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3 states of matter
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3 states of matter

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  • 1. 3 STATES OF MATTER Mackenzie Blair 8th grade
  • 2. GASES • • • • Gases- An air like liquid that expands freely to fill any available space. The particles are fast. They are so fast they slip from each other so they roam freely past each other. Ex: Like people running around in a gym. Has no definite shape or volume.
  • 3. EXAMPLES OF GASES 1. Smoke 2. Helium 3. Oxygen 4. Carbon Dioxide 5. hydrogen
  • 4. LIQUIDS • Liquid- the state of matter that has a definite volume but takes on the same shape of its container. • The particles move fast enough to overcome the attraction between some of the particles. All liquids have something called surface tension. •
  • 5. SURFACE TENSION • • • • Every single liquid has surface tension. Surface tension- a force that holds together particles at the surface of a liquid. Surface tension causes some liquid to form spherical drops. Ex: Rain drops
  • 6. Examples of liquids 1. Water 2. Coffee 3. Paint 4. Oil 5. Acid
  • 7. SOLIDS • Solid- The state of matter that had a definite shape and volume. • The particles are very close together and vibrate. • There are two types of solids.
  • 8. TWO TYPES OF SOLIDS Crystalline • Orderly • Particles in a repeating pattern of rows • Particles don’t move around • Ex: iron, diamond, ice Amorphous • Particles have no special arrangement • Particles don’t move around • Ex: glass, rubber, wax
  • 9. EXAMPLES OF SOLIDS 1. Bacon 2. Cheese 3. Toilet paper 4. Cats 5. Ice
  • 10. CHANGE OF TEMPERATURE AND STATE Evaporate Melting 100 0 Temperatures in Celsius -20