Contests and Twitter: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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A brief presentation about contests on Twitter. There are hundreds of promotions happening in the Twitterverse, but what works and what doesn't? This is a quick review of some examples of the good, …

A brief presentation about contests on Twitter. There are hundreds of promotions happening in the Twitterverse, but what works and what doesn't? This is a quick review of some examples of the good, the bad, and ugly Twitter contests. Presented at a Cool Twitter Conference by Adam Schoenfeld, CEO at Cheddr Media. Cheddr Media offers a tools to create, run, and manage Twitter contests.

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  • Compared to the traditional methods… twitter offers some hot benefitsThat’s why there are so damn many. Brands of all sizes, bloggers, etc.
  • What is Squarespace30 iPhone 3GSs. Right when the iPhone was being released. Hot item in the press. Well timedFollow @squarespaceJust include the #squarespace. OPEN ENDEDTrending TopicFollowers: 800 to 30K+
  • What is moonfruit10 macbooks Pros in 10 days. Just after release of the new macbooks… hot item in the pressFollow, then tweet with the hashRT or Be Creative. Follow required~400 followers before, 40K+ afterTrending TopicKEY: Incentives for creativity… “Michael Jackson was killed by eating too much #Moonfruit”
  • Chris does frequent contests for smaller prizes. Typically 400-500 entries. When there is voting they get several thousand votes.He does it using Cheddr – DISCLOSURE.Bring in the tweets. Makes it more interesting. Reason to visit the site again. More engaging when voting.SUPER easy to enter right from the siteMechanism to drive traffic back – links added to tweets submitted from siteThis one was for a Throwboy pillow. Just a fun little prize. #throwboyWhy is THIS good….People talking about the sponsor….People tweeting the handle + backlinkBenefit of Cheddr is the on site engagement and driving traffic back
  • 1.) IN twitter2.) driving traffic. … look at the sources. See how much came from twitter and viral channels
  • Really? 3 things?
  • Remember this is people publishing… they care about what goes into their stream. Don’t want to look spammy. So be sensitive to that
  • Don’t lie
  • Harass a Booth Babe to winUgly = getting negative buzz
  • The Viral Distribution can go the other way… #EAfail…. Your BRAND + FAILUpside down on the benefits of Twitter contests
  • When people ask us for advice on Twitter contests… these are the main points…


  • 1. Contests on Twitter… The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Adam Schoenfeld CEO, Cheddr Media Mail: My Tweets: @schoeny Company Tweets: @cheddrmedia
  • 2. CONTESTS + TWITTER = NATURAL FIT Why? • People Love Free Stuff • Easy to Play/Participate • Viral Distribution unlike traditional contests 2
  • 3. THE GOOD: SQUARESPACE Hot Prize, Easy to Play 3
  • 4. THE GOOD: MOONFRUIT Encourages & Rewards Creativity 4
  • 5. THE GOOD: CHRIS PIRILLO Interactive, Engaging, Drives Traffic My tweet here… 5
  • 6. BENEFITS IF YOU’RE GOOD… Followers & Buzz on Twitter… (Viral) Site Traffic… Contest Traffic Sources -Sample From Cheddr Media User- 100% Post-Contest: 11% Other 90% 30K+ followers 5% 80% Facebook 10% 70% Internal 60% 26% Twitter 50% Direct 40% 30% Pre-Contest: ~800 followers 20% 48% Likely from 10% Twitter Clients 6 0%
  • 7. THE BAD: TOO MANY STEPS 3 Steps… I give up! 3 Steps to Enter 7
  • 8. THE BAD: I’M CONFUSED Where do I click? What do I do? 8
  • 9. THE BAD: SPAMMY... Retweet Often? ALL CAPS? Do I want to share this? 9
  • 10. THE UGLY: SQUARESPACE REVISITED Misleading Users = Bad Idea 10
  • 11. THE UGLY: VIRAL BACKLASH Shocking is good, but crossing the line can get Ugly 11
  • 13. TAKE AWAYS • Set Clear Goals + Metrics – What is the ideal outcome? – Followers? Site traffic? Sales? • Targeting – Who is it for? – Engage existing community/customers OR reach new customers (or both)? – Targeting influences theme, structure, and promotion • Clarity – What does the user have to do? – Keep it simple – Ideally this directly influences goals • Funny, Cute, Shocking (or Big Prize) – But not over the line… 13
  • 14. THANK YOU! Contact Info: Mail: adam@cheddrmedia My Twitter: @schoeny Company: @cheddrmedia Website: 14