How to create a screening questionnaire


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This presentation will demonstrate how to quickly create a screening questionnaire to speed up your applicant management and short-listing processes.

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How to create a screening questionnaire

  1. 1. How to create a screening questionnaire
  2. 2. Your account screenIn your account screen, select‘Screening Questionnaires’ in the lefthand column.
  3. 3. Screening QuestionnairesIn the next page, select ‘Create newquestionnaire’.
  4. 4. Create new questionnaireGive your questionnaire a name sothat you can easily select it from yourlist when drafting an ad.We have called this one ‘Generalshort-listing tool’.
  5. 5. Create new questionnaireSelect a passing score for thisquestionnaire. This is the score thatcandidates will have to achieve inorder to pass your set of chosencriteria. We have selected ‘Good – 2’.
  6. 6. Create new questionnaireYou can send an automated responseto all applicants who pass or fail yourminimum requirements.Tick the appropriate box and edit yourresponse in the text box provided.When you have finished, click ‘Add’.
  7. 7. Compose questionsYou may enter as many questions asyou like. These will appear in theapplication window when an applicantapplies for your vacancy.For each question:1. Type your question2. Is it compulsory?3. What type of response is required?4. Allocate a score for each response.When you have designed the question,click ‘add’.
  8. 8. Compose questionsEach question you add appears in thetable at the bottom of the screen.Continue to add questions until youhave sufficient data by which to screeninitial applications.For list-type questions, click ‘addanswer’ each time you wish to providea possible response. There is no limitto the number of alternatives you canprovide.Click ‘Add’ each time you wish toupload your answer. You can edit themat any time.
  9. 9. Editing questionsOnce you have uploaded yourquestions you can change the order inwhich they appear.Simply click on the red or green arrowto demote/promote that particularquestion.
  10. 10. If you wish to delete or edit aEditing questions question, select that action from the right hand side of the table.
  11. 11. Editing questionsEdit questionEdit any aspect of your question (title,required, type, score) then click ‘Save’.Delete questionSelect cancel to return to the menu orOK to delete your question.
  12. 12. Including a questionnairein a job adWhen you compose your next jobad, click on the arrow next to‘Screening Questionnaire’ and selectwhich one you would like to use.
  13. 13. Application processWhen a candidate chooses to apply foryour position your questionnaire willappear in the application window.
  14. 14. Any questions?• If you have any questions about any aspect of the screening questionnaire process, feel free to drop us a line ( or give us a call on 1300 893 093.• We will be delighted to assist you.
  15. 15. Happy candidate hunting!