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Telling the story. Communicating OGD in Vienna
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Telling the story. Communicating OGD in Vienna


Published on

OGD Camp Warsaw 2011

OGD Camp Warsaw 2011

Published in: Technology, Sports

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  • Half a year ago the open data catalogue of the city of Vienna was published unter Dozens of datasets including statistical data, georeferenced information from the city map were provided in mashine-readable form under a cc-by license. The process that lead to this first open data catalogue in Austria was made possible through a new local government – social democrats and greens formed a coalition in autumn of 2010. The existence of a very active developer scene in Vienna fostered the process. Some very positive competition with other Austrian cities, namely Linz, resulted in an intense and quick project that lead to the launch of the data portal in May 2011. On the very first day of release first apps were realized. – Open Government Data Vienna – data catalogue by categories - Apps and visualizations using OGD from Vienna
  • Know your audience. Get to know the developers, the stakeholders, universities, the community. Talk directly to them, make public meetings, provide a live-stream. Learn what they want, see what you can deliver. Talk plain text.
  • Twitter is a major tool for communicating with the ogd Community around the city of Vienna. Developers and stakeholders are all on Twitter. For support in detail a forum ist provided as well as an online-form for submitting requests or the like.
  • We did an online survey, 376 people took part. Results are available as open data as well Most requested datasets were information regarding traffic, infrastructure (playgrounds, parks, sporting facilities…), education, health, environment, culture, budget. Besides new great ideas for new open data we receive detailed feedback regarding missing or inaccurate single data entries. A great way of improving data quality and holding everything up to date.
  • Give kudos to the people inside your organisation that are open minded to the idea of OGD. Show them the usecases, the apps, the visualizations that are developed with their data. Use the data on your own website in new ways, that become possible through OGD. New idea: award for the best app by an employee of the City of Vienna.
  • You have to tell it your way. Some stakeholders might be ahead of you, that‘s fine. Give them credit for what they have done. But talk about how you did it, how you do it, how you are going to do it. The message has to be down to earth, so people, yes regular folks as well, will understand it. Be authentic. You are in a process of change. This is a very positive message. Connect to the people, give back.
  • Try to think ahead, provide real value for real people. Highlight best practices, show inspiring uses of your data to everyone. Mobile applications are a great way to show people, inside and outside your organization practical value of data. Be open, don‘t hide.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Telling the story. Communicating OGD in Vienna Thomas Jöchler @ogdwien
    • 2. 17.5.2011
    • 3. Talk about it (we call it platforms*) * 5th platform is next week, 27th Oct.
    • 4. Listen. Respond. Retweet. #ogdwien @ogdwien
    • 5. Ask for feedback. Appreciate it.
    • 6. Open up internal silos. Praise it.
    • 7. Learn to tell your story (+) + embrace your Toilet-App
    • 8. All images: cc-by-sa Be open. Thank you. Thomas Jöchler @ogdwien