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E Learning Hospitality Training

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Front Summit

  1. 1. Introducing the FrontSUMMIT™ E-Learning Center © 2009 July FDRP – V2
  2. 2. Agenda  E-Learning versus Online Learning  Why e-Learn with FrontSUMMIT™?  FrontSUMMIT™ and FDRP Certification Path  The FrontSUMMIT™ Solutions  Conclusion 2 © 2009 FDRP
  3. 3. E-Learning vs Online Learning Understanding the definitions E-learning is a broad term used interchangeably in a wide variety of contexts. A simple definition is: • E-learning (electronic learning): Any technologically mediated learning, whether from a distance or in face to face classroom setting (computer assisted learning). It includes the delivery of content via Internet, audio- and videotape, satellite broadcast, interactive TV, CD-ROM, and more. Online learning: Any learning experience or environment that relies upon the Internet as the primary delivery mode of communication and presentation. As learning methods continue to grow exponentially, e-Learning is often being used synonymously with online learning. 3 © 2009 FDRP
  4. 4. Why E-Learn with FrontSUMMIT™? Overview The FrontSUMMIT™ e-Learning Center brings an efficient new approach to help you and your organization achieve greater success. By giving managers / instructors and staff / students easy access to the tools they need to do their jobs more effectively, FrontSUMMIT™ helps to develop a strong and talented workforce. 4 © 2009 FDRP
  5. 5. Why E-Learn with FrontSUMMIT™? Benefits Cost Effective Management Tracking  Lessen disruption to work  Track the individual levels of schedules learning  Shrink travel and related  Objective and inexpensive way training costs to test skill proficiency of existing staff or job applicants  Increased buying power with the Toolbox™ options that  Send automated email groups both Instructor and notifications Student material Interactive Standardize Messaging  Enhances comprehension  Ensure that lessons are taught and speeds knowledge in a clear and consistent transfer manner  Voiceovers augment the Grow Your  Keep terminology and learning experience Business with standards uniform, even across unit types  Interspersed questions aid FrontSUMMIT™ retention  Eliminate possibility of skipping key information 5 © 2009 FDRP
  6. 6. FrontSUMMIT™ E-Learning Offerings FDRP Certification Path All the FDRP Hospitality Certification Programs are available on FrontSUMMIT™: Professional Certification Program  Provides for a Career Path by Translating Experience into Credentials  Industry Recognized Standards  Progressive, Automatic Certification Associate Certification Program  Establish line level employees performance standards  Alcohol and Service modules  Self study or instructor led, with Bilingual Versions  Assessment tool for dining room hospitality courses use by top academic institutions Apprentice Certification Program  Designed for underage culinarians, with its alcohol-free program teaching to basic functions, e.g. bussing, coffee making, etc.  Utilized by high schools to help connect operators to communities 6 © 2009 FDRP
  7. 7. FrontSUMMIT™ E-Learning Offerings Side and Custom Courses In addition to the FDRP Certification Programs, the e-Learning center offers the additional types of educational material: - Side Courses - Want to learn how to recognize the different Meat Temperatures? - How about understanding customers’ needs who are from different generations? - Custom Course - Need a current manual or presentation material put into an online, interactive session? - Want your content to remain your content? Your staff has exclusive access to the course, but most of all -- your course will not be used or sold to any other customer! Let us create a course for you – It’s easier and less expensive than doing it yourself! 7 © 2009 FDRP
  8. 8. FrontSUMMIT™ E-Learning Offerings Instructor ToolBox™ For customers who use traditional education methods and are struggling with the need to provide for enhanced staff careers with shrinking training dollars, the Instructor Toolbox™ is designed to help you: – Eliminate expensive educational facilities plus course development costs; – Reduce individual training oversight by staff or management and eliminate turnover expense; – Simplify and standardize course material updates, availability and delivery options; – Achieve business needs by providing a flexible training system with minimal management time commitment. No More Taking Your Best Staff or Managers Out of the Workforce Simply To Train Others! 8 © 2009 FDRP
  9. 9. FrontSUMMIT™ E-Learning Offerings Instructor ToolBox™ Options The FrontSUMMIT™ ToolBox™ solution is a strategic approach to training that helps businesses get the most out of their learning environment. Accessed through a customer-unique FrontSUMMIT™ account, you receive: • A perpetual license (pay only once!) that entitles the campus or corporate entity to unlimited downloads of Student manuals / handbooks in English or Spanish languages (where available) • The complete collection of training tools includes all items in the Instructor Toolkit™, which contains: • FDRP Instructor Guide • Motivational DVD by LeftVIEW™ Productions, created exclusively for FDRP • MS/Powerpoint® presentation, which supports the material in the Instructor Guide • Apprentice and Associate programs are available, with the Apprentice offered exclusively to Educational Institutes • Free replacements and maintenance upgrades are included for 3-years! 9 © 2009 FDRP
  10. 10. FrontSUMMIT™ E-Learning Offerings Instructor ToolBox™ Combinations For enhanced value and adaptability to your teaching and hiring needs, the FrontSUMMIT™ ToolBox™ can be combined with other e-Learning courses and certification credentials. Consider these scenarios: Resort A has an average dining room staff of 15 that grows to 50+ during their busy season. In the off-season, the establishment provides training using the ToolBox™ solution. • When employees are hired during or after the standard training time, they can easily make up any missed sessions (or entire training) by using the online, interactive FrontSUMMIT™ course corresponding to the missed information. • Following training should an employee need more review of certain material, they can easily refresh or boost their skills using the same method mentioned above. • For new hire validation of skills, a Certification Exam can be added to the customer account. Prior to the interview, the prospect goes to the FrontSUMMIT™ e-Learning center, uses the provided login information, takes the ‘New Hire’ test, and upon completion simply emails or brings the Certificate of Completion or Certification to the hiring manager. The FrontSUMMIT™ ToolBox™ Never Stops Working For You! 10 © 2009 FDRP
  11. 11. FrontSUMMIT™ E-Learning Offerings Restaurant Collection Options To maximize your purchasing power, we offer two restaurant groupings: - Restaurant Collection™ (21-90 staff members) • Certified Dining Room Associate (CA)™ course and exam bundle • Add the Certified Associate Wine Steward (WSA)™ at a discounted rate • Manuals in English, Spanish or both languages • The Instructor ToolBox™ option allows unlimited downloads – and you need to purchase one per restaurant concept – not one per restaurant! - Hospitality Group Collection™ (91+ staff members) • Receive all of the above items plus all available Side Courses for one low fee per position • Professional Certification Programs can be added for managers • Only purchase for the number of staff positions you have, turnover within the same position is included at no extra charge! 11 © 2009 FDRP
  12. 12. FrontSUMMIT™ E-Learning Offerings Conclusion Learning is more than courses, reading and test-taking. It is the process that enriches and empowers - and it takes place throughout the establishment and across the corporation. Your people are your greatest asset. Invest in them to gain an edge over your competition and reap the rewards of achieving expectations. 12 © 2009 FDRP
  13. 13. Thank You for Your Attention © 2009 July FDRP – V2