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Papa john’s pizza

  1. 1. Papa John’s Pizza JORDAN SCHAFER NMDL 2012
  2. 2. Company Overview First store was opened in 1984. Menu includes:  Pizza  Wings  Breadsticks  Desserts  Beverages Stores all over nationally:  Owns or franchises 3,500 restaurants in all 50 states and 29 countries. Brand Promise: “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.”
  3. 3. Goals and Challenges Generate more site traffic and internet ordering.  Using a successful Google Ad words campaign. Penetrate the college food market. Continue to be interactive with out customers through social media.  Discounts and giveaways to active customers on social media sites.  Encouraging feedback on how to better our business and to see what our customer wants to see. Improve our presence on Foursquare. Challenges: High competition from other pizza places around college campuses. Seasonality of our market.  Sales might slow down over the summer with less kids on campus. Lack of a presence with location based applications.  Foursquare could be a great asset for us, if used correctly.
  4. 4. Papa John’s Theme To market to college students through social media and location based applications on smart phones. We feel we can penetrate this market because we offer a good tasting product at an affordable price, which is what all college students look for. We also feel we have a great presence on social media and that fits perfect with the college market we are targeting.
  5. 5. Google AdWords Keywords:  Pizza delivery  Pizza Lansing  Local pizza places  Local pizza delivery  Order pizza Sample Ad Copy:  Papa John’s Pizza FREE 2 Liter Beverage when you buy 2 Large 1 Topping Pizzas for $10 each! Order Online! The key benefits:  target certain age groups and target our ads and keywords towards them.  We then have the capability to measure the keywords and the ads and to see which ones are generating sales and leads and then we can allocate that money to the ones that are most successful and see more results from them.
  6. 6. Social Media Facebook:  Keep our page current and up to date.  Promote our Foursquare page.  Have contests and sweepstakes to generate more traffic to our site. Twitter:  Continue dialogue and interaction with our customers.  Receive feedback and learn how to better our company.  Promote our Foursquare page and discounts for checking in.  Have giveaways and contests to win prizes or free pizzas.
  7. 7. Location based Applications Foursquare: Allows for customers to check in at our restaurants and earn discounts and coupons.  Promotes our restaurants to their friends and followers and no additional charge to us.  They can leave feedback and tips for their friends, which is generating free press and publicity for our brand.
  8. 8. Blogging and SEO Blogging:  Set up blogs for our owner, top level management, and workers to contribute to.  Gives everyone a voice where they can give suggestions and interact with one another. SEO  Helps our company be found while searching the internet.  Done through Facebook and Google Ad Words.
  9. 9. Metrics of Success Traffic to our web site, social media pages, and location based application page. Pay per clicks  Facebook and Google Ad words campaigns Through interactions through our blogs and social media pages we can see what our customers liked and disliked. Can also track demographics of our customers.
  10. 10. Budget and Timeline Budget:  I propose a budget of $50,000.  This will be spent of buying keywords for our Ad words campaign then paying for the clicks we receive.  The next portion will be spent on promoting our Foursquare and other discounts and coupons we plan to give out and run.  The rest will be spent on the coupons themselves and the other giveaways that we will give out through our social media interactions and sweepstakes. Timeline:  I would suggest pulsing advertising  Our market will be seasonal, with August through December being busy, then downtime at the beginning of January, Then busy from End of January through May, Then the summer months will slow down with the majority of college kids going home for the summer.