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Pecha Kucha of Piet Zwart. Created by a group of fellow colleagues from web authoring class, art3870

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20 seconds 20_slides

  1. 1. Piet Zwart: The Rebellious Type
  2. 2. Piet Zwart Typographer Dutch Photographer Industrial Designer
  3. 3. What is he like? “ Different” “ Not an easy man” “ Self centered” and “indiscretion” Work late nights Does not like to hear people’s wrong impressions of him
  4. 4. Honorable Mentions in Year 2000 “ Designer of the Century” “ The most Influential Designer of the Twentieth Century” - The Association of Dutch Designers
  5. 5. Piet Zward was born in 1885 in North Holland. He attended The School of Applied Arts where professors were rarely present for class and the students had to be self taught
  6. 6. By designing from his gut, Piet Zwart was able to experiment and develop nontraditional typography methods and collages with photography Concerned with readability, his main focus was the purpose of type within a project
  7. 7. Some of his work
  8. 8. One must put Zwart’s work into context of the time and design influences. His use of type and montage was incredibly ahead of his time. Even today, such work is inspiring, fresh and unique. His lack of training shows a gift and inner creativity that is individual and comes from deep within. One has to wonder if Zwart’s “difficult” personality, as nay-sayers put it, is a reaction to the misplaced and vociferous opinions of other contemporaries who couldn’t fathom Zwart’s designs. Creative Time Influence
  9. 9. While time has proved him to be a truly great creative, it must have been hard for him to put up with life as the target of harsh critiques from charlatans and mediocre talents. It’s a great lesson for designers to understand that one’s own creative vision is not fodder for other creatives to comment upon. In the long run, history will be the judge of great creativity and not the opinions of others in the field. Target Mediocre Lesson
  10. 10. Zwart’s designs for a book for children on the Dutch Postal Telegraph and Telephone system. Sophisticated, fun and informative. It is an incredible visual, using his favorite bright palette and would be enjoyed by kids even today! Dutch Postal Telegraph and Telephone system.
  11. 11. Jan Mils Hendrick  Petrus  Berlage Architect
  12. 12. Nederlandse Kabelfabriek  Delft Dutch Postal Telegraph & Telephone Dutch Cable Factory in Delft
  14. 17. Held captive by German soldiers during WWII, he returned after: working in industrial design.
  15. 18. Piet Zwart suffered for his art, ensuring his legacy of creativity would live on and be lessons for future artists.  His work at the time was avant garde, but he still managed sell his work as the best way of communicating the message.
  16. 19. Despite difficulties, Piet Zwart succeeded in his goal of communicating a clear and vivid message for the user.   The message is this: failures or life lessons, either one, are always motivators for more creativity to succeed in making the work. In the end after all, only our names will live on.
  17. 20. Shelly Chen Samuel Cua Ninfa Stephanie Lopez Andy Yung Kahi Tai Hugo Diaz
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