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Matt baker scarc users conference airports gis

  1. 1. State GIS LAND USE &Mapping ProgramPresented By:Matthew BakerGIS/CAD ManagerSC Aeronautics Commission
  2. 2. PROJECT GOALOur goal was to better manage South Carolina airportfacilities in order to achieve the most life out of airportimprovement projects. We also had a need to control thedistribution of existing assets, document management, landuse regulation around the airports, and safety inspectiondata. The integration of GIS with these core goals was avital foundation for our GIS best practices.
  3. 3. PROJECT TEAM• Matthew Baker – South Carolina Aeronautics Commission• John Robinson – Department of State Information Technology• Kevin Remington – University Of South Carolina GIS Department
  4. 4. TECHNOLOGY• ESRI’s ArcGIS Server 10.1• ArcMap 10.1• ArcPad• Trimble GPS analyst• Trimble GeoXT 6000 series handheld GPS• Trimble GeoXT 3000 series handheld GPS• Terra Sync• Pathfinder Office• Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise platform• Citrix Virtual Access• Android and Apple mobile ESRI applications (Coming Soon)• ARC SDE (future development)
  5. 5. DATA MANAGEMENT PROCESS• Data is “checked out” from the Geodatabase on the server tothe GeoXT handheld device.• Staff members can update features and add new or deleteexisting features.• Locations are all placed using GPS coordinates with approx.24” accuracy post processed depending on conditions.• Data is then “checked in” from the GeoXT handheld to theGeodatabase on the server.• Can also be updated in the office for features that do not needto be georeferenced using ESRI ArcMap software.
  6. 6. South Carolina AeronauticsGIS CAPABILITIES• Flexviewer Web Application for ease of use for the end user and non GIS user.• Updated inventories and condition on lighting and electrical systems for allpublic use airport facilities• Updated Pavement conditions and other pavement related data to allow morecost effective decisions for future airport pavement projects.• Allows for more accurate planning and engineering documentation.• FAAAirports-GIS ready and compliant• FAA Draft AC 5300-19 standards compliant• All information is easily and readily available for public use and distribution• Allows the ability to make clear zoning and parcel mapping available toanyone.
  7. 7. South Carolina AeronauticsESRI POWERED FLEXVIEWER
  8. 8. South Carolina AeronauticsESRI POWERED FLEXVIEWERZoom In Tool: 1. Click tool. 2. Then bring cursor onto map, click & hold down the left mouse button and drag mouse to create a zoomin extent box. 3. Release mouse button to zoom in. Scrolling your mouse wheel forward also zooms in, and scrolling your mousetowards you zooms out on the map.Zoom Out Tool: 1. Click tool. 2. Then bring cursor onto map, click & hold down the left mouse button and drag mouse to create azoom out extent box. 3. Release mouse button to zoom out. Scrolling your mouse wheel backward also zooms out. (Picture looksthe same as above, except with zoom out tool selected.)Pan Tool: 1. Click tool. 2. Then bring cursor onto map (cursor should be a hand icon), click & hold down the left mouse button anddrag mouse left, right, up or down. Release mouse button to pan in that direction. Pan tool is the default tool that is active when theAviation GIS System is initially opened.
  9. 9. South Carolina AeronauticsFLEXVIEWER TOOLSAirport Location Tool: 1. Click tool, the bookmark windowshould open. 2. Go to the window and click on an existingbookmark, the map will zoom to that specific airport. 3. You canadd your own bookmarks by clicking the add bookmark tool.Enter a name for the bookmark in the window provided. Click theadd bookmark button to complete the addition.
  10. 10. South Carolina AeronauticsFLEXVIEWER TOOLSFind an Address ToolAnother way to find a specific property is by using the Find an Address tool.To begin, click the Find an Address tool . Type the address in the topwindow, city (optional) in the middle, and the zip code in the bottomwindow. Click the locate button, the results will be returned and the mapwill zoom to the first record. Notice that it returns more than just theaddress entered. The top entry should be the best match for the addressentered.. The others are the next closest matches.
  11. 11. South Carolina AeronauticsFLEXVIEWER TOOLSDraw & Measure ToolThe draw tool will let you put temporary marks/draw on the map viewer without permanentlyaltering the map or live map layers. The draw marks will also appear on printed maps. When you clickon the tool icon a widget appears showing various drawing instruments along with text, color, andfont size/line width. Measurements of what the user draws can be displayed on the map.Measurement units or the coordinate system can be selected. To show measurements on themap, click the check box next to the “Show Measurements on Map” label before you start drawing.Also be sure to set the desired units before you start to draw. The resulting measurements will bedisplayed on the map.
  12. 12. South Carolina AeronauticsFLEXVIEWER TOOLSDraw Point: will put a dot on the map wherever you click the cursor.Draw Line: will draw straight lines only. Click once to start the line,click again to insert a vertex/corner, and double click to finish theline.Draw Freehand Line: will draw straight and curved lines. Click andhold down the cursor and the line will follow behind the movementof the cursor. When you are finished, release the cursor and the linewill end.Draw Polygon: will draw straight edge polygon. Click once to startthe shape, click again to insert a vertex/corner, and double click tofinish the shape.Draw Freehand Polygon: will draw a freehand polygon. Click andhold down the cursor and a polygon will expand between the cursorand the point of origin. Release the mouse button to complete thepolygon.Draw Text: will add words to the map. Type the text into the textbox found in the widget. Select the color and font size you want.Click once on the draw text icon. Then click once on the map whereyou want the text to appear and the text will be displayed.Clear Drawing: will clear the entire map of all drawn features. Clickthe clear icon and all drawings/annotations on the map will beremoved.
  13. 13. South Carolina AeronauticsFLEXVIEWER TOOLSPrint Tool: 1. Click tool, the print window will open. 2. Type map title in thetitle window. 3. Click on the print button , the printers dialogue menu willopen. 4. Select the printer and page format of your choice and then print.Note: Only the map will show on the printed page, the tools will not print.
  14. 14. South Carolina AeronauticsFLEXVIEWER TOOLSIdentify ToolThe Identify Tool offers the inverse of the Search. The user clicks a point on the mapand the application returns a list of all the features that are found at that point. Theuser can choose to identify all the layers available or can narrow the search by un-checking the boxes next to the layers that one is not interested in. All the layers canbe selected or unselected by right clicking the mouse over the list and selectingfrom the resulting pop-up menu.Once the user clicks a point on the map the tool flips to the results tab. Results areorganized in a scrollable list with the selected result expanded and showing itsattributes. The selected feature is also highlighted on the map. The user can scrollthrough the results by selecting them from the list.
  15. 15. South Carolina AeronauticsFLEXVIEWER TOOLSMap LayersThe Map Layers menu features tools used to directly manipulate thecontent of the map. The user can choose to view aerialphotography, airport NAVAID data, runway information, Electrical Studydata, and Parcel maps. Each layer may have sub-layers that are accessed byclicking the arrow at the left of each layer name. The User can turn layerson and off by un-checking the box beside the layer. By clicking on thebanner without releasing & dragging you can move the window toanywhere on the map that you want.
  16. 16. South Carolina AeronauticsFLEXVIEWER TOOLSDriving DirectionsThe driving directions tool will let you put multiple stopping points on themap. Then choose between shortest time or distance for best route. 1.Draw a stop for the starting point or enter an address. 2. Draw a stop forthe ending point or enter an address then hit enter. 3. You can add barriersif you know of road closings, detours, or traffic problems that you want toavoid. 4. To view a written turn by turn version, click the driving directionsicon.
  17. 17. South Carolina AeronauticsESRI POWERED FLEXVIEWER• Gives the end user the ability to gather information aboutfacilities on and off the airfield• Obstructions• FCC towers• Airfield lighting• Pavement condition information• Create, Save, and print your own maps• Lat. And Long. Coordinates on the fly• Driving directions• All state airports are bookmarked for easy access from oneairport to another• High resolution aerial ortho and approach imagery
  18. 18. Airspace analysis prototype Tool• Leverage GIS technology to view through the SCAeronautics’ existing GIS Flexviewer system.• Combine accurate data from local airport surveyswith publicly available data:– Airport Features: Obstructions & Airspace– Highly-accurate terrain models– Aerial imagery• Create a tool to analyze and visualize airspaceand potential obstructions
  19. 19. GIS Data Viewer• Data Viewer using GIS “Flex” Technology
  20. 20. Zoom to Point: Find Lat/Long
  21. 21. “What If” Obstruction Analysis• Any Airspace Surfaces: Part 77, Terps, etc.
  22. 22. Create Visualization in 2D & 3DDraw in ProposedBuildings & Objects.Then export to GoogleEarth
  23. 23. 3D Visualization in Google EarthProposed Building penetrates Part77 Surfaces –Analyze in 2D, Visualize in 3DGoogle Earth
  25. 25. WEBSITE REDESIGN•• Teamed up with USC Web Design Group• New easier layout and design• Added information and documentation• Forms• Social Networking
  26. 26. Airport data
  27. 27. Commission information
  28. 28. Aeronautics departments
  29. 29. Documents and downloads
  30. 30. Title 55 and airport land use
  31. 31. Overview1. Airport Compatible Land Use & Its Importance2. Historical Land Use Role of SC Aeronautics Commission3. Growth & Airport Compatible Land Use Impacts in South Carolina4. Recent Land Use Efforts by SC Aeronautics5. Partnering to Implement Revised State Enabling Law’s New Land Use Provisions
  32. 32. Airport Compatible Land UseWhy is land use compatibility important?Minimize safety risks to aircraft & their occupants,and to people & property on the ground.Minimize quality-of-life impacts to people on theground.Protect the public investment in the airport bymaximizing its utility as an economic asset.
  33. 33. Historical Land Use Role ofSC Aeronautics Commission• Obstruction Management– 5010 Safety Inspections– Obstruction Mapping & Clearing Guidance– Instrument Procedure Development Coordination
  34. 34. Recent Land Use Effortsby SC Aeronautics• Statewide Land Use Study– Airspace & Land Use Standards– Existing Zoning, Land Use Data, & Conditions– Planned Future Airport Development– Recommendations
  35. 35. Recent Land Use Effortsby SC Aeronautics• Revision of Title 55 of State Code– Significantly updates SC Aeronautics’ governing law– Removal of antiquated terms and functions– Major overhaul of compatible land use authority
  36. 36. Title 55• Compatible Land Use Provisions– Allows, but does not require, counties andmunicipalities to enact airport compatible land useordinances– Requires local governments to notify SC Aeronauticsof land use changes near airports, based on airport-specific zones developed by Aeronautics, and to basepermitting decisions on those zones
  37. 37. Land Use Notification Criteria
  38. 38. Land Use Evaluation Criteria
  39. 39. Title 55• Land Use Review Procedure Objectives– Use of simple, standard forms and checklists– Comments within local permitting timelines– Web/GIS-based Tool for Notification/Comment– Keeping all stakeholders in the loop
  40. 40. QUESTIONS?????