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slides from the May 2013 Training

slides from the May 2013 Training



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  • Power4Schools (“P4S”) is an organization dedicated to providing lower costs electric supplies to various public school districts in the State of Ohio. P4S is comprised of four Ohio organizations providing Ohio School Districts various services: 1) Buckeye Association of School Administrators; 2) Ohio Association of School Business Officials; 3) Ohio School Boards Association; and 4) Ohio Schools Council.   Over the past 10 years the organizations’ efforts helped save Ohio public school districts well over $20 million on electricity supplies. To amplify their economy of scale and secure additional savings for public schools in Ohio, the four groups decided to join forces and create P4S.
  • SchoolDude is the nation’s leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (a.k.a. SaaS or Cloud) applications designed specifically to help schools, both K-12 and higher education, manage facilities, maintenance and technology. Since our solutions are devised exclusively for educational professionals, the online tools for facilities, IT, and business operations management are easy-to-use, affordable, and are designed to help educational institutions of all sizes save money , increase efficiency and improve services .
  • This leads to Power4Schools agreement with SchoolDude. To continue efforts on reducing electric costs, Power4Schools selected SchoolDude’s benchmarking and energy conservation software to help identify additional savings through tracking and comparing consumption and utility costs between buildings and school districts. Power4Schools is offering member schools the use of SchoolDude’s web-based utility tracking tools to provide analysis and reporting of their utility consumption and costs to identify utility savings opportunities. Also included will be the ability to track greenhouse gases, Energy Star® ratings and utility use.
  • This is summary of SchoolDude’s solutions suite. As you can see we provide different solutions for the 3 main areas in school operations. Under the IT umbrella we provide help desk and asset management solutions, under the facilities umbrella we provide work order, preventive maintenance, and inventory solutions, an for the business side we provide facility use, field trip, and capital planning management solutions. This section also includes our utility and conservation analysis solutions which we’ll be focusing on today.
  • We only work with Education
  • Let’s talk about the challenge of finding savings in energy in the education world. The one thing we know is that there will always be change, with such a unpredictable economic environment the costs of oil, natural gas, and other commodities will fluctuate. So the question is how do you protect your budget from these economic factors?
  • According to the US Department of Energy. K12 schools spend approximately $8 billion every year on energy costs. Second only to personnel costs, energy and utilities are the next highest expense in the K12 operating budget, coming in at 32-percent. This is according to AS&U magazine’s 38th Annual M&O Cost Study.
  • The good news is that utility expenses are not fixed. Energy costs are one expense that you have the ability to actively manage without negatively impacting educational quality, and they represent 16% of your controllable costs, according to the US Department of Energy. In fact, the DOE estimates that $2 billion can be saved by improving energy efficiency in K-12 schools, an amount equivalent to the cost of nearly 40 million new textbooks. So what do we mean by controllable costs? What we really mean is MANAGEABLE COSTS!!!
  • While other schools were spending upwards of $100 more per student a year Kileen started a program to track their utilities in Utility direct and has been able to save.
  • However, schools that are focused on improving efficiency can experience savings of 5 to 20-percent , according to the US Department of Energy - savings that can be used to fund facility improvements, academic programs, classroom and staffing needs. To give you an estimate of what you might be able to save, let’s take the $295.13 per student energy cost from AS&U’s research. For a 4,000 student district their annual utility budget is approx. $1.18 million dollars. 10% savings of $1.18 million would be $118,000 annually. What could you do with $118,000 dollars? HVAC upgrades, Roofing projects?
  • By proactively monitoring and MANAGING your utility bills with a low cost software you can save anywhere from 10-20% of your annual energy budget.
  • SchoolDude works with over 1000 schools helping them manage their energy costs. Here is a few samples of what we’ve heard before our clients started tracking their utility bills to find savings……
  • So how can you gain visibility into your utilities to answer questions like “Did the weather effect our usage this month?” “Why is the electric or water bill so much more than this time last year” “Is something broken?”, “Are the conservation programs working”
  • So rather than simply paying utility bills without reviewing them, tracking and analyzing your utility costs on an ongoing basis is the starting point of any successful energy management program. It allows you to monitor your usage more closely and compare usage data, giving you the information you need to reduce spending, track the results of conservation initiatives, and identify billing errors. Remember The Basics Save Money – Don’t assume all bills are correct – watch for abnormal consumption! How often do we have mistakes in our billing? Meter and/or Meter Reading Problems – Malfunctions, inability to reach meter Calculation Errors – new systems with different formats Wrong Rates – utilities cannot always spot-check for best rates against a bill Utility Bill analysis helps you establish utility usage trends, patterns and problems, helps you identifies energy waste and inefficient facilities, validates utility bills for accuracy and identify bill errors and builds historic usage profiles for budgeting purposes. Energy management starts and ends with the utility bill data.
  • This is the least expensive and most rewarding method for saving energy, but it can often be the most challenging because you’re implementing a change in human behavior – next slide.
  • Today’s manager doesn’t sit in front of a computer all day changing schedules and revising temperature set points. Today’s manager is a team leader that is passionate and persistent and is a great COMMUNICATOR. This means involving your building occupants, board, and decision makers by training, providing information, and rewarding.
  • Maintenance departments are reporting a minimum of 30 minutes saved per work order, translating into significant hours and dollars saved annually.
  • In 2010, SchoolDude examined the user data of overall work orders and preventive maintenance work orders generated and performed during the 2009 calendar year to identify schools with outstanding preventive maintenance programs and share their best practices. The study identified a category of “PM Masters,” who consistently allocate the highest amount of preventive maintenance resources compared to their peer group. The study of PM Masters identified significant benefits of regular preventive maintenance in schools.
  • No surprise to anyone in this room, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the use of our buildings for community and non-educational events. Our clients have reported a 21% increase in the community use of space since 2007.
  • Facility use has averaged 1.24 events per student for institutions less than 5,000 students to about half an event per student for institutions larger than 50,000 students.
  • Here is an example of a school with 3,000 students.

Power4Schools and SchoolDude Power4Schools and SchoolDude Presentation Transcript

  • SchoolDude’s Energy Saving Solutions forPower4School MembersBryan CobleMichael GlinesSteven Abee
  • Today’s Agenda• 8:30am – 9:00am Registration• 9:00am – 10:30am Introduction toSchoolDude and Solutions Training• 10:45am – 12:00pm Budget Relief Ideas forFinding Energy Savings
  • Ice Breaker!!!SCHOOLDUDE 3
  • About Power4Schools• P4S is comprised of OSBA, OASBO, BASA, &OSC• Over 250 Ohio member school districts• Dedicated to providing lower cost electricityto public school districts in the State of Ohio• Member Schools are saving over $12 millionannually on their electric costs.
  • About SchoolDude• Market Leader in enterprise asset management solutionsfor educational institutions• Working with over 6,000 educational organizations,30+% of the US student population• Built to serve education (small, medium, large)– K-12 Districts, Private/Independent, and HigherEducation
  • The P4S agreement with SchoolDude• SchoolDude will provide benchmarking and energy conservationsoftware to help school districts expand their energy savingscapacity. Software is free to all P4S member districts• Allows districts to track and compare energy consumption andutility costs between school buildings and other school districts.• Utility tracking software will provide for the analysis and reportingof utility consumption and costs.• Includes be the ability to track greenhouse gases, Energy Star®ratings and utility use.• Will give districts the ability to find additional savings by identifyingutility usage reduction and management opportunities.
  • SchoolDude Solutions
  • The SchoolDude Nation6,000+ educational institutions More than 5,000 US Public K-12 districts; 1/3 of the US Nearly 800 colleges and universities More than 500 independent & private schools1Million educational professionals seeking masteryThe largest community of educational operations experts onthe planet
  • The Power of the SchoolDude NationRepresenting 50 states, 7 provinces and 16 countriesSupporting 30M students every dayIn 2012, more than: 13Million work orders 6.5Million facility usage events 2.2Million IT incidents 1.1Million IT assets $1.5Billion in energy costs
  • Top Reasons to Acquire(based on client feedback) “Great service” Live one on one support First Contact Ownership “Low risk” Annual subscription & you own your data! “You’ve kept it simple” User roles for different types of users “You are Internet based” Totally web-native (Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad) “SchoolDude University” Annual users conference each SpringSCHOOLDUDE 10
  • • Schools spend $8billion annually onenergy
  • Energy expenses represent 16%16% of aschools controllable costs.
  • Schools That Are NOT Managing CostsThe Economics• Several districts *• 2004/05 --$240/student• 2007/08 --$370/student• 55% growth whileenrollment flatManaged vs Unmanged• Unmanaged is spending $60-$100 more per student per year• Competing with other resources• Classroom• Maintenance• Capital backlog• Needed equipment
  • – Save 10%-15% by changes in behavior or increasedawareness– Save 5-20% by effectively managing, maintaining andoperating schoolsSavings Example:– Average utility costs = $295.13 per student– 10% savings = $29.50 per student annually–4,000 students = $118,000 savingsSchools That Are Managing CostsSchools That Are Managing Costs
  • You can save 10-20% annually bymonitoring your energy bills
  • What We See Every Day in Schools• “We just pay the bills”• “We have an Energy Star rated school, so we’regood…”• We track our utilities in a Spreadsheet• “We don’t have the information or staff to bettermanage this resource”• “We don’t have a way to compare schoolsto each other”• “The board is entertaining a proposal to outsourceenergy management ”
  • Goals of Utility Bill Analysis• Validate bills for accuracy and identify errors• Evaluate utility usage trends, patterns,problems, and identify energy waste andinefficient facilities• Motivate the organization to conserve:Establish and monitor programs to reduceconsumption
  • Energy Saving Opportunities• Misread meters• Malfunctioning meters• Estimated Accounts• Account OwnershipProblems• Incorrect units of measure,multipliers, and rates• Removing Personal Appliances• Electric Demand Reduction• Energy Waste• Inefficient buildings• Malfunctioning equipment• Operational Opportunities• Water Leaks• Oil Bill Problems
  • “A typical school can save 10%-15% bychanges in behavior or by increasedawareness” – US Department ofEnergy
  • • Involve building occupants• Make decision makers aware• Train staff• Reward• Provide informationChanging Human Behaviors
  • Reporting & Benchmarking-Reporting & Benchmarking-EvaluationEvaluationYear Data2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006Month HDD CDD HDD CDD HDD CDD HDD CDD HDD CDD HDD CDDJan 847 0 846 0 777 0 725 0 614 1 535 0Feb 480 4 768 0 536 0 504 4 674 0 604 0Mar 424 8 402 0 414 17 368 6 319 34 438 16Apr 118 79 128 67 137 57 173 33 211 62 139 73May 29 191 28 238 30 225 39 85 61 160 80 100Jun 0 463 0 499 0 400 0 469 0 346 0 290Jul 0 579 0 537 0 451 0 433 0 420 0 455Aug 0 453 0 499 0 475 0 414 0 592 0 477Sep 15 273 0 370 8 183 8 238 4 305 21 162Oct 204 27 112 62 178 33 209 34 76 153 221 29Nov 323 19 401 1 354 1 468 0 431 1 365 4Dec 509 1 932 0 759 0 548 2 523 6 534 0GrandTotal 2949 2097 3617 2273 3193 1842 3042 1718 2913 2080 2937 1606Use by BuildingUse by BuildingReportReportUtility Direct allowsyou to evaluatebuildings versus likebuildings or multipleyears.You can do DegreeDay analysis.TDD AnalysisTDD Analysis
  • Solution Overview
  • More Savings Opportunities• 50-60% of energy costs savings availablethrough M&O improvements - *Stanford,UCLA, Cornell, RMI Study• Efficient Event Management can improvesavings of $25 per student annually andprovide a 3-5% annual energy savings * DudeData
  • Maintenance/Physical Plant
  • Event Management
  • Description Minutes Unit Cost # of Events Rough CostCheck calendar for availability 5 $20/hour 3300 $5,300Coordinating with staff to supportevent, approving, getting otherapprovals15 $20/hour 3300 $16,500Coordinating and creating invoices 10 $20/hour 1500 $4,800Checking Schedule and Doing EMSOverrides per event5 $20/hour 3000 $4,800Custodial time - setup, breakdown,clean up, lock/unlock and otherservices)60 $20/hour 2000 $40,000Energy/Utilities $25,000-$60,000/year 2000 $25,000Wear & Tear, reduced life of buildingcomponents, capital impacts$5,000-$35,000 3300 $10,000IT – internet access, projectors, AVcarts??? ??? $???Supplies – paper towels, soap ??? ??? $???OTHER??? ??? ??? $???Behind the scenes: a 3,000 student institution
  • BuildingManagementSystemCafeteria Zone 1Auditorium Zone 2Classrooms 101 – 120 Zone 3Classrooms 201 – 220 Zone 4Gymnasium Zone 5Admin Area Zone 6Client Feedback = 3-5% annual energy savings
  • FacilityScheduleAutomation(FSA)
  • More Training UD Training & DudeSupport• Unlimited Online training sessions will beoffered weekly: Every Tuesday at 10 am EST• Toll Free Support (877) 868 -3833• Chat and email support@schooldude.com
  • Contact Information:Bryan Coblebryan@schooldude.com877-868-3833Steven Abeesteven@schooldude.com877-868-3833www.schooldude.com