INSPIRE View Service in MapServer


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INSPIRE View Service in MapServer

  1. 1. INSPIRE View Service in MapServerFOSS4G-CEE 2012, PragueStefan LeopoldStephan Meißl
  2. 2. Outline• Overview INSPIRE View Service• Overview MapServer• Implementation & Configuration in MapServer – Activation of INSPIRE support – Multi-language support – INSPIRE specific metadata – Named group layers• Conclusions & Outlook
  3. 3. Overview of INSPIRE View Service• Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe - initiative launched by the European Commission for solving interoperability issues for geospatial data• Directive as law• Technical Guidance for View Services based on WMS 1.1.1 & 1.3.0
  4. 4. Overview MapServer• OSGeo Project –• Widely used Open Source platform for publishing spatial data to the web• Fast, flexible, reliable, and highly integratable• Support of various OGC standards: WMS, WFS, WCS, SLD, SOS, etc.• Current release: 6.0.3; 6.2 in preparation• 16+ active developers; ~300k LoC; ~77 man‑years; IRC #mapserver 30+• Latest highlights: MapCache, TinyOWS, Github
  5. 5. INSPIRE View Service in MapServer• Available with MapServer 6.2 release• WMS 1.3.0• Based on Technical Guidance in version 3.0• Documentation with 6.2 release• Implementation tracked as RFC 75• Validates against INSPIRE schemas• Tested against WMS INSPIRE tester
  6. 6. Activation of INSPIRE support• scenario 1: external metadata: "url"• scenario 2: embedded metadata: "embed"WEB METADATA "wms_inspire_capabilities" "url" ... ENDEND
  7. 7. Multi-language support (1/3)• Provisioning of all supported languages• Values according to ISO 639-2/B• First value is default languageWEB METADATA … "wms_languages" "eng,ger,ita" ... ENDEND
  8. 8. Multi-language support (2/3)WEB METADATA "wms_title.eng" "Transport Network" "wms_title.ger" "Verkehrsnetz" "wms_abstract" "myabstract" ... ENDEND...&REQUEST=GetCapabilities&LANGUAGE=eng
  9. 9. Multi-language support (3/3)• Run-time substitution (only CGI)• DATA & CONNECTION metadataLAYER NAME TN.RoadTransportNetwork.RoadArea DATA "road_%language%.shp" ...END...&REQUEST=GetMap&LANGUAGE=eng
  10. 10. INSPIRE specific metadata - Scenario 1"wms_inspire_metadataurl_href" "http://...""wms_inspire_metadataurl_format""application/vnd.ogc.csw.capabilities.response_xml""wms_keywordlist_vocabulary" "ISO""wms_keywordlist_ISO_items" "infoMapAccessService""wms_fees" "conditions unknown""wms_accessconstraints" "None""wms_contactorganization" "MapServer""wms_contactposition" "owner"...
  11. 11. INSPIRE specific metadata - Scenario 2Additional metadata:"wms_inspire_temporal_reference" "2012-05-22""wms_inspire_mpoc_name" "mympocname""wms_inspire_mpoc_email" "mympoc@e.mail""wms_inspire_metadatadate" "2012-05-22""wms_inspire_resourcelocator" "http://resource"• Values are not validated• Some metadata is hard-coded
  12. 12. Named group layers (1/2)• Via wms_layer_group• Arbitrary depth• Named vs. Unnamed• Supported in GetMap, GetFeatureInfo, etc.LAYER NAME RoadArea METADATA "wms_layer_group" "/RoadTransportNetwork" …
  13. 13. Named group layers (2/2)MAP NAME TN …LAYER unnamed NAME RoadTransportNetwork ...LAYER NAME RoadArea METADATA "wms_layer_group" "/RoadTransportNetwork" …• Only TN and RoadArea can be requested• RoadTransportNetwork only used for grouping
  14. 14. <inspire_vs:ExtendedCapabilities> <inspire_common:MetadataUrl xsi:type="inspire_common:resourceLocatorType"> <inspire_common:URL>http://...</inspire_common:URL> <inspire_common:MediaType> application/vnd.ogc.csw.capabilities.response_xml </inspire_common:MediaType> </inspire_common:MetadataUrl> <inspire_common:SupportedLanguages> <inspire_common:DefaultLanguage> <inspire_common:Language>eng</inspire_common:Language> </inspire_common:DefaultLanguage> <inspire_common:SupportedLanguage> <inspire_common:Language>ger</inspire_common:Language> </inspire_common:SupportedLanguage> </inspire_common:SupportedLanguages> <inspire_common:ResponseLanguage> <inspire_common:Language>eng</inspire_common:Language> </inspire_common:ResponseLanguage></inspire_vs:ExtendedCapabilities>
  15. 15. Conclusions & Outlook (1/2)• INSPIRE view service support based on Technical Guidance (v3.0) available with MapServer 6.2 release• WMS 1.1.1 on the roadmap• Bug reports, feature requests, etc. via Github• General support via mailing lists and IRC
  16. 16. Conclusions & Outlook (2/2)• WCS possibly part of INSPIRE Download Service – EOxServer: Presentation tomorrow 9:20• Try it out! – Check out the MapServer master/trunk and build the source – Use our demo service and ask for special support – Thanks for your feedback
  17. 17. Credits• Edward Nash and Martin Kofahl from DVZ M-V for their extensive testing• R3 GIS & EU for financial support• The whole MapServer Team for their great guidance and support
  18. 18. Stephan Meißl EOX IT Services Thurngasse 8/4 1090 Wien Österreich / Austria eox.atStefan Leopoldstefan.leopold@reflex.atThis work is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License .