New Year New Blog: 10 Things for a Successful 2013


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These are the 10 things every blogger must have in place for their strategy to become a successful resource in their niche.

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New Year New Blog: 10 Things for a Successful 2013

  1. 1. New Year New Blog! 10 Things for a Successful 2013 Presented by: Amy Schmittauer, Founder & Face
  2. 2. Our GoalFor you to have a better understanding of the important elements thatmake up a successful blog presence taking it from just another websiteto a legitimate resource of a specific niche.
  3. 3. Make sure you have these 10 items aligned in yourblogging plan to allow your content to grow youraudience and give you the opportunity to be thatresource... Get ready to take notes!
  4. 4. 1. Elevator Pitch Whats your niche??● Can you tell me what youre all about (in less than 10 seconds)?● If you cant say it, how will anyone know what you do?● About Page● Rethink the "Elevator Pitch"
  5. 5. The "About Page" Elevator Pitch:Savvy Sexy Social helps people understand and implementeffective business strategy with social media tools and digitalpublic relations. Our strong focus on personal branding andmultimedia content help increase audience growth and greaterbrand awareness.
  6. 6. The Actual Elevator Pitch:We help brands show off their fabulous personality online.
  7. 7. 2. Google Analytics How can you get better if you dont know whats already working?● You should always have GA measuring your site, even if you want to use another tool as well.● Most robust tool for free.● Schedule time every month to go over site performance such as pageviews, unique visitors, and most popular content.● Also watch for what search terms are landing people on your site and how you can create more content with that information.● Dont worry about numbers, but be aware of them so you can see how growth it happening. When youre in the know, it will help you grow.
  8. 8. At the end of 2012:● Increase in Pageviews of 66% from 2011● Increase in Unique Visitors of 108% from 2011● Increase in Site Visits of 84% from 2011● Increase in Search Traffic of 18% from 2011 Now I know:● Audience is doubling but I need to continue optimizing articles to make readers want to see more content upon visiting.● SEO is working ideally and I should continue my current efforts.
  9. 9. 3. EmailThere is no better way to communicate your message than through email... unless its in person● At the same time that you prepare Google Analytics you should be adding an opt in form to collect emails from new visitors● Permission to enter ones inbox is much more valuable than any social network following.● If you dont collect emails, youre missing out on monetization opportunities.● They will forget you and never come back.
  10. 10. 4. Email Form Strategy Make them beg to give you their email● Aweber or Mailchimp are my top recommendations● Nobody puts Baby in the corner, so your opt in form shouldnt be there either● The best placement for your email opt in form is at the top of your sidebar, always above the fold● Other good options: About Page, under each blog post, pop up form● Get the readers who are on the fence with a free product
  11. 11. 5. Blog Topics brainstorming How can you turn your knowledge into content?● Just because you know your niche doesnt mean you always know what to write about. Even seasoned bloggers get blog topic block.● Have a brainstorm session: ○ Grab paper, pencil and timer, and then make three columns ■ New trends/insight ■ Overcoming obstacles ■ Teaching Skills ○ Keeping your niche and different categories of content in mind. Set a timer for 20 minutes to start brainstorming and do nothing but come up with ideas for those different types of blog posts. ○ Dont erase or evaluate, just keep writing. ○ At the end take a 5 minute break. ○ Reset the timer for 10 minutes and keep writing.● If you have 10 topics for each column, thats 30 days of content!
  12. 12. 6. Editorial Calendar Stay organized with your content! Schedule it.● Keep your blog post ideas in a certain place (I like paper notebook and Evernote) and then when youre ready to schedule them, use a content calendar● Best way to stay on task for the site and make sure types of content are evenly spread● Helps you plan for time to write content when you know the due date for each post● Guest bloggers or PR pitches will also inquire and looking at the editorial calendar to figure out availability is a great way to keep that process organized
  13. 13. 7. Multimedia Higher engagement comes from something easy on the eyes● Video and photo are great ways to express content other than writing● Also great compliments to your basic posts● A lot of content is seen because of the supporting photo... thus the success of Pinterest and its referrals● Video blogging is a great way to drive your message because of the personal connection it can create (also, if you host on YouTube youve now introduced your content to a whole new audience!)● Think about how you can incorporate multimedia to help spread your message across more platforms
  14. 14. 8. Competitor watch Stay on top of your game by keeping an eye on similar sites● No need to be a copycat but you should know what your competitors are doing...● Whether it works or not● Make sure youre staying up on trends that your competitors might pick up before you● Look at their social content to see what is well received● Avoid what isnt working and figure out why so you can do it better
  15. 15. 9. Partner watch You cant do it all alone so work with people who want you to succeed● If there are industries that could be a great partner for you, start sharing the love.● The more you prove yourself as a good partner, the more likely they will help make their audience aware of you.● Consider starting a group of blog supporters... partners who comment and share each others content.● Built in brand ambassadors are a great way to start if youre low on traffic. Just make sure you can return the favor and youre not just begging for help.
  16. 16. 10. Creative Discipline The blog isnt going to grow on its own.● You can plan and have ideas and great intentions, but unless you take the blog seriously and schedule the time you need to support it... it will not grow an audience!● When do you get your best writing done? When does no one bother you? When can you control your environment?● Make appointments on your calendar to be creative whether its brainstorming, writing, or any kind of creating.● Do you have to blog a certain number of times? No. But consistency is key. Going awol for months will not build any relationships.
  17. 17. ten things 1. Elevator Pitch 2. Google Analytics 3. Email Client 4. Opt In Form Strategy 5. Blog Topic Brainstorming 6. Editorial Calendar 7. Multimedia 8. Competitor Watch 9. Partner Watch10. Creative Discipline