Save Time and Money with Mobile Work Order Management


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Learn how Humble ISD has reduced the time needed to receive, process and complete work orders using MaintenanceDirect from SchoolDude and iPads.

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Save Time and Money with Mobile Work Order Management

  1. 1. Save Time and Money withMobile Work Order ManagementA Best Practices Webcast for Educational Professionals This program is made possible by:
  2. 2. Speakers Matt Lightner – SchoolDude Applications Engineer Martha Harmon – SchoolDude Marketing ManagerHumble ISD, TX Leigh Ann Montgomery Coordinator of M&O Business Services This program is made possible by:
  3. 3. Reality Check High Expectations Limited M&O Budgets/Staff This program is made possible by:
  4. 4. Stretched too thin• More  work to do with less staff • Square feet maintained by FT custodian – Increased 20% in K12 schools – Increased 16% in colleges/universities• At Humble ISD • Maintain 120,000 sq. ft. per maintenance  employee (above state average of 70,000) • Clean 29,000 sq. ft. per custodian (above state  average of 22,000 sq. ft.) This program is made possible by:
  5. 5. Shrinking Resources• 81% of educational organizations say  they are inadequately funded• 36% of staffing cuts come from  maintenance• 36% reduced custodial services• 51% deferred maintenance This program is made possible by: 5
  6. 6. The Perception Gap “As a Maintenance Department, we have to do more with fewer personnel due to budget constraints.What You Do Perception Gap With the current climate of outsourcing services to reduce costs, we have to continually showcase our worth.” Sandy Marinos What Glen Rock BOE, NJ others think you do This program is made possible by:
  7. 7. Challenge: Low Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction vs. Backlog of Need 80% $90 70% $80 $70 60%Satisfaction Index $60 $/GSF Backlog 50% $50 40% $40 30% $30 20% $20 10% $10 0% $- 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Customer Satisfaction Index Total Backlog $/GSF This program is made possible by:
  8. 8. Increasing Efficiency is the Key!• Increase M&O Efficiency and achieve savings • Saving Time = Saving Money• Improve efficiency >20% by streamlining work  order processes“Our customers are pleased with how much faster their issues are being taken care of, and they stay informed with the work order status notifications MaintenanceDirect provides.” Leigh Ann Montgomery – Humble ISD, TX This program is made possible by:
  9. 9. Eliminate Inefficiencies•Verbal Requests• Interruptions•Forms / Faxes / Emails•Calls / Interoffice Mail•Duplicate / lost requests•Slow response time•Poor communication•WO approval / assignment•Data entry This program is made possible by:
  10. 10. MaintenanceDirect can help you…• Reduce calls, emails and data entry• Receive work requests immediately online instead of  waiting for hard copies• Automatically route work requests for approval • Automatically dispatch work to field technicians • Automatically notify requesters when work is complete Save 30‐minutes per Work Order!!! This program is made possible by:
  11. 11. Using online work requests with MaintenanceDirect“We have reduced time spent entering work orders, improved communication with requesters and eliminated lost paperwork.” Leigh Ann Montgomery – Humble ISD, TX This program is made possible by:
  12. 12. How much $$$ could you save?• Average school processes about 1 work order per student  annually• MaintenanceDirect reduces time to complete each work  order by at least 30 minutes(# of students x 30 minutes) 4000x30 2000 hours 60 minutes 60 saved annuallyMultiply annual hours saved by your hourly labor rate –that’s how much $$$ you can save! This program is made possible by:
  13. 13. Save Time and Money with Mobile Work Order ManagementSpeaker:Leigh Ann Montgomery – Coordinator  of M&O Business ServicesHumble ISD, TX This program is made possible by:
  14. 14. Humble ISD, TX• 38,000 students• 6+ million square feet of building space• 823.45 acres of grounds• 5 high schools, 8 middle, 27 elementary• 6 support facilities• 4,526 district staff• Received 28,829 work orders in FY ’11‐’12• Received 19,675 in FY ’12‐’13 to date This program is made possible by:
  15. 15. Humble ISD, TX• M&O has 12 para‐educators and 45 hourly techs• $1.16 per sq. ft. operations cost (more efficient than  the state average of $1.33)• Maintain 120,000 sq. ft. per maintenance  employee (above state average of 70,000)• Clean 29,000 sq. ft. per custodian (above state  average of 22,000 sq. ft.)  This program is made possible by:
  16. 16. Challenges• Communication, tracking and accountability • Needed to improve data integrity and tracking • Needed better, simpler reporting • Time consuming work order process • Printed work orders for techs • Manual data entry to create, update and close • No follow up communication with other departments  on their requests This program is made possible by:
  17. 17. Solution: MaintenanceDirect• Web‐Based: accessible online to staff, technicians  and requesters• Saves Time: requesters submit requests  themselves; we can respond to requests more  quickly• Improves Communication: requesters get  status updates and can check status online• Reporting:  easy to generate for data driven  decision making This program is made possible by:
  18. 18. Managing Change and Implementation• Set up training for all users – work requesters, work  approvers and technicians• Showed requesters how it helped us respond faster  and keep them in the loop• Dedicated time to helping technicians transition to  a computerized process• Demonstrated communication and efficiency  improvements to all involved  This program is made possible by:
  19. 19. This program is made possible by:
  20. 20. Achieving SavingsImproved accountability• Improved data tracking and integrity – work orders  dont get lost• Improved communication with requesters – check  work status online and get email notifications; they love seeing  what we are working on for them• Able to track and document work order progress• Easily generate reports o Show administrators how efficient and productive we are This program is made possible by:
  21. 21. Achieving SavingsImproved efficiency: Saving Time = Saving $$$• Reduced work order processing time • Receiving requests online • Allowing requesters to check work order status online • Reduced data entry time• Shortened response time for completing repairs; puts  department in a positive light This program is made possible by:
  22. 22. iPads – The Next Step in EfficiencyGoal – save more time! • Further reduce data entry & response time • Dispatch new work orders to techs throughout  the day • Improve techs’ accountability for time and  completing work • Close work orders in a timely fashion • Use camera for pictures of parts, damage,  product tags, etc.  This program is made possible by:
  23. 23. iPads – The Next Step in EfficiencyImplementation• Why iPads – user friendly, no network login/out,  protective coverings, size/readability• Started with test of 10 iPads• Got board approval for 35 more despite a funding  freeze – technician showed board how using the iPad made him  more efficient• Technician training – Checkout iPad for the weekend – Printed training documents – Share tips and tricks at monthly meetings This program is made possible by:
  24. 24. iPads – The Next Step in EfficiencyAchieving more savings  • Reduced paperwork and data entry • Eliminated lost paperwork • Improved data accuracy – Tracked 49,096 work orders (post iPad rollout) from 7/11/12‐2/28/13  compared to 10,599 the previous year (pre iPad rollout) • Able to communicate with and dispatch work to technicians in  the field – quicker response time • Improve accountability – techs enter their time and close work orders • Easy access to work order history This program is made possible by:
  25. 25. Reports and Accountability• Easy and quick report generation• Show administrators how efficient and  productive the maintenance department is• Access historical information on completed  work• Evaluate performance and productivity – work by trade, work in progress, reports on rooms  and equipment This program is made possible by:
  26. 26. Work In ProgressThis program is made possible by:
  27. 27. Transaction Costs This program is made possible by:
  28. 28. Achieving More Value and Savings• Integration with InventoryDirect – account for  inventory items and cost used on each work order• Integration with FSDirect for facility scheduling– For  campus sponsored events, service providers can create work  orders to complete and record their labor hours • Integration with PMDirect for preventive  maintenance – Saving money with proactive maintenance  that extends equipment life This program is made possible by:
  29. 29. Executive Overview ofSchoolDude’s MaintenanceDirectWork Order System The nation’s #1 maintenance management system for educational organizations This program is made possible by:
  30. 30. This program is made possible by:
  31. 31. This program is made possible by:
  32. 32. More Insight• The presentation and a recording of today’s webcast  will be available online tomorrow at:• Don’t miss these resources: • Old Dominion University (MaintenanceDirect Case Study) • An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure (PM white paper) • Achieve Savings with Audit Accountability (Inventory webcast) • Work Order Savings Calculator: • Additional Resources:  This program is made possible by:
  33. 33. Contact• Leigh Ann Montgomery Humble ISD, TX• Matt Lightner, Applications Engineer,  SchoolDude 1‐877‐868‐3833• Martha Harmon, Marketing Manager,  SchoolDude Serving more than 5,800 Educational Organizations 1‐877‐868‐3833Request a MaintenanceDirect demo: or‐demo.php This program is made possible by: