Sylvia’s science fair experiments

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Summer Lighting Design presentation. …

Summer Lighting Design presentation.
Arduino Device to create middle mixtures with RGB LEDs.

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  • 1. Sylvia’s science fair experiments
    Explorations in the nature of light
    Lighting Design class summer 2010
  • 2. A Place of Reflection - Inspirations
  • 3. A Place of Reflection - Sketches and Sketch models
  • 4. A Place of Reflection - final presentation board
  • 5. Penthouse Apartment Concept Collage – Light Tubes
  • 6. Penthouse Apartment Sketch Models
    • Fibre Optics Star ceiling
    • 7. Fibre Optics Amplifier /
    railing / light
    • Penthouse model at night
  • Penthouse Apartment Sections
  • 8. Penthouse Apartment -Media Room Rendering
  • 9. Fun Runner Project
    From Elias Canetti, The Ear Whitness
    The Fun Runner is a fictional character description of today’s experience
    consumer. ''The Fun-Runner lives in the tempest of towns. There is something
    to buy everywhere, there is something to experience everywhere…”
  • 10. Fast Runner concept collage
  • Fun Runner Model pictures
  • 15. The color of light
    RGB color wheel
    • Primaries: Red, Green, Blue
    • 16. Middle Mixtures:
    Yellow, Cyan, Magenta
    • Subtractive
    • 17. Middle mixture of two
    complements is white
    Regular color wheel
    • Primaries: Red, Yellow, Blue
    • 18. Middle Mixtures:
    Orange, Green, Purple
    • Additive
    • 19. Middles mixture of two
    complements is grey
  • 20. Inspirations
    Ingo Maurer Threesome Lamp
    Ad hoc mixing of colors to create white light
    Color & Materials I
    Middle Mixture Triangle
  • 21. Use LEDs for RGB simulations
    Can be programmed
    Exact color mixture by setting RGB value, therefore middle mixtures can be “calculated”
    Write program to automatically determine middle mixtures of colors
    Why middle mixtures? According to color theory MMs are pleasing to the eye
    Explorations is the same is true for RGB color scheme
    Use Arduino processor / programming for easy implementation
  • 22. Knight rider simulation
  • 23. Various LED colors
    Knigthrider simulation colors
    Yellow – white – pink combinations
  • 24. Middle Mixture device
  • 25. Light Middle Mixtures
  • 26. Model applications