10 Best Practices For Virtual Classrooms

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Ten tips for moving face-to-face training to delivery via web conference in a virtual classroom.

Ten tips for moving face-to-face training to delivery via web conference in a virtual classroom.

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  • 1. 10 Best Practices for Web Conferences
    Moving face-to-face training to delivery via web conference
    By Darlene Christopher
    Copyright 2009 D. Christopher
  • 2. Web Conferencing is...
    Copyright 2009 D. Christopher
  • 3. However some web conferences are…
    Copyright 2009 D. Christopher
  • 4. Follow these 10 best practices to deliver a
    top-notch web conference
    Copyright 2009 D. Christopher
  • 5. 1. Content Matters
    Don’t dump your slides used in face-to-face training into a web conferencing tool and expect a successful session.
    Trim your content, create
    pre-work/post work and
    optimize remaining content.
    Copyright 2009 D. Christopher
  • 6. 2. Dress it Up
    Add images to convey key concepts.
    Replace text heavy slides with images.
    Pay close attention to copyright rules.
    Copyright 2009 D. Christopher
  • 7. 3. Keep it Lively
    Plan to interact every 3-5 minutes.
    Use polls, chat, white boarding, breakout rooms and status icon changes.
    The interactivity will take time, which is why you need to trim your content (see #1).
    Copyright 2009 D. Christopher
  • 8. 4. Pair Up
    It’s difficult to talk, read and type at the same time. These tasks need to be shared.
    The facilitator is the subject matter expert who does most of the talking. He or she pairs up with a producer who is the web conferencing expert and does most of the reading and typing.
    Copyright 2009 D. Christopher
  • 9. 5. Practice Makes Perfect
    Rehearse with a mock audience. Otherwise the first time you deliver your training, you will rehearse with your live audience.
    Rehearse a complete delivery to ensure you can cover the material and exercises in the allotted time.
    Copyright 2009 D. Christopher
  • 10. 6. Find Your Voice
    The facilitator’s voice carries additional importance.
    Use clear and precise language.
    Avoid slang and monotony.
    Record your rehearsal and hear it for yourself.
    Copyright 2009 D. Christopher
  • 11. 7. Show Time
    Log in at least 30 minutes early, then start and end on time.
    Engage the audience early, exposing them to the interactive features (chat, polls, audio, status icon changes, polls).
    Copyright 2009 D. Christopher
  • 12. 8. The Sound of Silence
    Your audience needs time to processa question or read a poll and determine how they will respond. Typing a response in the chat area requires even more time.
    Resistthe urge to jump in and break the silence . Let your participants fill the pause instead.
    Copyright 2009 D. Christopher
  • 13. 9. Have a Plan “B”
    Log in as a host/presenter on your computer. Have an extra computer logged in as a participant next to you. That way you can see the participant view and you have a back up computer.
    Keep screen shots handy in a PowerPoint, if you plan to do application sharing.
    Think of other back-up plans
    specific to your needs.
    Copyright 2009 D. Christopher
  • 14. 10. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.
    Conduct an online evaluation during the last few minutes of your session.
    Debrief with your delivery team immediately after your session concludes.
    Incorporate feedback from attendees and the delivery team into your training program for continuous improvement.
    Copyright 2009 D. Christopher
  • 15. About Me
    Darlene Christopher is a web conferencing professional. She designs and delivers web conferences for global audiences at the World Bank Group. Follow her web conferencing blog at: http://webconferencingzone.blogspot.com/
    Copyright 2009 D. Christopher