2011 cregis


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2011 cregis

  1. 1. SCANA’s Corporate RealEstate/GIS Application, a OneStop Shop for all Your LandManagement NeedsMichael Reyes – SCANACurtis Begley – SCANARussell Combs – Orbis, Inc.
  2. 2. BACKGROUND:• SCANA is a 6 billion dollar company• Operating in NC, SC, GA• Focused on providing Energy and Fuels toIndustrial, Commercial, and ResidentialCustomers• Owns or Leases over 2000 tracts of land
  3. 3. SCANA Land Management Dept:• Founded in 1927 with acquisition of 1,100parcels totaling 50,000 acres for constructionof Lake Murray• 6 employees (Mgr., 3 Agents, 2 Assocs.)• Maintain information on purchased, leased,and sold properties for entire company
  4. 4. SCANA Land Management Layers:• Substation Sites• Generation Plants• Recreation• Ash Ponds• Forest Management Sites• Offices/Service Centers• Parking• Storage Sites• Mitigation Sites• Fringelands• Vacant Lots
  5. 5. SCANA Land Management Info:• Original option information (grantor, derivation, etc.)• Original plat/atlas sheet/K sheet• Aerial photography• Deeds and Surveys• Lease information• Environmentally Sensitive Areas and Classifications• Sales, including consideration, grantee, acreage, etc.• Associated plats• Property rights retained• FERC application information• Comments
  6. 6. WHY?:• During relicensing, recognized as an opportunityto create a web-based application that wouldcapture all historical data and unite it with currentspatial (mapping) and tabular (records) data.• Provides the ability to track, maintain, query,access, display and analyze information quicklyand accurately from the same data source.• Puts everyone on the same “page”, using sharedbase maps managed by Corporate GIS.
  7. 7. WHY? – cont:• Captures all Real Estate data in one digital “bank”rather than having it scattered in aging drawers,books and files.• Web-based application requires no license to enduser.• No end user GIS training required.• Allows for customized reports.• Saves time on information look-ups andinformation distribution.
  8. 8. GOALS:• Adopted an Enterprise concept• Design/Implement departmental dataprocedures (data storage, updates, security)• Ensure the elimination of duplicate orredundant data and GIS infrastructure (who isresponsible)• Develop task force and cross-organizationalteams (transmission gas and electric, IT, LakeManagement)
  9. 9. Approach:• Organize departmental data (scan docs)• Determine location in enterprise database andaccept responsibility for upkeep• Review enterprise database for potentialinformation resources• Determine security levels• Develop a delivery system
  10. 10. Resources:• Existing Company Spatial Data (GIS)• Corporate Content Management and InternalSystems• Internal Expertise• Vendor Resources
  11. 11. SCANA GIS:• Oracle 10g database• ArcSDE 931• ArcServer 931• ImageServer 92
  12. 12. FileNet (Content Management):• Version = FileNET P8 v4.5.1• Database platform = SQL Server 2008 64bit• Number of file stored = (approx 100 million)• Number of different data stores = 18
  13. 13. CLP (Contract, License, Permits):• Integrated with FileNet• VB6 Com Plus Application• Database platform = SQLServer 2008• Approx 60,000 legal records
  14. 14. Orbis, Inc:o Highly experienced and successful provider ofgeospatial technology solutions and data serviceso Women owned small businesso Services Offeredo Remote Sensingo Parcel Mappingo Photogrammetry - Image Acquisitiono Licensed in Multiple Stateso Web Development and Applications
  15. 15. Application:• Microsoft ASP.Net Web-based Application• ESRI ArcServer technology• NT authentication for Security• Oracle Roles determine level of access• Documents linked from GIS attribute tohyperlinked URL
  16. 16. Application Slides:
  17. 17. SUMMARY:• Access to the data in the end user’s hands• Powerful tool in the end user’s hands• Managed at the corporate level• Maintained at the department level• More informed decisions using broader andbetter data• Increase efficiencies and data integrity
  18. 18. QUESTIONS?
  19. 19. Thank You!!!