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  • Abstract:The incorporation of ESRI Business Analyst Online (BAO) into our Regional Economic Development public/private partnership (Infomentum Online) has provided the opportunity to provide a massive amount of demographic, consumer spending, and business data to the members through both public and private web applications. The web applications utilize the BAO api to provide access through customized interfaces. Public applications provide access to selected reports for each available building or site within the 10 county region in an easy to use manner. The investor only site provides each member the ability to access all of the data and resportsavailble through BAO within an interface that has been developed primarily through the requests of the users. This presention will cover the benefits of incorporating BAO as well as lessons learned along the way!  
  • Boon = something to be thankfulfor;blessing; benefit. = jovial companion
  • ACOG …a word from our sponsor Work cooperatively with local governments in 6 upstate counties to guide growth and development, and provide services to enhance quality of life Serve as a key link between local governments and state entities—promote regionalism and innovation. Serve local, state, federal government + citizens,
  • InfoMentum provides GIS-based research tools to attract industry and create jobs in the ten-county Upstate. InfoMentum is integrated into the economic development activities of counties, major utilities, businesses, and the Upstate Economic Development Alliance. The wide array of regional geographic, demographic, and economic information provided by this customized decision support system enables users to quickly create maps, tables, and graphics to serve their marketing, research, and planning needs.Part of EDIS Suite of Services provided by ACOG through the generous annual support of all other co. in region + Upstate AllianceEDIS Partnership and we partner closely with staff in the Co. Office of Econ Devregional partnership allows use and purchase of HW, SW, databases not afforded by individual countiesGOALS:Support Upstate Economic Development and Business Community Strengthen Regional Identity Enhance Competitive Edge of Upstate Foster Regional Data PartnershipsServices:On-line Delivery of GIS ApplicationProperty DatabaseFact Finder DatabaseSpecial Reports and ServicesSmall Business ResourcesTechnical SupportEDIS BDPublic-Private Board:Private Sector Investors ,County Reps from ACOG Board,User MembersEstablishes policies, operational objectives, and work programs’Sets budget and fundraising strategiesMonthly User Group Meetings & Training
  • PublicationsProspect Packages – new and expandingGrant analysisSmall Business developmentMunicipal change
  • (BAO satisfies these needs…ACOG has:Business Analyst Online API – Government Organization for Pop of 1-5 million served, Standard Package Subscription.
  • “The Esri Business Analyst Online APIs provide access to the functionality of the Business Analyst Online Web-based application via a number of Web APIs. Use of these APIs enables rapid development of custom Web applications and mashups for applications such as site screening, market analysis, economic development and more.The APIs provide access to Esri-hosted services to create trade areas (rings, drive time, and donuts) around a specific location and the creation of demographic reports based on a trade area, an arbitrary area specified by a polygon, or a standard geographical area such as a county or a ZIP Code.”~~~~~~~The Esri Business Analyst API for Flex extends the capability of Esri’sArcGIS API for Flex with methods to create trade areas, run demographic reports, run comparative analytics and more. To use the API you just need to download the Business Analyst for Flex library, as well as, the ArcGIS Server for Flex API library and start creating your Flex applications using Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 or the Flex tool of your choice.With BAO, you can: Analyze trade areas, competition, supply and demand Evaluate sites Determine population within a specific drive-time or distance Identify and segment customers  
  • PUBLIC site….After 10.1 flip - limited to pre-determined centroid, only for demographic & income info
  • Sic 2396 Automotive & Apparel Trimmings
  • Wide variety of data types & sample possibilities = variety of users – i.e.Municipality use for demographics within bounds of municipality Pet Store - how much spent on pets w/in drive timeIndustry – where are suppliers
  • show service area, system components, and infrastructure. site used in-house for strategic planning and inventory.
  • BAO is Centerpiece of InfoMentum application
  • BAO is Centerpiece of InfoMentum application
  • Scarcs2013 bao for info map final

    1. 1. Carol AndersenAppalachian Councilof GovernmentsSCARC 2013Columbia, SC2/12/13Amy Wright WebberLongview Consulting
    2. 2. InfoMentum Online @ ACOGBusiness Analyst Online featuresBAO Value Added for InfoMentum OnlineWrap Up – Lessons, etc.
    3. 3. • Land Use & Transportation Planning• Grant Administration• Local Government Technical Assistance• Training• Geographic Information Systems• Programs for the Elderly & Disabled• Business Development Programs• Economic Development Decision Support Apps
    4. 4. Source ServicesSites
    5. 5. Property Navigator(Public)County InfomentumOnline (Public)InfomentumOnline (Investor Only)
    6. 6. SQLArcGISServer 9.3~~~SDEArcGISServer 10Amazon CloudACOG DMZ FIREWALLWORLDPublic SitesUser Only SiteArcGISServer 10.1Amazon CloudStaging Site
    7. 7. Data beyond regionAnalysis across county bounds withconsistent dataTrue radius slice vs. selecting whateverradius touchesMore categories please!
    8. 8. www.upstatescalliance.comUpstate SC Alliancewww.advance2anderson.comAnderson Co.Economic Development
    9. 9. Create separate login tied to organizationTrack renewalsCheck service upon anniversary
    10. 10. Access US data (from w/in region)Current data PLUS projectionsConsistent, seamless street networkacross & beyond bordersData access – deeper & broader
    11. 11. Consistent & seamless street networkAllows branding for each countyAllows data delivery vs. data massageSolves version lag in commercial dataservice
    12. 12. BAOAPIEcon.Dev.UtilitiesGrantsOtherPlanningSiteSelection
    13. 13. Carol AndersenAppalachian Council of Governmentsandersen@scacog.org864-242-9733www.scacog.orgAmy Wright WebberLongview Consulting Services,