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To Change or Not to Change - How to Develop a Facilities Vision - Wisconsin Savings Summit


Educational organizations are facing tough challenges - learn the critical success factors you need to achieve peak operational performance, including policies for change, and strategies for …

Educational organizations are facing tough challenges - learn the critical success factors you need to achieve peak operational performance, including policies for change, and strategies for implementation. Also, most people know the importance of Preventive Maintenance, but it can be hard to justify and hard to implement. In this session, you will learn how to justify your PM program by preventing costly mechanical failures, extending the life of your equipment, and reducing energy expenses.

Published in Education , Business , Technology
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  • 1. Matt HibbardGrant MeiburgTim MundyMilwaukee Savings Summit
  • 2. –Savings plural of sav·ing (Noun)–Noun: An economy of orreduction in money, time, oranother resource.–The money one has saved, esp.through a bank or official scheme.
  • 3. –sum·mit/ˈsəmit/–Noun: The highest point of a hill ormountain.–The highest attainable level ofachievement.
  • 4. What else is changingExpectations• Student• Faculty/Staff• CommunityBudgetsPolicies & RegulationsLeadershipJob responsibilitiesTechnology
  • 5. What do you need to change?Somebody somewhere has to start actingdifferent– Is it you?– Is it someone else?– Is it a team of people?Determine what’s not workingFind and Follow the Bright Spots
  • 6. Reading BMath FScience BSocial Studies AEnglish AArt B
  • 7. Reading BMath FScience BSocial Studies AEnglish AArt B
  • 8. Reading BMath FScience BSocial Studies AEnglish AArt B
  • 9. Bright Spot• Annual energy spend of5,000,000 (in 2008)•Set 5 year strategic goal toreduce electric usage by 40%•Has become one of thehighest rated School Districtsin the state of AZ in reducingenergy consumption
  • 10. Use Your Tools• Software and Technology are animportant tool in your toolbox!• Let technology be part of yourrespected methodology• Gone are the days of “I think” or “Ifeel”
  • 11. Why Technology is Criticalto Your SuccessChange your image by leveraging InformationChange your image by high interaction with yourcustomersEnables you to be Proactive, not ReactiveEstablishes a “respected methodology” whichearns you RespectManage Processes – not problems
  • 12. Why Does Facilities MaintenanceMatter?The appearance of your school facilities says a lot– A positive relationship exists between schoolconditions and student achievement and behavior– Students who attend schools in poor condition scorelower than those attending schools in excellentcondition– Physical conditions have a direct effect on instructormorale, sense of personal safety, and feelings ofeffectiveness in the classroom– The condition of a campus affects the decision ofparents’ prospective students to matriculate at adistrict, school or college/university
  • 13. Internal Departmental Challenge: What causesfacilities problems?• Inadequate funding• Inadequate staff training• Need for more staff• Inefficiencies• Doing the “Status Quo”• Low Moral• No time or tracking method for PM
  • 14. Outside Forces = Challenges• Buildings and Equipment deteriorate• Decreased Public Investment• Voided Warranties• Deferred maintenance• Customer Expectations
  • 15. Perception is RealityNow is the time to be at the tableMarket your M&O departmentData is the foundation of powerPerceptionGapWhat you doWhat othersthink you do
  • 16. SCHOOLDUDE 20
  • 17. SCHOOLDUDE 21
  • 18. SCHOOLDUDE 22
  • 19. Evaluating the Maintenance ProgramAfter demonstrating their support of maintenance,it is fair for stakeholders to expect themaintenance program to show resultsEstablish measurable baselines against whichprogress can be measured (e.g., average time ittakes to complete a work order, average cost/ft2, etc.)A good computerized maintenancemanagement system can provideevaluation data(work orders, energy usage, etc.)
  • 20. Measuring YourOwn Success• A completely redesigned MySchoolDude focused on:– Recognizing your success– Showcasing the impact you’re making at your institution andcommunity– Helping justify staff, resources, customer service,responsiveness and team productivity– Highlighting best practices– Suggesting opportunities for improvement– Illustrating the value of your SchoolDude investment24
  • 21. NewMySchoolDudeCont…25
  • 22. Are you operating alone?SCHOOLDUDE 26
  • 23. or…, are you a member of a WorldClass team?SCHOOLDUDE 27
  • 24. The SchoolDude NationSCHOOLDUDE 28
  • 25. The Power of the SchoolDudeNationRepresenting 50 states, 7 provinces and 16countriesSupporting 30M students every dayIn 2012, more than:– 13Million work orders– 6.5Million facility usage events– 2.2Million IT incidents– 1.1Million IT assets– $1.5Billion in energy costsSCHOOLDUDE 29
  • 26. SchoolDude’s Solution Suites• FS Direct• FS Automation• Community Use• Trip Direct• Maintenance Direct• MD Wireless• PM Direct• Inventory Direct• Planning Direct• Utility Direct• Conserve Direct• Critical Alarm AutomationEnergy ManagementFacility Management Event Management
  • 27. SchoolDude’s Solution SuitesEvent TechnologyFacilityEnergy Facility Event Technology
  • 28. Services• On-Site Product Training– Customized training for your entire team,delivered on-site, at your institution.• On-Site Project Management– Customized project management andimplementation to configure your products andprocesses.• Tune-Up Services– A success engineer can help develop and delivera personalized account review, withrecommendations to drive adoption and success.• Customized Report Building– Customized design, test and implementation ofmanagement reports to support your institution.32Ask me aboutgetting someonefrom SchoolDudeto come to yourcampus!
  • 29. Matt HibbardMidwest Senior Account ManagerOffice: 877-868-3833Email: mhibbard@schooldude.comFriend us on Facebookwww.facebook.com/schooldudeFollow us on Twitterwww.twitter/schooldude#SavingsSummitContact Us!