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èRic BarçA


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Published in: Travel, Sports
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  • 2.
    • In the 29 November of 1899 Joan Gamper and eleven men gather in a gymnasium where the club will be set up: Gualteri Wild, Lluís d'Ossó, Bartomeu Terrados, Otto Kunzle, Otto Maier, Enric Ducal, Pere Cabot, Carles Pujol, Josep Llobet, John Parsons i William Parsons. They will be the first players of Barça.
  • 3. YEARS: 1899-1922
    • The first T-shirt: The colors that bring to the T-shirts the players of the Barcelona FC are from always blue and dark red, but at first, half a T-shirt was blue and the other half a seed, with the sleeves of the inverse color and the white trousers. The first shield: The first shield that it had was the same one of the city. Years later, in 1910, the F.C. Barcelona Board of Directors, which wanted the club to have an own symbol, summoned a competition that was won by 'an' anonymous partner' with the form of the shield that we all know. The first match: El first match of the history, the Barcelona FC played against an team formed by the English colony of the city, the 8 December of 1899. The English, decisively reinforced by some players of the same nationality who belonged to the Barcelona FC, they won for 0 to 1.
  • 4. YEARS: 1922-1957
    • The Camp de les Corts was opened in 1922. The first gold age of the club (1919-29) with star players like Samitier, Alcàntara, Zamora, Sagi, Piera i Sancho. Here there were very good players like the magical front of the fifties: Basora, César, Kubala, Moreno and Manchón. In 1957 the Camp Nou that lived was opened and it still lives good periods and other not so good ones.
  • 5. ● In 1957 the Camp Nou was opened and it has lived and still lives good and not so good periods. In February of in 1975 Barça won the Madrid with one definite 0-5 in El Santiago Bernabeu with a forward formed by Rexach, Asensi, Cruyff, Sotil i Marcial. Also in 1975 the 75th birthday of the club was celebrated. YEARS: 1957-1974
  • 6. YEARS: 1974-1992
    • In 1974 Barça was 75 years old. In 1978 Josep Lluís Nuñez became the president until 2000. In 1992 Barça made history by winning its first "Champions“.  For 1-0, goal of lack of Koeman  with the players: Zubizarreta, Nando, Ferrer, Koeman, Juan Carlos, Bakero, Salinas (Goikoetxea), Stòitxkov, Laudrup, Guardiola (Alexanko) i Eusebio.  .  And also of the year 1990 in 1994 it was the period of the "Dream Team" that they won many titles, but the but distinguished four are leagues consecutive and the first "Champions".
  • 7. YEARS: 1992-2007
    •   In 1999 it was celebrated the centenary of the club and moreover that season, of the centenary, Barça won the leagues of: football, basketball, handball and hockey skates.  In 2000 Nuñez resigned and Joan Gaspar was the new president, that he lasted until 2003 who was elected Joan Laporta, who is still the president of Barça.  In 2006 the F.C.Barcelona wins his second "Champions" with one 2-1 against the Arsenal.
  • 8.
    • Barcelona Football Club is my favourite team. Barça have got two European cups, one at Wembley in 1992 (1-0) against Sampdoria and the other one at Paris in 2006 (2-1) against Arsenal.
  • 9.
    • The New Camp was opened in the 24th September of 1957 and it has a capacity of 98787 viewers. It has the maximum qualification (5 stars) that the FIFA can give in a stadium for accommodating football matches. The new camp is one of the biggest stadiums of the European football.
  • 10.
    • The museum of the F.C.Barcelona was opened in 1984.  It picks up the centennial history of the sport club through the most important trophies achieved by the different sections, photographic, material of all periods...
  • 11.
    • For examples: Josep Samitier, Antoni Ramallets, Ladislau Kubala, Salvador Sadurní, Carles Reixach, Johan Cruyff, Migueli, Neeskens, Quini, Bernd Schuster, Urruti, Maradona, Zubizarreta, Amor, Koeman, Guardiola, Stòitxkov, Romário, Luis Enrique, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho,  And the best known now Leo Messi