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What's New with Google Analytics


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Presentation given to Technocon 2

Presentation given to Technocon 2

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  • ----- Meeting Notes (11-06-22 22:00) -----45 minutesLeave time for questions and discussionFighting cold - bear with me
  • ----- Meeting Notes (11-06-22 22:00) -----ask during - easier to discuss with the slide upcan't guarantee i will see backchannel
  • ----- Meeting Notes (11-06-22 22:00) -----Google Analytics Individual qualificationTest - 80%, GA, code, AdWordsOur implementation - 200+ accounts/profiles, rollup tracking, goals, custom scriptsSince urchin tracker
  • ----- Meeting Notes (11-06-22 22:00) -----No analytics tool is perfectscript based - cookies - 1st partyLarger the org, the more you need to plan - what do you want to trackFree good: no costFree bad: do what they want, support hard to find
  • ----- Meeting Notes (11-06-22 22:00) -----Fortunate enough to get in early and testApr 20 open to everyoneStill changing - feedback linkINTERFACE - biggest changes - take getting used toFEATURES - some great additions, others missing
  • As with anything Google, there’s good parts, and bad partsOrThings you like and things you don’t like
  • ----- Meeting Notes (11-06-22 22:00) -----Start with the interface
  • ----- Meeting Notes (11-06-22 22:00) -----Old login screen and account accessFirst account, then profileUseless metrics
  • New Start page.Find your accounts and profiles using one of the search fields
  • Search has suggest featureNeed to know the names of your accounts and profilesDevelop a naming convention/strategyBonus – you can search by Account #Very helpful when troubleshootingexample
  • Direct links to Overview sectionsVisitorsTraffic SourcesContentConversions/Goals
  • The right drop down works, tooUse it when you are already viewing a report or going to admin settings
  • Old version.Useless metrics, dates, periods
  • Click account, see profilesSearches were here, at the bottom, worked wellI liked the starred feature
  • This is where you end up. Dashboard
  • New version.Know your name, search
  • Direct link into traffic sources.I would like to see a way to get to dashboardDefault is Visitors overview
  • First thing you notice is completely overhauled interface
  • Side menusGoals, dashboards, custom reports, segements goneHelp is different
  • Top, tabbed navigationdashboardS has moved to top.My site has reports and intelligenceGoals is now My ConversionsCustom reports has a tab – very nice
  • Key placesFind a reportHelp links – about this report. Find old reportsHelp Centre – use it, it’s good
  • Old dashboard.OK, Could customize and arrange. Only 1
  • New DashboardsMultipleDifferent types of widgets
  • Metric – numberPie chartTimeline – shows trendsTable – detailsFilters – Yay!Give it your own titleAdd a link. To report or to external – your site
  • Show examplesMetricPieTableTimeline
  • One thing I miss, add to dashboard,Could use for custom reports and a filtered custom report
  • Custom reportsFAVE – show only what you need.Standard reports – stuff you don’t really needBig button for new
  • Quick access to your custom reports
  • Adding newNo longer a new section of site. Done in contextFiltersType – explorer vs Flat table - dataExplorer: Drill down dataFlat Table – more data in same table, more reultsMetric groups in addition to tabs
  • Custom reports combined with new Advanced segments.Aside: Bottom is Google Apps vs Webmail clicks
  • Once again, created in contextMore options AND and OR blocks
  • New search fields work great for filter.Use show descriptions for more details
  • The reports. Layout kind of the same, kind of differentStill click on any small trends to change the big graphBest piece is at the bottom
  • Click any on the left for quick view on the rightLink to full report is there.
  • Content reportsBetter presentationNav summary now a tabTotals now above the line graph – some trouble with the totals not adjusting on drill down
  • Filter/searchAdded to the top.More advancedMore options in the match select (REG EX)
  • Visitor reportSomething coolPlot rows
  • Creates segments right on current displayUsed to have to do an advanced segment to show this data
  • Admin side.This was messy.Not able to see goals.Scroll
  • Now, cleanerBetter interfaceTerminology questions???
  • Profile select.Easier to jump between – those that use same UA code
  • Goals tab.Look, I can see them all and what they are
  • Old goals reporting.OK.
  • New.Overview is okSelect specific goal is even betterAll details for that goal easy access
  • Bottom table againClick between the 2
  • Source/Medium right there.GOLD
  • New 20 funnel steps- Awesome
  • Dates – state, keep same as you navSegments – stateMore than 2 – old All Visits auto selected
  • Page load timeStats on how long pages take to load.Added recently (May??)Sampled – not every page load is calculatedNeed to add code to your tracking
  • trackpageLoadTime snippet
  • Huge.
  • Transcript