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iCompass - White Paper...Confluence of Technology, Information, Conversation, Collaboration, Anthropology, Behavioural Economics, Social Media and Commerce for Virtuous Living

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iCompass White Paper

  1. 1. Imagineering  your  potential  with  the   confluence  of  information,  collaboration,   cooperation,  conversation  &  motivation   -­‐  A  shift  to  Virtuous  Living   Powered  by  “iCompass”,   Dream-­‐Design-­‐Do-­‐Demonstrate-­‐Delight  A  platform  for  human  improvement  aided  by  technology          Satya ChariImagineering IndiaEmail: schari13@gmail.comLinkedIn: Satya ChariFace book: satyachariCell: +61 413 078 871 (Australia)Driving value based opportunities with India forward…Insightful Advice – Considered Strategy – Execution Leadership      
  2. 2.  iCompass: Find  Your  Direction,  Track  Your  Progress,  Live  Your  Dream,  Achieve!        Overview  This  white  paper  describes  the  “iCompass”  concept  and  gives  a  “big-­‐picture”,  presenting  the  need  for  such  a  platform,  and  the  various  ways  in  which  it  can  be  used  for  improvement  in  the  lives  of  individuals,  or  for  organizations/teams/groups  seeking  to  achieve  their  goals.  The   intended   readership   for   this   paper   is   potential   investors,   architects,   decision-­‐makers  and  management  in  technology  companies  who  can  help  make  this  concept,  a  reality.  This   paper   follows   the   “iCompass”   slide   deck.   If   you   have   not   reviewed   the   slide   deck,  please  contact  the  author  to  access  it.          
  3. 3.  iCompass: Find  Your  Direction,  Track  Your  Progress,  Live  Your  Dream,  Achieve!        Introduction    What  is  iCompass?    “iCompass”  is  a  concept  for  a  central  virtual  canvas,  where  users  can  pursue:   • Ideation  of  their  goals  and  aspirations,  supported  by  logical  suggestions  drawn  from   matching  structured  &  unstructured  data,  contributions,  conversations,  publications,   citations  from  the  vast  and  growing  internet,   • Seek  validation  of  ideas  vs.  stated  goals  &  objectives,   o Plan  action,   o Model  /  Visualize,   o Perform,   o Record  activity  /  progress,   o Track  progress  /  what-­‐if  or  gap  /  delta,   o Calibrate  /  re-­‐align,     • Find   motivation,   collaboration,   conversation,   support   and   share   amongst   friends   /   family  /  or  peer  groups…at  one’s  choosing  of  privacy  level  setting,   • Find   support   from   professionals,   experts,   leaders,   champions,   coaches,   mentors,   NGOs,   charities,   organizations,   governments…pro-­‐bono   (philanthropy)   /   for   fee   (commerce),   • Reach    /  achieve,  be  delighted,  share,  publish,  be  recognized,   • Take  up  the  next  challenge  and  /  or  give,  contribute…lead,   • Drive  can-­‐do,  relevance,  self-­‐esteem…engage  in  constructive  living,   • Live  Virtuously.  Where  a  contributor  /  giver  /  philanthropist  can,   • Sync   with   people   who   share   common   interests,   goals   and   principles   and   are   keen   to   take  up  the  challenge  and  willing  to  commit,   • Reach-­‐out  and  let  their  passion  blossom  in  the  wider-­‐world  efficiently,   • Help  nurture  and  develop  -­‐  pursue  elevated  living,   • Act  on  belief,   • Deploy  resources  more  efficiently.  Where  businesses  can,   • Target  the  current  and  future  customers  more  efficiently,  leverage  another  channel   of  reach  and  service  delivery,   • Build  and  develop  one-­‐on-­‐one  relationship  in  privacy  with  customers  with  declared   common   interest   /   pursuit   (recognize   and   act   on   the   power   of   choice   at   “personal   level”  and  “value  before  be  valued”,  
  4. 4.  iCompass: Find  Your  Direction,  Track  Your  Progress,  Live  Your  Dream,  Achieve!         • Forge   trusted   partnership   by   engaging   at   the   level   of   contemplation   /   mental   imagery  /  emotional  deliberations  /  construct,   • Foster   common   interest   group   on   shared   value   /   principles,   locally   tuned   but   networked  virtually  and  globally,   • Find  and  nurture  future  markets…demography,  stitch  and  build  scale,  better  manage   business  cycles,   • Engage   with   people   who   are   passionate   about   matching   profession,   industry   or   ideals   with   promising   prerequisite   and   commitment.   Demographic   studies   clearly   foresee   intense   competition   for   talent   in   the   coming   times,   which   is   no   slave   of   a   particular  race,  society,  geography  or  archaic  policy  formulation.  Where  a  government  /  global-­‐organization  can,   • Better   target   resources   to   people   who   are   actively   pursuing   the   goal   of   common   interest  -­‐  e.g.  “Give  up  Smoking”,  “Manage  Diabetes”,  “Complete  High  School”,   • Measure  citizen’s  priorities,  interest  levels,  commitment,  completion  rates…engage   better  with  citizens  via  media  of  the  future  /  on  topics  of  your  citizen’s  choice,   • Understand  the  world  better,  increase  your  odds  of  serving  your  citizens  better,  lead   rather  than  manage.  Where  a  NGO  can,   • Reach  target  of  interest  better,  via  one  more  channel,   • Deploy  resources  efficiently,   • Find  your  next  volunteers  /  contributors  by  matching  philosophy  /  outlook  /  interest,   • Track  and  measure  effectiveness  of  programs,   • Share  success  stories  amongst  common  interest  groups  /  motivate,   • Pursue  better  outcome.  The   entire   gamut   of   activities   happen   in   a   protected   virtual   space,   where   each   user   may  choose  how  they  wish  to  pursue  their  respective  goals,  whether  privately;  with  an  invited  list   of   friends,   supporters   and   motivators;   by   communicating   with   professionals   in   their  chosen   space   who   can   provide   expert   advice   and   knowledge;   or   by   throwing   their   virtual  space   open   to   the   public   for   validation   and   motivation.   The   environment   of   trust   thus  created  and  controlled  by  the  user  will  help  them  turn  their  dreams  into  achievable  goals;  at  a  pace,  level  of  collaboration  and  visibility  and  mix  of  user’s  choosing.  
  5. 5.  iCompass: Find  Your  Direction,  Track  Your  Progress,  Live  Your  Dream,  Achieve!         • A  protected  space  that  aids   you  to  reach  your  maximum   Self-­‐Actualization potential  in  structured  steps   • An  environment  of  trust  that   The  Need  for  Esteem  and  Respect     Needs   The  Need  for  Love  and   Belonging   Safety  and  Security  Needs   Physiological  Needs   Ref:  Maslow’s  Hierarchy  of  Needs1  The  virtual  space  will  provide  all  the  necessary  tools  that  will  enable  the  user  to  reach  their  maximum  potential  in  structured  steps.  “iCompass”  will:   • Enable  users  to  visualize  dreams  /  aspirations  in  a  virtual  sand-­‐pit,  where  technology   trawls   &   leverages   the   ocean   of   growing   data   /   information   from   the   virtual-­‐world   (e.g.  Google  /  Yahoo…)…what  if,  like  this!,  how  about!...,   • Will   be   built   on   open   technologies,   ubiquitous,   always   on,   anywhere   /   anytime   /   any   device,  and  multi-­‐lingual,  cross  all  demographics  without  distinction,   • Provide  for  self-­‐assessment...a  360-­‐degree  view  of  self…to  start  with,   • Match   /   Map   /   Suggest…utilizing   intelligent   logic   /   hooks…applying   reason   and   rationale  in  choosing  the  goal…assist  the  process  of  choosing  the  goal,   • Assist  in  the  development  of  tailored  online  project  plan…using  the  information  on   selected   goal   vs.   self-­‐assessment,   applying   logic…this   may   include   assistance   from   professionals,   mentors,   coaches,   institutions,   friends,   peers…per   user   choice…in   private  or  at  large  or  anything  in  between,   • Enable  recording  of  progress…tracking…what  if  scenario…calibration…validation,   • Enable  milestone  recognition,  broadcasting,  options…reviews,   • Validate   completion…on-­‐line   membership   of   specific   achievement   groups...certification  by  organizations,   • Encourage  Virtuous  Life.                                                                                                                          1  Maslow,  A.H.,  “A  Theory  of  Human  Motivation,  http://psychclassics.yorku.ca/Maslow/motivation.htm,  1943  [Originally  published  in  Psychology  Review]  
  6. 6.  iCompass: Find  Your  Direction,  Track  Your  Progress,  Live  Your  Dream,  Achieve!        Genesis  What  is  the  problem  we  are  trying  to  solve?  What  is  the  lacuna  we  aim  to  fill?    Evolutionary  forces  have  always  favoured  the  agile,  curious,  active  and  motivated  species.  Life,   under   constant   churn   is   a   beehive   of   possibilities   that   rewards   ingenuity,   adaptation  and  pursuit  of  excellence  in  the  race  to  survive  and  thrive.    The  Age  of  Information  takes  this  conundrum  to  newer  heights:  opportunities  are  found  and  lost  at  warp  speed;  the  stage  and  the  actors  are  continually  redefined  from  the  structured-­‐coupled-­‐physical  to  unstructured-­‐loosely  coupled-­‐virtual.  Whilst   reflection   on   and   association   with   the   past   is   essential   and   a   definitive   source   of  knowledge,   continuity   and   comfort;   the   present   is   the   experience,   reward   and   the   capital  for  “Tomorrow”  –  available  to  all  without  distinction,  but  under  one  rule  -­‐  “Use  it  or  lose  it”.  Social  networking  has  been  the  phenomenon  that  has  been  (and  is)  ruling  the  Information  Superhighway   over   the   past   five   years.   But   the   various   social   networking   sites   offer   only  piecemeal   solutions   for   possibilities   for   human   collaboration   and   improvement:   for  example,   users   must   go   to   one   site   to   meet   their   friends   (Facebook),   another   to   meet  professional  peers  and  mentors  (LinkedIn),  yet  another  to  lose  weight  and  become  healthier  (Livestrong).  Google   offers   a   vast   universe   of   information   –   news,   data,   information   and   multimedia   –  across   public,   premium   and   professional   websites.   But   it   can   be   a   sheer   clutter,   even  bewildering   chaos   for   the   untutored   layman.   There   are   also   real   dangers   of   getting   side-­‐tracked/bogged   down   in   trivia,   while   trawling   the   web   via   Google   and   losing   sight   of   the  long-­‐term  goal.  Additionally,  while  the  possibilities  are  endless,  the  dangers  are  endless  as  well  –  who  does  one   trust   with   one’s   dreams?   Who   is   the   friend/mentor/coach   who   will   support   one’s  endeavours   and   not   disparage   them   in   a   public   forum?   Where   can   one   put   up  images/multimedia/tracking   data   that   shows   progress   towards   the   goal   without   fear   of  scepticism,  random  criticism  or  plagiarism?  While  each  site  mentioned  above  offers  access  control  and  privacy  measures,  none  is  a  complete  solution  in  itself.  A   virtual   space   like   “iCompass”   will   add   value,   where   a   user   can   model   on   their   dream,  address   the   needs   as   well   as   wants,   (optionally)   invite   friends,   mentors   and   coaches   to  cheer  them  on,  and  to  achieve.       There  is  currently  no  trusted  place  on  the  internet  devoted  to  helping   people  reach  their  maximum  potential    
  7. 7.  iCompass: Find  Your  Direction,  Track  Your  Progress,  Live  Your  Dream,  Achieve!        iCompass  The  solution     The$Solu)on:$iCompass$ 3" |"Commercial"in"Confidence"    The   concept   of   iCompass   represents   a   paradigm   shift.   By   taking   social   networking   to   the  next  level;  by  utilizing  the  basis  of  social  networking  to  maximize  human  potential,  iCompass  may  be  termed  as  a  tool  for  human  achievement  via  technology.  As   described   earlier,   iCompass   is   a   concept   for   a   central   virtual   canvas   where   users   can  pursue  ideation   of   their   goals,   seek  validation   of   their   ideas,   perform  tracking   of   ongoing  efforts   towards   meeting   their   objectives,   find  motivation   by   communicating   with   peer  groups,   coaches,   professionals   and   supporters   and  finally   to   garner  recognition/validation  when  their  goals  are  met.  The  features  that  iCompass  will  offer  include:   • Leveraging  existing  knowledge  repositories  and  multimedia  to  offer  appropriate  data   and  content  to  the  user,   • Support  and  encouragement  from  role  models  and  peer  groups  [entirely  optional  for   the  user],   • Tools  to  validate  goals  and  objectives  [or  the  option  to  work  in  complete  privacy],  
  8. 8.  iCompass: Find  Your  Direction,  Track  Your  Progress,  Live  Your  Dream,  Achieve!         • Enables  goal  setting  via  tracking  and  monitoring  tools,   • User-­‐controlled  collaboration:  keep  it  private,  collaborate  with  peers  or  open  up  to   the  public  –  “your  privacy  is  defined  and  controlled  by  you!”.  How  will  it  work?         Fig:  How  iCompass  will  work  iCompass  may  be  architected  and  built  as  an  independent  platform/stand-­‐alone  website,  an  application/add-­‐on   to   current   social   networking   websites,   an   application   made   available   via  various  mobile  and  online  channels  etc.:  the  possibilities  are  endless,  and  constrained  only  by  the  vision  of  the  software  architect.  However   it   may   be   deployed,   the   core   iCompass   platform   will   include   the   following  features:   • An   ubiquitous   application,   technology   and   platform   agnostic,   multi-­‐lingual,   free   for   the  user  and  paid  for  commerce,   • A  “blank  canvas”  for  the  user  to  express  their  needs,  desires  and  goals  for  the  future:   Visualize  and  Model  tools,  
  9. 9.  iCompass: Find  Your  Direction,  Track  Your  Progress,  Live  Your  Dream,  Achieve!         • Security,   access   and   authorization   controls   entirely   managed   by   the   user   for   their   space,   • Support   levels   ranging   from   passive   (providing   data   and   content   from   the   web)   to   active  (plug-­‐ins  to  online  forums,  coaches/mentors,  websites  etc.),   • User-­‐driven  collaboration  modes  –  private,  collaborative  or  public,   • Tools  for  planning  and  tracking  of  the  structured  steps  necessary  to  achieve  the  final   goal,   • Provision  to  validate  the  performance  of  the  user  against  the  structured  steps,   • Platform  to  record  and  recognize  the  achievement  once  the  goal  has  been  reached.      
  10. 10.  iCompass: Find  Your  Direction,  Track  Your  Progress,  Live  Your  Dream,  Achieve!        The  Possibilities    Where  can  iCompass  be  used?    As   a   generic   engine   for   driving   realization   of   potential,   iCompass   may   be   used   in   a   many  number  of  ways:   • By   individuals   seeking   to   realize   educational,   health,   professional   or   recreational   goals   • By   enterprises   seeking   a   trusted   forum   to   achieve   their   organizational   goals,   motivate  their  employees  to  perform  better  and  mould  their  corporate  strategy   • By   NGOs,   governments,   governmental   departments,   extra-­‐government   international   bodies   (e.g.,   WHO),   recreational   organizations,   clubs,   professional   sports   teams,   and   other  groups  of  people  seeking  to  establish,  track  and  achieve  a  common  purpose   • By  companies  that  want  a  platform  to  engage  customers,  individuals  committed  to   their  cause  and  more   • Service   providers,   coaches,   mentors,   equipment   manufacturers,   trainers,   and   others   who  can  help  in  goal  realization.       Imagineering…what-if?- You"wish"to"be"" You"wish"to"" You"would"like"to"" You"wish"to"be"a"" financially"" complete"a"" be"promoted"" public"speaker?" independent?" university"degree?" at"work?" You"are"an"Energy"business" You"are"a"bank,"and"your"goal"is""" You"are"the""Na<onal" &"wish"to"target,"engage"and" to"serve"your"customer"be?er,"" Heart"Founda<on""and" foster"those,"who"are" targe<ng"their"aspira<ons"and"" wish"be?er"allocate" passionate"about"your" stated"objec<ves?" your"resources?" industry?" You"are"a"law"school"who" You"are"a"health"care"industry" You"are"a""French" wish"to"target"people" and"wish"to"target"people" Language"Tutor""and" passionate"about"law"and" who"are"passionate"about" wish"to"posi<on"your" wish"to"take"up"this"goal?" service"/"healthcare?" services"efficiently?" You"are"an""Educa<on"Department""and" You"are"a"travel"business"and"wish"to"target" wish"to"target,"support"and"foster" be?er"L"engage"right"at"the"aspira<on"level," educa<on"amongst"your"target"market"L" support"realiza<on"–"build"trusted"rela<onship"L" be?er"alloca<on"of"your"resources?" avoid"commodi<za<on?" 7" |"Commercial"in"Confidence"    
  11. 11.  iCompass: Find  Your  Direction,  Track  Your  Progress,  Live  Your  Dream,  Achieve!        A  Sample  Usage  Scenario    Consider  an  individual  who  logs  into  iCompass  and  has  the  goal  “I  want  to  be  a  Marathon  runner”.  iCompass  will  offer  the  following  tools  that  will  help  him/her  achieve  the  goal:  Visualization   • Multimedia  information  for  marathon  training   • Inspirational  stories  of  role  models  and  achievers   • Searchable   database   of   knowledge   repositories   supported   by   research   and   real-­‐life   data  Modelling   • A  self-­‐assessment  form  to  build  your  personal  profile   • Recommendations  to  change  the  abstract  idea  into  a  concrete  one   • Support:  Tips,  tricks,  challenges  and  how  to  overcome  them   • Different   interfaces   for   users   choosing   to   keep   it   private   vs.   those   who   wish   to   publicize  it  Planning   • Breaking  the  goal  into  achievable  mini-­‐objectives   • Personalized  plans,  encouragement  from  role  models  and/or  community   • Customized  commercial  service  listings  that  offer  training  and  support  at  a  cost  Tracking   • Shared  space  to  discuss  achievements  and  challenges   • List  missed  objectives,  tick  off  achieved  targets  Recognition   • Shared  space  to  discuss  achievements  and  challenges   • Get  recognition,  offer  support  to  others  as  someone  who’s  been  there  and  done  it   • Link  to  social  networking  sites  and  spread  the  word!  Why  Stop  Imagineering!     • I  want  to  be  financially  successful…go  from  the  need  to  want…pay  off  the  credit  card   to  being  financially  independent…   o Imagine   if   you   are   a   bank,   and   if   you   are   part   of   your   customer’s   financial   goal  and  pursuit,  with  the  insight  -­‐  the  kind  of  relationship  you  can  forge  with   your   customer.   Build   trusted   relationship   for   life,   be   a   partner   of   your  
  12. 12.  iCompass: Find  Your  Direction,  Track  Your  Progress,  Live  Your  Dream,  Achieve!         customer’s   achievement   /   progress   -­‐   design   better   products   /   services   by   partnering  with  your  customers  -­‐  get  into  early  conversations…   • I  want  to  be  professionally  successful   o Opportunity  for  coach  /  mentor  /  trainer…education  provider…   • I  want  to  be  successful  in  my  relationship…   o For  relationship  advisers  /  counsellors   • I  want  to  look  better…   • I  want  to  be  knowledgeable  in….   • I  like  to  be  sought  by  my  friends  or  associates…   • I  want  to  be  respected…   • I  would  like  to  participate  in  public  service…   • I  would  like  to  be  like….”your  role  model”….   • I  would  like  to  be  better  than…”you  are  competing  with….”…  Why  iCompass?  iCompass   fills   a   need   for   a   trusted   virtual   space   for   goal-­‐tracking   and   achievement   that   is  absent  on  the  internet:   1) Every  motivational  site  offers  only  a  piecemeal  solution  targeted  towards  a  specific   problem  E.g.,  Weight  watchers,  Livestrong,  powerlung.com  etc.   2) Social  networking  sites  are  generic  in  nature  despite  customizable  sections.  They  lack   specific  tools  for  goal  tracking,  planning  and  collaboration.   3) Collaborative   tools   are   project-­‐   and   process-­‐oriented   and   used   more   in   corporate   settings  rather  than  for  maximizing  potential.   4) Online  forums  and  bulletin-­‐boards  are  tailored  to  cater  to  specific  issues,  rather  than   for  a  person/group.   iCompass  can  fill  all  these  gaping  voids  at  one  stroke.  Next  Steps    Interested?  Want  to  take  it  forward?  If  this  concept  is  of  interest  and  you  foresee  potential  value,  and  if  you  are  in  the  business  of  investment   /   technology   /   unravelling   the   relationship   and   potential   of   “Information  Superhighway”   and   human   behaviour   further,   then   let   us   discuss   the   concept   in   detail  covering  all  aspects  of  “iCompass”.    
  13. 13.  iCompass: Find  Your  Direction,  Track  Your  Progress,  Live  Your  Dream,  Achieve!        Appendix  The   imagineer   behind   iCompass   is   Satya   Chari   -­‐   a   multi-­‐faceted,   multi-­‐cultural   technology  and   management   leader;   who   brings   domain   expertise   in   Financial   Services,  Telecommunication,  Automobile,  Resources  and  Energy  sectors  to  the  table.  Now   the   Founder   CEO   of   Business   Services   Imagineering   India,   Satya   has   previously   worked  with  Infosys,  Cambridge  Technology  Partners,  Kuwait  Oil  Company  and  others  in  leadership  positions   interacting   with   CxOs   of   global   multinationals,   building   business   verticals   and  mentoring  people.  Passionate  about  virtuous  life,  thinking  of  the  possibilities  and  scope  of  information  in  the  journey  and  it’s  empowerment  multiplier  effect,  sheer  joy  of  seeking  greater  good;  Satyas  core   values,   ethics   and   gratitude   to   abundance;   combined   with   multi-­‐geographical  experiences   and   heterogeneous   technology   background,   guide   all   his   creative   endeavors.  iCompass   is   a   concept   that   arose   out   of   Satyas   introspection   about   the   constant   dis-­‐aggregation   and   re-­‐aggregation   of   the   known,   desire   to   encourage   positive   living   and  realization  of  one’s  potential  –  a  shift  towards  specie  from  fiat.  He   is   a   student   of   history,   philosophy,   behavioral   economics   and   humanities   and   firmly  believes  in  “greater  good  is  self  good”.  Satya   is   keen   to   work   with   a   committed   team   of   technologists   to   convert   the   iCompass  concept  into  reality.