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  • Geocortex sc1

    1. 1. Tayo RunseweHow Geocortex Essentials Can Assist you to Future-Proofand Extend your Spatial Web EnvironmentSouth Carolina GIS Conference | 888.578.5545
    2. 2. | 888.578.5545
    3. 3. How we do itBy using Product-centric approach we strive to useproducts to eliminate inefficiencies wherever possible.Who we areA Platinum Esri partner and the #1 sellingCOTS add-on to ArcGIS Server in the world.What we doWe make great software... and obsess aboutensuring people succeed with it.Our Core ValuesI. Treat others how we’d want to be treatedII. Make choices that leave the world a better placeIII. Constantly strive to improve ourselves
    4. 4. 411 Years of Esri development, 500+ Clientsand hundreds of hours of careful listening...• Spend too much time doing menial tasks• Challenged disseminating Spatial Data tothe rest of the organization and to thePublic• Not enough budget to accomplish thegoals and objectives we are given• Unsure when and how to migrate fromolder server technologies• Rapid technology changes make it hard tokeep up
    5. 5. 5The Evolution of GIS (in 30 seconds)MainframeGRASSPC GUI based O/SArcViewInternetArcIMS
    6. 6. 6Web 2.0 Arrives – Consumer Maps• Google & Bing• End user experience improves• User expectations change• Simple, Fast• Intuitive tools and features• Users start to expect the sameexperience in a web-GIS
    7. 7. 7The architecture of Geocortex Essentials canfundamentally change the way thatadministrators and developers design, deploy,and manage spatial applications and how weinteract with spatial data.Making the Transition
    8. 8. 8What is Geocortex Essentials?ANSWER #1Geocortex Essentials is a VIEWER with an easy to use web-based administration tool.
    9. 9. 9Viewers & Management Tools
    10. 10. 10What is Geocortex Essentials?ANSWER #2A Workflow Architecture for building purpose specific applications thatautomate spatial and non-spatial business processes.Workflow
    11. 11. 11Purpose Specific Apps
    12. 12. 12What is Geocortex Essentials?ANSWER #3A Spatial Application Framework which can be configured, and customized tosuit your organizations immediate and long-term needs.
    13. 13. 13Spatial Application Framework
    14. 14. 14Core ComponentsCore has what you need to jumpstart any ArcGIS Server implementation withfunctionality that can be easily incorporated into your applications.Geocortex Essentials ModulesA few examples:• Custom printing• Reporting• Data linking• Enhanced security• Search features• Many more, growing witheach release…
    15. 15. 15IntegrationBuilding software that meets a variety of client needs means developers have toensure that the inner workings are accessible to them.Geocortex Essentials Modules• Provides a Service-Orientedstructure to integrate softwarecomponents and the underlyingdata, infrastructure and tools• Each building block can be usedindependently or together tosupport the overall structure
    16. 16. 16ViewersGeocortex Viewer for Silverlight & GeocortexViewer for Flex:• Use our GUI-based management tools to makedevelopment, customization and upgrading easier• Integrate underlying platform capabilities ofGeocortex Essentials while allowing the additionof custom/third-party widgets• Leverage our innovative next-generation designto deliver a simple user experience alongsidepathways to more powerful capabilities• In 2011, we will introduce a mobile client for iOS,Android and Windows Phone 7Geocortex Essentials Modules
    17. 17. 17Viewer ArchitectureWebServerBrowserGeocortex Viewer for SilverlightArcGIS Server /ArcGIS.comBIngGeocortex Essentials REST APIArcGIS Server RESTAPIArcGIS Silverlight APIGeocortexEssentialsSilverlight APIGeocortexManagerGeocortex Viewerfor Silverlight SDKWMS Other?
    18. 18. 18Demo - Silverlight
    19. 19. 19Site Management“Central Management Console”The Web based manager is the focal point foradministrators to create and manage multiplesites:• Manager gives administrators and developersthe tools they need to make sites that are theright fit for their organization.• Everything that can be configured inGeocortex Essentials (notwithstandingcustom developer extensions) can be donethrough the Manager interface.Geocortex Essentials Modules
    20. 20. 20Demo – Management Console
    21. 21. 21Site Management“The Designers”Report Designer, through a drag and dropdesign experience, allows administrators tocreate templates for multi-page reports or large-format (plotter size) print jobs.Workflow Designer allows organizationsdeploying Geocortex to build reusable, cross-system workflows that combine spatial and non-spatial processing that can be consumed by adesktop, mobile, or web-based client.Geocortex Essentials Modules
    22. 22. 22Core: WYSIWYG Report and Printing Designer
    23. 23. 23Workflow• An intuitive approach that models existingbusiness processes• Allows administrators to model andautomate everyday business practicesthat end users can follow by doingsimple, step-by-step interactions• Create workflows from a list of activitiesyou create and link together• Administrators can create workflows byusing the Workflow Designer, savingthem countless developers’ hoursGeocortex Essentials Modules
    24. 24. 24The majority of business processes involving GIS operations can be modeled,streamlined and automated via workflows.Does the business process…….• Requires tasks which are done routinely by an individual multiple times perday, and a process spanning multiple days involving many individuals ordepartments• Define a collection of smaller tasks which, when chained together create theprocessGeocortex Workflow
    25. 25. 25• Model your business processes• Activities (discreet units of work)Geocortex Workflow
    26. 26. 26Using the desktop Workflow Designer, administrators can chaintogether sets of activities (small units of work) which comprise aworkflow.Geocortex Workflow Designer• Reads/Writes Workflowfiles• Drag and drop• Powerful toolbox• Simulator to trial and testworkflows• Supports custom activities
    27. 27. 27Workflow in Essentials• Works through REST• Allows user interaction at any step–Human decision pointsCollectAddressfrom UserGeocodeAddressSpatialQueryParcelsGenerateReport
    28. 28. 28Viewer Application(Client)Client APIsWorkflow in EssentialsWorkflowControllerInternetREST API (Server)WorkflowController
    29. 29. 29Workflow Engine• WF4• Out of the box activities–Microsoft Activities–Generic Activities–Essentials Activities–Esri Activities–GIS Activities• Client – Server communicationEssentials RESTElementsWorkflowController
    30. 30. 31Demonstration - Workflow
    31. 31. 32So, what is Geocortex Essentials?An Approach in a boxHelps you Design, Build, Deploy and Managed Server based SpatialApplicationsCOTSPre-built, off-the-shelf components that provide commonly needed functionality.Intuitive, feature-rich applications that you can simply configure to your needs,rather than having to focus on coding.Framework-based DesignLoosely integrated components that provide a structure to configure andcustomize software, extend functionality, integrate and maintain applicationsmore efficiently.Benefits:• Easy, low-risk deployment• Cost-effective• Inherent best practices• Implementation speed and time to value• Flexibility
    32. 32. 33Questions••