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Introduction to QUOIN, Inc., a Boston-based IT consulting and software development boutique with offices in New York, Charlotte, DC and Central America.

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QUOIN Introduction

  1. 1. Application Development,Technology & Management Consulting -- SCOTT FEDER VP - BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT QUOIN, INC.QUOIN, Inc. TEL: +1 703 505 8448319 A Street, Suite 3A OFFICE: +1 866 826 0108 X70 SCOTT.FEDER@QUOININC.COMBoston, MA 02210 U.S.A. WWW.QUOININC.COM
  2. 2. Your Complex Challenges Our Innovative Solutions  Since 1994, QUOIN has served a ABOUT US select group of institutional clients, market leaders and emerging growth companies with its unique brand of  “Software engineering custom software services 53 specialists who continually employees master the delivery of QUOIN administrative offices are located in the historic industrial grade, highly visible IT projects on a Leather District near South Station in Boston 18years global scale”… BOSTON HQ  QUOIN Boston CMS, CRM, Web 2.0, Online Media & 319 A Street, Suite 3A Boston, MA 02111 5 locations (617) 357 – 5233 Publishing, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, DULLES TECH CORRIDOR NEW YORK Business Intelligence, Gaming  Northern Virginia  QUOIN Manhattan 12310 Pinecrest Road, Suite 301 1133 Broadway, Suite 706 Reston, VA 20191 New York, NY 10010 (212) 380 – 3447 IT Outsourcing Solutions, Applications Scott Feder VP - Business Development Development, Staff Augmentation Direct: (703) 505 - 8448 +1 866 826 0108 x70 RESEARCH TRIANGLE  QUOIN Charlotte CENTRAL AMERICA 209 Delburg Street, Suite 207 Expert Consulting  QUOIN Offshore Davidson, NC 28036 (704) 918 -1799 Managua www.quoininc.com©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  3. 3. Quoins Date: 1532 (/kɔɪn/ or /kwɔɪn/) are the cornerstones of brick or stone walls.[1] Quoins may be either structural or decorative. Architects and builders use quoins to give the impression of strength and firmness to the outline of a building. “Our background in open source technologies enables our consultants to rapidly acquire skills for new open source frameworks required for a client project.” QUOIN, Inc. • Founded in 1994 to provide superior information technology services, IT management consulting, software engineering, training and support • Collaborating with clients to create outstanding technology solutions • On-time, on-budget and on-target • Delivering a strong user experience based on customer engagement requirements. – Improved user interface – Innovative web 2.0 features – Social Media Integration – High-quality software – Reduced operational costs • QUOIN is a Top Tier Gold Jahia partner offering 6.6 – More effective development teams certified support services – Scalable resources www.quoininc.com 3©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  4. 4. IT Software Development Solutions • Web Site Delivery – Content Management Systems “QUOIN was founded by Brad Kain and Jean Pierre LeJacq. • User Engagement Tools – Social Media Interaction Today, these principals continue to provide management and technical leadership to QUOIN.CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP We take pride in our record of on-time, on-budget, and high- SYSTEMS (CRM) AGILE APPROACH quality systems delivered to clients over the last Online Communities Stakeholder Prioritization decade. QUOIN has User Forums established a reputation for Iterative Design Stories innovative engineering and Social Networks Web Services effective project management Content Delivery Mobile Apps for our clients.” Systems Integration SOFTWARE Mobile Gaming ENGINEERING Project Management Dedicated IT ResourcesE-COMMERCE Professional IT Staff Advertising Systems Outsourcing Solutions Member Registration Electronic Billing Solutions EXPERIENCE Apache Retail Systems Integration C/C++ DjangoWEB SITES Python User Interface Jahia ECM Suite Download Tools JAVA Search & Discovery Apps Linux Magnolia Multi-channel Access to Print, Web, Mobile Content Plone Other tools www.quoininc.com 4©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  5. 5. Milestones & AccomplishmentsCREATING CUSTOMERVALUE 5
  6. 6. Creating Customer Value Milestones & Achievements Public Relay  QUOIN “big data” system collects and analyzes over 5 million news articles, blog posts and social commentary to provide insights about company announcements, brands, products and services. www.publicrelay.com United Nations Population Fund  QUOIN enables over 120 country offices to submit multi-lingual text, news articles and commentary to a “next generation” CMS platform that utilizes social media streams and dynamic content www.unfpa.org The Health Central Network  Now utilizing a world-class CMS built by QUOIN to support 20 condition specific web sites and 25 mini portals utilizing a complex content acquisition process, multi-language UGC, content editing/publishing and digital rights management www.healthcentral.com www.quoininc.com 6©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  7. 7. Creating Customer Value Milestones & Achievements Viacom/MTV Networks  QUOIN developed a new site and supporting infrastructure for 2000 games on AddictingGames.com for Atom Entertainment to deliver interactive games. Built for scale, the site is attracting 25 million unique www.addictinggames.com visitors per month. Five Star Alliance  QUOIN built a highly sophisticated e-commerce site to enable travelers to search & discover, book luxury hotels around the world. We implemented advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) www.fivestaralliance.com techniques to deliver high page rank and organic search results. Scholastic  QUOIN applications suite for their largest software platform offering curriculums, instructional, reading achievement used by 1 million students in 18,000 classrooms (daily). www.scholastic.com www.quoininc.com 7©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  8. 8. Client Engagements Sample Projects QUOIN delivers applications in a range of industries for start-ups and Fortune CLIENTS SOLUTIONS INDUSTRIES 500 clients. • Media: WashingtonPost.com, Choice Media Laboratory Information (CMS) AddGene System; Science Network Biotech • E-Commerce: Five Star Alliance, Request Health Electronic Billing & Applications Comporium Development Telecom • Publishing & Advertising: Cutter, ONE System Online Search & Discover; Five Star Alliance Hotel Booking System Luxury Travel • Professional Services: L.E.K. Consulting, Kepner-Tregoe Health Central Content Management System; Health Care Network Online User Forum Information • Life Sciences: Millennium, Netgenics, Cereon Genomics Data Architecture; Lowes Company Tool Set Integration Retail • Law: Boston Law Collaborative, Freeman Firm "Big Data" Acquisition, Analysis & Business Public Relay Reporting • Non Profit: Samueli Institute, The Providers’ Intelligence Council Content Management Scholastic & Delivery System Learning & Education • Financial Services: Gen Re, Fidelity, Content Delivery for CapitalOne Viacom Addicting Games.com Entertainment • Retail: Lowe’s Company, Mercedes Benz Web based CMS Vicor E-Commerce Electronics • Higher Education: Harvard University, MIT Content Management Washington Online Media • Technology: GM OnStar, Sun Microsystems, & Delivery System Post Publishing Intel www.quoininc.com©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  9. 9. Our Services Development Capabilities • We are a “boutique” IT software Client-specific Commercial firm with broad experience in Open Source Project Management technology and management Requirements Collaboration disciplines Analysis & Design Development Iteration – Application Development Construction – Enterprise Architecture System Testing – System Integration Deployment – Quality Assurance & Testing – Project Management Presentation – Technology Support Deployment Monitoring Component Framework • QUOIN provides planning, Application Server requirements, design, Database construction, testing, deployment Platform and support QUOIN has defined highly effective solutions based on standards that support iterative and collaborative development processes. www.quoininc.com 9©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  10. 10. Delivering IT Solutions Industry Benchmarks Content Management E-Commerce Site System – Effective design and SEO enabled startup to be profitable – Zero defects in four years of within a year of system launch operations serving 200M+ pvpm Document Online Database Management Application Generator – Sophisticated contribution and search features increase analyst – 4:1 reduction in release schedules productivity Content Management Mobile ID Number System Return Application – Engineering approach enabled – $4 per month/MIN and 500% ROI in rapid migration of 15,000+ legacy 3 months articles Account Management Knowledge Management Services Application – Series of zero-defect releases – Rescued failed project and released successful product www.quoininc.com 10©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  11. 11. Our Approach Process & Methodology • QUOIN is focused on identifying the right approach for each particular client and selected projects • We have demonstrated experience using a range of technical approaches to solve complex problems a) Buy-and-Build – a project team constructs the system using open source and commercial products b) Package Customization – QUOIN collaborates with a product vendor to install and customize a AGILE PROCESS software package c) Custom Development – as determined by business requirements, a project team can build specific components or complete applications • We strive to find the best solution for a client that balances functionality, cost, and risk www.quoininc.com©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  12. 12. IT Capabilities Professional Staff • QUOIN maintains a highly-qualified staff of software engineering professionals, managers, analysts and specialists • Business Development • Project Management • Architecture • Design • Engineering • Operations • Technical Support We are skilled at assembling onsite and offsite teams • Scalable resources are an integral part of many projects and enables QUOIN to offer tremendous value to our clients – Large user projects on a global basis www.quoininc.com 12©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  13. 13. IT Solution Centers Capabilities APACHE • QUOIN is U.S. based with established Solution Centers on location, remote, off shore to support software development initiatives for our clients. – Boston – Charlotte – New York – Managua • Our teams have a deep understanding of emerging technologies – Specify industry standards (Object Mgmt. Group, IETF, W3C, Apache Software Foundation). – Written open source software for Apache and Debian projects • We have assembled a robust set of development tools – Complete application development toolset – Separate development, testing, and production environments – Testing environment with a range of client and server platforms – Monitoring of network, server, and application services – Secure access by clients and partners www.quoininc.com 13©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  14. 14. Core Competencies Capabilities PLATFORM • Java/Open Source on any OS • C++ on Linux/AIX • C#/.NET on MS Windows DESIGN (UX) & DEVELOPMENT • Agile Process • Continuous Integration • Test-driven Process APPLICATIONS • Online Media and Publishing, Web 2.0 • E-Commerce, Mobile, Social • Content Management Systems (CMS) • Advertising & Web Analytics • Customer Relationship Systems (CRM) • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) PROJECTS • Online Application Development • Process & Tools Consulting • Co-teaming with Client Staff • QA Monitoring or SI Teams • Staff Augmentation www.quoininc.com©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  15. 15. Developer Tools Various Capabilities Requirements Agile, Acceptance Test Suites “Our consultants and project teams understand a range of Analysis & Design Test-Driven Design, Prototyping, technologies to implement CMS solutions. We have implemented UML systems using core technologies such as Java, PHP, JavaScript, Construction Eclipse, CVS, JUnit, Log4J AJAX, XML, XHTML, XSLT and others.” System Testing HTTPUnit, JProbe, SAR, Emma, Clover Deployment Jakarta Ant Project Management Tigris Scarab Certifications & Qualifications Iterative Daily Builds, Weekly Releases, Monthly Milestones Top Tier Gold Jahia partner offering 6.6 certified support Collaboration Daily Stand-up Meetings, Design & services Code Walkthroughs, Pairing Top Tier Committer status with the Apache Project Presentation CSS/XHTML, AJAX Industry Participant in adoption of standards through the Component J2EE, Apache Cocoon, Apache Object Management Group, IETF, W3C, Apache Software Framework Lucene Foundation Apache Tomcat, JBoss Application Server In addition, Quoin has worked with important industry Postgres, MySQL standards, including: Apache Cocoon, Atom, Dublin Core, Database JSR-168 Portlets, JSR-170 Content Repositories, Debian Linux, Red Hat Linux Platform OpenDocument Format 9ODF), Web DAV and others. Monitoring OpenNMS www.quoininc.com 15©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  17. 17. From Our Sponsors Client Testimonials I have had the pleasure of working with QUOIN across three companies over 15 years now. I return to them again and again for a simple reason: they have delivered quality software on time, every time for me. These have been high-profile, big- brand-name company, no-excuses projects, and Ive always felt we were in the best of hands with QUOIN. –Eric Koefoot, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Public Relay Washington DC • “As a start-up, we needed an engaging web site to launch our business. QUOIN brought its " QUOIN built an outstanding web site and content broad experience in ecommerce design and engineering to create a management system for our association. Their team had the remarkable site. We believe that engineering skills, site design, and commitment we needed the outstanding work done by for a successful project. We had excellent support each step of the project team was a significant the way!” • We are pleased with the service contribution to our success. – provided by QUOIN. The staff Quoin simply builds great was prompt, thorough, and software.” easy to work with. They took the time to make sure we understood every step in the process and provided solid advice and suggestions from day one. The entire web "Our company needed a sophisticated content management development process was system to support 35 brand-oriented sites. QUOIN provided the handled professionally and depth of experience and technical know-how to deliver a system expeditiously, and the staff that supports our production requirements, and creates a robust quickly responded to all of our suggestions and comments. infrastructure for growth. The QUOIN team worked with our staff Thank you for a job well done. to resolve the many complex issues that arise naturally during content management system implementations of this size.” – Scott Rothrock, Chief Technology Officer The HealthCentral Network www.quoininc.com 17©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  18. 18. From Our Sponsors Client Testimonials “QUOIN performed at an exceptionally high level throughout “The QUOIN and Kepner-Tregoe the engagement. I depended on the technical leadership and team worked hand-in-hand in a capability to deliver a sophisticated system in a short period of seamless effort to develop our development.” – Ryan Williams, Director of Student Financial Services, application software. Their expert Harvard University technical advice in combination with their collaborative project management and application Thank you for breaking the culture here and development approach was very delivering a system that works as promised, one day ahead of schedule, and at a fixed effective.” cost. – James D Schlick, Partner, Kepner-Tregoe, Inc. – Mark Steinwinter, Dir. of Application Development, WashingtonPost.com “Over the years and at different organizations, I have engaged QUOIN because of their outstanding technology and management skills. At DTE Energy, QUOIN played a prominent role in the effort that delivered the new enterprise architecture in a remarkable six month development cycle.” – Lynne Ellyn, Senior Vice President & CIO, DTE Energy www.quoininc.com 18©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  19. 19. QUOIN, Inc.CASE STUDIES 19
  20. 20. Case Studies CLIENT Cutter Consortium Five Star Alliance DTE Energy SOLUTION CMS Luxury Hotel Site ECIT • Cutter is a leading IT advisory • Five Star Alliance provides • DTE Energy is a 100 year old CHALLENGE firm and journal publisher an online service to search utility that encompasses power • Site and legacy system were a and book luxury hotels generation, distribution, and mix of manual processes, trading • Startup firm entering a well- • Company is under intense technologies, and desktop tools defined market, which market and regulatory pressure, • Web publishing required required advanced features substantial time and effort for and must adapt its legacy the production staff to distinguish its service systems and development organization • QUOIN built a complete CMS, • QUOIN collaborated with • QUOIN led a 40-member including features for the client to refine site development team that built an authoring, site management, design and system e-Commerce portal and registration, publishing, and infrastructure architecture RESULTS email newsletters • ECIT system supports • Site features advanced search • We produced a very wholesalers, retails and and subscriber “landing pages” effective, feature-rich site consumers of electricity. • System integrates registration for searching, browsing, • Project team delivered the with back-end subscription booking initial release in 6 months and has helped to redefine the system • Site exhibits outstanding standard for development • New site and system have performance and SEO projects received enthusiastic reviews by • Client has quickly • Resulting systems are easier to subscribers established itself as a use, extend, and maintain market leader www.quoininc.com 20©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  21. 21. Case Studies CLIENT Washingtonpost.com Kepner-Tregoe Harvard University SOLUTION Delivery Engine eThink Project SFS Portal • www.washingtonpost.com is a • KT has an established consulting and • Harvard University must serve the financial needs of a diverse student CHALLENGE premier online news organization training business based on its with a national brand for political problem-solving and decision-making population of 13 independent Schools news and commentary methodology and Programs • Site supports ~200M page- • Student Financial Services has to provide • Company wanted to develop a integrated data and functions without a views/month with over 5,000 software application to support this section fronts and 200,000 pages of centralized system process dynamic content • University had numerous registration, • Legacy content delivery system was • KT spent two years and more than student information, and financial aid inflexible, costly to maintain, and $2M on a failed effort with another systems that were not integrated. Yet, application development vendor each organization wanted to retain its could not support new functionality independence • QUOIN deployed a highly effective • QUOIN was selected to rescue the • QUOIN developed a portal and team - 6 engineers developed development effort and bring eThink distributed architecture to achieve complete system versus 20+ for a to market integration without requiring a centralized system RESULTS similar project with another vendor • We rapidly assembled a development • System concept was presented to • Delivery Engine was deployed with team, redefined the design, and no disruption to news delivery President Summers delivered the application in a 14- month effort • • System architecture demonstrated Project team built the SFS Portal in an its flexibility by supporting changes intense 3-month effort for personalization done in two • eThink is in use with clients weeks worldwide and supports the • System integrated disparate systems continuing evolution of KT as a into a common access point that was • System was delivered on-time and consulting firm usable by University administrators and at a fixed-cost students www.quoininc.com 21©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  22. 22. Case Studies CLIENT L.E.K. Consulting The Health Central Network SOLUTION LINK CMS 2.0 • L.E.K. is a global strategy and management • The Health Central Network publishes 30+ CHALLENGE consulting company of 600+ staff in 15 offices websites • Case teams are assembled for 2 - 4 week projects • Media firm has a complex workflow for content acquisition and delivery to multiple channels • Staff are quickly reassigned to new cases to • Legacy CMS difficult to support and inflexible maximize utilization • QUOIN built a sophisticated document management • QUOIN built a full-featured and sophisticated system to contribute and categorize documents CMS, based on open source platform RESULTS • LINK facilitates knowledge capture, retention, and • CMS 2.0 enables producers to easily create, reuse across projects assign, and publish rich content • CMS and site architecture emphasize search • Our team built and deployed LINK in a 12 month effort engine optimization and a robust delivery and continues to enhance the system process • We implemented a migration process that • LINK has improved staff productivity, collaboration, achieved 100% automation for legacy content and training • CMS 2.0 supports new acquisitions and initiatives for the client www.quoininc.com 22©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  23. 23. PRQUOIN NEWS
  24. 24. Corporate Update Staff Announcement June 2012 www.quoininc.com 24©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  25. 25. Partner News Release Public Relay May 2012http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012/5/prweb9558961.htm www.quoininc.com 25©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  26. 26. Client Announcement Scholastic.com September 22, 2011 http://mediaroom.scholastic.com/node/499 www.quoininc.com 26©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  27. 27. Partner Press ReleaseJahia - UNFPA.org June 30, 2011 http://www.jahia.com/cms/home/about-us/news/content-main/news-list-1/jahia-partner-quoin-leads-worldw.html www.quoininc.com 27 ©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  28. 28. Industry Blog Vicor Corp. June 8, 2010 http://cmsreport.com/press/2010/06/vicor-turns-power-jahia-wcm www.quoininc.com 28©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua
  29. 29. For More Information • Contact Us BOSTON HQ  QUOIN Boston 319 A Street, Suite 3A Boston, MA 02111 (617) 357 – 5233 DULLES TECH CORRIDOR  Northern Virginia Dulles CENTRAL AMERICA  QUOIN Offshore NEW YORK Managua  QUOIN Manhattan 525 Seventh Avenue SCOTT FEDER Suite 906 New York, NY 10018 VP - Business Development (212) 380 – 3447 QUOIN, Inc. Tel: +1 703 505 8448 RESEARCH TRIANGLE Office: +1 866 826 0108 x70  QUOIN Charlotte scott.feder@quoininc.com 209 Delburg Street, Suite 207 Davidson, NC 28036 (704) 918 -1799 www.quoininc.com 29©2012 QUOIN, Inc. Boston New York Dulles Charlotte Managua