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Pack your bags! Social Media for Travel and Hospitality
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Pack your bags! Social Media for Travel and Hospitality


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • ADD Delta
  • Change “internet” to “The social web”Google Sourcewith hotel sites being the preference for business travelers search engines being popular among leisure travelers.
  • Add a bit about what this means. EG “if you’re communicating with business travelers on the road. Mobile is a must”
  • ResearchPruchaseJourneyDestination
  • The Challenge: The scavenger hunt offered questions that required players to use various Google apps and online tools to find the answers, and integrated with Virgin America both for questions and by offering free WiFi to passenger on that day. The Reward: The top 5 scorers in the challenge gets a year of free flights and free in-flight Wi-Fi from Virgin America, an HP net book computer, and 1 terabyte of Google account storage for all of your photos and email.
  • Lessons learned:1. Build your campaign on your core products/services. Users had to use many of Google's tools to find the answer to questions about Virgin America's planes, technology and flight schedules.2. Forge the right partnership.The choice of these two brands together worked perfectly to add to the popularity of the scavenger hunt. Both have high goodwill among their fans and drew a tech-savvy audience to participate.3. Engage through fun and competition while educating.The engagement on this campaign was high because the content was great and the format was fun. There were even tweets from flights encouraging plane-mates to do better to beat a competing plane.The campaign used Google friends to form a player-interactive community.Users posted scores and tagged tweets with #DayInTheCloud.
  • The Case: In April 2009, Tourism Australia introduced the Visiting Opinion Leaders Program (VOLP) to generate word of mouth on Australia. Tourism Australia targeted influential bloggers and offered them a free trip to Australia in exchange for publishing content about their trip.
  • YouTube:Features a selection of the best travel videos from Lonely Planet’s own online video-sharing website, and exclusive content such as previews and behind-the-scenes footage from upcoming Lonely Planet Television showsFacebook:A space where users can engage with LP, connect with friends they’ve met while travelling and to share travel stories.Lonely Planet is also working on a variety of wireless applications for Facebook users to add on their profilesFlickr:Groups are designed to provide an avenue for travelers to showcase their snapshots from their journeys
  • Keep the text but remove this image
  • Accessed through a simple FB app on the Malaysian Airlines Travel pageFan selects desired template, fills in required fields, including location, date, message to recipient, and uploads holiday photoSelect recipients (ALL, or select groups / individuals), sourced from sender’s FB friends list. Option to share with MH followers too.‘Send’ delivers virtual MH-branded postcards to recipient. Appears on sender and recipients’ news feeds (MH optional)!A MH FB fan will be able to view a ‘world map’ that plots all their postcards sent… as well as an alternate view of all the postcards they have ever receivedMousing over will pull up details of the postcard, clicking will pull up the postcard from the MH Travel Moments’ photo album
  • Transcript

    • 1. Starting Shortly…
      Past presentations:
      Password: socialat
      Internal Training Only – Not For Clients
    • 2. Pack Your Bags
    • 3. Questions and Comments
    • 4. Speakers
      APAC Director
      Regional Director, Hong Kong
    • 5. AGENDA
      Emergent Trends
      Current Trends
      Case Studies
      Innovative Ideas
    • 6. Emergent Trends
      Social Booking
      Booking on Facebook.
      Source: Air Asia Facebook, Delta Facebook
    • 7. Current Trends
      Social web reaches business travelers at every stage of the funnel
      Awareness: Helps 63% learn more
      Consideration: Helps 60% decide
      Action: Prompts 39% to act
    • 8. Current Trends
      Business Traveler: The Social Media Power User
      Online Sources for Business Travel
      Social media is the business traveler’s primary source for travel information
      Source: Google: The Traveler’s Road to Decision 2010 (Darcy, Billingsley)
    • 9. Current Trends
      Online Videos: Documentaries and Beyond
      Watch Travel Videos Online
      Business travelers consume more video than personal travelers
      Source: Google: The Traveler’s Road to Decision 2010 (Darcy, Billingsley)
    • 10. Current Trends
      Mobile Device: A Hand-held Concierge
      Use Mobile Device to Find Travel Info
      Business travelers use mobile to check in to flights, book hotels and read reviews.
      Source: Google: The Traveler’s Road to Decision 2010 (Darcy, Billingsley)
    • 11. Business Traveler
      Customer Journey
      “I’ve heard from colleagues that MH is their preferred choice”
      “Malaysia airlines has a strong product offering for business travelers like me”
      “I expect airline to connect me with trusted sources of information”
      “Taking great care of business travelers is what MH is known for, and why I fly with them”
      “MH helps me find my way even after I get to my destination”
      “MH may be worth checking out for my next business trip”
      “I fly business for a more personal touch during my trip”
      “Wow! MH is perfect for business travelers”
      “I’m not sure its prudent spend on first / business class travel.”
      “I can get destination information elsewhere”
      “As a managed traveler, I don’t have much say in which airline I use”
      “I’ have miles with another airline”
    • 12. Case Studies
      Virgin America/Google
      Scavenger Hunt in the Sky
    • 13. Case Studies
      Virgin America/Google: How They Did It
      Build campaign on core products
      Forge the right partnership
      Pair enjoyment with education
    • 14. Case Studies
      Tourism Australia
      Tapping into Travel Content
    • 15. Case Studies
      Tourism Australia: How They Did It
      Branded FlipCams for shooting video footage
      #AUInsiders hash tag used when Tweeting
    • 16. Case Studies
      Lonely Planet
      Multiple Platforms
      Source: Travel and Social Media: The Lonely Planet Story
    • 17. Case Studies
      Lonely Planet: How They Did It
      28,000+ subscribers
      11,000+ members
      270,000+ followers
      250,000+ fans
      Source: YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter
    • 18. Case Studies
      Connecting a brand with business travelers on the go
    • 19. Innovative Ideas
      Create a Content Library
      Travelers select content in the online library
      At check in, travelers receive a pre-loaded iPad on loan
    • 20. Innovative Ideas
      Social Media Concierge
      Real-time, live concierge enabled by social media
    • 21. Innovative Ideas
      Virtual Postcards
      Hi from Siem Reap!
      Facebook app offers customizable virtual postcards
    • 22. Any Questions?
      Archive of all presentations:
      Password: socialat
      Sign up for the social media email list: