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Nickel for Scale - Botacon 0


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Slides for our 5 minute Botacon 0 presentation on Nickel for Scale. …

Slides for our 5 minute Botacon 0 presentation on Nickel for Scale.

Nickel for Scale is a Processing app that uses computer vision to measure the sizes of objects in an image, using a nickel to determine the scale. Measurements are then used to customize 3D objects for rapid prototyping machines, such as a MakerBot 3D printer.

Nickel for Scale was created in 48 hours by Marty McGuire and Amy Hurst at the first Baltimore Hackathon. Our hope is to demonstrate that with little effort is it possible to create usable customization apps with real-world uses.

Published in: Self Improvement
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  • Read (1&2)Ideally want people to be able to do this at home, and not have to go to clinics, hardware stores etc. 3) Read: Need to consider target demographic, and make these tools ACCESSIBLE for individuals who may not have accurate control over their hands, or maybe they have vision limitations.
  • As a first step to answering these questions, we created Nickel for Scale. In this project we… (read)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Nickel For Scale: Automatically Customizing 3D Objects to Fit YOU!
      Marty McGuire, MakerBot Industries
      Amy Hurst, UMBC
    • 2. Extreme Customization!
      Inexpensive rapid prototyping tools offer a DIY alternative to the one-size-fits-many approach of mass manufacturing.
      It’s now possible to customize objects just for you!
      Life-changing for individuals whose abilities or size change over time:
      • Individuals with disabilities
      • 3. Children
      • 4. Older adults
    • But there are hard questions.
      What measurement tools are needed for customization?
      • What tools are available?
      • 5. Can’t expect everyone to have calipers or a precision 3D scanner!
      • 6. What tools are easy to operate?
      How do you customize 3D models from measurements?
      • How do you know what to measure for your model?
      • 7. What if you have to retake measurements?
    • Nickel For Scale
      Take measurements from images of an object, using a nickel for reference!
      Parameterized 3D models
      • OpenSCAD enables us to scale models based on these measurements
    • Project Details
      Built in 48 hours at the Baltimore Hackathon
      • Voted audience favorite
      Software used:
      • Processing: OpenCV, unlekkerLib, controlP5, …
      • 8. OpenSCAD
      Nickel for Scale is Open Source!