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  • This slide is a suggestion for how we want to depict our departmental solution patters to customers. Greater ROI is achieved as these 4 functional patterns are implemented. This slide allows us to talk about the four key areas: Data Management: the foundation to a successful solution, where GIS (as depicted in the middle) allows you to not only integrate with, but actually integrate many business systems (shown on the left as databases and workflow) through geography (shown as layers). Then, also allows the ability to bring in other data as feeds or ….. Bruce I thought you would like the depiction of “big iron”, we could also add a illustration of redundancy. Planning and Analysis: Depicted as some desktops that perform various tasks to support decision making. Situational Awareness: Depicted as a dashboard or big screen that is connected to a sound data management strategy to provide improved visibility into the operations of the organization. Field Enablement: Depicted as mobile devices that provide access to information when and where needed to get work done in the field and get information back to the office, providing more efficiencies and allowing you to get twice as much done in half the time. We need an icon of a truck or car with a computer in it as well as a ruggedized laptop vs. the tablet. The hand held is great.
  • Gst scarc 2011

    1. 1. GIS IntegrationAsset Management and More
    2. 2. Introduction• Studied Computer Science and CivilEngineering at Southern PolytechnicState University in Marietta, GA• Over 14 Years of GIS/GPS, CAD, andSurveying experience• ESRI Authorized Instructor for ArcGISProduct Line• Project Manager and Lead Analyst for GIS/ GPS projects• Founded GST Consulting, Inc. in 2005
    3. 3. Clientele• Greenwood CPW, SC• Spartanburg Water/Sewer,SC• City of Aiken, SC• Folly Beach, SC• Greenwood Metro, SC• Anderson County, SC• Sullivan’s Island, SC• North Charleston, SC• BCPSD, SC• Saluda County, SC• James Island, SC• City of Brevard, NC• City of Shelby, NC• City of Thomson, GA• McDuffie County, GA• City of Greensboro, GA• Putnam County, GA• City of Nicholson, GA• Garden City, GA• Locust Grove, GA• City of Newnan, GA• GRWA• Sunbelt Rentals• Hussey, Gay, Bell & DeYoung• Carter & Sloope• Civil Design Solutions• McGill and Associates
    4. 4. • Asset Management– Everyone’s favorite term– Tracking assets (that should be stored inGIS)– Tracking work being performed– Tracking costs associated with work• Labor• Materials• EquipmentThe Need
    5. 5. • GIS Based work orders• Commercial off the shelf productsavailableThe Solution
    6. 6. • Most organizations already have workorder system tied to financials andinventory– Unwilling to change• Work orders do not track all work beingperformed– Regularly scheduled maintenance– State mandated regulationsThe Problem
    7. 7. • Integrate existing GIS with existing workorder system• What is Integration?– Seamless transition of data from differentsoftware packages into one commonplatform– Data must be “Live” in most casesThe Alternative
    8. 8. • All assets should be found there• Spatial Analysis– Where are our problems– What areas need improvement– Where is our money being spent• Geography paints a picture– People understand geographyWhy GIS for Integration
    9. 9. Planning andPlanning andAnalysisAnalysisBetter DecisionsBetter DecisionsFieldFieldEnablementEnablementMore EfficientMore EfficientSituationalSituationalAwarenessAwarenessImprove VisibiliImprove VisibilityFeedsData ManagementWhy GIS for Integration
    10. 10. Common Business PatternsDataDataManagementManagementFieldFieldMobilityMobilityPlanning &Planning &AnalysisAnalysisDecisionDecisionSupportSupportCollect, organize &Collect, organize &exchange dataexchange dataGet information Into andGet information Into andout of the fieldout of the fieldTransform data intoTransform data intoactionable informationactionable informationDisseminate knowledgeDisseminate knowledgewhere & when it’swhere & when it’sneededneededMobileMobile Web MapsWeb MapsGeodatabaseGeodatabase GeoprocessingGeoprocessingDESKTOPDESKTOP SERVERSERVER ONLINEONLINE
    11. 11. • GST found the need for integration tool– ArcGIS Server provides the platform• Developed in conjunction with several ofour clients the GIS Portal• Mobile and Web based– ArcGIS Server Advanced Enterprise– ArcGIS Server Standard Workgroup orEnterpriseThe Alternative
    12. 12. Base Portal• Mobile GIS capability– Map Navigation– Simple Query and Printing– Layer Control– GPS
    13. 13. Table of Contents LayerControlGeneric Tools –Navigation, SimpleQueries, Print, AdminSpecialized Modules foreach Group
    14. 14. Map Navigation• Zoom In By Window• Zoom Out By Window• Pan• Zoom Previous• Zoom Next• Zoom Full Extent• Zoom to Scale• Bookmarks
    15. 15. Simple Query and Printing• Measure Distance– Left click to start andadd vertices– Right click to finish• Identify– Now views related data• Search (Configurable)– By customer address– By customer name– By customer number– By meter serial number– Street Name– Street Intersection– Facility ID• Printing
    16. 16. Layers• Table of Contents• Turn Layers On and Off• Save user settings
    17. 17. GPS• Allows capture of data in redlines• Simple Navigation
    18. 18. • Speed• Connectivity– Users can work while server is down– Allows GIS department to maintain GISserver and not kill everyone’s connection toGIS– Users can work disconnected from office• Speed• .NET application is lightweight and doesn’trequire great computing powerWhy Mobile
    19. 19. • Not everyone can afford ArcGIS ServerAdvanced Enterprise• Developed for ArcGIS Server StandardUsers (Work Group or Enterprise)• Still works from centralized database• Created in Flex and Silverlight for speedenhancementsWeb Based
    20. 20. Navigation
    21. 21. Search Tools
    22. 22. Results
    23. 23. Measure
    24. 24. LayerControl
    25. 25. GST Base Portal UsersMobile Based• City of Aiken, SC• Greenwood CPW, SC• Spartanburg Water, SC• SJWD Water District,SC• Greenwood Metro, SC• Anderson County, SC• Newnan Utilities, GAWeb Based• Laurens County Waterand SewerCommission, SC• Beaufort County, SC• Anderson County, SC• McDuffie County, GA
    26. 26. Modules• Redlines• Call Center– Stand Alone– Integrated• Document Viewer• Permitting andCompliance• Sewer Maintenance• Water Maintenance• Work OrderIntegration
    27. 27. • Allow mobile users to “Mark Up” GIS maps• Users find “mistakes” in mapping all of thetime– Mistakes stem from changes being made tosystem– Mistakes stem from lack of info• Stores redlines in project to submit to GIS– Allows us to track number of submittals andreceive updates on changesRedlines
    28. 28. Redlines• First attempt to provide mobileapplications to field users• Important to allow field techs to submitcorrections found in field• Users “Mark up” maps and attributes• Redlines are tracked through projects– Organizes for GIS department– Users can track completionProjects trackarea ofchanges
    29. 29. Users Choose fromlistof layers
    30. 30. Forms driven bygeodatabase schema
    31. 31. Sketch Tools
    32. 32. • Can be integrated or stand alone• Tracks customer or citizen complaints• Can be integrated with work ordersystem• Can serve to track work if no work ordersystem existCall Center
    33. 33. Calls Integration• Spartanburg Water• Every Call is entered by customer service– 300 – 400 calls per day• Calls are associated to CustomerNumbers• In GIS Customers are tied to X,Y of watermeters• If applicable Work Orders are created
    34. 34. Filter by Call CodeCalls appearautomaticallyFiltered by Date
    35. 35. • Public Works needed ability to trackcitizen complaints• Formerly used Excel spreadsheet andsticky notesCity of Aiken
    36. 36. Problems are loggedspatiallyNew Calls are createdby push of button
    37. 37. Address lookup
    38. 38. Data populated by GIS
    39. 39. Complaint iscategorized
    40. 40. Complaint iscategorized
    41. 41. Complaint is reportedto appropriatedepartmentMultiple tasks can beassociated with onecomplaint
    42. 42. • Ability to easily query and image ordocument then see related GIS• Ability to select GIS features and seerelated documentsDocument Viewer
    43. 43. Select DocumentViewer Module
    44. 44. Documents can besearched bycustomer requestedattributes
    45. 45. Once projects arefound thumbnailsof available imagesare displayed
    46. 46. Images can be thenopened in windowspicture viewer orother program
    47. 47. Permitting and Compliance• Building Permits– Inspections• Ordinances– Tall Grass– Junk– Sign• Address Changes• Street Name Changes
    48. 48. Building Permits andInspections all trackedspatially
    49. 49. Inspections areassigned based onterritory polygons
    50. 50. Sewer Maintenance• Above Ground Visual ManholeInspections• CCTV• Line Cleaning• Smoke Testing
    51. 51. Manhole Inspections
    52. 52. Open SewerModuleCreate NewVisualInspection
    53. 53. Select Manholefor InspectionEnter InspectionData (CustomerDrivenDatabase)If problem is foundsend an alert for workorder
    54. 54. Alert is created andforwarded tomanagement and ifnecessary WorkTicket is create
    55. 55. CCTV
    56. 56. Create NewCCTV Record
    57. 57. Enter general CCTVinformation
    58. 58. Select lines to videoAttributes can bestored for each lineAlerts can be sentfor each line
    59. 59. Store equipmentused for testing
    60. 60. Store materials usedfor testing
    61. 61. Store labor hoursfor testing
    62. 62. Line Cleaning
    63. 63. Create new LineCleaning record
    64. 64. Enter generalcleaning informationSelect Lines thatwere cleaned
    65. 65. Smoke Testing
    66. 66. Capture GeneralSmoke Testing InfoCapture SpecificDefect Info
    67. 67. Water Maintenance• Flow Testing• Distribution Flushing• Hydrant PM• Valve Isolation
    68. 68. Flow Testing
    69. 69. After validation user isprompted to enter FlowTesting InformationGIS information isextracted
    70. 70. User then entersadditional flow testresults
    71. 71. Calculate buttoncalculates values
    72. 72. Flushing Program
    73. 73. Distribution FlushingUser prompted to enterflushing resultsRequired fields withranges
    74. 74. Based on measurementdevice user entersrequired fields
    75. 75. Gallons per minute andGallons of water lost iscalculated
    76. 76. Hydrant Maintenance
    77. 77. Select WaterMaintenance TabSelect Feature
    78. 78. User is prompted tovalidate GIS attributes
    79. 79. Once validated, a checklist appears
    80. 80. Tasks are created forwork to be performed
    81. 81. Each task must eitherbe completed or analert sent if work cannot be completed
    82. 82. Labor must also beentered for length oftask
    83. 83. Valve Isolation
    84. 84. Work Order Integration
    85. 85. Workorders fromAS400 appearin GISbased on customerlocation
    86. 86. Work tickets aretracked spatially in GISand tied to actualfeatures where workwas performedEach task is trackedwith Labor, Equipment,MaterialsWork can be viewedand prioritized by Team
    87. 87. WorkOrderManagement
    88. 88. Create New
    89. 89. Clickhere to lookup customerinformation inFinancial database
    90. 90. Customerinformation ispopulated and mapzooms to customer
    91. 91. Sewer Work Orders• Inspections• Cleaning• Repair• Right of Way Clearing• Locates• Customer Complaints / Trouble Call
    92. 92. Manage
    93. 93. Double Clickany workordertozoomto location and see workorderinformation
    94. 94. Thank youQuestions?