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This slide show explains the steps and activities used in a 4th grade Colorado history year long project.

This slide show explains the steps and activities used in a 4th grade Colorado history year long project.



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Chrobak Ilt Share Fair Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Susan Chrobak Technology Teacher Swansea Elementary
  • 2. Fourth Grade Colorado History A yearlong project done in collaboration with the fourth grade students and teachers.
  • 3. Initial Meeting with 4th Grade Teachers
    • Discuss overall unit
    • They showed me a packet they wanted the students to complete
    • We decided we needed to work with the kids on vocabulary and how to do research
    • The end result would be a powerpoint
  • 4. Determining What’s Important
    • Review 5 Ws to find the important pieces of an article
    • Create a graphic organizer on Kidspiration
  • 5.  
  • 6. What Is A Good Website?
    • I found a couple different checklists to help the students understand the qualities of a good website.
    • Then, I created my own checklist
    • We began looking at several websites to see if they met the criteria for a quality website
  • 7.  
  • 8. What is a Search Engine?
    • ILT lesson 5.8 is a worksheet that students fill out to learn about keywords and search engines.
    • I modified the worksheet to include Colorado History words.
    • We used google, ask, nettrecher and yahoo.
  • 9.  
  • 10. Beginning Research
    • Students learned how to do 2 column notes.
    • ILT lesson 4.2- find two facts about Colorado history.
  • 11. Vocabulary Project
    • I met with the 4th grade teachers in the hallway and we agreed upon 10 words related to mining in Colorado
    • ILT lesson 5.3 was used to learn the new vocabulary words. (making a table in word, inserting images into the table)
    • This lesson took 4-5 class periods
  • 12. Vocabulary Project con’t
    • The classroom teachers helped me to conference with each student individually about their vocabulary project.
    • We explained to them how they got the scores they did based on the rubric
  • 13.  
  • 14. Vocabulary Rubric
    • Uses Technology Effectively
    • 4 Table created correctly
    • Columns labeled
    • Vocabulary words filled in correctly
    • Images placed in table correctly
    • Definitions completed
  • 15. Rubric con’t
    • Produces Quality Work
    • 4 Assignment completed
    • Definitions correct
    • Images match words and definitions
    • Complete paper heading included
  • 16. Rubric con’t
    • Effort
    • 4 Perfect attendance
    • No refocuses
    • Always on task
  • 17. Bibliography 101
    • ILT lesson 4.3 was used to practice creating a bibliography with the internet websites
    • 2 class times were used for this lesson
  • 18. Learning Powerpoint
    • The 4th graders also needed to complete an author study as part of their curriculum
    • We used the author study to practice research and review the powerpoint program they learned last year.
  • 19. Final Steps
    • Students will do 5 more vocabulary words pertaining to Colorado history
    • Students will create their powerpoint about Colorado history
    • I will upload their powerpoint into
  • 20. Reflections
    • This project may not have taken the entire year if students were learning about and doing some research in the library.
    • Unfortunately, our school does not have a librarian so collaboration of this sort is not possible.