoJet Polymedical with interchangeable sterilisable injection tips for local anaesthetics, therapeutic applications in dermatology, rheumatology, scar reduction & vasectomy. Pack size: 1 Intradermal injections of 0.1ml per injection are achieved by a high velocity liquid jet which penetrates the surface membrane to a depth of 2-5mm and produces a weal of up to 6mm diameter. The 4ml reservoir is easily filled to permit up to 40 injections to be given in rapid succession. The device weighs 300 grams and is manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel. By purchasing spare heads, the injector head can £570 be changed between patients and then sterilised in Ex. VAT. one batch. DERMOJET INJECTOR USER APPLICATION GUIDE Vasectomy No Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) using the Polymedical jet injector is now the technique of choice in the USA and is growing in popularity within the UK, providing patients with no needle, no scalpel vasectomy. Anaesthetics A single injection of local anaesthetic instantly raises a well defined weal with minimum of trauma. For more extensive nerve blockage a larger dosage can be painlessly administered by inserting a needle into the weal centre. Dermatology Steroids, antibiotics, fungicides can be infiltrated without trauma or pain, however these drugs must be completely soluble, as crystals in suspension will block the jet orifice of the instrument. Results in the treatment of cystic acne, herpes lesions, alopecia, malignant melanoma, suppurative hidradenitis and cellulitis of the scalp have been particularly gratifying. Other applications include psoriasis and localised dermatosis. Podiatry The ability to produce a small completely localised area of anaesthesia is of great value to the Podiatrist for dealing with ingrown toe nails, corn removal etc., particularly in the case of nervous patients. Dentistry Painless injection of local anaesthetic provides an instantaneous area of local tissue narcosis. Where deep nerve blockage is required, immediate hypodermic needle insertion through the raised weal is painlessly accomplished. The limitations of surface applied local anaesthetics are thus overcome, both in rapidity and depth of effect. Multiple weals placed in a line allow painless scalpel incisions for soft tissue surgery. Vaccination Where vaccines are available for intradermal dosage a considerable cost saving results. Comparing intradermal versus subcutaneous injections e.g. Measles, Cholera, BCG etc. Jet injectors reduce infection risks. Other Indications In the case of an anxious patient undergoing venipuncture, the pain of needle insertion is relieved and also more precise needle manipulation with less trauma is possible. Care must be used not to infiltrate jet spray directly into the vein. Therefore the overlying skin should be moved medially or laterally prior to administration of the local anaesthetic and then allowed to resume its normal position for painless venipuncture.78
  • 77. Polymedical Conversion Kit JID/35 Convert your standard DERMOJET to a Polymedical with the inter changeable head configuration £350 Ex. VAT. Single Dose Head for Polymedical DERMOJET JI/581 Manufactured from high quality Stainless Steel, their major advantage is that they are readily removed from the body of the injector for sterilisation after each application. Replacement of the removed head is carried out in a matter of seconds through the use of a quick-release fixing system. • Single Dose Head of 0.1 ml £75 Ex. VAT.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 79
  • 78. Theatre Products Tourniquet Systems PTS ii Single PTS ii Twin TR 5000 AT-9-2200-001 AT-9-2200-500 AT-TR5000 Portable Safety Circuit Cuff Alert Self Testing Rapid Inflation Pressure Accuracy Audio/Visual Alarms Battery Life Indicator Warranty Biers Block/VRA Colour Backlit LCD Display Advanced Leak Detection Integrated Cuff Testing Extended Pressure Range Optional Printer Connectivity Multi Language Adjustable Alarm Volume80
  • 79. Tourniquet Machines Dual PTS II AT-9-2200-500 The Dual PTS ii offers: INDEPENDENCE Twin channels are fully independent and colour-coded for optimal safety during simultaneous bilateral limb surgeries and IVRA (Bier Block) procedures INTELLIGENCE Visual and audio safety alarms, self test and calibration check at start-up, and many other intelligent features including: • Integrated tourniquet cuff testing For testing the integrity of the tourniquet cuff with In the tubing and connectors before or after surgery, as sales package: £4990 recommended in current AORN Recommended Practices. • Advanced leak detection during surgery Twin units, mounting bracket, Ex. VAT. power supply & colour Monitors the tourniquet cuff, tubing and connectors coded tubing. for air leaks during surgery, and safely alerts staff to hazards or follow-up actions required Please note pole • Extended pressure interlock is not included A safety interlock limits normal maximum pressure to 475mmHg, and safely allows staff to select an extended pressure of up to 600mmHg if required to stop blood flow in an individual patient • Colour display and intuitive user interface For clearly visible key tourniquet parameters and simplified operator training • Long battery life £2990 Up to 15 hours of operation with tested cuffs Ex. VAT. Also Available as a single unit - Single PTS ii code: AT9-2200-001 Dual Electronic Automatic Tourniquet AT-TR5000 Smart, flexible and easy to operate electronic tourniquet system suitable for all types of tourniquet applications. Includes an independent, reliable control and pressure source with accurate digital display of true cuff pressure & elapsed time. Also suitable for Biers Block & Bilateral Procedures Key Features: Inflation Air Source Internal compressor • Electrically powered with no need for Cuff Pressure Adjustable 100-700 mmHg an external air supply. Preset Resolution 10 mmHg • Adjustable cuff pressure Accuracy ±5% or better • Visible and audible alarms Displays 3-digit pre-selected pressure • Integrated time recording and display 3-digit elapsed time counter • User friendly panel access £3451 READY LED • Computerized control Ex. VAT. INF/DEF LED • Time and pressure memories are saved during power failurewww.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 81
  • 80. Tourniquet Cuff Application Guide This Guide was prepared in consultation with James McEwen, PhD, the inventor of automatic tourniquets, to summarize relevant published guidelines and recommendations. Select the most appropriate tourniquet cuff considering limb size and shape, and the specific procedure: Cuff shape should allow a snug fit at both proximal and distal edges. Cuff width should be the greatest width that still assures recommended distances from cuff edges to limb joints and surgical site. Cuff length should be the minimum that assures overlap around the limb sufficient to fully engage fasteners. Use limb protection, ideally a sleeve specifically matched to the selected cuff. A limb protection sleeve matched to the size and shape of the selected cuff provides the best protection against skin wrinkling, bruising and other soft tissue injuries to the limb beneath the cuff.* Apply the selected tourniquet cuff snugly on the limb, over limb protection. A snugly applied cuff allows two fingers easily under the cuff at both proximal and distal edges. If only one finger fits, the cuff is too tight; if three fingers fit, the cuff is too loose. A loose cuff will require higher pressure to stop blood flow and may slide to an unsafe position on the limb during use. A tight cuff could impede venous return of blood from the limb even when deflated. After cuff application, the limb distal to the cuff should be exsanguinated by elastic bandage or elevation, as determined by the surgeon. An automatic tourniquet instrument with modern safety features and audio-visual alarms should be used with the cuff. The optimum tourniquet pressure for each patient and cuff application can be set or checked by measuring Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP). Intraoperative monitoring of tourniquet safety parameters reduces the risk of com- plications. During the procedure, it is important to monitor tourniquet pressure and time, and to minimize both. Upon final deflation of the tourniquet, the tourniquet cuff and underlying limb pro- tection should be immediately removed from the limb.82
  • 81. Tourniquet Cuff Selection Guide CYLINDRICAL (Non-Tapered) ADULT LIMBS Select a Standard Tourniquet Cuff and Matching Limb Protection Sleeve: Select the shortest length of Standard TourniquetCuff that encircles the limb at the location and allows sufficient overlap to fully engage Velcro fasteners. TAPERED (Conical) ADULT ARMS & THIGHS Select a Contour Arm or Contour Thigh Tourniquet Cuff and Matching Limb Protection Sleeve: Contour Cuff shape and pivoting Velcro fasteners can be used to adjust Cuff shape to closely match the shape of most adult tapered (conical) limbs. Extra Velcro patch on cuff can be used to help with snug Cuff application. TAPERED (Conical) ADULT LOWER LEGS Select a Contour Lower Leg Tourniquet Cuff and Matching Limb Protection Sleeve: Contour Lower Leg Cuff conforms to a wide range of lower leg shapes and tapers. Pivoting fasteners allow a snug fit along both proximal and distal edges SMALL ADULT AND PEDIATRIC LIMBS Select a Small Adult or Paediatric Tourniquet Cuff and Matching Limb Protection Sleeve: Select Cuff having most appropriate width (see other side). Maximum surgical exposure, snug application and low tourniquet pressure are facilitated by unique P-Shape Cuff design and materialwww.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 83
  • 82. Schuco Blue Tourniquet Cuffs Pack size: 1 Schuco tourniquet cuffs are manufactured in the UK to the highest possible standards. • All cuffs are reusable with replaceable bladders and Velcro fasteners. • All cuffs are supplied with AT-102 Schuco bayonet style safety connectors unless specified otherwise. Schuco Blue Tourniquet Cuffs • AT-145 - Infant Cuff - 28 x 5cm (11” x 2”) £95.00 • AT-146 - 20” x 4” Youth Cuff (51” x 11cm) £105.00 • AT-147 - Child Cuff - 37 x 7cm (14.5” x 2.75”) £90.00 • AT-148 - Adult Arm Cuff - 66 x 11cm (26” x 4”) £115.00 • AT-149 - Adult Leg Cuff - 91 x 11cm (36” x 4”) £110.00 • AT-149/W - Adult Leg Wide Cuff - 91 x 12.5cm (36” x 4.6”) £115.00 • AT-150 - Conical Cuff - 90 x 10cm (approx 36” x 4”) £170.00 • AT-160/W- Obese Wide Cuff - 120 x 15cm (approx 48” x 6” ) £160.00 • AT-208 - Dual Cuff - 30 x 10cm (12.0” x 4.0”) £220.00 • AT-210 - Dual Cuff - 50 x 16.25cm (19.5” x 6.5”) £190.00 • AT-260 - Dual Cuff - 60 x 16.25cm (24” x 6.5”) £240.00 • AT-285 - Dual Cuff - 85 x 17.5cm (34” x 7”) £235.0084
  • 83. Members of the Delphi team have been extensively involved in tourniquet developmentand evaluation for more than 20 years, making Delphi medical innovations a worldleader in tourniquet technology. Delfi Contour Tourniquet Cuffs Pack size: 1 Superior performance by Design • Adjustable Swivel Straps - Swivel Strap design allows quick repositioning of straps for easy adjustment to variations in lower leg shape and taper • Easy Snap-On Hose Connectors - Hose connectors attach easily to cuff ports, snapping securely into place. Hoses can be quickly dis connected when lock is released • Leak-Resistant Ports - O-ring hose connectors reduce leaks and acci dental disconnection • Thinner Cuff Design - Cuffs are thinner, lighter weight and more pliable than most tourniquet cuffs for easy cuff application to the limb and less obstruction at the surgical site • Exclusive Security Anchors - Security anchors, at specific intervals along cuff edges allow even cuff inflation and maintain a flat surface against skin to help prevent cuff migration • Extra-Wide Cuff Design - Because these cuffs are 1.5 in. (4 cm) wider than other tourniquet cuffs, they cover a greater tissue area. Less pressure is required to achieve haemostasis and the risk of nerve injury is substantially reduced. (The Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses’ guidelines recommend using as wide a cuff as possible. • Matching Limb Protection Sleeves - Delfi Limb Protection Sleeves matched to the Delfi Contour Lower Leg Tourniquet Cuff are designed to help protect the skin and soft tissue from pinching and bruising • AT-9-7350-002 - Delfi Contour Adult Arm Tourniquet Cuff £185.00 • AT-9-7350-003 - Delfi Contour Adult Thigh Tourniquet Cuff £210.00 • AT-9-7350-004 - Delfi Contour Adult Lower Leg Tourniquet Cuff £185.00 Delfi Small Adult Tourniquet Cuff Pack size: 1 • Specialty products designed for surgery on upper and lower limbs of smaller adults • Also useful for application to the calf/ankle region for foot and ankle surgery • Unique and patented safety and performance features • Provide 30% more surgical exposure with no increase in tourniquet pressures • Reduce the likelihood of encroachment on joints • Minimize cuff-related obstruction of the surgical site • Matching Limb Protection Sleeves help protect underlying skin and soft tissues • AT-9-8000-001 - Delfi Extra Small Adult Tourniquet Cuff £185.00 • AT-9-8000-002 - Delfi Small Adult Tourniquet Cuff £185.00 • AT-9-8000-003 - Delfi Small Adult Tourniquet Cuff Set £310.00www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 85
  • 84. Delfi Paediatric Cuff AT-9-7700-003 Pack size: 1 The only tourniquet products designed specifically for paediatric patients. A set of four tourniquet cuffs covers the full range of paediatric limb sizes from neonate to adolescent. • Superior fit. • Maximum surgical exposure. Fully compatible with many commonly used tourniquet £185 instruments. Ex. VAT. Delfi Limb Protection Sleeves Pack size: 10 • Matching Limb Protection Sleeves - Delfi Limb Protection Sleeves matched to the Delfi Contour Lower Leg Tourniquet Cuff are designed to help protect the skin and soft tissue from pinching and bruising AT-9-7900-001 Delfi Limb Protection Sleeves for paediatric £49 1.5” - black trim AT-9-7900-002 Delfi Limb Protection Sleeves for paediatric £51 2.25” - blue trim AT-9-7900-003 Delfi Limb Protection Sleeves for paediatric £52 3.0” - red trim AT-9-7900-004 Delfi Limb Protection Sleeves for paediatric £54 3.5” - blue trim AT-9-7910-001 Delfi Limb Protection Sleeves for extra small Adult £53 AT-9-7910-002 Delfi Limb Protection Sleeves for small Adult £53 AT-9-7920-001 Delfi Limb Protection Sleeves for Adult Lower Leg £50 AT-9-7920-003 Delfi Limb Protection Sleeves for Adult thigh £59 Tourniquet Clear Cuff Covers Pack size: 100 To order sizes: AT-D-215 S/M/L A simple clear membrane that offers cuff protection in compliance with MDA safety notice SN 1999 (26), simply slide onto the limb for instant cuff protection. The flexible £221.50 nature of the material means that peripheral pressure is kept to a minimum. Ex. VAT. • Clear Cuff Covers are for single patient use and consists of a waterproof membrane that protects both the patients’ skin and tourniquet cuff.86
  • 85. Rhys Davies Exsanguinator (Air Sleeve) AT-900 Pack size: 1 A simple, but effective piece of equipment which allows the exsanguination of limbs for surgery without subjecting the limb to high pressures experienced with some other methods of exsanguination. Pack Comprises: Inflation & measuring device £265 Ex. VAT. Emergency & Military Tourniquet AT-9-1100-001 Pack size: 1 • Stops bleeding quickly • Fits upper and lower limbs £275 • Reliable design based on hospital tourniquets Ex. VAT. • Hospital safety and performance in the field • Single-handed application • Lightweight and compact Optional digital module shows tourniquet time and pressure Retract-O-Tape - 18G x 12” SS-RT1041 Pack size: 20 RETRACT-O-TAPE® is an air-cushioned vascular loop designed to provide today’s surgeon maximum control and visibility of the anatomic site with minimal trauma to delicate tissue. • AIR-CUSHIONED GENTLENESS A round, hollow silicone tube sealed at both ends, forms an air cushion that maintains the round profile of the tubing while providing the necessary flexibility to manipulate, tighten, and relax the loops. • SILASTIC QUALITY Under traction, the Retract-O-Tape loop flattens sufficiently to occlude or retract a vessel properly, without creating an edge that can damage delicate tissue. • PRE-ATTACHED CURVED NEEDLE A specially designed, pre-attached, curved needle offers superior £165 Ex. VAT. control for safe, quick positioning, allowing the loop to be passed easily around a vessel without requiring dissection of surrounding tissue, so time is saved and tissue trauma is minimized. • ELASTICITY IDEAL FOR MINIMALLY INVASIVE Retract-O-Tape’s elasticity is critical when occluding coronary vasculature during minimally invasive or off-pump procedures. It moves with the heart that is being manipulated yet it maintains complete occlusion. • LATEX FREE Retract-O-Tape loops are latex free, animportant feature for increasing numbers of latex-sensitive patients and healthcare workers. • Soft, white, radio opaque for high visibility • Available in both needle and non-needle, please enquire for full rangewww.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 87
  • 86. Suction Polyp Trap SC-H334 Pack size: 12 Convenient retrieval and identification system for endoscopically removed polyps. It installs easily - in line - between the endoscope and the suction receptacle, and eliminates the need to retrieve polyps from the collected endoscope effluence. Four strainer-like chambers collect the polyps as they are retrieved through the endoscope channel, isolating each for identification and further study. A unique indexing system permits accurate identification of each polyp, and clear plastic construction allows visual verification of polyp collection. The unit may be filled with fixative, capped and labelled for transportation to the laboratory. A complete range of endoscopy accessories (Endo Mask, Endo Shield etc.) is also available from the same manufacturer. £138 • Single use Ex. VAT. • Install easily • Four chambers for polyp collection and transportationadditional Schuco favourites Filament Set ST-F100 Pack size: 3 For Foot / Hand sensitivity testing (e.g. Diabetes). Used in Chiropody & Diabetic Speciality departments, Health Centres and Community Services. Pack Comprises: 3 filaments, 1 each of: £69 Ex. VAT. Index numbers 6.10 (75g), 5.07 (10g), 4.17 (1g). Pocket Filament ST-F101 Pack size: 1 A single 5.07 (10g) filament. £19.50 • Supplied in a convenient, protective pocket case. Ex. VAT.88
  • 87. Dosi-flow 10 LE/259-0260 Pack size: 15 Precision flow regulator for the administration of IV Safety and reliability: Once adjusted, the flow remains constant during the entire infusion procedure, eliminating the need to frequently monitor and readjust the control device. No risk of over-infusion. Two-handed setting procedure prevents accidental tampering. Simplicity: Installation, calibration and adjustment are performed in a few minutes and require no special training. Economy: Low cost disposable unit requires no capital investment, freeing hospital from inventory and maintenance costs. £79 Versatility: Suitable for use with all types of fluid containers and most IV Ex. VAT. solutions available on the market. Special configurations: Custom-made manufacturing available with needle-free y-site and light protected tubings. • Latex-free. Skin Fix EV-34-VL-NPack size: 100Skin Fix is an accessory for fixation of central venous lines as well as electrode lead wires on patientsduring e.g. Holter monitoring and Stress test. It will minimize the risk of electrodes loosening ifthe wires are pulled. Thanks to the micro-porous material, skin is able to breathe so the Skin Fixremains comfortable to wear over long periods. The fixation strap can be opened and closedseveral times which makes is possible to replace or re-arrange lines / electrodes without replacingthe Skin Fix.• Reduces movement of catheters and lead wire catheters and minimises the risk of electrodes falling off.• Breathable microporous material• Moisture resistant • The wire strap can be reopened and closed several times £47 Ex. VAT. Seal Tight Shield ZX-BM- Pack size: 5 The shield is a transparent adhesive patch to keep wound dressings moisture- £9.80 free. Ideal as a bathing aid to protect the site of a biopsy to enable the patient Ex. VAT. to bathe with ease and confidence knowing that the dressing will not get wet. Key Features: • The perfect choice to protect biopsy sites • Easy-on, easy-off clear covering to keep dressings clean and dry • Provides a clear view of the 3.5” x 6” coverage area • Latex-free film features paper release liner and skin-friendly medical adhesive • Conveniently designed for single use applicationswww.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 89
  • 88. Seal-Tight PICC Cover ZMBM-20318 Pack size: 5 A transparent moisture proof covering for PICC Lines which allows the patient to use both hands whilst bathing. £10 Ex. VAT. Key Features: • Safely allows patients with PICC lines to bath & shower • Keeps both hands free for use when bathing • Eliminates annoying tape, straps and pumps needed with other products • Latex-free thermoplastic elastomer stretches easily to conform to body contours • Reusable and economical Inflatable Splints Pack size: 1 • Immobilises injured limbs permitting safe transportation • Minimises bleeding, eases pain and prevents further injury and shock • X-Ray transparent SC-501-SV - Adult Half Arm (25”) or Child Full Arm £10.50 SC-502-SV - Full Arm (32”) £12.50 SC-503-SV - Adult Half Leg (25”) or Child Full Leg £11.50 SC-504-SV - Adult Full Leg (32”) £14.80 SC-511-SV - Adult Foot & Ankle (15”) or Child Half Leg £11.50 SC-512-SV - Adult Hand & Wrist (15”) or Child Half Arm £10.00 4 Splint Kit (Adult & Child) SC-5008 Pack size: 1 A set of four inflatable splints for emergency limb immobilisation covering: fractures, dislocations, bruises, £57.50 Ex. VAT. sprains, cuts, burns and related injuries. Pack comprises: 1 each of half-arm, full-arm, half-leg and full-leg splints plus the carry case • SC-501-SV Adult half arm (25”/63.5cm) / Child full arm • SC-502-SV Full arm (32”/82.2cm) • SC-503-SV Adult half leg (25”/63.5cm) / Child full leg • SC-504-SV Adult full leg (32”/82.2cm) • SC-505B Carry case for splints • Also Available SC-520B 6 Splint kit £81.50 Comprises SC-500B with additional : 1 x SC-511-SV Adult foot & Ankle (15”) / Child half leg and 1 x SC-512-SV Adult hand & Wrist (15”) or Child half arm90
  • 89. Cryosurgery What is cryosurgery? Cryosurgery is the use of extreme cold, usually by the application of liquid nitrogen, to destroy abnormal tissues. How cryosurgery works: Liquid nitrogen boils at -196°C and is the most effective cryogen for clinical use. Temperatures of -25°C to -50°C can be achieved within seconds when applied using a spray or probe, resulting in superior effectiveness when compared to that of -20°C when applied with a swab. Cryosurgery works because these freezing temperatures have a destructive force on cells. Ice crystals form inside the cells and then tear them apart. More damage occurs when blood vessels supplying the diseased tissue freeze. What skin lesions can be treated using cryosurgery? Cryosurgery can treat many skin lesions including the following: • Warts • Veruccas • Skin tags • Early-stage skin cancers (both basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas) • Actinic Keratosis (pre-cancerous skin growths) • Seborrherric Keratosis (non-cancerous benign skin growth) Advantages of cryosurgery: Cryosurgery is a minimally invasive procedure with superior effectiveness and is often preferred to other surgical procedures as there is minimal pain, scarring and cost. Cosmetic: Provided freezing is not excessive, lesions heal with minimal scarring. Treatment time: Treatment is quick and easy. Effective freezing happens between 5 and 30 seconds. Reduced pain: Anaesthetic is rarely used as patients often feel little or no pain during or after treatment. Reduced cost. With cryosurgery there is no bleeding or odour so there is no need for further expensive equipment. Surgery time, clinician time and staff numbers are all reduced.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 91
  • 90. cryosurgery Schuco Cryospray 350ml SCH-CRY-350 The Schuco CryoSpray offers the ultimate liquid nitrogen spray technology, with maximum ease of use, cost effectiveness and safety. Features of the Schuco Cryospray • The ergonomic design offers easy grip for low fatigue and complete control when administering treatments. The stainless steel vacuum container feels comfortable in the hand with the operating fingers falling naturally on the ergonomic trigger. • The 350ml vacuum container will retain a full days supply of liquid nitrogen. • The Schuco Cryospray comes with a set of five brass spray tips - four directional cone shaped tips, with varying orifice, for accurate visual aiming during treatment and one bent spray extension are supplied with the machined tip holder.£560 • The brass collar design offersEx. VAT. maximum security and will not deteriorate during the products lifetime compared to rubber or plastic collar designs. • For added safety the aluminium stabilizing base ensures the Schuco Cryospray does not tip over. • Custom fitted sturdy canvas carrying case with foam moulding inner storage compartment for convenient safe storage and transport. • 5 year warranty Specifications Case: 17cm x 27cm x 13cm Schuco Cryospray: 24cm x 9cm x 9cm Inner collar measurement 32 diameter. In the sales package: One of each:- 350ml Schuco Cryospray, 0.01mm cone tip, 0.02mm cone tip, 0.03mm cone tip, 0.04mm cone tip, • Specialist adaptor allows Bent Spray extension tip, nozzle Brymill CRY-AC orifices to extension, tip holder *The Schuco Cryospray should not be used to transport liquid nitrogen. be used with Schuco Cryospray. black canvas carry This product is not supplied with case liquid nitrogen92
  • 91. Cry-Ac Cryogun 500ml BM-B-700 The Cry-Ac features a progressive valve offering precision accuracy of liquid nitrogen spray. Unit includes: Delrin base for stability and 5 spray apertures. • Cryosurgical and cryospray devices used to treat a wide range of common skin lesions, including Verruca (warts), Actinic Keratoses, Seborrheic Keratoses, Molluscum, Papilloma (skin tags), Lentigines (age spots), Condyloma £560 Ex. VAT. (genital warts), and Basal Cell Carcinoma (skin cancer). In the • Manufacturers 3 year warranty sales package: 1 x Bent Spray Extension, Specification: 1 x Spray Aperture A (0.04”), Full: 31.6oz. (895g) 1 x Spray Aperture B (0.031”), Empty: 19.0oz. (540g) 2 x Spray Aperture C (0.022”) 500ml (16ozs) capacity 1 x Spray Aperture D 0(.016”) Holding time: 20 - 24 hours This product is not supplied with liquid nitrogen Mini Cry-Ac Cryogun 300ml BH-B-800 Specification : Full: 25.2oz. (715g) Empty: 17.3oz. (490g) £560 Ex. VAT. 300ml (10ozs) capacity This product is not supplied Holding time: 12 hours with liquid nitrogen Cryogen Aperture (various) for use with Brymill Cry-Ac Pack size: 1 All Apertures are stamped with a letter A, B, C or D. This indicates the size of the hole where A is the largest size and D is the smallest. The actual sizes can be found in the appropriate descriptions below. Aperture C is considered to be most commonly used size and is fitted as standard to every Cry-Ac(r) or CRY-AC(r)-3. Selecting the correct size aperture will give an accurate controlled treatment of lesions of different sizes/types. Sizes Available: • BM-B-102-A - 0.04” • BM-B-102-D - 0.016” • BM-B-102-B - 0.03” • BM-B-102-E - 0.01” £15.40 Ex. VAT. • BM-B-102-C - 0.0225” • BM-B-102-F - 0.011”www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 93
  • 92. cryosurgery Bent Sprays Pack size: 1 Can be used with the Schuco Cryospray (adaptor required) or Brymill Cry-AC. Used to reach condylomata in the perianal, rectal or vaginal areas, hyperplasticfrom lesions or lesions which are generally difficult to reach.£40 Sizes available: • BM-B-103 - Original Bent SprayEx. VAT. • BM-B-103-20s - Bent Spray 20s Storage Vessels (Dewars) Pack size: 1 Storage vessel used to hold a reservoir of liquid nitrogen as used with Cryoguns. • BM-B-501-5 - 5Ltr - Holds for 4-5 weeks • BM-B-501-10 - 10Ltr - Holds for 6-8 weeks • BM-B-501-20-SC - 20Ltr - Holds for up to 200 days •BM-B-501-30 - 30Ltr - Holds for up to 14- 16 weeks •BM-B-501-50 - 50Ltr - Holds for up to 14-17 weeks from £395 Ex. VAT. “The most significant advantage of the CryoSuccess is the ability to have the device available during normal surgery times and not just in special freezing clinics. This means that the patient’s journey is much shorter and we can provide more flexible appointments. Each cartridge seems to last approximately 1 month during which time we will have seen maybe 20 patients administering 15 - 30 seconds of freezing “The CryoSuccess is better than the older device, and there is no wastage of gas when changing the cartridge with the CryoSuccess. I am very pleased with it.” Dr Gareth Bowdler, GP94
  • 93. CryoSuccess SC-140 A simple and effective handheld Cryotherapy device for accurate treatment of skin lesions making it ideal for general practice, dermatology, podiatry and minor surgery applications. CryoSuccess incorporates a new improved safety design which allows easy on/off fitting of the cartridge. The device can be kept in a drawer ready for use at any time. The cartridge can be removed at any time - for longer term storage or transport - & then rapidly reconnected. £595 Ex. VAT. The tip is made from a soda clear glass capillary with a diameter of 80 μm. To apply the cryogenic liquid gas (Nitrous oxide), the dispenser tip is touched against the skin surface so that the escaping liquid gas directly touches the surface before a gaseous phase transition takes place. In the The liquid gas travels at a mean speed of 40 m/s in a phase stable state (gaseous state), enabling cells sales package: to be destroyed accurately and safely. For example 1 x CryoSuccess a target area with a diameter of 10 mm and a depth 1x 23.5g cartridge of 3 mm can be frozen to -40°C within 12 seconds 1x carry case which will ultimately result in absolute cell destruction. • Cost per treatment £1 or less • Simple pencil type grip for easy use & very accurate application • Freezes to -89°C and to a depth of 3mm • Level of cold generated adjusted by the rate at which the button is depressed • Using Nitrous Oxide cartridges avoids all of the storage and transport problems associated with liquid nitrogen. Also ideal for home visits, nursing homes, etc. Please note, owners of original CryoAlfa devices purchased prior to 2009 can have their devices modified to allow use of the new SC-123 long life cartridge, please enquire for details.Guidance treatment time in seconds: Acne 4-6 Condyloma 8-12 Keratoses actinica 5-7 Lentigo maligna 4-5 Age pigments 1-2 Lentigo senile 2-3 Basiloma 8-9 Nevus pigmentosus 8 Cavernous angioma 4-6 Plantar warts 15-20 Granuloma anulare 5-6 Solar keratosis 4-5 Hemangiolymphangioma 6-8 Seborrhoeic warts 6-8 Juvenile warts 3-4 Verruca vulgaris 8-10 Keloids 4-6 Soft fibroma 4-5 Senile keratoma 7-8www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 95
  • 94. cryosurgery Replacement Cartridges SC-123 Pack size: 1 • Long life 23.5g cartridge for use with CryoSuccess • Can also be used with CryoAlfa devices (CryoAlfa must be returned to Schuco for midification). Please enquire for further details • 50% increase in gas volume from 16g to 23.5g (compared to old cartridge) • In-built safety valve £31.40 • Fast and safe connection Ex. VAT. * Temperature range remains constant freezing down to -89°C. Replacement 1mm tip for CryoSuccess SC-141 Pack size: 1 • The tip is made from a soda clear glass capillary with a diameter £129 of 80 μm. Ex. VAT. • Can be used as a replacement if the existing tip is damaged, or as a spare for multiple patient use if the tip is to be sterilised between patients (optional). • Comprises brass head and glass tip as a one piece design. Includes protective plastic cap Replacement 4mm tip for CryoSuccess SC-144 Pack size: 1 • 4mm tip for dermatology applications • Comprises brass head and glass tip as £129 a one piece design Ex. VAT. • Includes protective plastic cap Gynaecological tip - non flexible for CryoSuccess SC-146 Pack size: 1 • 13cm tip, used for gynaecological applications • Nitrous oxide passes along the micro capillary tube which prevents the tube from becoming cold. £195 • The unit can be sterilised but is a precision instrument and Ex. VAT. must be handled with care96
  • 95. vasectomy Equipping a surgery with the following devices will provide a fast track to precision treatment, versatility, time and cost efficiency and safety. As recommended by the BANSV (British Association of No Scalpel Vasectomists). DERMOJET Hyfrecator Smoke Evacuator NSV Instruments DERMOJET - use of a needle-free injector means that the patient will not see a needle when the local anaesthetic is applied prior to the vasectomy procedure. For more information on the DermoJet please see page 78. Hyfrecator - the most versatile and widely used piece of equipment for skin surgery and a great investment. The Hyfrecator is ideal for use in vasectomy. For more information on the Hyfrecator please see page 44.Electrodes available: Acu-Evac - A smoke evacuator to address the safety issues surroundingVasectomy Needle Electrode use of the Hyfrecator or other electro surgery devices. When usingBH/138102 electrosurgery equipment, surgical smoke plume is created. NoReusable Vasectomy/Short Desiccation matter how efficient the ventilation system is in the treatmentNeedle room, all medical staff present are at risk from any airborne virusesBH/7-221-S that may be released into the atmosphere as a result of this treatment. A smoke evacuator addresses the safety issues surrounding the use of75 Degree Angled Dental/Vasectomy a Hyfrecator or other electro surgery devices.NeedleBH/705A Li Brand No Scalpel Vasectomy instruments (NSV) Saves time, reduces trauma and complications,See page 53 & 61 and reduces post procedure pain. A scalpel can be a scary thought for any man requiring a vasectomy, so a “NO SCALPEL” technique will be popular with patients and therefore increase the referral rate of new patients to any practitioner who has wisely invested in NSV equipment and training. www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 97
  • 96. No Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) Sterile NSV Ringed Forceps 4mm SCH-NSV-F REUSEABLE. Pack size: 20 Sterile single use version of NSV ring forceps offering high quality at a single use price. Individually wrapped in boxes of 20 pieces. The cantilever is the critical factor in the NSV’s reduction of complication, especially haematoma. As the ring forcep is locked around the vas, its tips spring slightly apart. As a result, the forcep holds firmly without pinching or crushing the delicate tissues around the vas. All the benefits of a quality NSV instrument, plus: • Convenient sterile ready to use packaging • Save on sterilisation costs £110 Ex. VAT. • Reduce your instrument inventory Sterile NSV Sharp Haemostat SCH-NSV-H REUSEABLE. Pack size: 20 Sterile single use version of NSV sharp haemostat for tissue dissection offering high quality at a single use price. Individually wrapped. £110 All the benefits of a quality NSV instrument plus: Ex. VAT. • Convenient sterile ready to use packaging • Save on sterilisation costs • Reduce your instrument inventory NSV was founded in China by Dr Shunqiang Li in 1973. Li Brand instruments have been designed upon Dr Shunqiang Li’s continuing research to define vasectomy procedures. Currently 80% of vasectomies carried out in the USA are NSV and the British Association of No Scalpel Vasectomists (BANSV) are working to make NSV the standard procedure in the UK. Li Brand Ringed Forceps 3.5mm SV-VE-1 SINGLE USE. Pack size: 1 Reusable fixation clamp for NSV. The unique cantilever is the critical factor in the Li-Brand £115 NSV’s reduction of complication, especially haemoatoma. As Ex. VAT. the Li Brand ring forcep is locked around the vas, its tips spring slightly apart, as a result the forcep holds firmly without pinching or crushing the delicate tissues around the vas. Also available in 4mm SV-VE-1/4.0 £11598
  • 97. Li Brand Surgical Haemostat SV-VE-2 SINGLE USE. Pack size: 1 Reusable haemostat for NSV Manufactured exclusively in Germany to £115 exacting specifications with sharp curved Ex. VAT. tip for easier dissection. Li Brand NSV Set with Tray 3.5mm SV-VE-21-A Pack size: 1 Save 15% with this complete instrument set and tray European VAS diameters have increased therefore you may wish to use 4 mm ringed forceps (as using a forcep that is too small may cause tissue damage and be more traumatic for the patient.) Pack Comprises: 1 x SV-VE-1 Li Brand Ringed Forcep 3.5mm 1 x SV-VE-2 Li Brand Surgical Haemostat 1 x SV-DK-888-AC Autoclavable protective instrument tray. £210 Ex. VAT. Also available in 4mm - SV-VE-21-4-A Li Brand SV-VE-21-4 Pack size: 1 Set comprising one each of SV-VE-1/4.0 and SV-VE-2 Li Brand instruments. Pack Comprises: 1 x Ringed Forcep & 1 x Surgical Haemostat £163 Ex. VAT. For information on NSV training courses and training material, please enquire.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 99
  • 98. vasectomy cautery Vasectomy - Single Use SV-AA-21 Pack size: 10 High temperature single use cautery complete with vasectomy tip, generates a temperature of 1800°F (982°C). • Elongated Tip £111 • Individually sterile wrapped Ex. VAT. Vasectomy Tips SV-H121 Pack size: 10 High temperature single use cautery complete with vasectomy tip, generates a temperature of 1800°F (982°C). £72 • Elongated Tip Ex. VAT. • Individually sterile wrapped For use with Aaron ZX-ADEL1 reusable handle only. Each sterile tip includes a sterile sheath to cover the non sterile handle. vasectomy consumables Vas Cutting Suture AA-2545 Pack size: 12 Non absorbable nylon black monofilament with VAS Cutting needle 1/2 Circle £199 • For use in vasectomy reversals Ex. VAT. • Length 6.00mm • Curvature 149 • 100 Microns • 5”/13cm Vas Hook SV-VE-7 Stainless steel vas hook with gold or silver handle. For vasectomy and other procedures. £45 Ex. VAT.100
  • 99. plastic surgery Aquaplast (9 x 12”) Z-WFR-PS-1684 Aquaplast PS Tie-Down dressings Protects full thickness skin grafts during the initial healing phase. These rigid, non-occlusive dressings may be contoured for an exact fit and sutured into place. Avoid graft displacement and undesirable ridges and custom mould mess free in less than one minute. Once applied, these perforated, highly ventilated dressings provide excellent uniform pressure over a full thickness graft, while allowing drainage from the graft bed. • Non-occlusive • Mess free • Allow drainage form graft bed £32.50 • Can be contoured for exact fit Ex. VAT. • Highly ventilated Also available: Z-WFR-PS-1686 Aquaplast (6” x 18”) £41 Mastiol MAST/4 (2oz btl) FL-0523-04 A non-irritating, hypoallergenic liquid medical adhesive which will secure the most difficult of dressings for prolonged periods of time. Available in other sizes upon request. • Stickier than Compound Benzoin Tincture £48 Ex. VAT. VeinLite EMS TL-114 The VeinLite EMS is a simpler version of the VeinLite LED. It is the most affordable pocket VeinLite designed for general vein imaging access in adults and children. It has 16 dual coloured LEDs and is powered by 2 AA batteries. The VeinLite EMS provides the best value for the money. • weighs 35g (without batteries) • size: 11.5 x 5.5 x 2.4 cm £199 Ex. VAT.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 101
  • 100. VeinLite LED TL-110 The VeinLite LED is the most powerful pocket transilluminator available today for vein imaging prior to vein access or for consultation with patients prior to varicose vein treatment. Its unique C-shaped design & side-transillumination method creates uniform lighting for vein imaging anywhere on the body. • weighs only 70 g (3 oz) • The device comes with a charger In the and single use plastic covers. sales package: • Orange LEDs (12) for superficial VeinLite LED, veins and red LEDs (12) for deep rechargeable lithium battery, veins and dark pigmented skin charger, paediatric adaptor, light • Supplied with 50 patient covers shield and 50 single use patient covers “I was asked to assist in blood draw from an obese patient after several failed attempts by staff. Using my VeinLite LED, I was able to see a superficial vein in the forearm and access it with my first attempt.” £299 DR. Mark Waltzman Paediatric Emergency Medicine Doctor, USA Ex. VAT. Patient Covers for VeinLite LED TL-111 Pack size: 50 The VeinLite LED & EMS should always be used with its single use plastic cover to protect it from £28 contamination and to minimise the spread of Ex. VAT. infection from patient to patient. These plastic covers are not sterile. Before using always wipe with 70% isopropyl alcohol any part of the cover coming in contact with the patient. • Single use avoids cross-contamination102
  • 101. aesthetic - total body imaging Mediscope Face DE-D-STUDIO The digital imaging system for cosmetic photography. FotoFinder Mediscope face is the proven tool for consistent facial photography. Whether you perform face lifts, IPL, laser treatments, fillers or any other procedure - the outstanding “before and after images” demonstrate your treatment success and impress patients with their customised rejuvenation plans and procedure reports. This solution contains the Mediscope software, a high resolution camera with connection kit and the unique Portrait Stand for reproducible facial photos from nine £6100 different viewing angles. The chin rest can be removed for photos of the chin line, neck and Ex. VAT. décolleté. A mobile, height adjustable Imaging Table and a complete Imaging Station with notebook are available optionally. Just add the Veinscope polariser and the new SkinSpector software & you are ready to analyse sun damage and vascular conditions! FotoFinder Mediscope is available in different configurations and can be adapted to your needs, depending on whether you are mainly doing facial or full body photography or both. All systems are equipped with a powerful SQL database and therefore perfectly suited for network use and a high quantity of images. Every FotoFinder version already contains wide functionality for standardised photo documentation. Together with the expert systems for skin and hair analysis as well as the special tripods and lenses you can extend FotoFinder Mediscope to a powerful imaging platform. In addition, you can combine FotoFinder Mediscope with dermoscope dynamic for digital dermoscopy and Bodystudio for Total Body Mapping. Mediscope body (Guided Photography) DE-D-GP FotoFinder Mediscope body is the proven tool for full body photo documentation of any kind, whether you perform non-invasive body contouring procedures, IPL, laser treatments, liposuction or any other method. The mobile, height-adjustable Studio Stand is the professional solution for full body photos from head to toe. Just slide the camera up and down the stand to take images of all body parts (camera stops every 5cm). The unique Laser Liner ensures patient positioning with reproducible distance thanks to a £7500 red floor line. Consistent patient pose at follow-ups is Ex. VAT. easily achieved with the Ghost Feature. FotoFinder Mediscope body includes a guided photography tool that shows your staff how to position the patient to obtain the best images for all the treatments you perform in your practice. Impressive photos are taken every time by any user! Mediscope Accessories Combine face and body system for only £9,900. DE-L-FFS005320 - Small table £984 Includes: laptop, system configuration and back up drive. DE-L-FFS003234 - Large table £1368www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 103
  • 102. SkinSpector DE-D-SS FotoFinder SkinSpector is the new standard for medical image analysis. It helps aesthetic skin care professionals and dermatologists to visualize various facial skin conditions which present themselves as discolorations and skin tone variations. The program requires digital colour photos taken with FotoFinder mediscope face and the Veinscope polariser. Each image is colour-calibrated to ensure consistent results. The integrated face-recognition system automatically selects the analysis areas; no manual selection is required. SkinSpector determines your patient’s score for underlying sun damage and vascular conditions: • The SkinSpector brown sun damage score visualises and quantifies hyper-pigmented spots, freckles, melasma and so on. • The SkinSpector red vascular score visualises and quantifies vascular disorders such £1400 as telangiectasia or rosacea. Ex. VAT. The impressive skin report that shows the personal vascular and UV damage score of your patient compared to the relevant age group. Give your client an impressive personalised report with treatment recommendations and easily sell more aesthetic procedures! See also Trichoscan for “digitally quantifying hair growth and hair loss” - Page 105. UVscan DE-D-UV The unique UVscan shows sun damage at a glance. Easy, fast and without expensive UV equipment! The software converts digital colour £350 pictures to impressive monochrome images demonstrating UV skin Ex. VAT. damage caused by sun or sunbed exposure. The result is similar to UV illumination or Wood’s lamp based images. • UVscan is a perfect tool to convince your patients of the need for cosmetic treatments. Veinscope polariser for G10 camera DE-D-VN Through cross-polarisation the camera’s flash is polarised vertically and the lens horizontally. Thus, reflections on the skin are £390 completely eliminated and your patient’s vein structure is Ex. VAT. highlighted. The additional parallel polarisation reinforces unevenness of skin and shows wrinkles impressively. A great tool to sell more cosmetic treatments! FotoFinder Veinscope is required for use with SkinSpector soafware and idnetifies blood vessels, veins and wrinkles on the patient’s skin. The integrated continuously adaptable filter features a “Polariser” for cross polarization and an “Analyser” for parallel polarisation. For G10 camera only.104
  • 103. aesthetic - hair loss Trichoscan DE-D-TC The expert system Trichoscan has been developed for digitally quantifying hair growth and hair loss. As opposed to the traditional Trichogram, the application is completely painless and without plugging hair! Trichoscan automatically calculates the number of hairs, hair density and anagen/telogen ratio. Number and density of vellus and terminal hairs are determined as well. £2100 Ex. VAT. DermLite Hair Count Plates DE-L-HC Pack size: 5 We are now offering five different glass plates for the DermLite II series that allow you to perform hair counts. The five different £350 plates each have one of the following shapes etched on the glass: Ex. VAT. 1cm2, cm square with grid pattern, 0.5cm2, 1cm2 area circle, and 0.5cm diameter circle. Each glass plate threads to the bottom of your DermLite II’s spacer tube in place of its standard glass plate that contains a measuring scale. DermLite plates are designed to be used with a DermLite II and camera please see page 17-20.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 105
  • 104. lasers MultiPulse DE-L-HC MultiPulse is the multifunctional CO2 laser, easy and user-friendly in all fields of application: dermatology. plastic surgery, blepharoplasty, ENT, urology and gynaecology. £32000 • Wide range of accessories and scanners • Multipurpose laser for surgical applications Ex. VAT. • Small, handy and user-friendly QuadroStar + 532mm 815-4100-000 Powerful, versatile and rich in accessories, QuadroStar+ offers both green and infrared laser light making it suitable for use in a variety of applications: vascular and endovascular treatments, pigmented lesions and ENT. £30000 Ex. VAT. MCL30 Dermablate MCL30 MCL30 Dermablate is the best selling Erbium laser in the world, created to overcome specific skin problems: epidermal and dermal lesions, scar treatment, superficial and deep skin resurfacing. • Resolves all superficial problems in depth • Integrated smoke evacuation system in the handpiece • Vary spot size directly from the handpiece £42000 • Utilises coagulation to generate Ex. VAT. treatment free areas106
  • 105. MeDioStar XT 810mm 815-3000-000 Designed specifically for epilation, MeDioStar XT is the powerful Asclepion diode Laser which even works for vascular treatment of the legs, skin rejuvenation, acne, hair removal and skin rejuvenation. • Technology combined with aesthetics • Safe, powerful and user friendly • • Integrated skin cooling device High power diode £49500 Ex. VAT. • Homogeneous spot for a safe and precise treatment • Treatment of dark and tanned skin patient • Exclusive mixed wavelength TattooStar Y-Q-switch Nd: YAG TAT-Y Today there is an increasing demand for the removal of tattoos. On average, one person out of two wants to remove their tattoos after about ten years. This derives from the inevitable changes in fashion and styles or it is simply due to growing older. £49200 TattooStar R & Y are extremely effective in removing Ex. VAT. tattoos and accidental injuries: thanks to selective removal, the beam penetrates the skin and reaches the ink particles anchored in the skin. The pigments absorb the light energy and are fragmented. Once destroyed, they are absorbed by the lymphatic system and eliminated. The treatment is quick, almost bloodless, and highly effective, without causing injury or leaving scars. TattooStar R-Q-switch Ruby TAT-R Thanks to the Q-Switched mode, TattooStar, in the Ruby and Neodymium versions, is capable of providing excellent results in the removal of tattoos and permanent make-up and the treatment of benign pigmented lesions. £49200 Ex. VAT.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 107
  • 106. laser accessories Laser Goggles Pack size: 1 Noir LaserShields are the product of engineering innovation and tight manufacturing tolerances, providing an optimal balance between protection and visibility. Available in universal styles, with one to fit nearly every from face, whether over prescription glasses or not. £160 Ex. VAT. • Please request Noir product brochure for complete range Cox II Laser Eye Shields Pack size: 1 Pack size: 1 Designed to conform to the globe, with a vault over the cornea, the posterior surface and the rounded edges are highly polished to assure patient comfort and safety. • Each shield supplied with a suction cup for insertion and removal • Improved non-reflective front to protect personnel • Cox II is 1mm thick • OP-21-261 X-small £99.00 • OP-21-262 Small £99.00 • OP-21-262/H Small with handle £142.00 • OP-21-264 Medium £99.00 • OP-21-264/H Medium with handle £142.00 • OP-21-266 Large £99.00 • OP-21-266/H Large with handle £142.00 from • OP-21-268 X-large £99.00 £99 Ex. VAT. • OP-23-012 Large Rubber Suction Cups £45.00 Durette External Goggles OP-21-335 Pack size: 1 Durette external all stainless steel patients goggles £299 Ex. VAT. Pack Comprises: 1 set external shield, 2 elastic headbands, and 1 plastic sterilising tray108
  • 107. lighting - magnifying LFM Medical Magnifying Lamp L-8306-122-02 Wall/Ceiling Pack size: 1 A great value magnifying lamp with low heat output. LFM Medical is approved as a medical device according to IEC 606011 and IEC 6060112. The magnifying head is made of ABS polymer, combining light weight with high impact strength. The 12mm glass lens is positioned in the middle of the circular fluorescent tube which virtually eliminates shadows. Please specify mounting options (see below) £160 when purchasing. Ex. VAT. • codes for mounting options are as follows: AH table clamp, white BRK014904 £13.00 TE bracket BRK700068 £14.75 Trolley BRK025205 £149.00 CC bracket BRK025140 £11.00 Circus Medical Plus L-CIRO25167 Pack size: 1 The Circus Medical Plus has a very large lens of 165mm, giving a large viewing field, this allows comfortable viewing with both eyes. The circus uses a high intensity 22W circular T5 tube. The tube is operated by a high frequency ballast eminating flicker, virtually eliminating shadows and prolonging lamp life. The fully covered spring balanced arm makes it easy to position and makes cleaning easy. • codes for mounting options are as follows: AH table clamp, white BRK014904 £13.00 TE bracket BRK700068 £14.75 Trolley BRK025205 £149.00 CC bracket BRK025140 £11.00 £350 Ex. VAT.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 109
  • 108. lighting - examination LHH LED - trolley mounted L-LHH025216 LHH LED - desk mounted L-LHH025220 The LHH features a highly flexible self balancing arm allowing frictionless horizontal and vertical movement, making it the most flexible luminare on the market. The LHH uses LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) creating a superior light source compared to that of halogen bulbs. The LED energy consumption is less than half of a traditional lamp. This combined with the LHH’s modern lens optics, provides a focused pool of light without annoying shadows plus there is hardly any downward heat radiation. LHH LED is available for table, trolley, wall or ceiling mounting. Please specify mounting options when purchasing. £499 Ex. VAT. Coolspot II C302 - floor mounted L-C302FL02 The Coolspot II offers a very compact head with high intensity output and a choice of beam diameter and colour temperature. These features make the Coolspot II perfect for obstetrics, gynaecology, dermatology, plastic surgery and emergency rooms. The Coolspot II has a 150W halogen lamp and advanced optical lens system to create a uniform light field with a clear cut off. The intensity and the size of the spot can be adjusted and a filter can be rotated into position to give a colour temperature. Coolspot II systems are spring balanced for maximum flexibility. The Coolspot II can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted as a single or double unit or mounted on a floor stand. Other mounting options available please enquire. £1856.40 Ex. VAT.110
  • 109. lighting - minor surgery Celestial Star Mobile L-SUN-CS2050M The Celestial Star mobile has significant advantages for mobile surgical applications. Its counter-balanced arm design makes it is extremely easy to move around. £1400 Ex. VAT. Celestial Star Ceiling L-SUN-CS2050C The Celestial Star Ceiling is ideal for minor surgical applications. The flexible design allows for easy angling and positioning. The space-saving structure is ideal for many facilities and can easily be pushed aside when not in use. The Celestial Star provides full body coverage and filters over 80% of unwanted infrared rays and 70% of ultraviolet rays. • 127mm spot light or optional 432mm reflector pattern • 720¯ rotation & 1753mm reach to beam centre • 737mm extension arm £1400 Ex. VAT. £2899 Ex. VAT. Also available as a dual unit - L-SUN-CS2050D Celestial Star Wall L-SUN-CS2050W The Celestial Star is ideal for surgical applications & procedures where manoeuvrability and compact design are key requirements. The light offers excellent performance in a compact package, very low maintenance and market leading reach and flexibility. • Provides 1829mm reach with standard 991mm extension arm • Lamp head and yoke can be rotated 359° • Folds to rest position within 178mm of wall surface MRI Compatible Lighting. Celestial Star Mobile & Celestial Star Ceiling are available for MRI. MRI medical light solutions represent state-of the- art technology in MRI compatibility. £1400 Ex. VAT.www.schuco.co.uk Call us on 020 8368 1642 111
  • 110. indexPRODUCT PAGE PRODUCT PAGE PRODUCT PAGEAcu-Evac 66 Dermoscopy: Interactive atlas Minor surgery lighting 111Acu-Evac accessories 66, 67 of dermoscopy 28 MoleMate 12Aquaplast 101 Dewars 94 MoleView 13Biopsy blades 74 Dosi-flow 89 NSV - No Scalpel Vasectomy 98Biopsy punches 72 Electrolase tips 53-62 PenAdapt 69Bipolar forceps 63 Electrosurgery explained 37, 38 RadioSurg 2200 TP 51Buffalo ViroVac 68 Electrosurgery equipment guide 39, 40 Retract-o-tape 87Cautery 52 EPIGLU 74 Schuco 120 49Cautery - Vasectomy 100 Examination lamps 110 Schuco 120 accessories 50Coa-Comp M 43 Exsanguinator 87 Schuco 120 bundle deals 70Cry-Ac cryogen 93 Filaments 88 Seal-tight covers 90Cryosurgery 91 FotoFinder add-ons & software 34-35 Seal-tight shields 89Cryosurgery accessories 93, 94 FotoFinder Bodystudio complete 33 Siametrics 14Cryosurgery cartridges 96 FotoFinder Classic Gold 32 Siascopy 11Cryospray - Schuco Cryospray 92 FotoFinder Classic Silver 32 Sheaths 64CryoSuccess 95, 96 FotoFinder Comparison table 34 Skin fix 89Curettes 73 FotoFinder Handyscope 30 Skin markers 71DermLite accessories 24-25 FotoFinder Portable 31 SkinSpector 104DermLite Basic 17 32G needle 75 Splint kits 90DermLite camera compatibilities 18 - 19 Heine accessories 27 Suction poly trap 88DermLite Carbon 17 Heine dermatoscopes 26 Sutures 76-77DermLite DL3 21 Hyfrecator 2000 44 Tourniquet Cuff guide 80DermLite II Fluid 20 Hyfrecator 2000 FS 45 Tourniquet cuff application guide 82-83DermLite FOTO 22 Hyfrecator 2000 FSB 45 Tourniquet cuffs 84-86DermLite hair plates 105 Hyfrecator accessories 46-48 Tourniquet cuff covers 86DermLite hybrid 19 Hyfrecator bundle deals 70 Tourniquet machines 80-81DermLite Lumio 21 Hyfrecator service 48 Trichoscan 105DermLite II Pro 20 Hyfrecator training CD 64 UVscan 104DermLite II PRO HR 18 Inflatable splints 90 UV woods examination lamp 36DermLite shoot & print packages 23 Lasers 106-107 Forceps 98-99DERMOJET 78 Laser accessories 108 Hemostat 98-99DERMOJET accessories 79 Magnifying lamps 109 VeinLite EMS 101Dermatoscope guide 16 Mastiol 101 VeinLite LED 102Dermoscopy 15 Mediscope face 103 Veinscope 104Dermoscopy education & training 28, 29 Mediscope body 103Dermoscopy the Essentials 28 Miltex instruments 75112
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